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Full Moon in Libra, March 29-30, 2010

The Full Moon is at 9°17’ Libra and exactly conjoins my natal Neptune (and Moon in Libra) in my eleventh house on March 29, 2010 PDT.

To say I love the Sabian symbol for 10 Libra, “A canoe is approaching safety through dangerous waters” is an understatement because the week preceding this lunation was filled with tumultuous aspects triggering the cardinal T-square points, and for many of us was a little over the top. In my post, Relationship Power Struggles Ahead, I touched on some possible outcomes in regards to relationships/partnerships under this influence. I know I welcome some calmer waters ahead, even if it is only a temporary respite before Uranus moves into Aries in late May.

Saturn in Libra is widely conjunct the Moon and still sextile the now direct Mars in Leo, offering us some stability. But Saturn is also not that far away from returning to Virgo (April 7, 2010) and forming the fourth exact opposition at 28° to Uranus in Pisces on April 26, 2010. Personally I find the extreme polarization generated by this opposition from fear (Saturn) of change (Uranus) deeply uncomfortable. Even under these conditions, we can still focus on seeing both sides of personal and mundane issues in order to find some common ground to stand on.

There is an interesting little triangle formed by Venus in Aries semi-sextile Uranus in Pisces semi-sextile Neptune in Aquarius at exactly 27 degrees. If we note that Venus represents the Libra planets (Moon and Saturn) with Uranus in Pisces in mutual reception to Neptune in Aquarius (Uranus rules Aquarius, Neptune Pisces), it is like this group forms their own little voting block for peace, love and harmony in the collective. Mercury can act as their spokesperson via its waxing conjunction with Venus in Aries. So sue me if I can’t help looking for something positive these days! I do have Sun-Chiron conjunct Jupiter in my twelfth house encouraging an interest in healing both personal and collective wounds.

Jupiter in Pisces is sitting on the sidelines for this lunation but will re-enter the fray all too soon as he closes in on Uranus in Pisces. Since I’m inclined to see Jupiter amplifying existing energies, I see Jupiter conjoining Uranus as potentially explosive. Yeah, fun . . .

The Sabian symbol for the Sun is 10 Aries, “A teacher gives new symbolic forms to traditional images”. Does this reflect the square between the Sun in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn? Breaking with tradition and rewriting the rules is certainly possible under that influence because Pluto is always ready and willing to ruthlessly wipe the slate clean, while Aries is ever eager for making a fresh start. I suppose how we feel about this has to do whether we prefer to rip off bandages in one clean jerk, or peel them back a bit at a time. I’m Libra and can go either way depending on the particular circumstances. :-)

Grab your peaceful moments where you can find them. I know I will be doing just that!

Elsa P has a post on Flashbacks and Boundaries in Relationships I feel is very appropriate to this Full Moon with its cardinal T-square to Pluto. What she describes in this post I consider emotional blackmail and absolutely loath. When others attempt to do this to me I walk away . . . very fast.

“In other words, “I was abused so I am going to do this from time to time and you have to stand it” is not the greatest position to take though many do.”

If you enjoy learning about the impact of the various asteroids on this lunation, Karen of Ravenesque has a great post on the Full Moon in Libra.


11 comments to Full Moon in Libra, March 29-30, 2010

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  • Deb

    I love that Sabian symbol for 10 Libra! Sounds about right. We’re going to be OK. I, for one, am officially feeling very, very OK :).

    I think that my husband and I deserve a nice dinner out, too, sometime soon. I honestly prefer weeknights, just because I can’t stand the crowds who swear that an orgasm will come to them mysteriously as they dine on Friday and Saturday nights. But yeah, there’s a darling Italian place down the street that we love…

    I wish you the best this full moon, Diane. We deserve it!

    • Diane L

      Hey Deb!

      Yeah, I’m paddling my canoe out of the rapids as fast as I can. :)

      Family stuff today. We celebrated my husband’s birthday today (it was yesterday). Fun day but long.

      Venus moves into Taurus on Wednesday. Good for enjoying a nice Italian meal with lots of garlic & red wine.


