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Observations: Aries Normal

my favorite place to run . . . on the beach.

my favorite place to run . . . on the beach.

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Ever since the first of April when the Sun, Venus and Mars in Aries moved beyond the reach of the outer planets, we’ve been experiencing what I call “Aries Normal” . . . active, fast paced and directed.

What is Aries normal good for? For one thing getting off the couch and out the door to exercise! All the fire signs promote activity but none like Aries. The best personal trainer I ever worked with had an Aries Sun and Mars in Leo. The man was a genius at inspiring everyone to get out there and sweat! Knowing I would be meeting with him once a week was enough to push through the discomfort and keep moving. After working with him for several years I ended up in the best physical condition of my adult life.

Aries energy is perfect for initiating new activities too. We tend to be keener on the idea of jumping into a new project rather than sticking with the same old, same old. Today’s New Moon in Aries is especially wonderful for taking the first step of a new venture. When I was writing this week’s horoscopes, I looked at the Aries ruled house for each sign and thought about new starts, etc. Check out both your Sun sign and Rising sign horoscopes for this week.

When the Moon passes through the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) it can get somewhat more intense and we can get edgier but all in all it is more exhilarating than uncomfortable. Those of us with our Suns in the cardinal signs usually enjoy the occasional challenge so this energy feeds us.

Next week the slide into Taurus begins with Venus leading the way on Monday. Mars and the Sun enter Taurus together on April 19-20 . . . a powerful combination. No more procrastinating or you’ll risk losing out on a marvelous Aries boost! Go for it!


Observations: Three More Days

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The end is in sight. On Sunday after the Aries Sun squares Pluto in Capricorn late in the day we will move into a less contentious phase and hopefully life will calm down some with fewer intense fireworks. Perhaps then all the Aries action can serve as the inspiration to try something new whilst we channel our energies in a positive way.

The rather abrupt shift from Pisces to Aries this year made this transition much more challenging for many of us. Here in the USA we were also contending with the shift to Daylight Savings Time which messes with our sleep patterns. The double whammy was no fun at all. Here’s to a slightly less frenetic pace over the next couple of weeks allowing everyone to relax and get their seasonal adjustments completed.

Today is all about Mercury in Pisces who has the support of a watery Scorpio Moon as well as Chiron in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn. Earth and water signs ought to find today easier for them to navigate. Air and fire not so much. They can come off a little shrill and demanding due to Jupiter in Gemini square Mercury in Pisces. Emotions always need to be figured into the equation when the Moon plus Mercury
are in water signs. When making decisions please consider other people’s feelings.

Saturday also has the Moon in Scorpio and it’s the day Venus and the Sun in Aries both inconjunct Saturn in Scorpio. This has the feel of someone or something coming along to take all the fun out of life. Maybe your Easter egg hunt will get rained on or parents will decide it’s a better day to stay home and do chores instead of playing. Might as well concede gracefully ‘cause Saturn trumps the Sun and Venus every time!

Sunday rates right up there for wild and crazy! Starts off with Venus in Aries square Pluto in Cappy, followed by Venus sextile Jupiter in Gemini and ends with the Aries Sun square Pluto. A Sagittarius Moon adds more fuel to the fire. All we want to do is have fun, whether it is celebrating Easter with family or enjoying a relaxing day running around outdoors or both. And everywhere we turn we run into someone reminding us of the “rules” about socially appropriate behaviors. Choose your company carefully and relax expectations for yourself and others, OK?


New Moon in Taurus, April 21, 2012

© Ruth Sanderson

A small oasis of calm will descend on the New Moon at 01° 35′ Taurus on 21 April 2012, 12:18 AM PDT. This will be a very welcome change for anyone left feeling bashed about by Mars and Mercury stationing direct recently.

