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Observations: Mixed Bag Monday

Yesterday Jupiter conjoined my IC (cusp of the fourth house) and it was one of the best days around here I have had in a long time. I felt great, my Cancer dad gave me and my siblings some money, my puppy was a good girl for a change and my husband is happily making plans to replace the leaky roof on our front porch. I take back all the snarky things I said about you, Jupiter. Well, most of them . . .

The New Moon today is in my fourth house and trine my Ascendant and while this is very pleasant it does make focusing on the world outside of my home more challenging. Having my husband working on the house this next week or so is not going to help with that either. So if I seem less present on my blog that is probably why.

I wish to add my two cents about how important it is to take care of old business this week because when the Sun moves into Aries this Saturday, I’m guessing it will be much more difficult to stay focused on anything but looking forward. Aries is going to come in with a bang because the Sun will be opposing Saturn in Libra and squaring Pluto in Capricorn, triggering the cardinal T-square.

The temptation to dump anything not new and shiny is going to be tough to resist hence the importance of reviewing old business now. Those people with a strong cardinal emphasis in their charts will be especially inclined to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Libras may have less difficulty because Saturn is firmly in their camp, Capricorns have Pluto riding their backsides but Aries and Cancers are advised to pay strict attention to controlling their impulses.

Another reason to pay attention to what’s happening over the next week is this is a preview into what Uranus and Jupiter moving into Aries in late May – early June will bring. I don’t know whether I’m more curious or apprehensive about that – a little of both for sure.

Today is the New Moon and that means it is time to think about writing abundance checks, go here for more information.

Love Dana Gerhardt’s suggestions on the New Moon in Pisces: Take the Warrior to the Temple For more insights on this New Moon and the asteroids, please read what Karen offers: Immaturity in One Hand, Sound Decision in the Other


5 comments to Observations: Mixed Bag Monday

  • chrispito


    I just wanted to let you know I did a ritual this morning that you suggested to me many months ago..wasn’t ready until now. I wrote down my intentions (past related baggage), read the letter out loud to myself, set it on fire while watching the sun rise. then walked to the ocean and tossed the ashes in.

    it felt GOOD. I’m ready. thank you for your ideas, your love and your support.:)

    • Diane L

      Hey Christy!!

      Yay! What a perfect use of symbol combined with intent! I love the way you combined all the elements in this ritual. For someone with both their Sun & Moon in earth, doing something physical and tangible is needed to make this effective.

      I have some thoughts running around in the back of my mind on planets in the first & on the ASC, and the direct affect those have on our sense of well being. :)


  • Joe

    Good timing! I’m just about to leave for a 4 day solitary retreat into the wilderness (well, almost… there *will* be hot coffee and other small creature-comforts). A lot of things will be reviewed and mulled. I’m hoping to be able to tune into that still, small voice from within during this time. On Saturday I return home and hopefully will be ready to shift into Aries-mode.

    • Diane L

      Hey Joe!

      Yes, this is a perfect time for you too. Heh, both you & Christy have Cappy Moons and are/have chosen to take action to prepare yourselves for what is coming. The rest of us need to take note and do something similar. :)

      Enjoy your solitude.

      a slightly envious diane~

    • chrispito

      have a great time, joe!!
      i definitely feel i’m preparing for something…