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Observations: The Final Saturn-Uranus Opposition is here

After living with Saturn opposing Uranus since late 2008, the end is in sight with the final exact opposition between Saturn in Libra and Uranus in Aries on July 26, 2010 . . . just five days away.

This opposition has been heralded by many astrologers, including myself, as the clash between the status quo (Saturn) and progressive change (Uranus). Like most of life, the results are faaaaar less clearly delineated. Let me illustrate this with a brief story about some changes in my immediate neighborhood.

About five years ago, the push began to install wind towers in the valley I live in as a source of sustainable energy. There were three or four different prime locations under consideration. The one first approved was in an area with no home sites, just lots of sagebrush. The other locations were much closer to existing homes and land under development for more. These projects were hotly opposed by both the homeowners and developers. One of these is on a ridge directly above my home.

I supported the approval of the wind farms from the very beginning because I love the idea of our pesky wind being put to good use and because I would FAR rather live next door to wind towers than a bunch of houses. My home is on property that has been in my family for well over 100 years and even in my life time, the changes wrought by growth and development is profound. So I had little to no sympathy for those people from the greater Seattle area who had purchased property near the possible wind farm locations and were screaming about their view being ruined and therefore decreasing the property value.

With the developers financing the opposition, forcing the wind farm people to jump through every possible legal hoop, the projects were delayed for several years. And if the bottom had not dropped out the housing market with the advent of the first Saturn-Uranus opposition, the developers would likely have been successful. However, once the income from development dried up, the county officials quickly moved to OK three additional wind farms to tap into that revenue source.

Now we have wind towers gracing our horizon and generating clean, renewable energy with the side benefit of placing no more stress on our minimal water resources. Going by those criteria, I’d say progressive Uranus won the day but without the local officials being driven by the bottom line (Saturn) the wind farms would not be there either.

Anyone willing to bet when we look back over the Saturn-Uranus opposition years, we won’t find many more examples like this? Real life is almost always much messier than the prognosticators would have it, just as human beings are much more complex and full of contradictions.


13 comments to Observations: The Final Saturn-Uranus Opposition is here

  • hmmm can’t say that anything local has happened, but we have experienced the complete over-turning of the Prime Minister and actually have amazing female power in this country right now. The Governor General is a woman (as we’re still part of the Commonwealth), the Prime Minister is a woman and two state Premier’s are women, my state included. If anyone had told me that would happen a few years ago, I would have scoffed!

    • Diane L

      Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see this trend continue? A better ratio of men to women in governments around the world can only be a good thing IMO. Not that women can’t harda**’s . . . just look at Sarah Palin. ***grin***


  • local as in my immediate area :P wish it would lol so annoyed at how lazy, local council!

  • It would be just bliss to see it all more evenly spread out. It may even completely smash the glass ceiling forever! Imagine that!

    • Diane L

      You are right! In general women tend to use a different set of priorities than men when it comes to problem solving, so having input from both in roughly equal numbers is far better than either dominating.

  • nicalyse

    On a personal level, I wonder if this hasn’t affected my career decisions – or lack of them. I graduated from college in 2008 with a teaching degree and immediately thought I wasn’t ready to jump into things. So I worked at a bookstore, lived with a bartender friend for a while, and about this time last year hit a wall. In September I moved back home and started substitute teaching.

    But then, in the last few weeks, I’ve felt that same reluctance to pursue a job. Combined with the state of the economy and cuts to education funding, jobs are far between and I’m self-sabotaging – again – by counting on falling back on substituting. I’ve alternated between a desperate desire for freedom and a desperate desire to have the consistency and responsibility of teaching full time. It feels very much like the energy of this sort of opposition.

    I’ve blathered, but the timing makes sense for me.

    • Diane L

      Don’t forget Neptune & Co (Neptune, Chiron & Jupiter) in Aquarius have been transiting your 10th and squaring your 6th house Moon the past year or so. Neptune just flat brings confusion and makes it darn hard to find a clear path. It also encourages one to pursue the impossible dream.

      Once Jupiter hits your Sun next March I bet you will feel a lot more energized! Like bouncing off the wall Aries style energized!! :P

      When the Saturn-Uranus opposition starts to pull apart, I’m hoping we’ll all feel much less of the “push pull” of those two.


      • Joe

        Nicalyse, I agree with Diane. I had Neptune pass over my MC within the last few years, and it felt like I was drifting, totally at sea (apropos for the planetary deity that rules the oceans). It will get better, I promise, once Neptune moves on.

  • nicalyse

    Damn Neptune. And he’s so annoying to try to learn about because he eludes so many astrologers who try to write about him. There’s so much clarity with everything else, but he’s just impossible to grasp completely.

    What kills me about the whole thing is that it’s so out-of-character for me. I’ve always known and gone for exactly what I wanted. I’m going into my third year of not actually using my degree and it’s just really bizarre. And I can’t blame it all on outside influences (which carries a touch of guilt as well).

  • Nicalyse I can relate to what you are saying. I too am an Aries Sun and Neptune has been transiting my 6th house for quite a few years now. However the last 3 years my usual make the plan, work the plan and get it done, went on a world tour vacation I guess ’cause it has not come back. Yet! Neptune has been conjunct Venus in the 6th and opposing my 12th house Moon. I feel like I should be doing way more but I just don’t have that kind of motivation and drive anymore. I sure hope that it will return when Jupiter hits my Sun.

    I have the Saturn and Uranus opposition in my natal chart so the kind of issues mentioned in the post are a part of my everyday life. Though it’s really been played out here at home since ’08.

  • Deb

    Is there then freedom in responsibility/obligation and structure/discipline in freedom? Hmm. It’s a question that’s occurred to me… because I don’t think that we can be entirely one thing or the other. Ever. I think that we need both structure and freedom. :) And I also think that there is such a trait as “free” or “disciplined”– we’re all both.

    For example, I’m caring for my puppy for a few days, keeping her as well-rested as possible as she’d been spayed on Thursday and is in recovery mode. Need to ensure she doesn’t chew on her stitches and takes her antibiotics.

    I could freely be doing cartwheels beneath a European sunset, but I’d much rather be hugging and snuggling and petting and sleeping and resting with my puppy. I’d much rather be committed to speeding up her recovery with oozes of love.

    Just landed another furry client today, too.

    More good cometh this way, Diane. I can feel it.


  • Deb

    Erm, I meant to say that I don’t think that there is such a trait (for our personalities) as “free” or “disciplined”– we’re all called to be both.

  • Like you, I’d rather live near wind towers than other people’s houses but some people only think in money terms.
    Wind towers are more and more visible when I travel through Portugal but I wouldn’t necessarily say they’re ugly, they just add to the rest of the landscape. There are buildings and electrical towers much uglier than that.
    Above all it makes me happy that they’re producing clean energy. But even more than wind, I believe we’re wasting a lot of solar energy so solar panels make me even happier, as we have so many hours of sun to take advantage of.