Enhancing Taurus New Moon’s naturally fertile, earthy nature is a conjunction with Ceres in Taurus, making this coming weekend the perfect time to schedule a visit to your favorite spa. Get a lovely massage, take nature walks or just hang out by the pool sipping soothing drinks. In touchy feely Taurus, Ceres loves to express nurturance through touch. I mean who doesn’t love getting a nice foot massage! The trine from Mars in Virgo stimulates the healing energy of Ceres and the New Moon because Virgo is noted for caring for the health and well being of others.

A sextile to the New Moon from Neptune in Pisces will help smooth any rough edges and allow us to gently slip sideways away from harsh realities, if only briefly. Music is a wonderful way to set the mood for relaxation of the mind and body along with a well chosen fragrance.

Saturn in Libra widely opposes the New Moon and helps reinforce the need to play well with others. Venus ruled Taurus generally appreciates Libra’s tact and both share a deep love of beauty. Saturn’s fondness for structure meets with Taurus’s approval because Taurus does like to keep surprises to a minimum.

Even though Venus in Gemini is a little too changeable for Taurus’s taste, it is semi-sextile to genial Jupiter in Taurus. This combination favors both having fun and making a little money, something we can all get behind.

Neptune blurs the edges of Mars in Virgo via an opposition and softens the aggressive tone of Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries. We may have more than one reason to be thankful to Neptune because Mars is inconjunct Mercury, making tempers short because it insists on going over ALL the details.

Thankfully we aren’t quite to the point when Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries will start actively taking pot shots at one another . . . that will begin in earnest in late May and June. *sigh* For now, Pluto’s sextile to Chiron in Pisces continues aiding us in figuring out the reasons behind the unreasonable expectations we have for ourselves and others in our lives. I came across this wonderful quote from astrologer Liz Greene on Chiron apropos to the Pluto-Chiron sextile:

“The healing process can only begin when we disengage from our belief that life ought to fit a certain model. It is our worldview that is being challenged by Chiron, so that the place to begin is with the holes and fissures in our belief system”.

For those of us who feel stretched thin from the Mercury-Mars retrograde overlap and just want some rest and relaxation, this New Moon in Taurus has the potential to deliver it. It’s simple . . . tune out and ignore all the hyper-inflated Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries rhetoric and tune in on your bliss. Politely but firmly stir the conversation away from inflammatory subjects or quietly walk away. As always, chose to practice kindness and tolerance!

On a personal note: The New Moon conjoins the cusp of my sixth house and is the reason why I feel a strong desire for peaceful routines in my daily life. When one’s Aries husband’s Sun has Uranus in Aries crossing it, last minute changes have been the rule rather than the exception.

Neptune continues to square my Venus as does Mars, not the most energizing combination. It takes more conscious effort to get going under this influence. Maybe it’s a good thing I have an Aries bouncing around keeping me motivated!

Venus in Gemini conjoins my seventh house North Node and sweetens my relationships via improved communications on her way past for the first time. She’ll be spending the better part of her retrograde period in my seventh house eighth houses and it will be interesting to see how that goes.


Full Moon in Libra, April 6, 2012

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Ordinarily the Full Moon at 17° 23′ Libra on 6 April 2012, 12:20 PM PDT, favors sitting down to talk over relationship issues with your partner but not this one. Unfortunately lovely Venus in Gemini squares an uncomfortable Mars in Virgo and both are involved in a T-Square with elusive Neptune. Between uncertain tempers, jealousy and a good possibility that the facts will be in short supply, resolving differences is NOT going to be easy.

Libra’s ruler, Venus, leaves easy going Taurus for Gemini on 3 April and is on her way to an exact sextile to Uranus in Aries on 9 April. Venus in Gemini has an edgy, brilliance to her and is more interested in playing the field than settling down. Uranus will amplify the desire to remain free and independent. Given Venus’s need to be adored and the square to Neptune in empathetic Pisces, the number of little “white” lies is bound to multiply . . . eroding trust and honesty in relationships. Sure, you can say you only lied to spare someone’s feelings but please consider being honest. As long as Saturn remains in Libra, chances are behaving badly towards our partners will result in instant karma.

