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Full Moon in Capricorn, July 3, 2012

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There is an edged clarity to this Full Moon at 12° 14′ Capricorn on 3 July 2012 11:52 AM PDT, a condition sorely missed over the past couple of weeks when Jupiter in Gemini squared the great illusionist, Neptune.

The Moon in Capricorn is widely conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, a powerful combination conducive to stirring up emotional obsessions OR for realizing we are caught in the grip of one we need to be freed from. The light of the Full Moon is excellent for clearly delineating the depths of our obsession and hopefully allowing us to see the path we need to take to detachment. Those people who have personal planets and/or Ascendant between 8 to 12 degrees in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) will feel this one very keenly, no doubt in part because Uranus in Aries makes a T-Square with the lunar axis. That being said, it is those folks with planets and /or ASC in Libra at those degree points who have the joy of completing a Grand Cross. In this case the Moon’s Nodes in Aries and Libra need to be included . . . look to the North Node and let it speak to you. Do you need to strike out and seek your independence (Aries) or allow yourself to realize the benefits of a true partnership (Libra)? Cardinal signs are all about taking action of some kind and if we have been sitting on the fence, there is a good chance this influence will help us break through the stalemate.

Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler, is slowly beginning its final march through the last decant of Libra and will provide frequent reminders to take care of relationship issues still hanging fire. Sitting alone with no other planets closely aspecting it and in a chart dominated by cardinal air, Saturn’s message is pure Libra – choose moderation, equity, compromise and always seek truth and justice. If you need to end a relationship, do it cleanly and in person . . . no texts, emails, phone messages, etc. We owe it to ourselves and those we once loved to screw up our courage and treat them with respect. For those lucky folks who found someone worth making a lasting commitment with, there is no better time to celebrate making it legal than under Saturn in Libra’s aegis.

Our creative impulses are very much supported by a lively triangle composed of Mercury in Leo trine Uranus in Aries with both sextile to Venus in Gemini. This is the perfect signature for enjoying the Arts too, so find a good play, gallery opening or concert you’d like to take in and enjoy! Lovers will sparkle and glitter with plenty of witty innuendo flying back and forth. For those of us who in live in the USA who will be celebrating the Fourth of July, this is a whizz bang aspect for fireworks displays, make sure to find one to watch. Love those!!

Mercury in Leo is also the apex of a Yod with Pluto in Capricorn sextile Chiron in Pisces as the base. What an odd mix to be sure and ought to produce some really unusual conversations. Leo has practically nothing in common with Capricorn and only a shared interest in the dramatic arts with Pisces. Pluto and Chiron are both private and prefer to turn inwards whilst Mercury is all about sharing every little passing thought. Leos may end up scratching their heads and wondering what they did to offend someone . . . though that’s probably not the case. It’s far more likely Capricorn and Pisces types just didn’t have anything to add. LOL

Another inconjunct bound to create problems for folks is Mars in Libra inconjunct Neptune in Pisces. After spending what seems like forever in Virgo, Mars is ready to DO something in cardinal Libra and running up against Neptune right out the box will not set well. Neptune’s lack of cohesiveness distresses Mars who likes a clear objective to tackle. Thankfully this aspect will peak on 8 July and Mars can go on to his next task . . . hooking up with Jupiter in Gemini for kicks and giggles whilst bugging the hell out of Uranus and Pluto.

For fire and air signs this Full Moon may mean plenty of light-hearted fun and more power to them. Of the earth and water signs, Cancer and Capricorn may feel the least like partying and the most bedeviled by what’s going on internally. We need to respect each other’s personal preferences and gracefully accept those. This is the perfect time to practice kindness and tolerance whilst following your own wyrd.

On a personal note: Even though Venus and Jupiter in Gemini are playing in my seventh house, the lunar axis will widely square my Libra Moon with Mercury in Leo conjunct my Saturn. Chances are I will be listening and responding to other people’s issues during this time. Saturn will STILL be on the midpoint between my Libra luminaries and continuing to set a more serious tone in my life. The needs of others will continue to take priority, so I want the rest of you to party for me!


5 comments to Full Moon in Capricorn, July 3, 2012

  • Debbie

    Hmm. I will be in VT during this time period. It is weird as I am kinda dread going for some reason. I’m going to paint my condo and prep it for the new tenant. I thought I would spend more time with friends, but realizing that may not happen to the level I thought. Normally I’m excited visiting VT, but this time strange since of….nervousness. Not sure what that feeling in my chest is quite yet..

  • William

    This full moon will make a trine to my sun, and a sextile to my north node. We will see what occurs if anything over the weekend.

  • karine

    Thanks for pointing out this Mars inconjunct Neptune. Mars is now going to move forward on top of my Moon, Saturn & Jupiter all conjunct in Libra, which are also inconjunct my Pisces Sun & Mars, which in turn are conjunct the transiting Neptune in Pisces. Yikes. At any rate I am really glad that Mars retrograde in Virgo is no longer opposing my Sun/Mars.

    I have never really understood my natal Pisces Sun inconjunct aspect with all those bodies in Libra, and to make it more confusing my Asc is in the last degree of Taurus happily trining my Sat/Jup/Moon, but squaring my Sun. I am trying to delve deep into understanding the challenges of the past 6 months to find meaningfulness and lessons for the future, but I think I may have to consult a professional on the underlying tensions in my chart.

    • Diane L

      Welcome Karine!

      Mars is now going to move forward on top of my Moon, Saturn & Jupiter all conjunct in Libra, which are also inconjunct my Pisces Sun & Mars, which in turn are conjunct the transiting Neptune in Pisces. Yikes.

      I tend to believe Mars in Libra energizing your Libra Stellium may help counteract the Neptune conj your Sun-Mars influence . . . far better for dreaming than doing. :)

      In a general way, Libra and Pisces do get along rather well. Libra’s need to peacefully coexist and Pisces’s sensitivity usually blend well. Their biggest difference has to do with airy Libra’s capacity for detachment, something watery Pisces doesn’t relate to. They both tend to be indecisive (or wishy washy) and can get into one of those “whatever you want to do; no, whatever YOU want to do” dialogues. Heh, and they can both develop a spine just about when others least expect them too! 😀

      xoxo diane~

  • xcd

    I have north node in Gemini @ 5.5 in my birth chart. Hmm let me see