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Happy Valentine's Day!

My first appearance via video for Valentine’s Day. Seems about right for a Venusian! Hey, Venus is in Aries too. :-)


12 comments to Happy Valentine's Day!

  • Devil Mood

    Oh this is so great!!Brilliant but to the point. It’s wonderful seeing you.I hope you have a great Valentine’s day. :)

  • neith

    Thanks, DM! Let’s enjoy Venus in Aries while we can. When she turns Rx in early March, the fun could go south. After the Venus Rx a couple of years ago, I’m very wary.Now that I’ve dipped my Libra toe in the “water”, I will see if I can do this again soon. :-)

  • chrispito

    Nice to see you Neith! :)

  • Nathan

    Great video post, Neith! Happy V day!

  • Tseka

    Oh my sweetheart. I just love the twinkle in your eyes and the smile at the end, thank you for this wonderful valentine.

  • Eme Kah

    Congrats on your first video. Very nice to see you!

  • neith

    Thanks All! Your encouragement may lead to more of these little clips!

  • chrispito

    Wow. You are absolutely gorgeous. I opened this up and the banner was like the moon rising. It makes me want to cry….ack! gushy! ha ha haI just realized Pluto is officially square my natal Mars. Eeeeek!

  • chrispito

    You know what’s really weird? I had so much of my desktop stuff oriented to the right side, on my mac. I moved other things to the right side…like today! I’m so in love with your new format, I can’t even tell you. Congrats!

  • chrispito

    Jeez. I meant ‘to the left!’ Mercury Rx has left the building, but I am still convoluted, lol

  • chrispito

    sorry, and that slideshow option? WOW.

  • leslee

    Yay! Great to see and hear you! Hope you had a lovely weekend. :-)