By the way, Saturn in Libra is inconjunct a newly direct Mercury in Pisces and making it tough to determine whether or not we’re coming across the way we hope to. We may think we are getting our point across only to be greeted with a look of total incomprehension. Under this influence it will be very easy to misinterpret a well meaning comment, so carefully prepare your remarks before opening your mouth.

And then there’s Mars in Virgo . . . a week away from stationing direct and moving at a crawl, a guarantee he is not a happy camper. He’s under pressure from a very irritating inconjunct from pushy Uranus in Aries and feeling painfully out of sync with lovely Venus in Gemini. The only pleasant influence is the opposition to Neptune in Pisces who may encourage him to take refuge in la la land. Time to hang up the “gone fishing” sign and head out the door.

I have the feeling neither Libra nor Aries are going to enjoy this Full Moon . . .

The Sun in Aries and Moon in Libra form awkward aspects to Jupiter in Taurus, creating an atmosphere where exaggerations will be commonplace and may lead to emotional drama, both in the collective and in our personal interactions. Take your time to collect as much information as possible and consider it carefully before making decisions.

Thankfully Pluto in Capricorn only plays a very minor role here. The slowly waxing sextile to Chiron in Pisces encourages us to go deep within to relax our grip on old obsessions linked to past injuries. Pluto’s influence will return to center stage in late May and June.

Perhaps the best way to navigate this Libra Full Moon is to do our best not to rush to judgment. Use tact and kindness in our conversations with loved ones and avoid finger pointing, etc. Not a bad time to listen more and speak less either. You can also do as I do and keep telling yourself this too shall pass! *grin*

On a personal note: Yippee skippee, my natal Venus in Sagittarius creates a Grand Cross with the T-Square of Venus, Neptune and Mars. I can’t decide whether to laugh or cry because I’m pretty sure with Neptune involved I won’t know what’s what until the fog lifts. One of those times I’m grateful to be an old broad with years of Saturn’s lessons on impulse control behind me. Speaking of Saturn, he’s now off my Chiron and will be a diminishing influence for several months. Oh, he’ll be back to bug me once more in September but until then I can focus on other things.


Observations: Aries vs Libra & the Importance of Dialogue

di•a•logue – an exchange of ideas or opinions on a particular issue, especially a political or religious issue, with a view to reaching an amicable agreement or settlement. To discuss areas of disagreement frankly in order to resolve them.

The opposition between Mars in Aries and Saturn in Libra started me thinking seriously of the need for meaningful, respectful dialogue, on both a personal level and in the collective as a whole. The Mercury-Mars conjunction in Aries underscored this with its tendency to shoot first and ask questions later.

Understanding how Aries and Libra complement each other may be the key to finding the path to being able to sit down and discuss matters with respect. Fire and air are compatible elements, first and foremost. Given half a chance they can find common ground because they do feed each other, often through a combination of humor and reason. Aries initiative is something Libra respects while Libra’s ability to be tactful under pressure can amaze Aries. Besides, Libra laughs at Aries’ jokes . . . always a good tactic.

It is when one or both parties show a marked lack of respect for the other that little to nothing can be accomplished. If you have had the dubious pleasure of attempting to converse with someone who constantly interrupts you or shouts you down, you know what I mean. We don’t have to agree with another to show them respect by listening carefully to what they are saying and taking time to consider what was said before responding.

Saturn in Libra is the master of respectful dialogue between Libra’s sense of fair play and equity balanced by Saturn’s enduring patience. He is sitting there calmly waiting for Mars and Mercury in Aries to quit running around reacting to every little ripple in the atmosphere before making suggestions as to how to direct all the Aries drive.

Here’s to practicing constructive listening skills and patience in the days ahead!

On a personal note: My Leo Sun-Aquarius Moon brother and I have widely diverging opinion on politics – he is quite conservative and I lean towards the liberal side. I don’t recall ever getting into a shouting match with him and we manage to agree to disagree without hurt feelings. Admittedly this is due in part to my generally non-confrontational nature . . . *grin*