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Leo Moon Spreads Cheer & Goodwill

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Who cares if there is a minor bump or two in the road today and tomorrow? Leo Moon is intent on enjoying life. The realization there are three planets in breezy Gemini begins to sink in now too. Gemini and Leo both love to be around people, inviting everyone to take time to play. The crowning touch is tonight’s Leo Moon conjunction with Jupiter, spreading warmth and good will with abandon. Enjoy the moment. :-)

For those of us who have Saturn, Uranus or Pluto weighing us down by transit, it is especially important to relax when we can. Saturn can make us feel like we need to work all the time, Uranus brings constant interruptions and Pluto usually has us obsessing constantly. We need to take sanity breaks and this weekend looks good for doing so.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT. 

Image: © ashley simeone


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