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Libra Weekly Horoscopes for October 31, 2011

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I started laughing when I saw Venus in Scorpio square Neptune in Aquarius for Halloween. I mean, what’s more perfect for millions of people playing dress-up and pretending to be something or someone very different from their day to day persona! Odds are there will be plenty of sexy costumes with some very odd twists running around saying “trick or treat” this year. Mercury in Scorpio takes its turn squaring Neptune within a few hours of Venus and the truth will be lost in the foggy depths of Halloween night. Keep it light and don’t make any promises you have no intention of keeping . . .

Big news this week has to do with both Mercury and Venus leaving the shadows and silences of Scorpio for forthright Sagittarius. Scorpio and Sagittarius are very, very different signs. Scorpio can be intense, brooding and obsessed with exploring emotions to their depths whilst those are the last things on Sagittarius’s mind. Sagittarius at its simplest just wants to have a good time, keep things light and keep moving.

The “keep things moving” part will get a big boost from both Venus and Mercury trine Uranus in Aries mid-week. Thoughts of commitment will fly out the window and be replaced by the urge to try out as many new and different options as possible. Off the cuff remarks and spontaneous behaviors will dramatically increase.

The weekend brings inconjuncts between our Sagittarius duo and Jupiter in Taurus, Sagittarius’s ruling planet. What a mix up! Big ideas and the willingness to gamble run smack into stodgy, no nonsense Taurus ideas leading to conversations full of conflicting ideologies. Slow down and listen with great care before rushing to judgment.

Those looking for romance this week may think they have struck gold. However it might turn out to be fairy gold that turns into autumn leaves the morning after. Be wary of sweet talkers and con artists with a love ‘em and leave ‘em attitude because they will disappear so fast it will make your head spin!

Keep your sense of humor about you and this week will go well. 😀

Your sense of adventure will come back to life mid-week, Aries, and it will be much easier to laugh off the confusion and weirdness of Monday and Tuesday. If you decide to head out of town for the weekend, make sure your budget will allow that.

Your partner’s choice of Halloween costume may take your breath away, Taurus, and whilst you may not be quite sure about it, opt to relax and have fun with it. Less than fun discussions about financial issues could await you later on.

Confusion and miscommunications with coworkers may plague you early in the week, Gemini. Look for emerging clarity and far more accessible information coming your way midweek. Your significant other will perk up and be open to more adventurous ways to have fun too.

You may find this Halloween’s mix of romance and fantasy very appealing, Cancer, but best prepare for a marked change of pace mid-week. Your daily schedule suddenly looks like it could use refreshing and you have some great ideas about how to go about it.

If the Halloween party you were hosting had some very strange moments, Leo, the rest of the week will make up for it. If you’re lucky, you might even have new and exciting opportunities for love and romance! In any case, you’ll like the upbeat atmosphere.

Your week may start out with some off the wall miscommunications regarding your schedule, Virgo. Take a deep breath and hang on to your patience. Later you might look around your home and be inspired to do a little redecorating. Why not? It might be fun.

Your choice of Halloween costume will turn more than a few heads, Libra, largely because you may go with a darker theme than usual. Midweek will bring plenty of fresh ideas and a burst of enthusiasm; just watch expenditures on the weekend.

You OWN Halloween, Scorpio. It’s your favorite holiday and this year is perfect for creating spooky illusions. Your attention will quickly shift to coming up with bright ideas for generating more income. Listen to what your partner has to say in this regard.

Life in general will begin to look much brighter for you this week, Sagittarius, and you will enjoy being around people again. If you’re looking for love, a chance encounter could deliver later in the week. Those in committed relationships benefit too. Enjoy!

Your attention, Capricorn, is still firmly fixed on meeting career goals and networking with others is part of that. As the week progresses, you may receive unexpected support from those who operate behind the scenes. If so, remember to thank them nicely.

Be very careful to verify information you receive early in the week from the authorities, Aquarius. Distractions abound making it easy for people to overlook things. Your friends and associates will come through for you later in the week, brightening your outlook.

Enjoy your Halloween fun, Pisces, because all too soon it’s back to reality and meeting career demands. Return calls promptly and with a smile in your voice. Being kind and thoughtful at work could bring sweet rewards.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀


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