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Observations: Joop-Uranus stalled out by Saturn

The Jupiter-Uranus in Aries need to push forward at top speed is being effectively blocked by Saturn and l don’t think this is going to change until after the final Saturn-Uranus opposition on July 26, 2010, if then.

This opposition has to feel very similar to hard aspects between Mars and Saturn, often described as driving with the brakes on. I know I am gradually working down my ‘to do’ list but each task seems to take much longer to accomplish than usual, like walking through deep snow or mud where each step takes extra effort.

Yesterday my sisters and I finally managed to make it to the bank to close an account requiring all of our signatures. This was not easy to do because my younger sister lives a couple of hours away and finding a break in my older sister’s work schedule is always tricky. Fortunately Father’s Days provided us with an excuse to get together and we managed to combine business with pleasure. But we spent a couple of weeks exchanging emails and phone calls coordinating this. Would you believe BOTH my sisters have Saturn-Mars conjunctions natally – one in Cancer and the other in Virgo? My Mars is conjoined Mercury and inconjunct Uranus with no interference from Saturn, so my normal modus operandi is much faster and it drives me nuts dealing with them.

There are more financial matters I need to attend to over the next couple of weeks, no surprise since the Sun in Cancer is transiting my eighth house and opposing Pluto in Cappy currently residing in my second. Heh, I did gain from my pain yesterday because my father ended up distributing the small amount of money in the account we closed to each of us. Of course, my share will be going to pay off some bills but that’s fine with me! Sure seems like Saturn has the upper hand at this time around here.

If this is an example of what the grand cross in general will bring, I am not going to complain at all. Slow but steady progress is far better from where I’m sitting than rushing around putting out fires which is what would be happening if Jupiter and Uranus in Aries had their way.

Image: Pretty quarter Moon in Libra is easy on the eyes even if the image has nothing to do with the post. :)


4 comments to Observations: Joop-Uranus stalled out by Saturn

  • *groan*

    Saturn always ruins a good party. I know it’s for the best and all, but I swear my life is all Saturn, all the time right now. Too bad that’s pretty much going to dominate my entire year! My Jupiter opposition looks like it’s coming about the same time as my Saturn return too… won’t that be fun. Stupid wet blankets :D

    • Diane L

      Saturn always ruins a good party.

      Bet you feel like snarling when some smart ass mentions making lemonade when life hands you lemons!!

      Since Jupiter in Aries is currently exactly trine my Sag Venus and giving me little kisses amidst the general wackiness of my life, he’ll do the same for you too! :D


  • I am slow normally, so this pace is actually pretty fast for me lol but then, I have been suffering more than usual typo/word structure difficulties, must be Saturn then :)

  • Diane L

    I am not exactly fast moving normally, just pretty steady. Mars in Scorp in the 12th is not nearly as zippy as my hubby’s who has his Mars in Scorp in the 8th closely trine Uranus. His ability to put in long hours has only slightly diminished with age. He can still out work men half his age. However he is also feeling the results of all those years of physical hard work too.

    Both my sisters have much more stamina than I and always have . Mars is not well placed in either Cancer or Virgo but it seems like Saturn provides the staying power. I know my older sister’s Mars-Saturn conj in Cancer is in her 1st house, not sure about my younger sister’s.

    Off hand, it would appear Mars being tucked away in the 12th house, even in one of its home signs, drains some of the natural vitality away.