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Libra Weekly Horoscopes for October 29, 2012

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Right off the bat we have a different tone this week with Venus now in Libra sextile Mercury newly arrived in Sagittarius. Of course, both planets have challenging aspects from Neptune in Pisces (Venus is inconjunct and Mercury square) and denial will be the popular option followed by utter confusion. Fun!

Given Mercury is also slowing as it prepares to station retrograde on 6 November we may end up in a world of hurt if we insist we’re right at all costs. Don’t bet the farm just because some politician says something is a sure thing either. Remember Mars in Sagittarius is currently opposing Jupiter in Gemini and exaggerated, overblown rhetoric may be seen everywhere. Please do your best to verify any and all information before making decisions, OK?

The Venus-Neptune inconjunct is more likely to cause problems on the romance front. Missteps will be easy to make and difficult to recover from. It might not be a bad idea to reserve judgment about new love interests and don’t hesitate to do a background check with those who know them. All that aside, if you are only looking for a little lighthearted flirtation and a few laughs then this version of the ongoing Venus-Mercury sextile will provide opportunities for those.

Remember the Full Moon in earthy Taurus happens on Monday and sets a more serious, down to earth agenda for those who have business to take care of. We continue to have Saturn in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces supporting efforts to bring our ideals in line with reality. Earth and water sign folk stand to benefit the most from this Full Moon.

The latter part of the week finds Venus in Libra triggering the Uranus-Pluto square with Venus opposing Uranus in Aries on Thursday and squaring Pluto in Capricorn on Saturday. This strikes me as potentially causing problems in relationships due to jealousy issues. Venus-Uranus aspects promote erratic behaviors driven by the need to do what we want when we want disregarding other people’s feelings. Venus-Pluto brings out controlling, possessive behaviors . . . yeah, explosive. Watch out for this one, especially if you have personal planets and/or the ASC from 5° to 7° in the cardinal signs.

So . . . if like my peace loving Libra self you’d rather avoid stress and all, make a vow not to discuss politics or religion, be pleasant, non-committal and don’t flirt with intent if you’re already committed elsewhere. And if you are among those who find Mercury Retrogrades challenging, be sure to double check data, back up your computers and verify travel arrangements etc. Those who live on the Eastern Seaboard, please take extra care with the huge storm headed your way. Better safe than sorry!

You might start off your week feeling like you are on a roll, Aries, with lots of big ideas, energy and enthusiasm. However steamrolling over your partner later in the week may be a bad idea as that might backfire on you.

Do what you do best, Taurus . . . keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and ignore those who attempt to meddle with you. You can also count on your partner, either business or personal, to have your back this week.

Even though you are all fired up right now, Gemini, you really, truly need to verify any and all information coming your way, especially if it’s related to your career. Spur of the moment decisions are particularly risky this week. Be careful!

The week starts off on a comfortable note for you, Cancer. You may feel supported and appreciated by your peers with the merest hint of romance floating around. Watch out for disturbances involving family money issues later on though these may quickly pass.

Leo, you have a lot going on this week with both home and career matters competing for your attention along the need to have some fun. Mostly you need to think long and hard about your priorities now. Putting business before pleasure may not hurt.

The positive support you’ve had recently may dissipate this week, Virgo, and you need to take extra care to validate any iffy information you receive. Handle your long term relationships with kid gloves and listen closely to avoid misunderstandings. Also avoid assumptions.

So what if you are looking at life through rose-colored glasses at the beginning of the week, Libra? A brief vacation from reality might be just what you need because by the latter part of the week, you could be up to your eyeballs in family hassles again. *sigh*

That saying about “when times get tough, the tough get going” might be your motto, Scorpio. What others view as catastrophic you see as opportunities to be useful. Feeling compassion for others is easier than usual now. Be realistic about money though.

My advice for you at this time, Sagittarius, is if someone starts showering you with all kinds of wonderful compliments; make sure you know what their agenda is. It might not align with yours at all. Backing the wrong cause could end up very badly.

Have you started to notice changes in your peer group, Capricorn? Are there some people you thought were your friends who are showing signs of being anything but? Rested assured by the time all is said and done, those who are left will be the real deal.

Distractions abound for you now, Aquarius. You may have made important commitments to your career and letting those slide to have fun may not end well. Reward your diligence with some Halloween fun but get right back to work the next day.

The first part of the week is by far the most favorable for you, Pisces. Your mind will feel nicely grounded in the facts enabling you to process information clearly and easily. Avoid the urge to exaggerate to make your case if possible.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀


8 comments to Libra Weekly Horoscopes for October 29, 2012

  • Pixie

    All good! I have hidden the wallet until next June :)

  • casey31652

    Hi, neith! (waves and sends hugs)

    just a little comment about the Pisceshood of Romney. Don’t you find him to embody all the most negative traits of my sign? Makes me ashamed to be one.

    I just spun some Romney wool too and didn’t like it either.

    Targhee or Rambouillet, on the other hand, yummy stuff.

    I’m getting better…aiming for a fingering weight 2-ply some day. I’m up to a DK weight…but being here in Houston, it plumps all by itself from just sitting out in the air.

