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Pluto and the Politics of Reproduction

Pluto in Sagittarius is now direct and I find myself contemplating how much I dislike the combination of politics and reproductive issues because the underlying theme is control, control, control.

I am very much for women having the final say over what is happening with their bodies. When the first state laws were being passed to legalize abortion it was the issue that sent me to register to vote. As a strongly Plutonian person my own life experiences taught me the importance of deciding for oneself about bringing children into this world. Women, in the western world at least, have far more say about becoming pregnant and whether to have the baby than ever.

However when reproductive issues enter the political realm it is all about power and control, period! End of story. Politicians who use what I view as entirely private concerns to sway voters are no more interested in the health and well being of woman than rape is about sex. Speaking from the perspective of a Scorpio person with a deep reverence for the power and beauty of the cycle of life and death, sexuality and the mysteries of the feminine in all beings, I feel all of these things are being deeply disrespected.

When Pluto was in Capricorn for the first time earlier this year I noticed the beginnings of a shift away from the previous Pluto in Sagittarius years when religious beliefs seemed to hold so much sway in politics and governing. And it was very refreshing. It is my hope that when Pluto moves back into Capricorn in late November we will be moving back to a true separation of church and state which is where the US started in 1776.

For the record, I choose not to vote for any candidate, no matter how qualified or lauded, who does not support a woman’s right to choose for herself with access to good information on birth control and human sexuality in it’s full range of expression. And that’s that! This is Neith’s Scorpio side speaking in case you hadn’t notice. ::::grin::::

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This beautiful image of Scorpio is by digital artist, Kayaga. It captures the subtlety of this complex sign.


52 comments to Pluto and the Politics of Reproduction

  • casey

    well, personally, I want NO church to have anything to do with the government.

  • Iris

    There is a mistake in my post that I’m sure you’ve notice.The correct year for the adoption of the US Constitution was 1787 and the ratification year was 1789.