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Mutable Midheaven Reinvention Time

I know I have gone on record saying I like change about as much as most fixed sign types but when it comes to my public face represented by my Midheaven, it seems like I’m always in a state of flux. Over the years, I’ve done many different types of work and most of it part time, sometimes holding down a couple of part times jobs at once.

My Midheaven is in the Mercury ruled sign of Virgo and some of the closest aspects in my chart deal with the Midheaven and Mercury. My nodal axis with the North Node in the other Mercury ruled sign, Gemini is square the Midheaven – the closest aspect in my entire chart! That is followed by a semi-sextile from Pluto to the Midheaven and Mercury in Scorpio inconjunct Uranus in Gemini. Oh yes, Mercury is also conjunct my Ascendant – a little Mercury theme going on here?

Why it take me so long to spot something so obvious in my own chart I’m not sure but this pattern pretty clearly describes the need for lots of stimulation and mental challenges; otherwise boredom raises its ugly head. It does make clear why working for Taurus bosses is not good for them or for me even though Taurus is the sign on both the cusp of my sixth and seventh houses. They love me because I’m a reliable, competent worker who shows up on time, every day. They are baffled and hurt because I usually walk after a couple of years when terminal boredom sets in.

Now that I’m my own boss, there are these schizoid discussions with myself about how I can make changes in what I’m doing and how I’m presenting myself to keep things fresh and interesting. Probably what is inspiring me to drop the nom de plume of Neith and start using my actual name of Diane as well as developing another website with a new title and new look – Libra Seeking Balance. Next will come some radical changes to the type of services offered because doing long, detailed reports is not only detrimental to my wrists but too time consuming. There are some ideas floating around in the back of my brain about quick and dirty synastry evaluations – inexpensive and very tight.

These changes swirling around are largely superficial because I’m one of those who believe the core person doesn’t change over time so much as become more clearly themselves. Some people like to rearrange their furniture in their homes; I like to rearrange my public persona and working online makes that soooo easy.

Are there others with mutable signs on their Midheavens who have had similar experiences? What about those with cardinal and fixed Midheavens – does the idea of constantly fiddling with this feel very disturbing to you?

Image: This was taken on New Year’s Day and I just loved the lighting effect on the horizon, hinting the fog was getting ready to lift.


6 comments to Mutable Midheaven Reinvention Time

  • Wow…I just love this new site! Now I have wordpress envy, hee hee!

  • Diane L

    After getting my feet wet working with WP for Real Astrologers, this one is going much easier. WP has pages . . . a really nice feature as well as many, many more themes to choose from. :-)

    This is a free one, BTW. I’m still not to the point of setting up with a web hosting service though when I do, it will be will with Dixie Vogel (goddess on Elsa’s).

  • hitchhiker72

    I’m going to post on your new blog. It’s looking good!

    I have a Virgo midheaven too and I can relate. I have had a number of different jobs right from when I started working after school and during vacations. I’ve worked at a childcare centre, temped at different offices working for different industries, worked for a number of arts groups, and at one point when I was working my way through grad school, I held down 4 different part-time jobs. Today, I am a bona fide academic but only because the job doesn’t require me to clock in from 9 to 5, and I can choose what I want to work on.

    Terminal boredom doesn’t work for me either…

  • Diane L

    Hey HH72! Welcome to my new world! :)

    Today, I am a bona fide academic but only because the job doesn’t require me to clock in from 9 to 5, and I can choose what I want to work on.

    This sounds like an excellent situation for you, being another Mercury ruled sort. Being able to set one’s own schedule is very important, that and making sure there are new challenges and learning experiences on the way.

  • Diane,
    This site now feels like a homecoming, with your name, especially. And for the first impression, the blue type is so perfect with this blue photo, that the site kicks in to gear tailor made to you.
    In my natal chart I have a scorpio midheaven, but as a Pisces, my solar 10th house cusp is Sagittarius, and I feel a mixture of both: the slow changes of scorpio being shot from a bow.
    Like Kashmiri, I have wordpress envy too!
    See ya round!

    Hi Deirdre!

    Thank you very much! Gotta put my degree in Art to use somehow! WP has many more ways to play with one’s website too. Have you seen those amazing color charts for HTML? Here’s a sample: Complete HTML True Colors

    Scorpio on the MC seems to deal with changes in a classic water sign way by going still and deep, then producing a fait accompli. :-D


  • Deb

    Congratulations on your new site! Love it :).

    Yeah, me too! Now I’m mostly waiting for Mercury to go direct so I can get set up with a web host and have more options . . . like being able to post videos.