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“Bite Me” or Mars transiting the 8th

When Mars is in Cancer it passes through my eighth house and squares all my Libra planets making me more temperamental than usual – especially when it squares my Sun! Plus I end up thinking about typically Scorpio/eighth house stuff like death, inheritances, etc. Not at all my usual upbeat Libra Sun conjunct Jupiter state of mind.

This morning I woke up far too early and couldn’t get back to sleep because I got to thinking about how terrible it would be to have to choose between dying and bankrupting my family, an all too common scenario in this country. Frankly I would choose dying, somewhat to my surprise. I didn’t think I was all that self-sacrificing a person even though I have a bunch of planets in the twelfth house and Moon conjunct Neptune. HAH!

Set out to balance our checkbook this morning (also eighth house – joint finances) and after spending three hours over a task that usually takes me about fifteen minutes, I realized it will take a visit to the bank to figure out what’s going on. I did discover where they had entered the same check number twice. Went online to see if I could access a list of older transactions but what’s available online doesn’t go back far enough. :::::mumble, mumble, mumble:::::

Think I will go eat something before I start working on a client’s report. Don’t want them to suffer because I’m being an old grouch!! LOL

Image: This is the result of a sprinkler going all night when it gets down to 13 degrees F. Kinda pretty . . . :-) Click on the image and you will be able to see it much larger!


4 comments to “Bite Me” or Mars transiting the 8th

  • Madeline

    Oh Neith! You're in the throes of a transit.. choose between DYING and bankruptcy?? NEVER! You are much too resourceful for those possibilities!I drove past a quiet little trailer community in Northern Az. last weekend and thought: Gee– I remember living really happily in a small trailer on the edge of a corn field in iowa when my husband was a student.. I could do it again if I had to– So many possibilities–ALL OF WHICH are hard tosee when the crummy transits strike! I know, Mars in Cancer threw me a lot more curve balls than ever.. I am still ducking…Many hugs–MADDIE

  • neith

    Yes, Madeline, I probably am. Just night thoughts brought into the day. I do know there are many people in the US who have ended bankrupt because of health care costs. It is a national shame IMO.Thank you for your kind thoughts!Mars is not at his best in Cancer . . . thankfully he will be happier back in fiery Leo. ;-)

  • Laura

    Neith! Please do not talk like that. Nothing is worth choosing dying over bankruptcy. Where would we all be without you anyway?! Keep you pecker up :)

  • neith

    I'm back to my normal upbeat self! Venus moving into Libra had done wonders for my mood. Now waiting to see what Mars in Leo brings. :-)