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Venus & Jupiter Direct, November 18, 2010

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In six days both Venus and Jupiter will station direct within about five hours of each other and I can hardly wait because Venus retrogrades gradually wear me down.

The chart for November 18, 2010 finds the Moon in Aries opposing the newly direct Venus in Libra. Perhaps Venus has been biding her time to air a number of grievances she has and will use this moment to do so. With Jupiter and Uranus inconjunct Venus, this tactic may backfire in a couple of ways. Firstly, because Jupiter and Uranus are in sensitive Pisces, so what Venus sees as standing up for her rights others may see as a pity party. Secondly, Jupiter makes it easy to blow something minor all out of proportion.

Contributing to out of control mouths is a conjunction of Mars and Mercury in Sagittarius . . . yee haw! Fiery Sagittarius is noted for blurting out what they see as “The Truth” and this Mars-Mercury conjunction is almost guaranteed to shoot first and ask questions later. If you are the sort of person who enjoys debating, this will be fun but for those of us who cringe at the thought of yelling matches, it sucks. Big time. Thankfully Saturn in Libra is sextile those two planets and will referee, making sure all parties get equal air time. Popcorn, anyone?! :D

Neptune conjunct Chiron in Aquarius trine Venus in Libra will be there to smooth things over  after the shouting and offer insights into what was behind the differences in opinion. It is very possible information will surface that has sorely needed addressing for quite some time and we may finally be able to start the healing process.

From my point of view as a peace loving Venusian, I recommend exercising as much tact as is humanly possible and avoiding hurtful language because even though it may feel good during the heat of battle, making up after is much easier if one or both parties don’t have to keep apologizing for days. Remember the Sun is still in Scorpio, folks, and Scorpio is noted for having a long memory when it comes to insults and injury.

On a personal note, I am hoping to see my energy start to revive once Venus and Jupiter are direct. Though it is my thought the exact square from Neptune to my Ascendant is pulling me down more than anything and that will be over by November 23. Even having Mars and Mercury in Sagittarius barreling through my first house hasn’t given me much of a boost.


6 comments to Venus & Jupiter Direct, November 18, 2010

  • Deb

    :: Passing along the popcorn ::

    Someone apologized to me, last night. Not in an “I’m sorry” way. But in the “let’s forget this eruption ever happened, OK?” kinda way. (Background: Last week, I was accused of something I didn’t do, in public, and I defended myself.)

    I’m still flattered by this brief discussion, even if “I’m sorry” wasn’t a part of it. Because it was completely unexpected and felt sincere. The person made clear that she was aware of her error in judgment. And, to be honest, maybe one other person has ever really admitted to wronging me in some way.

    I’m many things, Diane. But I sure as hell wasn’t this particular thing, and that was that.

    On November 18th, I have a follow-up appointment with an orthodontist. On that day, we will be reviewing the straightening process of my teeth :). Very excited to get this party started– been saving up for this for a loooong time!

  • Diane L

    Somehow my replies to a couple of the most recent comments disappeared and well as one more you made, Deb. totally weird . . . gotta be related to Neptune in my 3rd house. **sigh**

    xo diane~

  • Chris Sherman

    Diane – Is it okay to schedule anything that involves cosmetics on the 18th (after 5P MST)? Or should we wait until the 19th? Thanks!

    • Diane L

      Welcome Chris!

      It depends on where transiting Venus falls in your chart. For instance, if it will be conjunct, sextile or trine your ASC (or in your first house), it should be fine.

      I got a haircut last week when tVenus was conjunct my Sun and I’m very happy with it. :D


  • Shayla

    Whoa, you’ve reminded me that tNeptune is about to square my ascendant also (26° Scorpio) for the 2nd time, retros..hmpf! Luckily, I’m a 27° Libran so my sun then gets a sweet trine from tNeptune. YAY!!

    Anyhow, I am sooo with you, Diane, I can’t wait for venus retro to end. Just gotta get thru this Sun square neptune…….

  • Diane L

    Welcome Shayla!

    Whoa, you’ve reminded me that tNeptune is about to square my ascendant also (26° Scorpio) for the 2nd time, retros..hmpf!

    I’m waving goodbye, good riddance to Neptoon next week and you will be able to by Jan 10. :D

    tNeptune trine the Sun has a sweetness that is hard to pin down, however the conjunction w/Chiron has given that transit a bite. Ah well, at least you are getting a very nice long transit of Venus conjoining your Libra Sun!! :P