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New Moon in Leo, August 17, 2012

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Celebrate a spectacular New Moon at 25° 08′ Leo on 17 August 2012 08:55 AM PDT! The vibrant Leo energy is well supported by Mars in Libra conjoined Saturn in Libra. It is time to be proactive in a productive manner.

Fire sign New Moons are all bright and shiny with loads of enthusiasm but often all of that fades away as something new grabs our attention. This time Saturn offers the necessary discipline and Mars the drive to make our dreams come true. Yes, Mars conjunct Saturn can be frustrating because we have slow down and power through the mud. However with both planets in Libra, we can use our minds to harness the energy as well as Libra’s willingness to compromise and work as a team. We couldn’t ask for a better combination to make a joint project come alive and succeed.

There are other challenges present on this lunation including a T-Square with Venus in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn and both square Uranus in Aries. Looks an awful lot like jealousy and possessiveness wrecking havoc in our love lives. Abruptly falling in and out of love is another possibility with Uranus on board. Jupiter in flirty Gemini is still widely sextile Uranus . . . not helping, so not helping! Selfish, self-centered behaviors are best avoided under this influence or we may risk losing someone we truly care about.

The urge to spend money impulsively, especially for family, may happen in the week leading up to this New Moon. Venus relates to money and spending habits as well as love and romance. In family oriented Cancer, doing something nice for our loved ones or sprucing up our homes is part of this. Cancer is also notoriously frugal at times and may freak out when the bills come in. Better to set limits going in rather than deal with buyer’s remorse after the fact.

Pluto in Capricorn is part of another aspect pattern, a Yod with Mercury in Leo at the apex and Pluto sextile Chiron in Pisces as the base. For some reason this one makes me think all those exaggerations Neptune encouraged Mercury to make recently are now coming back to haunt those who made them. I foresee some serious apologies and groveling happening due to being unable to deliver on promises made in the heat of the moment.

Starting with this New Moon, Neptune will move into the background for the next several lunations and we may see a gradual reduction in wishful thinking. Boundaries will be more easily renewed though some folks might wish the fog hadn’t lifted because they will not be happy with what is revealed. The difference between manifested and un-manifested potential, particularly in relationships, can produce some cringe worthy moments. Rude awakenings anyone?

Those with planets and Angles between 24-27 degrees in fire and air signs stand to benefit the most from the delightful sextile between the Leo New Moon and the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Libra. Working with a partner or on some kind of joint venture is favored. However, if you have planets and Angles between 7-10 degrees you may feel some aggravation from the cardinal T-Square and its attendant aspects. Thankfully both Mercury and Venus are fast moving planets and will rapidly pull away from Uranus and Pluto, so the worst will be over within a few days to a week.

In any case, this New Moon in Leo does mark important new beginnings and ushers in a period of relative peace and quiet. That’s worth a celebratory moment of two, isn’t it? Sometimes we simply need to live life in the moment and shelve our worries for another day. 😀

On a personal note: Whilst I’m less than thrilled to have the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Libra landing all too close to my natal Chiron thus affecting my 29° Libra Sun, I am looking forward to the sextile from the New Moon. Perhaps this combo will signal the end of a very intense period of feeling completely overwhelmed by all my seasonal harvest chores and being able to find more writing time. Working at home always is a balancing act between finding time for household demands AND vocational ones. Lately the household side far outweighed the other. Saturn seldom lets us forget even one of our responsibilities either!

I’m still feeling the whole T-Square pileup through my natal Saturn-Jupiter square. Can’t win for losing on this one though here again it’s a mixed review. On the fire sign side of things I’m gaining inspiration and brilliant ideas whilst the earth and water sign side pulls me inward and pressures me to attend to the needs of others. Typical Libra running from one end of the see saw to the other! LOL


9 comments to New Moon in Leo, August 17, 2012

  • Deirdre

    Hello Diane,

    Boundaries will be more easily renewed though some folks might wish the fog hadn’t lifted because they will not be happy with what is revealed. The difference between manifested and un-manifested potential, particularly in relationships, can produce some cringe worthy moments. Rude awakenings anyone?

    Thank you for the insight above, apt enough in my circumstances – a couple of those sentences hit me like a sledge-hammer. Forewarned is forearmed for sure.

    Have a good weekend,

  • Amy

    Ive got a grand cross playing see-saw in my natal chart . Pluto hovering over my natal Saturn 11 Cap . Opposite Moon 5 Can/ Mars 26 gem…… All the action at the Aries point to boot! Oh it just goes on and on.
    I have always been a glass is half full person. I fell off the end of my rope a year and a half ago. I am trying very hard to climb back up and be thankful for the good I can find in life. Any pearls of wisdom for this coming New Moon..? Have a look, but you might want to sit down first. Natal data; 9/13/60, 10:34 pm, Van Nuys, Ca. ;-/)

  • anita

    Thanks for the detailed analysis. Very helpful!

  • Christina

    hI Diane,

    Thank you for your useful information. I think I am going to enjoy this new moon as my natal Venus is 25 Sag and natal Saturn in 20 ARies. Saturn and Mars are travelling my 11th house , and probable this will be giving me discipline and energy to my effort to complete a professional but also personal dream.
    I would like to see your comments.

  • beta_nerd

    I’m not sure that mars/satrun conjunction is a good thing and for that matter the moon sextiling is going to be helped by the contact.

  • Deb

    I’ve nothing at those angles but close… and I’m feeling pretty damn great!

    Enjoy this awesome new moon! 😀


  • Debbie

    hmph, conjunct my natal mars, as if this libra moon asc needs it, i really dont do mars energy very well and already have the mars/sat conj bang on my asc/ I am soooo tired as so much else being hit esp by pluto and uranus, this cancerian just wants to hide, but i seem to be between shells…..

  • Venus opp pluto AND mars in libra = oriana throwing objects out of anger/jealousy MUCH too easily… really, i feel like a psycho. off to the gym instead, maybe?? thanks for the heads up !

  • xcd


    How does this chart look like during new moon?