  • chrispito

    This Full Moon is conjunct my natal 10th/Pluto and square my Capricorn Moon exactly. I am flying home today!! With a stopover in LAX where I have to get off, collect my bags, and then go through security and immigration even though I’m not even leaving the airport and check them in AGAIN….do I sound like I’m not looking forward to it?? I mean, does this sound like a bad plan or what? At least I am going to be able to file income tax before Mercury Rx…you know me, always looking for the bright side, ha ha ha

    • Diane L

      Hey Chrispito!

      I’m just glad you are headed home again in one piece. But DAMN! What a day to be traveling. Sounds like something I would do since I rarely, if ever, consult an ephemeris before making plans or appointments. How nuts is that being an astrologer? Gotta be your Sagittarius rising & my Sun-Jupiter conjunction betting on our luck. :D Hey, it usually works out for the best in the long run!

      Your slightly nutty friend,

  • Ugh…cardinal t-square involved in this Full Moon and exactly squaring my MC. Hmm let’s see how that will turn out. I should make notes afterwards so I remember it next time. ;)

    • Diane L

      LOL, DM! I keep telling myself things like that, then promptly forget . . . like I said to Chrispito, I don’t bother consulting the ephemeris before making decisions.


  • casey

    hey, I’m my own little bloc for peace, love and understanding! Well, two degrees off — that’s close enough, right?

    I’m traveling Monday to Oakland to see the grandbabies…bringing my mother with me. This’ll be interesting.

    The garden is up and running. Your spring garden sounds like my fall garden. It’s finally warm enough (never thought you’d hear ME say that, eh?) and I’ve planted out the tomato and some of the pepper plants. When I get back, it’ll be the rest of the peppers and the eggplants. And hopefully the corn will be up and I’ll be planting the beans and the squash. The dog decided that my new blueberry bed was the perfect place to sleep and he killed one of my little blueberry plants. And I had one tomato casualty (powdery mildew? cutworms?) so I have to get one blueberry and a tomato this weekend. I’m planting plums and lemons too. Eve and I were thinking I need an avocado tree too. hmmm, wonder if I could grow a mango tree…

    Amazing, isn’t it, that jeannie’s mugging should make such a huge change in MY life? They’re calling me “Farmer Karin” here.

    • Diane L

      Hey Casey!

      Have fun playing with your grandbabies – I know you will. :) Nothing like taking a trip to perk up a Sagittarius too.

      Avacado and Mango trees?! How cool is that. I remember eating tree-ripened avacados and citrus when I live in San Diego, YUM! Now blueberry plants we grow here too. The trick to those is making sure the soil is acidic enough. Ironite is a good supplement for them.

      “Farmer Karin” is a great title for a Taurus rising person. hee

      oh, yes, and it’s BLUEBONNET time! Yay!

      Wonderful. Our local varieties of Bluebonnets don’t start blooming until sometime in May though they may start earlier this year. An El Nino this past winter brought milder temps and far less snowfall than usual. There is talk of drought conditions this summer.


  • casey

    oh, yes, and it’s BLUEBONNET time! Yay!

  • casey

    I couldn’t find any mango trees, but I DID order an avocado and a lemon tree from the UrbanHarvest people. We have to be careful and not order from out-of-state. Can’t ship citrus trees to Texas.

    My mom has finally slowed down her traveling — such an admission from her. I think she’s a wee bit depressed. So unlike her sunny little Sag self. Anyway, I’m hearing that the little Aries is making the other two look like lazy-bones. Eric says he’s twice as active as his brothers! I TOLD him! I said, just you wait till the Aries gets going! You would like this little one. He looks like a little pixie. And has his moon at 1 degree Scorpio. (and his rising in Pisces is directly on my sun. directly.) I tell you, he’s a pixie. (I’ve decided that pixies are what Pisces is all about.)

    Eric says the middle one (the double Virgo) is the steady one…sturdy and steady. And the Pookster is doing good in school, now that they’ve decided he’s a sensitive child (it’s the Scorpio rising which is on top of his brother’s moon). Everybody’s so inter-connected. A good family dynamic, I’d say.

    Not sure what we’ll be doing while we’re there though.