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Observations: Becoming a Scorpio Phoenix

Walking about taking in the incredible rich golden colors of the leaves lead me to thinking about the phoenix rising from the flames and then to that rare bird, the Scorpio Phoenix.

This is the one who has passed through some type of traumatic experience, causing them to gradually leave their old ways of thinking and being behind. This process can take many years just as Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto, takes many years to traverse a sign. It takes all of Scorpio’s considerable will power and tenacity to keep chipping away, recognizing and releasing issues and thoughts as they arise.

For example, Scorpio can start out seeking control over others, then move on to controlling themselves before finally realizing it is possible to give up the need to control all together. The greatest challenge is recognizing this is happening in the first place and usually it takes a Pluto transit or two to achieve this.

When Pluto was in Scorpio and approaching my Mars, Mercury and Ascendant, I was newly married and had all these expectations swirling around in my head about my role as step-mother. My step-daughters both have Libra rising and Pluto in Libra either on the Ascendant or in the first house. It took roughly a year before it dawned on me going head to head was only going to result in a ton of frustration for all parties. Deliberately backing off and letting go of my expectations resulted in the three of us learning to trust one another and become the very good friends we are today. Power struggles are HUGE energy drains too.

A would be Phoenix is also far less likely to be vindictive, manipulative and be more inclined to seek ways to actively help others in need with an open handed manner. The obsessions will probably still be there but will be far less about gaining personal power and more about devoting time and energy to healing others. Learning to be less rigid and more flexible is part of this process too.

To learn more about the different faces of Scorpio, I recommend reading Kathleen Burt’s book, Archetypes of the Zodiac (The Llewellyn Modern Astrology Library). She has collected myths and legends offering insights into all the other signs as well making this a great resource and reference book.

Image: All these glorious golden tones are gone now – so brief and so beautiful before the ashes of late Autumn as we prepare for winter snows.  © Diane Lang


3 comments to Observations: Becoming a Scorpio Phoenix

  • Joe

    That’s an excellent book! The section on this very subject was illuminating.

    • Diane L

      Isn’t it? I love the way she lays out progressions of the Sun for each sign too. Casey recommended this book to me back when I first started blogging several years ago, smart Pisces lady that she is! :P

      Happy B’Day Joe!! :D

      xoxo diane~

  • Joe

    Thanks! :D It’s turning into one of the best birthdays in a long time, for obvious reasons. :)

    I saw a lot of myself in that Scorpio section. I like to think I am making progress on this Phoenix process, but being a Plutonic type (I assume), I suspect it will be a lifelong thing.