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Full Moon in Capricorn, July 1, 2015


Take the high road on the upcoming Full Moon at 09° 55′ Capricorn on 1 July 2015, 07:20 PM PDT! The reason I’m suggesting that is because the Moon is widely conjunct Pluto in Capricorn and Pluto is very clear about reaping what we have sown. Pragmatic, earthy Capricorn is known for setting goals with care because this is a sign that knows how much work it takes to achieve those.

There is a compartmentalized quality to this Full Moon with the luminaries and the planets they aspect in earth and water in one compartment, and the fire and air planets in another. There is a wide inconjunct between Mercury in Gemini and Pluto in Capricorn connecting the two sides but it is rapidly waning. The Moon’s Nodes (North Node in Libra and South Node in Aries) form a T-Square with Mars in Cancer, again acting as a conduit between the elements.

On the earth and water side, the Cancer Sun is still traveling with Mars in Cancer and consequently has more visible backbone than usual. Any time the Sun in a cardinal sign conjoins Mars we get overtones of Aries, and we all know Aries goes after what it wants. Helping offset the aggressiveness of the Sun-Mars conjunction is a trine to Neptune in Pisces. Neptune brings out Cancer’s nurturing side and encourages everyone to have compassion for those in need. This is an excellent time to seek support for various organizations dedicated to feeding those left homeless due to war and natural disasters. Neptune is also sextile to the Capricorn Moon who excels at taking care of the practicalities involved in helping so many people.

Representing fire and air is a small triangle with Mercury in Gemini at the apex, sextile both Uranus in Aries and the Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Leo. It is all about seeking inspiration, enjoying life and seeing a multitude of possibilities. Mercury in Gemini had a tough time during its recent retrograde and now is very happy to celebrate with the fire planets. The theme for this aspect pattern can only be “Laissez les bons temps rouler” (let the good times roll).

That T-Square with Mars in Cancer and Moon’s Nodes, all in cardinal signs, has a restless, edgy energy that pushes for resolution. The Libra North Node has consistently called for negotiating compromise and it is no different this time. This one looks to me like having to sit down and get to work on resolving long standing family issues. Things could get heated and there might be ancient history pulled out to make a point but persist because the healing will be worth it.

Finding common ground will take some work on this Full Moon in Capricorn. The fire and air contingent will probably have very different priorities than the earth and water side. Maybe it is a good thing hardworking Saturn in Scorpio is unaspected on this lunation. At 29° Scorpio Saturn is in serious clean up mode and continues to put a great deal of pressure on those with personal planets at 29° in the fixed signs. No rest for the wicked and all that. :)

There is never a better time to practice being kind and patient than under stressful conditions and this Full Moon qualifies! Be wary of expectations too. Yet we still have reason to celebrate and enjoy the sweetness of Life. Be well and stay strong.

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: © Michi Lauke


Libra Weekly Horoscopes for October 6, 2014

Doorway to Autumn

I see potential for suffering from cognitive dissonance this week with the powerful but conflicting energies hammering down on us. Unless you are Aquarius native, it can be challenging to embrace two very different concepts simultaneously . . . walking paradoxes are what Aquarius is about you know. This is especially true if you are deeply attached to one point of view which is true of many of us.

The center piece of the week is the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in fiery Aries on Wednesday. It contains two major aspects patterns that are the heart of the paradoxes at work this week. First is the amazing Grand Trine in fire (Mars in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries) which the Libra Sun-Venus conjunction turns into a Kite Pattern. Second is a cardinal T-Square with the Libra Sun-Venus conjunction and Aries Moon-Uranus conjunction both square to Pluto in Capricorn. We have one pattern urging us to reach out and explore, while the other has Pluto demanding control and accountability every inch of the way. And both patterns intersect with the luminaries at 15°, so if you have personal planets and/or Angles between 11° to 15° in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) you are probably already up to your eyebrows in the resulting turmoil . . . I know I am.

The Libra Sun and Venus are taking turns bumping into the Uranus-Pluto square now. It started last weekend when the Sun squared Pluto on Saturday. Tuesday the Sun will oppose Uranus in Aries, Wednesday Venus squares Pluto and Saturday it will oppose Uranus. Relationship issues you may have thought you had settled can flare up this week and you may need to make some hard choices. There is a good chance this is part of a pattern that can go back to the long passage of Mars in Libra from December 2013 to July 2014. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse may reveal the depth of the issues too.

