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Libra Weekly Horoscopes – September 12, 2011

© Diane Lang

Venus enters her home sign of Libra this week on 14 September and while this makes her very happy, her journey starts off rather rough. That’s because first she opposes Uranus in Aries on 17 September and squares Pluto in Capricorn the following day . . . both events about guaranteed to throw off her balance. Uranus is arrogant and willful in Aries, not to mention changeable as always whilst Pluto in Capricorn has so many rules it makes poor Venus’s head hurt trying to keep track of them all.

How is this going affect the rest of us? Well, the greatest impact will be on our one-on-one relationships and partnerships, both personal and professional. Don’t be too surprised if your nearest and dearest decides to argue for the sake of argument. My Libra mother described her discussions with her Capricorn sister as part of their “all day argument” and that bothered neither of them. What I’m saying is if you are disturbed by contentiousness (as I am), then plan on keeping a low profile. If you are naturally combative, then you will be in hog heaven!

Keep in mind Mercury is in detailed oriented Virgo now and will trine Jupiter in Taurus on 14 September. Between Jupiter’s love for blowing things out of proportion and this particular Mercury’s talent for picking out all the sore spots, we can either use this for making those around us feel good about themselves or just the reverse. You all know what choice I’m hoping for don’t you? Play nice!

Neptune in Aquarius has his role in this week’s sky with a couple of inconjuncts – first to Venus just before she leaves Virgo on 13 September and second to Mars in Cancer on 16-17 September before he enters Leo on 18 September. These three planets formed a Yod with Neptune at the apex on the Full Moon in Pisces. Put these aspects together with Venus’s tough ones and we end up with more problems in the romance department this week. Thankfully once Venus enters Libra and Mars Leo (and both leave Neptune behind) the outlook improves considerably.

This is not the calmest of weeks, especially Tuesday and Wednesday when the Moon is in Aries, and when tempers will be the shortest. Gather up all your patience and do your best to not let other people’s shortcomings wear on your last nerve!

It might be a good idea to keep in mind not everyone shares your sense of urgency or priorities this week, Aries. If your partner gives you an evil look or snaps at you, take it to heart and back off. Otherwise you risk damaging something very good.

This is one of those times when you are going to do just exactly what is on your schedule not matter what anyone else says, Taurus. You know what works for you and getting in a big rush does not . . . plain and simple.

Yes, your mind is functioning at top speed again, Gemini, but please stay with the facts rather than give in to the urge to elaborate even a little. That is, of course, you are entertaining friends and family. Then let ‘er rip and make them laugh and laugh.

This is the last week you will be feeling this feisty, Cancer, so if you have some dragons to slay and need extra determination to do so, go for it. Wouldn’t hurt to keep in mind you could go just the tiniest bit too far and alienate loved ones.

Though the pace of your career may have slowed some, Leo, you still have plenty you want to accomplish in that arena. You are usually good at coming up with the right thing to say but for don’t jump to conclusions. Careful!

If anyone understands the power of words, it is you, Virgo. Mid-week you have an opportunity to come up the words needed to get your point across whether it’s a note to your lover or potential employer. Use humor if you can.

How this week grabs you, Libra, in large part depends on whether you are a Libra who loves a good debate or one who prefers peace and tranquility. If the former, then you will enjoy the exciting atmosphere and if the latter, I’ll make room for under my bed . . .

Ordinarily you aren’t much of a joiner, Scorpio, but you will go out of your way for those you love and consequently could end up spending more time doing group activities. By the weekend, you may insist of taking time for yourself. Be nice about it.

Even though you would love to spend time playing, Sagittarius, right now your main focus is pocketbook related. You have some great ideas about how to fine tune your daily schedule in order to devote more time to your career goals. Take the weekend off for fun & games.

Not a quiet or simple week for you, Capricorn, as you may be caught up in dealing with conflicts on the home front resulting from a sweet job offer. Dig down deep to come up with what works best for you before reopening negotiations with your partner.

Temper your language this week, Aquarius, or you may end up offending one of your more irritating coworkers or family members. If you can vent privately that would be best for now. Next week sees some easement in this area.

By carefully overlooking the squabbling going on around you, Pisces, and leaving others to their own devices, you can still enjoy some very pleasant moments with your significant other. A little escapism can do wonders for one’s spirits. *grin*

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀


9 comments to Libra Weekly Horoscopes – September 12, 2011

  • Diane L

    I lost a little over a week of writing time under Saturn partile my Moon . . . just too much to do. My Ram was home & we were both running around working at home. Now that Saturn is gradually pulling away and with the bulk of harvest behind us, I’m tentatively feeling like my schedule will start to normalize. Yay! 😀

    xoxo diane~

  • Deb

    I’m gonna stay at my desk, completing homework assignments the next couple of days. Yup.


  • Diane L

    I found out yesterday evening I need to report for jury duty today . . . throwing yet another wrench in the works. We’ll see how this plays out. 😛

    xo diane~

  • Karen

    oh jeez, one thing after another, maybe you won’t be picked! xo

  • Diane L

    I didn’t get picked, YAY!! Probably because I spoke up when the lawyers were questioning the jury pool about monies for pain & suffering (it was a civil case). I more or less said I was against them. **grin**

    Very Moon conj Uranus in Aries & square Pluto. I’m tired . . . LOL

    xoxoxo diane~

  • Karen

    Nice :) Hopefully, you can gather some relaxation time now xo

  • Deb

    I served on grand jury back in 2002, for four weeks, in the Bronx which made every case all the more interesting! Murder, fraud and drugs, oh my. I’m a Law and Order, and mystery/suspense/crime film and book fan so you can understand why serving on the jury appealed to me.

    I kinda enjoyed it, and got along great with the other jurors, but would prefer not to serve again. Not for a long time if possible. I live in Jersey now. Jersey is a whole world in and of itself.

    😉 Congrats on being freed!