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Observations: Mercury Retch Station Frustrations

© Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Having Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries leading up to Monday’s station retrograde is turning out to be very frustrating. Uranus always has to be on the cutting edge of things and therefore it’s no surprise to be experiencing typical Mercury Retch stuff early.

Where ever you find 0-6° Aries in your natal chart, or if you have Aries people in your life with planets/Angles at those degrees as I do, that’s where the frustration will stem from. Those degrees happen to fall in my fourth house and turned something fairly simple complex. We had an under-counter light fixture’s bulb go out. It was something we’d put in when we did our kitchen remodel/face lift way back in 2004. My Aries came across these fixtures on one of his remodel jobs. Obviously excellent quality because the daylight bulb lasted eight years! He hands me the bulb and silly me didn’t think to write down the manufacturer or model number . . . NOT on the bulb. Duh. Two weeks and several phone calls later, the bulbs are on order. As for when they may arrive? Jury is still out on that.

Making assumptions when Mercury is stationing and during the time it is retrograde can lead to all kinds of problems. During this Mercury Retrograde in Aries, I can see assumptions being made right and left, especially from now until the time Mercury retreats back into Pisces on 23 March. Don’t forget Mercury will conjoin Uranus on its way back to Pisces on 18 March. Most of my problems with finding a replacement for the stupid light bulb were due to making assumptions . . . so please do as I say, not as I do. Grit your teeth and slow down, OK?

Aries is happiest motoring full speed ahead and with Uranus in Aries now, this effect is magnified. I can hear Libras everywhere groaning at the thought of being yanked off balance again and again by people leaping to conclusions without taking time for careful consideration of all the information. *grin*

I drew The Sun card when asking about dealing with this Mercury Retch period. Guess I need to focus on staying positive and confident or poor reasoning and bad logic will prevail. Not a good outcome. 😀


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