Mars in Sagittarius was trine Uranus in Aries exactly on the weekend and will be exactly trine Jupiter in Leo midweek, completing the Grand Trine. This buoyant, optimistic pattern is bound to affect those with personal planets/Ascendant in the fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) from 14° to 17°. It will be a good chance to test the power of positive thinking and an upbeat attitude. This whole event could turn into nothing but lots of hot air too . . . easy come, easy go.

This is the first full week of the last Mercury retrograde of the year and our ability to work with it may improve to a degree when Mercury finds its way back into Libra on Friday. At least we might be able to articulate our frustrations again!

By the weekend the most intense phase will be over and we can slow down enough to talk everything over. There will be plenty of air in the sky to help: Libra Sun, Mercury and Venus plus the Moon will be in Gemini. One thing Mercury Retch is good for is doing a thorough review of what’s been happening.

If you know your Rising sign, please read the horoscope for it too. 😀

I’d say the greatest source of frustration for you this week, Aries, is the feeling someone is slowing you down due to the need to micro-manage every move you make at work. Rather than walking out, try talking this out with the sanest person you know. An old friend, your partner or maybe a “frenemy” are all good choices.

You might be able to avoid getting caught up in the drama around you, Taurus, and focus instead on living a more healthy life style. Finding a better balance between work and play is part of this. Your partner or significant other may surprise you with some excellent suggestions about ways to improve your health and wellbeing.

If your social schedule is full to overflowing these days, Gemini, it probably has to do with your significant other and their need to be busy. Not that you have any objections because you enjoy meeting new people! If your mind has been sluggish lately that may improve on the weekend.

I wish I could say you are going to be out of the line of fire this time, Cancer, but I doubt if that will be the case. This will be especially true for those of you born the first week of June or with planets in Cancer from 11° to 15°. You may feel caught between conflicting demands from your work, your partner, your family and your own needs.

Belief in the power of positive thinking comes easily to you now, Leo, and if you have some specific goals you want to achieve and have laid the necessary groundwork, success can be yours. The key is “necessary groundwork” . . . without that getting there is much less certain.

A good place to funnel your energies now, Virgo, is your home. If you are in the midst of redecorating or perhaps looking for a new place, you might find what you are looking for due to luck. If you have been struggling with feeling at a loss for words lately, that may improve by the weekend.

Brace yourself, Libra, because you may be in the hot seat this week and be called upon to help come up with fair and equitable solutions. This really is right up your alley and your ability to be both tactful and charming is very good right now. Put a smile on your face and go for it!

For once, Scorpio, you may be recognized for your abilities to heal and repair wounds caused by other people’s haste and poor judgment. You might not have the words but those are less important than your willingness to be there for those in need. Remember not to get in too big a hurry yourself!

Not much is going to slow you down these days, Sagittarius, because you know in your heart what you’re doing is right for you. Your creative fires are burning brightly and taking advantage of that is all you need to do for the time being. Do take some time this weekend for your significant other.

Just about the time your career situation is beginning to smooth out, Capricorn, you could end up having to revisit a family situation. Do your best to handle this in your usual efficient, pragmatic manner even if it triggers a need to step in and take control. Hopefully this will blow over quickly one way or another.

One thing you are usually quite good at, Aquarius, is juggling paradoxes in your head. You will need that ability this week because while you know in your heart your solutions are the best for everyone, others may not agree . . . vehemently. Take a time out this weekend to play.

Exciting things may be developing in your career now, Pisces, and while you may be thrilled, you could also end up depending more on luck than you really like. Unexpected changes to your cash flow should put you on the plus side when the dust settles. Looks like a good weekend to hang out at home.

Image:  © Diane Lang


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries, October 8, 2014

Full Moon

Like it or not, this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 15° 05′ Aries on October 8, 2014 03:51 AM PDT, may stir the pot! Eclipses are potent reminders of lessons to be learned. The Aries Moon conjoins Uranus opposing the Libra Sun conjunct Venus with Pluto in Capricorn forming a T-Square with both. As much as the Libra Sun and Venus would like to keep the peace, the other planets involved are too powerful and too intransigent. It might be necessary to revisit the issues we dealt with last April when the cardinal Grand Cross was in full force.

There is another important factor at work in this chart and that is a Kite Pattern which includes the luminaries. It is a fire and air Kite with the Grand Trine composed of the Aries Moon conjunct Uranus, Mars in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Leo. The Libra Sun-Venus conjunction is the grace note that makes this a Kite. Filtering the energy and enthusiasm of fire through Libra’s poised, graceful intellect may be exactly what is needed to come up with workable solutions and prevent fatal standoffs. A key ingredient to making this work is listening to all sides of the issues with an open mind even if we are under fire.

