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Observations: Neptune in Pisces – a gentle lunacy

© Annie Musse

Endings and beginnings are on my mind these days with Saturn weighing down my 29° Libra Sun with Neptune at 29° Aquarius trine it. We’re now a couple of weeks away from Neptune’s ingress into its home sign of Pisces and I, for one, see this as far more positive than not.

Shape shifter that he is, Neptune has struggled during his lengthy stay in Aquarius starting on 28 January 1998. Aquarius is fixed air and very big on coming up with “one size fits all” schemes for the collective . . . and then spends a great deal of time and energy insisting on stuffing everyone into their particular box without checking to see whether or not it’s a good fit. We’ve seen the rise of social networking via the internet spread around the globe and people “friending” people they’ve never met face to face. Don’t get me wrong, I love the internet and being able to connect with people around the world suits my North Node in Gemini to a ‘T’. However, in my opinion, the ability to discriminate what’s appropriate to share from what’s best kept private has been lost– very much Neptune in Aquarius. Aquarius is simply too cerebral and detached to understand why sensitive water sign folk are repulsed by the “too much information” crowd.

Another blessing of Neptune in Pisces for the next thirteen years is having the water element represented full time. Ever since Uranus left Pisces for Aries last March there are been long periods when only the swift moving Moon passed through the water signs, making it challenging for people to stay in touch with their feelings. Neptune in Pisces is an excellent representative for watery energy and will provide a subtle background note gently prodding us to take our emotions into account at all times.

I’m sure we will deal with too much sentimentality and maybe more than a few people suffering from savior complexes but overall I’m hoping Neptune in Pisces will open hearts and remind us of those feelings we have in common. Getting Neptune’s influence out of our heads and back into our hearts opens the door to unconditional love and acceptance. We need to renew our appreciation for genuine compassion and let go of the need to convince others our brand of ideology will serve the masses better than yours. Believe me, we’ll need every bit of help we can get to smooth the jagged edges of Uranus in Aries battling it out with Pluto in Capricorn for the next three years!

The movie, Big Fish, is a marvelous example of Neptune’s better nature. Imaginative and loving all at the same time.


5 comments to Observations: Neptune in Pisces – a gentle lunacy

  • William

    It comes to mind that we as a country could do with a bit more compassion in this an election year. It will aid the sun/saturn in scorpio.

    • Diane L

      I completely agree, William . . . along with a large dose of tolerance. It may take some time for Neptune in Pisces to erode the current climate of polarization but I do believe it will happen, optimist that I am! 😀

      xoxo diane~

  • Debbie

    Hmmm, coming off my Aq moon 29 degrees, but moving toward my Chiron in Pisces….all be it a ways off as Chiron is 26 degrees. I may be Aq moon, but will welcome open hearts!

    • Diane L

      Hey Debbie!

      Hmmm, coming off my Aq moon 29 degrees, but moving toward my Chiron in Pisces….all be it a ways off as Chiron is 26 degrees.

      Yes, that’s a few years down the road! 😀

      I may be Aq moon, but will welcome open hearts!

      Your natal Neptune-Moon square may make boundaries an issue whilst softening the austerity of Aquarius. *grin*

      xoxo diane~