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New Moon in Aries, April 14, 2010

Typically the New Moon in Aries is about launching new plans and preparing for liftoff and this one at 24° 27’ Aries on April 14, 2010 PDT is no exception but I do recommend double checking all the facts first.

The reason I’m suggesting caution is an inconjunct between Mars in Leo and Pluto in Capricorn (Mars rules Aries) as well as an inconjunct between Saturn newly returned to Virgo and Chiron conjoined Neptune in Aquarius. Inconjuncts can easily lead to misunderstandings because the energies involved have so little in common.

First, a look at Mars in Leo inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn: Leo is fixed fire and Capricorn is cardinal earth. Leo loves living large, always an expensive proposition, while Capricorn not only pays very close attention to the bottom line but prefers understated to ostentatious as a rule. It is also worth noting any aspect between Mars and Pluto will have a noticeable impact because Mars is the active principle. Pluto is the great leveler, clearing out the old to make way for the new. Between these two planets, something is going to give and the clearer we are about what needs to go, the better. Pluto is not noted for giving a damn about excuses either.

Second, a look at Saturn in careful Virgo inconjunct Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius: Virgo is mutable earth and Aquarius is fixed air. Aquarius is typically interested in issues that concern the collective as a whole and often has very definite ideas about how to solve those, while workhorse Virgo deals with the nuts and bolts of keeping the whole shebang up and running. Saturn IS boundaries and Neptune has none. Chiron reveals our deepest wounds but leaves healing those up to us. In our own lives, these forces usually play in very messy ways – at least they do in mine – but if we can slowly begin to employ Saturn in Virgo’s diligence and attention to detail to start working on developing the necessary boundaries needed to utilize Neptune’s compassion to heal our wounds, we’re good. The secret may be setting the smallest of goals and celebrating each and every one as we achieve them.

I suppose I have to mention the Saturn-Uranus opposition because it’s there and does connect to the aforementioned inconjunct between Saturn, Chiron and Neptune. Uranus is capable of gifting us with the ability to see an old conflict through new eyes but only if we consciously set aside our doubts and fears (Saturn). Truthfully I’ve become so overloaded with the polarization and conflict, I’m getting numb – too much is too much.

The sweet spot in this chart is a loose conjunction of Mercury and Venus in Taurus. If you say “pretty please” they might invite you over for a pleasant visit and ply you with delicious desserts and your favorite beverage. As Taurus and Libra will tell you, fitting in some time to enjoy life once in awhile is highly recommended.

The Sabian symbol for 25 Aries is “A double promise reveals its inner and outer meanings”. The wide sextile between the New Moon in Aries and Neptune in Aquarius promises so much but can it deliver? All the high-minded words, explanations and promises MUST be backed up by performance. Aries=actions and if a person’s actions are not consistent with their words, it follows they will not likely keep their promises as I know to my sorrow.

One other note is Mercury is slowing to station retrograde on Sunday, April 17 PDT. Since Mercury is not exactly zippy in Taurus, we may not notice this one easing up on us. If people take their own sweet time returning your messages and calls that may be why.

This New Moon lands in my fifth house of fun and creativity conjoining my natal Arachne, and it may finally be the best time to do a special wool dying project. Where is it in yours?


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  • Sherry

    Hi Diane- This new moon is conjunct my north node in the 10th, opposite my Libra sun in the 4th, trine my 6th house Sag Mercury and trine Jupiter at 0 Virgo in the 3rd. Adding a little more intrigue here I have both Saturn and Uranus opposite their natal selves. I am not sure if I should jump for joy or break down and cry my eyes out??? I am going for jumping…this gal could use a some joy and a fresh start! :)

    • Diane L

      Welcome, Sherry!

      I am not sure if I should jump for joy or break down and cry my eyes out??? I am going for jumping…this gal could use a some joy and a fresh start!

      There is enough Jupiter/Sagittarius in there to go for jumping with joy. The Saturn & Uranus transits are both major life cycle transits too. Sometimes when we get hit with so much all at one time, we are usually so busy scrambling to keep up we don’t have time to make sense of what happened until much later.

      Good luck with all this and my recommendation is doing your best not to get attached to particular outcome! :)


  • This one’s in my ninth, opposing my… 24 Aries? Opposing just about everything, but Pluto especially. I’ll be capping off a secret teaching project and hopefully nailing down another trip to Miami this week, so that works.

