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Official Moving Announcement

It is official . . . please go to my new home, Libra Seeking Balance, on if you wish to read my blog. This place holder post will be up for awhile to help everyone to find me. Too [more]

Capricorn Moon asks for restraint today 1-8-2016

Stern Saturn's footprints are all over everything today, so prepare to buckle down and tend to business. The Moon leaves easygoing Sagittarius this morning and Mercury returns to Capricorn [more]

Wild & Crazy Sagittarius Moon Day 1-7-2016

The desire to act without restraint is strong today between the Sagittarius Moon trine Uranus in Aries and the Cappy Sun squaring it. Find positive ways to expend this restless, demanding [more]

Less than optimistic Sagittarius Moon today

Usually the Sagittarius Moon brings out the optimist in all of us but running afoul of Neptune and Saturn takes some of the shine off the day. Adding to the lowering atmosphere is a waning [more]

Confusing Day! Scorpio Moon says listen to your gut 1-5-2016

Best aspect today is the Scorpio Moon's sextile to Jupiter at 23° Virgo this morning, marking the beginning of a void-of-course lasting until the middle of the night. Other than that, it's [more]

Effective Scorpio Moon on tap today 1-4-2016

Very decent day under a quiet but effective Scorpio Moon. As long as we take Mercury at a standstill into consideration, we can get quite a bit done today. Scorpio Moon works well with the [more]

Week of January 4, 2016

I sure hope everyone had an easy time of it last week and are feeling rested because this week looks like a bumpy ride. Two planets are stationing retrograde this week, Mercury in Aquarius [more]

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I will be closing this website down in the near future and setting up shop on a simpler version on Libra Seeking Balance  Older posts can be found on Diane’s Blog on Libra Seeking Balance. Use the category list found on the right sidebar.