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Observations: Different Takes on 2014


Year of the Horse

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I’ve been reading various astrologer’s takes on what we can expect this coming year and thought I would share a few of those posts with you. These are tumultuous times and with Uranus as a key player the old adage “expect the unexpected” will probably apply.

Astrologer, Fredrick Woodruff, has a humorous but informative post on what he sees as important to understanding how to navigate 2014.

Hello! A Collect Call from Cassandra. Will You Accept the Charges?

One of my favorites, Ralfee Finn of Aquarium Age, whose gentle, thoughtful approach is always a pleasure has an excellent post on how to handle this year’s challenges.

Ralfee Finn’s Open Letter for 2014

Jeff Jawer of StarIQ is another astrologer who I have found very insightful and who offers sound, pragmatic advice has this article on 2014:

2014: A Brave New Year

Last but not is the gifted mundane astrologer, Richard Nolle of Astropro. He is the one who came up with the Super Moon concept as well as Venus Max and Mars Max. He does come across on the gloomy side but even he likens the changes the Uranus-Pluto square has and is bringing to a soufflé settling rather than huge, wide spread catastrophic changes.

The Abbreviated Forecast & Predictions for 2014

One additional thought I had has to do with Pluto and the major shift in what retirement will means to the Boomer generation. As I’ve been telling people for the last several years, the so called “golden years” enjoyed by the Pluto in Cancer generation is history. Saturn in Scorpio has one more year plus a couple of months in 2015 of squaring Pluto in Leo in boomer charts, revealing to many how seriously underfunded their retirements are. This is a worldwide phenomenon, not just something here in the USA. Here is a link to an excellent article:

World Braces for Retirement Crisis

Pluto in Capricorn is in the process of reshaping our expectations regarding money and debt as well as bringing home the value of living frugally. The Pluto in Leo generation has always tended to have entitlement issues and watching their expectations for an extravagant retirement traveling, playing and living large dissolve before their eyes since 2008 has been painful.

The groups of people I see as most likely to undergo a radical change of some type are those with a natal Uranus in the cardinal signs from 10° to 15°. The oldest group are in their early eighties with Uranus in Aries are undergoing their Uranus Return, next are those in their early sixties experiencing their second Uranus square Uranus in Cancer, followed by people in their late thirties-early forties entering mid-life crisis mode with Uranus opposing Uranus in Libra, and the youngest group in their early twenties with Uranus in Capricorn are undergoing their first Uranus square Uranus. If you are in one of these target groups and have your natal Uranus aspecting your personal planets or Ascendant, it will increase the likelihood you will make some radical, unanticipated choices this coming year. Hang on to your hats!


7 comments to Observations: Different Takes on 2014

  • Chris

    Happy New Year, Diane! <3

    • Diane L

      Hey Chris! 😀

      Happy New Year to you! Here’s hoping the Cappy New Moon was good to you. I see you are one of those lucky folks who are done being pestered by Uranus & Pluto. I still have another year to go . . . why my New Year’s resolution was to worry less & live in the present as much as possible! *grin*

      XOXOXOXOXXO diane~

  • Debbie

    I don’t have those but have a Uranus conjunct my natal Saturn. Curious if that falls into the hang onto your hat category. Happy New Year!!

  • Rodney

    I like horses, can relate to there “free spirit” (thank you Chinese astrology)

    I see this year as just a continuation of the ongoing square between Pluto and Uranus with triggers from the inner planets at various calender times all amongst the background of Neptune in Pisces.
    This is a most critical point in the evolution of humanity as a whole with this “new cycle” birth that happened in the mid 1960’s and its civil rights movements (Pluto conjunct Uranus)and now the critical challenge test of that cycle with the current square now reaching a point of serious practical (Capricorn) testing.
    I only hope that another global war does not trigger from these events as it did in the lead up to WWII with the closure of the “old cycle” in the early 1930’s (Pluto square Uranus)

    • Diane L

      Hi Rodney!
      I only hope that another global war does not trigger from these events as it did in the lead up to WWII with the closure of the “old cycle” in the early 1930?s (Pluto square Uranus)

      You & me both. It feels like a much smaller world now though & that might help.

      xoxoxo diane~

      • Rodney

        Hi Diane L,
        That Neptune in Pisces could encourage religious fanaticism, we still have over a decade of this transit to go.. lets hope objective thinking (Mercury) reigns it in and keeps it in perspective..

        • Diane L

          Hi Rodney,

          IMO, it was Pluto in Sagittarius that fired up the worst religious fanaticism . . . Pluto=obsession which drives the fanatics. Neptune in Pisces may create martyrs though. :)

          xoxoxo diane~