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Observations: Full Moon at 29 Degrees Follow-up

I got some sharp reminders why it is very important to maintain a strict routine with diet and supplements or risk throwing my system out of balance . . . with unpleasant results. I felt so lousy on Friday I thought I would have to cancel a long planned out-of-town visit but fortunately I felt much better in the morning so off we went.

Reviewing the impact of this lunation on my natal chart is illuminating with the Full Moon on the cusp of my sixth house and the Sun conjoining the cusp of the twelfth. Clearly I needed to be paying attention to all sixth house issues, especially those concerned with maintaining consistent healthy routines each and every day.

Because Mars is the co-ruler of my rising sign, Scorpio, and Venus rules Taurus, the sign on the cusp of the sixth house as well as my seventh, those two planets are always important to keep track of as they move around my chart. Mars conjoined my Ascendant on the Full Moon, offering a critical lift in energy and at the same time drew attention to the need to listen to my body (first house). Venus retrograde in the twelfth is insisting on more and better quality sleep or pay the price in well-being (sixth house).

When a Libra gets one major player saying “go faster” and another saying “you need your rest”, making a good call is much tougher. In this case, my inclination is to give more weight to Venus because she not only rules my sixth and seventh houses but also my Sun sign. So getting enough sleep and being very consistent in daily health routines take precedence over Mars tempting me to push my physical limits.

It will be interesting to see whether Venus stationing direct will be enough or whether it will take until Venus hits my Ascendant to see any differences. Twelfth house transits can be pretty hard to delineate because so much is happening in the background.

At any rate, I’m home once more and playing “catch up” around here! Did the Full Moon at 29° Aries deliver a few zings to anyone else?

Image: This wonderfully serene photo was taken on our visit to Walla Walla’s favorite park with 100 year old chestnut trees, lots of water fowl and squirrels.


2 comments to Observations: Full Moon at 29 Degrees Follow-up

  • Joe

    I don’t know about zings so much as subtle synchronicities a la the Sabian Symbols like we discussed. The Full Moon at 29 Aries occurred in my 12th house, with so much hidden from view at the moment.

  • Diane L


    The Full Moon at 29 Aries occurred in my 12th house, with so much hidden from view at the moment.

    yeah, however the 29 Libra Sun was in your sixth house and I see that as on the plus side.

    Roughly three weeks left in Venus Rx.

    xo diane~