Getting people to calm down enough to hear what is being offered is going to be challenging because those who feel their emotional independence is threatened (Aries Moon conjunct Uranus) may be willing to go to great extremes to remove those threats, real or imagined. Pluto in Capricorn probably won’t help either and he could tie Venus in Libra’s hand via the tight square between those two planets. When people don’t feel there are enough available resources to go around, matters can deteriorate in a hurry. Hard Venus-Pluto aspects can result in “poverty consciousness.”

A wide trine between newly retrograde Mercury in Scorpio and compassionate Neptune in Pisces may soften hearts enough to allow more kindness to enter. Those of us who unfailingly practice kindness and tolerance in our daily lives really do make a difference even if it feels like one tiny drop of water at a time. Hey, all those drops can all add up to an ocean after all.

Saturn in Scorpio is essentially sitting this one out except for conjoining Ceres in Scorpio. This makes me think of the kind of tough love good parents dish out. Knowing how to set healthy boundaries is an art form we all need to learn. I have met vanishingly few people over the course of my life that excelled at it . . . it is a rare gift.

Something I would like to add is eclipses, like Mercury retrogrades, usually happen several times a year and most of us hardly even know they happen unless we are fortunate enough to view one. Please don’t be alarmed by all the hype swirling around. There have been so many times in my own life when what seemed tragic at the time turned out for the best.

Allow the magic of the Kite Pattern to lift you high enough to gain needed perspective during this Aries Full Moon. Often when we see the big picture we finally realize the changes being demanded of us are part of our personal process and need to be faced head on. Be both kind and brave!

On a personal note: This could turn out to be a whiz bang of a lunar eclipse Full Moon for me because the Kite Pattern makes the tightest connection to my chart with the lunar axis conjoining/opposing my Libra Moon exactly and Mars in Sagittarius closely trine my natal Pluto in Leo. This may create so much activity I won’t have time to sort it all out until the dust settles!

A thought I had about Pluto’s role for me personally has to do with how slowly Pluto moves and the need to use very small orbs. The final Uranus-Pluto square in March 2015 will exactly aspect my Moon. Until then I consider Pluto out of orb. Pluto has had his way with my poor Moon from the beginning since I have a close natal sextile between them, and is the reason I am far less attached to material possessions than most people in my family. After Pluto conjoined my Moon several times during the later 1970’s, it was years before I was willing to acquire more than I could easily pack in a few boxes. Dealing with the trusts my parents put in place to protect their assets from taxes has been a huge pain and will undoubtedly get far worse when my father dies. There is a lot to be said for living a simple, frugal life.

I have a feeling I may be even more grateful for the quietly sobering effect of Saturn and Ceres in Scorpio sitting on the midpoint between my natal Mars and Mercury on the twelfth house side of my Ascendant. Transiting Mercury is poised to make a second pass over my Libra Sun and that should prove helpful too for patiently reviewing the information bound to come cascading down.

One thing becoming increasingly clear to me is the need to be firm about not being pushed into making choices without having a chance to review all the pertinent data first. 😀


Full Moon in Sagittarius, June 12-13, 2014

Full Moon in Sagittarius

On the surface of things, this Full Moon at 22° 06′ Sagittarius on 12 June 2014, 09:12 PM PDT is a typically gregarious mutable affair. Gemini and Sagittarius are both outgoing, friendly signs who enjoy a lively exchange of theories and speculations. However we don’t have to look too deep to realize there is a decidedly watery feel to this lunation. Both planets that rule Gemini and Sagittarius (Mercury and Jupiter) are in Cancer and there is a preponderance of cardinal water signs . . . again Cancer. So if you feel like staying home or visiting with family rather than hitting a party or two, that’s why.

Jupiter in Cancer aspects both the Gemini Sun and Sagittarius Moon. It is semi-sextile the Sun and inconjunct the Moon. Cancer does not have a lot in common with either Gemini or Sagittarius, neither of whom are homebodies. Gemini would rather not muck about with emotions, preferring to live in their heads; while foot loose Sagittarius places a far lower priority on home and family than Cancer. It is as if Jupiter is putting his foot down and reminding us it is time to expand our idea of family to include all those we care about, not just those we are related to by blood.

Retrograde Mercury in Cancer is quietly introspective and not the least bit interested in chatting up friends or exploring the wide world of ideas so beloved of Gemini and Sagittarius. One thing about Mercury in Cancer is it seldom forgets what caused hurt feelings and during this retrograde we may find ourselves going back over those conversations. Who said what, when and why are up for review. Time to get serious about being more forgiving even if forgetting is not an option, Cancer is known for never forgetting anything.

