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Where Did She Go?!

I have decided to post all new synastry articles on our new website, Real Astrologers, in the interest of maintaining my sanity and to avoid being scattered all over the astro-blogosphere. Also gathered up and organized my posts from this blog there in Neith’s Kitchen.

Today I posted on Patrick Swayze & Lisa Niemi, his wife of almost 34 years (they were married June ’75). Even with only his birth time to work with as hers was not available, the astrology of their relationship affirms why their marriage has endured in the world of marriage go ‘round, Hollywood. When I was writing my post on Charlton Heston I discovered he and his wife were married in 1944 until his death last week. Both Charlton Heston and Patrick Swayze had/have Saturn on the Ascendant and in the first house – just a thought!

I also found this comment from Steve Judd on Saturn/Venus aspects and have to say as a person with Saturn trine Venus natally, it’s right on target.

Venus/Saturn contacts are often misunderstood, being thought of as inhibiting or restricting both financial and romantic opportunities. This seems to be the case in the first half of life (sorry!), but brings more than adequate payback in the second. Most Saturn/Venus people spend the second half of their lives in one long term permanent and contented relationship, the first forty years is finding out what they don’t want. And their financial status generally improves as they age, because despite fiscal challenges when younger, as they mature so a re-evaluation occurs which leads to a more structured approach to money. They get clearer and clearer in issues of worth and value as they age.

Come on over and explore our new website! I am looking for people who interested in having me write a post on their relationship again. Of course, I will abide by my usual confidentiality rules and post no personal information. Please use this contact information to reach me: email Neith


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