    • Diane L

      casey!!!! 😀 😀

      just a little comment about the Pisceshood of Romney. Don’t you find him to embody all the most negative traits of my sign? Makes me ashamed to be one.

      Don’t know why but he’s one of those that creeps me out. Hard to believe he is a Pisces. Nancy of Starlight News (a mundane astrologer) has a post on him you may find interesting . . . The Final Stretch: Romney He has a Venus-Chiron-Pluto T-Square Saturn in Scorpio will be riding hard in the very near future.

      BTW, I do like fine Romney wool. :) Have you tried your hand at spinning some Merino top yet? One of my favorites for fine yarns is a 80% Merino-20% silk combo. It dyes beautifully. Heh, the humidity in Houston has to be a challenge! Can only imagine what it does to folks with curly hair! Yikes! 😀

      How is life with Neptune floating over your Venus again? How are the grandkids? My Taurus grandson w/5 planets in Aries is already fascinated with firemen & firetrucks and he’s not even two. LOL

      xoxoxoxo diane~

  • casey31652

    I’ve been reading the astro-political blogs on the election. What I really hate about Romney (other than the lie-ing which is, unfortunately, a rather prominent Pisces trait even amongst the most enlightened, compassionate Pisces), is his bullying. Those stories about how he held someone down and cut his hair while at prep schools is chilling to me. It’s against every Pisces character that I’ve ever encountered. Pisces are usually the ones GETTING bullied. So for him to be a bully (and from what I’ve seen over the past two years, he’s STILL a bully), is just beyond twisted. and a pissy one too. NO sense of humor. How can you have a humorless Pisces?

    The Romney wool hasn’t been washed and whacked yet. I navajo-plied it and (though it isn’t as kinky as my n-ply usually is), it’s kind of like hemp rope. Okay, maybe not that scratchy, but still…my n-plying needs practice.

    On the other hand, I fractal spun some very Pisces-colored wool (came from Canada, don’t know the breed) and started a beautiful shawl for my mother. (who is REALLY showing her age. We took her car keys away from her. plus she broke her T-12 vertebrae and is currently bedridden.) It is a bunch of blue-greens and sand colored. My mom has Pisces rising and her favorite color is turquoise. It is lovely and soft too.

    Oh, yes, love the Merino. Also the Rambouillet. I’m currently plying some “Colonial” wool is which is also super soft. Yes, spinning calms me down when I get a bit upset over politics. Yes, I’m a political junkie.

    My grandsons come over every weekend. Their Virgo mother is studying Physiology and Anatomy this semester, so she throws everyone else out of the house. All of the grandboys are obsessed with trains. Interesting how the signs manifest even in the very young. The Taurus/Scorp rising/Aries moon oldest one has a very hard time with his emotions. I would call it old-fashioned hysteria and it is hard to deal with. Once he gets upset, he can’t stop. It’s rather frightening. And then it’s followed by self-loathing. sigh…scorpio self-loathing, I know it well. Otherwise, he has a lot of flair and a huge love of music and I’m constantly harping on them to get him to music lessons. The 6-year-old double Virgo with Sag rising is much quieter (except when egged on by the older who is his BFF), likes studying and coloring and gets easily upset when he can’t master a skill. The 3-year old Aries/1 degree Scorp moon/Pisces rising (with a bunch of planets in Pisces & Aquarius including the infamous Uranus in Pisces of 3 years ago directly sitting on my Pisces sun)…anyway, he’s another pixie/elvish sort like your little Pisces. A complete and total charmer. Sweet tempered too. If you take him to the mall, every teenage girl in the place will want to take him home.

    I’m doing a-okay as long as I get lots of alone time. I need deep space.

    I still check in here all the time, just haven’t been in a talkative mood. Though you wouldn’t know it by this post.


    • Diane L

      Hey Casey!

      Romney has curious thing going on in his chart – a fixed sign preponderance w/mutable Sun & Rising overlay. He twisted & turns on the surface but his underlying goals don’t change. From what I can tell the man will literally say whatever he feels his audience wants to hear. Underneath it’s all about the power & money (Scorp Moon conj Jupiter). Scary man.

      Navajo plying is easy to put too much twist in . . . foot wants to treadle faster in response to hand movements. :) I usually end up tightening the tension to get the yarn pulled onto the bobbin faster. Tricky for experienced spinners much less a beginner. It is easier to do a regular 3 ply from 3 bobbins.

      Hope your mom is able to heal up soon. Bone heals so slowly under the best of circumstances. *sigh*

      Trains, huh? I can see that one coming too. Don’t know why but I was surprised at how different the grandson is . . . such a complete BOY! Like yours! My Pisces pixie is still slight (she is 42″ tall & weighs the same as mr Taurus at 34″) and very social w/her Gemini Rising. Both grandkids are very outgoing and friendly.

      I’m fighting the need to withdraw more w/Sun transting the 12th . . . 😛

      xoxoxo diane~

  • casey31652

    eh, you know it’s not a good morning when you show up at your mechanics in a tow truck.

    • Diane L

      Oh, oh . . . :( You’re right, that’s not good. It looks more & more like this is one of those Mercury Rx that makes itself felt the week before.

      xoxoxo diane~