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Observations: Rough start for Venus in Libra

© Diane Lang

Usually Venus entering Libra is a happy occasion since Libra is her home sign. This time poor Venus runs the gauntlet of some rough aspects to first Neptune, then Saturn then followed by hits from Uranus and Pluto. It will be another week before she gets a big lift from jolly Jupiter in Gemini.

Generally when Neptune aspects Venus, our love lives get interesting . . . sometimes in a good way and sometimes not. We can fall in love with totally inappropriate people because we see all this amazing potential within them, only to wake up to the realization they are not capable of manifesting that potential.

The opposition of Venus in Libra to Uranus in Aries and then the square to Pluto in Capricorn have to the potential to open sore spots in our relationships. In this case we can use the pain to either decide for once and for all to get out or make one last genuine attempt to heal the damage. Whatever the cause is, it likely runs very deep and has to do with one partner or the other feeling hemmed in and controlled . . . perfect breeding ground for resentment, a relationship killer.

Most of us with either our Sun or Moon (or both) in Libra are beyond ready to leave the stress produced by Saturn transiting those bodies far, far behind. We need a certain degree of peace and harmony in our lives to thrive and tripping over these harsh aspects to Venus this week is salt in the wounds. Here’s to hanging on for now and looking forward to the promise of Jupiter in Gemini’s trine to Venus next week to lift our spirits.

I’m going to do my Sun-Jupiter conjunction “glass half full” thing and remain optimistic matters will improve! 😀


6 comments to Observations: Rough start for Venus in Libra

  • William

    For myself, it is a mixed bag since Venus is conjunct Jupiter while making this rough ride. She will make the best of a difficult situation. Somehow she will manage to make straw into gold.

    • Diane L

      Hi William!

      She will make the best of a difficult situation. Somehow she will manage to make straw into gold.

      You know? That’s probably the truth. When Venus teams up with Jupiter, staying positive is a whole lot easier. :)

      xoxo diane~

  • Les

    when Neptune aspects Venus, our love lives get interesting…

    Eek. I am in for a long Neptune-Venus transit once he’s done with my Mercury. Will try to keep “interesting” within my present relationship! Fortunately I remember all too well my single years with all their thrills and ungodly miserable disappointments.

  • Linda

    The 3rd paragraph says it all for me;better than anyway I could put it.I’m the one who feels controlled and resentful, have been that entire Saturn in Libra transit. This week has been really tough,but I’m looking forward to that Jupiter in Gemini (7th house) trining Venus in my first. I hope this transit does the trick, I’m really tired of the insensitive arguments that are not based in reality. It’s tough arguing with someone who’s natal Saturn is in the 12th and natal Neptune in the first. I fear Neptune more than Saturn. There never seems to be any common sense with that planet.

    • William

      I beg to differ about the no common sense with Neptune. To understand Neptunes motivations and common sense you have to understand its emotional stand on a position. Having a friend who has Neptune in the 12th in Libra, with Scorpio rising, and opposed to Mercury, Moon, and Jupiter in the 6th in Aries I have run into that because I said so attitude as well. The way I have found around this is to keep asking the same questions over, and over in different forms. The answer is given piece by piece if they feel they can trust you. It is not easily revealed because it often not based on logic but on feeling and therefore nebulous. Deep introspection is not something that comes naturally to a person heavily influenced by Neptune.

  • Linda


    About Neptune, that was a purely personal remark. I have had difficulties with my 11th house Neptune in Libra all my life. In a perfect world. I would prefer it to be in my 5th. That said, I live with a first house Neptune in Scorpio. I’m a “This is what has to be done” type of person and he is, well,a dreamer.
    However, you are right about observations on trust and deep introspection. I will remember that the next time his Neptunian influences oppose my Saturn forces.