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Libra Weekly Horoscopes for November 5, 2012

© Diane Lang

What have we got this week? Well, one Mercury Station retrograde on Tuesday and one Neptune Station direct on Saturday/Sunday for starters . . . plenty of opportunities to step in it! The greatest challenge for this week may be figuring out who is telling the truth or who is feeding us a line of bull. Better double check the facts before leaping to conclusions!

Tuesday’s Mercury Station is accompanied by an awkward inconjunct between the Scorpio Sun and Jupiter in Gemini . . . goes right along with the line of bull comment I made. Scorpio can range from skeptical to deeply cynical and Jupiter in Gemini’s tendency to enlarge on the truth to make a better story sets off Scorpio’s BS meter big time. Mercury is currently in the Jupiter ruled sign of Sagittarius adding to the need to be the best storyteller around. Mercury at a virtual standstill will do little to help out in our search for reality.

Please keep in mind Mercury is still widely square to Neptune in Pisces and once the little rascal turns retrograde it heads back for a second exact square on 13 November, a week after its station. Looks like a whole lot of pretty little white lies to outright whoppers being told to me!

My vote for most pleasant aspect of the week is Venus in Libra’s trine to Jupiter in Gemini late Thursday or early Friday, depending on your location. In air signs, these two friendly planets will be happy to offer an upbeat conversation full of laughter to brighten our days. One of the biggest benefits is being able to defuse potentially explosive situations with a joke or lighthearted comment . . . much needed in these intense times.

Neptune stations direct on the weekend when the Moon is passing through sociable Libra, casting a haze over our interactions with others. On Saturday, the Libra Moon trips over Uranus and Pluto . . . not so fun. However on Sunday, the Moon conjoins lovely Venus and is sextile to Mars in Sagittarius, creating a great atmosphere for enjoying a romantic liaison. Might as well enjoy the moment. *grin*

We’ll all be facing the usual Mercury Retch issues though it will be the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & Pisces) who will feel this one the most. Be patient, allow for plenty of delays and above all, practice tolerance and forgiveness!!

Aries, those of you who are traveling abroad during this time are the ones most likely to end up extremely frustrated by delays. Do your best to prepare for all contingencies. Otherwise enjoy spending quality time with your sweetie later in the week.

If you have contracts pending and important financial matters to close on this week, Taurus, please take extra care to make sure all the paperwork is in order. Still feel you will be OK in the end if you’re careful and patient.

Yup, you are one of those who could step in it big time, Gemini. Now is not a good time to play the trickster as much as you’d enjoy it. Stick with the facts and nothing but the facts to avoid problems.

As I see it, Cancer, you are probably so relieved to have last week behind you, the odd miscommunication in the workplace won’t bother you all that much. The coming weekend is excellent for relaxing in the comfort of your home.

Before you make plans to go out on the town, Leo, please confirm your reservations are all in place. Nothing like getting all dressed up only to find out the place is closed for renovations! No matter what you’ll still have fun.

The area of your life where you may run into the worst holdups, Virgo, has to do with your home and family. There might be communication problems with your significant other too. Make time for your favorite stress busters and wait this one out.

Last week had its share of difficulties for you, Libra, so the occasional verbal stumble and minor disagreement with your siblings will be easy to navigate. Just remember nobody is perfect and we’re all human. Oh and go easy on the chocolate!

Be wary of having money dealings with your lover, Scorpio, because there is critical information you may not have. This might be a case of better safe than sorry. A mini retreat next weekend can do wonders to improve your state of mind.

I know and you know you don’t mislead others on purpose, Sagittarius. It’s just the story is so much funnier if you tweak it here and there. Right now though you better stick to the facts and not embellish the storyline . . . not even for laughs.

Last week’s issues involving your career and family are now history, Capricorn, and you get back on track. Where you need to practice caution is in your dealings with people who have too many secrets. Over-sharing is not a good idea. Careful!

Aquarius, I suggest you closely review any and all agreements you have pending with various organizations you belong to. If someone proposes changes to those, read them over carefully to make sure all is above board. These might have an effect on your income.

Now is so not the time to be daydreaming on the job, Pisces! I know there are times when you get so bored you could scream but please don’t let that show, OK? Put on your responsible face and be present and accountable.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀


4 comments to Libra Weekly Horoscopes for November 5, 2012

  • Debbie

    So interesting as my trust no one side has been up big time!

    • Diane L

      Hi Debbie!

      So interesting as my trust no one side has been up big time!

      Anytime Mercury goes Rx square Neptune is a time to be very, very careful of whom we trust. 😛

      xoxo diane~

  • Kashmiri

    Thanks, Diane! Thanks for linking Michael Lutin’s articles, too. They made me laugh. I needed it! :)

    • Diane L

      Hey Kashmiri!!! 😀

      Mikey Lutin does about the best job of combining astrology & humor of anyone. He does get the message across in the process. :)

      xoxoxo diane~