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Scorpio Full Moon, April 28, 2010

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This Full Moon at 8° 06′ Scorpio on April 28, 2010 at 5:19AM PDT packs a powerful punch due in large part to the T-square the Sun and Moon form with Mars in Leo – all in intractable fixed signs. Those who have planets or Angles at 7-12° Aquarius, creating a Grand Cross, are most likely to take a direct hit.

The Sun in Taurus is also exactly conjoined retrograde Mercury in Taurus and both are square Mars in Leo, creating potentially explosive tempers. Taurus does NOT like to be rushed into anything and if pushed, will dig in with all four hooves and flat refuse to budge one inch. All Leo’s theatrics will not work on the bull, so you might as well pack it in and wait for another day.

Rather than succumbing to the seduction of being “right” and the need to impose our ideas and beliefs on others, a better path might be to draw on the trine from Pluto in Capricorn to the Sun-Mercury conjunction in Taurus. Pluto is willing and able to help us dig deep into our dark sides to seek out those fears and insecurities driving our need to control. The sextile from Pluto to the Moon in Scorpio offers opportunities to delve into the emotions. Have you ever noticed those people who are most comfortable in their skins are the least likely to feel a need to manipulate others?

The other opposition in this chart is Saturn in Virgo to Uranus in Pisces, exact on April 26. Jupiter is within five degrees of conjoining Uranus in Pisces and I’m willing to bet is adding fuel to the current polarizing effect of the opposition. What I do see of value here is an opportunity to clearly identify our beliefs because differences are highlighted in the extreme. Perhaps when tempers cool and sanity returns (whenever THAT will be) we can use that information to start working out some compromises. Saturn will be returning to Libra on July 22, 2010 and you better believe will be calling for constructive compromise!

It occurred to me if Saturn in Virgo could come up with a concrete way to manifest Neptune in Aquarius’s visions for compassionate change, we would all benefit immensely. Just saying . . .

Venus, Taurus’s ruler, has moved on into Gemini and simply wants to flirt with ideas and giggle with her friends. However, she has to get by an inconjunct with the spoilsport Pluto in Capricorn first. At best, Capricorn can be an indulgent parent when it comes to lighthearted Gemini and simply roll his/her eyes and look the other way. Since we can use some lightheartedness right now, perhaps we can opt to forgo being heavy handed with our nearest and dearest.

Best course of action for this lunation? Find something physically demanding to do like clearing out that storage area full of clutter, weeding the garden or choosing the most challenging route for your walk/run. Sitting down to discuss politics or religion with your brother-in-law who invariably takes the opposing point of view? Baaaad for your blood pressure! Even those whose charts are loaded with cardinal signs and love a challenge are advised to stand down for the time being.

Since Mars in Leo will be conjoining my natal Pluto on this Full Moon, this is a good time for me to practice a little anger management too. The Full Moon in Scorpio is illuminating my twelfth house, close to my Part of Fortune, so it might be a good idea to take special note of any dreams; however I would happily settle for a good night’s sleep.

Where does this Full Moon land in your chart and how do you plan on celebrating it?


6 comments to Scorpio Full Moon, April 28, 2010

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  • Deb

    “Rather than succumbing to the seduction of being “right” and the need to impose our ideas and beliefs on others…”

    Or behaving like a passive-aggressive tyrant while in-charge, how about some people just lay off? Instead of nitpicking perfectly good individuals, how ’bout they pick their own noses or something?

    This and extremism seems to be all the rage, these days. I’ve been made a little upset, recently. However, I didn’t blow my lid. Instead, I just kinda nodded (which is a huge deal).

    For sure I am thinking of dropping this ‘certain situation’ I’m in because I feel that nothing I do is enough. And it’s getting a little ridiculous.

    Great post.

  • Amelia

    Uh oh, the Moon is opposite my natal Saturn at 8 Taurus, square my Sun at 7 Leo. Thanks for the advice, will try to take a breath and count to ten before I say anything at all! I wish I could celebrate in private, hiding away somewhere, or doing heavy labor like you say, but I’m afraid it’s not to be…

  • Kevin

    You wrote, “It occurred to me if Saturn in Virgo could come up with a concrete way to manifest Neptune in Aquarius’s visions for compassionate change, we would all benefit immensely. Just saying …”

    I’m curious as to why you chose “vision for compassionate change” to summarize Neptune in Aquarius, rather than, say, “radically individualistic spirituality,” or “charismatic leaders inspiring mass movements” or even “social revolution through drugs,” combinations that Saturn in Virgo would find much more upsetting?

    I’ll vote for “charismatic leaders inspire mass movements,” with Sarah Palin, whose Aquarius Sun-Mars-Saturn stellium in 7th has been galvanized by Neptune, as Exhibit A. Her star seems to be fading as Neptune moves beyond her stellium, but I suspect what is really going on is Neptune transiting the US Moon at 27 Aquarius. That transit isn’t over, and we may have new demagogues for those who like their political intoxication straight up.

    Sarah Palin and the Tea Party crowd act as if they showed up at a baseball game with hockey sticks. They have chosen sides, but they aren’t playing the same game and don’t want to. When people rant about keeping socialistic government out of Medicare, it isn’t Aquarian grand-design rationalism talking. This is about Neptunian submission and submersion, about trusting in the “goodness” of a leader who invokes divine guidance in lieu of comprehension, about a cult of resentment desperately seeking scapegoats, all behind a facade of “Aquarian” egalitarianism that hates both “elites” who succeed and “welfare bums” who fail, while Palin’s supporters doggedly assert, against all evidence, that she is “just like us.”

    Neptune (and Chiron) transiting conjunct the US Moon is a sideshow to the Saturn-Uranus-Jupiter spectacle, but it bears watching.

    As far as Neptune in Aquarius is concerned, Saturn and Uranus might as well be two guys occupying the bar stools on either side of a ranting drunk, urging him to read the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, respectively. “I don’t like you latte-sipping Urano-Pisceans, you’re all New-Age perverts without Real American Values who think you’re better than us!” he snarls at the man on his left, and then adds, turning to his right and nearly falling off his stool, “and I don’t like you stuffed-shirt, establishment, tight-assed Virgo-Saturnians, either. You’re crooks making money while I pay taxes. I’m mad as hell, I’m not gonna take it, and if you try to get me to think, you’ll have to repeal the Second Amendment over my dead body, because I’m packing heat, but I’m really a Neptunian victim and you’ll be sorry!”

    Hope you don’t mind the rant — Capricorn Moon and Mercury here, both square Neptune in Libra ….

  • This is landing on my Scorpio IC/Taurus MC at 7 degrees, with my pSun which just hit 9 Scorpio. tMars in my 12th is close enough to my Uranus now to be interfering with sleep and just be irritating. So yeah, this should be interesting! The Saturn/Uranus opposition trines/sextiles my Mars, too. Will have to keep you posted!

  • “..Those who have planets or Angles at 7-12° Aquarius, creating a Grand Cross, are most likely to take a direct hit.”

    Oops that’s me out for the count then. Natal sun at 13 Aqu.

    The Moon in orb on my natal Neptune at 6 Sco, Mars near my natal uranus at 14 Leo and Sun/Merc in Taurus not far off my natal Mars and IC.

    Do you think I should stay in bed all day with duvet over my head just in case?….lol!