    • Diane L

      Hey Shannon,

      Teaching is a good fit for you w/your loaded 3rd house. I read someplace Libra loves to share good information with others one way or another and teaching is a good vehicle for that.

      New Moon in 9th does sound good for traveling too. I like the idea of traveling better than the reality (Saturn conj Pluto in 9th natally). One thing about the internet I love is being able to connect with others around the world without having to leave home.


  • Thanks for the mention xoxoxoxo and I shall be weaving wicked words of wickedness as she will be in my 3rd House!!! ;)

  • Joe

    Truthfully I’ve become so overloaded with the polarization and conflict, I’m getting numb – too much is too much.

    Tell me about it. It’s as bad as I’ve ever seen it.

  • Diane L

    Reminds me of why I seldom go to family gatherings . . . lots of people all airing their opinions and nobody taking time to listen. I will continue to vote in elections, sign petitions, etc but growing up with opinionated types taught me there is no point in joining in the yelling. Until the decibels drop, I’ll abide . . .


  • In 2nd house for me, nothing there apart from South Node at 15 Aries and Sedna at 26 Aries.

    So off topic….special wool dyeing project?

    Didn’t tell you that the new business idea involves using Alpaca wool yarn! Using the natural “white” rather than dyed. In Nottingham (in the middle of the UK geographically)it was, once upon a time, the centre of the lace making industry (and famous for Robin Hood legend). We’re trying out a very old lace making pattern using Alpaca yarn. If it works it will be a unique product and a first in the UK. Wool is being processed to our specification as I write this. What you doing with yours?


    PS Had all clear from hospital this morning. No big C to deal with. Relief all round. Hope your treatment works well for you too!

    • Diane L

      Hey Rossa!

      Oooh – Alpaca lace! I have played a bit with spinning Alpaca and it is so very soft and light. The only drawback to it is the lack of “hand” or loft. This means it drapes beautifully but is not elastic. Some spinners like to add fine Merino wool to the Alpaca to add more loft to the yarn.

      The fleece I need to sort, wash & dye is a Romney crossbred with lots of grey in it. Lovely to spin and knit up. I will probably spin a fingering weight yarn in 3 ply to knit into a vest.

      Had all clear from hospital this morning. No big C to deal with. Relief all round.

      Wonderful news!! So far, so good here too. Just need to make sure I am eating a high fiber diet, so am making heavy duty bran muffins this morning . . . :)


  • leslee

    The New Moon will conjunct my SN in the 9th. Not sure what that means, but maybe going back and checking in on the independent part of me is a good idea to balance out all the relationship focus going on. Otherwise, my SN ruler – Mars 27 Taurus – is getting transits from all sides: Neptune/Chiron square, Saturn trine, Uranus sextile, Jupiter sextile to follow (not to mention pAscendant trine)… And looking forward to tMars getting through my 12th to where it stationed Rx just past my Ascendant/Moon. So much Mars right now!

  • Diane L

    Hi leslee!

    And looking forward to tMars getting through my 12th to where it stationed Rx just past my Ascendant/Moon. So much Mars right now!

    Mars crossing the ASC, especially in your chart, ought to give you a huge energy boost. Have any really tough projects to tackle?! :)


    • leslee

      Alas, no! But I guess this explains my increasing crankiness – tMars now squaring my MC/IC…

      • leslee

        Also, I just want to say that having tMars kicking me in the butt while tNeptune square natal Mars has undercut my sense of direction forward is not fun! (sigh)

  • Autumn

    Hey Diane:-) The New Moon will conjunct my 24 degree Moon/NN in the 7th-opposite ASC and Pluto, square MC/Mercury/Sun, and trine Uranus and Neptune. Oh boy! Am I in for it?

    • Diane L

      Wow! Stop by and let us know how that worked out for you. That is after you finish picking up the pieces. :D


  • kiki

    Hi Diane!

    I’ve got mine happening in the second…conjunct my natal chiron. I’m kinda nervous…should I be? Also, I’m a yoga practitioner, but my back, neck, shoulders have been bugging me lately so I’m thinking of skipping out on today’s session. Noticing the new moon in 2 with chiron makes me wonder if I’d be better off going after all?

    • Diane L

      Welcome kiki!

      I hope you did end up doing yoga. The best personal trainer I worked with always encouraged us to keep moving, just vary the pace according to what was going on with our bodies. Yoga is so wonderful for teaching awareness. Something most of us need help with in our fast paced lives.