We may need to make an attitude adjustment when it comes to love and romance since Venus in Taurus is facing an opposition to somber Saturn in Scorpio. How do we feel about truly committing ourselves to a lasting partnership? Are we willing to have honest discussions about sensitive issues like money and sex? And for heaven’s sake, don’t even think about making your lover jealous or asking for an open relationship where both of you see other people. Thanks to Chiron in Pisces (who is sextile Venus and trine Saturn) we might be able to set aside our feelings of inadequacy, fears of abandonment and other relationship bugaboos to find a way to greater intimacy. Be kind, sensitive and patient!

Speaking of being kind and patient . . . Mars in Libra has come back in range of the Uranus-Pluto square and we could find ourselves rehashing issues brought to light during April’s delightful Grand Cross. About the best thing I can say about this pass is it won’t last as long and without Jupiter around to make mountains out of molehills, it probably won’t be as intense. Nevertheless those who have personal planets and Angles from 12° to 15° in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) best brace themselves. The exact square between Mars and Pluto is June 14 and the Mars-Uranus opposition is exact on June 25, giving us enough time in between to gather our resources for the next go-round and recover from the first.

Sitting quietly in a corner by himself, Neptune in Pisces has little direct input at this time. He will be stationing retrograde on June 9 at 7° Pisces and probably won’t be noticed by anyone other than those with personal planets and Angles at 7° in the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces).

When celebrating this Sagittarius Full Moon, it may be wise to step outside the realm of ideas and open our hearts as well. Respect other people’s truths and recognize there are many ways to embrace the God/Goddess within. There is always room for more love in this old world, isn’t there.

On a personal note: This time it is my poor Mercury in Scorpio who is focus of attention! The Gemini Sun conjoins my natal Uranus, triggering my natal Uranus-Gemini inconjunct. This means the Sagittarius Moon is semi-sextile my Mercury with Jupiter in Cancer exactly trine it. I probably won’t know whether my ideas are brilliant or cockeyed and if past experience is anything to go by, I will probably be on my last nerve. Oh yes . . . Uranus in Aries sitting opposite my Moon won’t be all that soothing either. Time to head for the hills? 😀

Image:  © David Soldano


Libra Weekly Horoscopes for April 21, 2014

taurus_by_AutumnsGoddess 525

We have made it to the cardinal Grand Cross! It takes place over several days with the fifth exact Uranus-Pluto square on Monday. The first aspect to complete is Jupiter in Cancer square Uranus in Aries on Sunday and the final aspect is retrograde Mars in Libra squaring Pluto in Capricorn Wednesday morning. As I have mentioned in previous posts, 13° in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) is THE hotspot for this major event. For some folks this could manifest externally and for others, the changes in awareness will be completely internal. However I do believe this is a significant turning point for everyone though we may not realize it for quite some time . . . as in years in some cases.

For those expecting the Grand Cross to bring closure or a clear end to some phase in their life or a relationship, I am beginning to see evidence this may not occur right away. In part because a Grand Cross is a stable pattern with the four corners balancing each other, and due to the Sun and Mercury both in Taurus by the time the last aspect rolls into place, giving us seven planets in earth and water. Have you ever been driving along and run into a patch of deep, gooey mud? That’s the effect all those planets in earth and water will have on the momentum built up during Aries Season. Rather than continue to blindly dash forward, we could end up sitting in one place having to deal with all the side issues we had previously ignored. When we might see movement is as the Grand Cross gradually begins to separate. Ordinarily Mars would be out of orb in a few days but as it is slowing to station direct on May 19, it will take until May 3 or so to be out of orb of Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto.

Mercury officially leaves fiery Aries for matter of fact Taurus on Wednesday, April 23 and it will conjoin the Sun exactly on Friday, April 25. Over the weekend, the Sun and Mercury will be sextile Neptune in Pisces, excellent for soothing over taxed nervous system with a nice massage and gentle music. Take some quiet time by yourself if possible to allow the impact of recent events to sink in.

Venus in Pisces trines Saturn in Scorpio late in the week. This aspect is very good for recognizing the need for commitment in our relationships and beginning the process of reparation for missteps over the past few weeks. Some couples could reconcile while others may realize it is over and find a peaceful route to closure. It is also good for reviewing recent financial decisions or making good choices going forward.

Do your best to take a moment to breathe and smell the flowers in honor of Taurus Season. This is even more important for those caught up in the toils of the Grand Cross. Be as patient as possible, actively listen to others and smile once in awhile.

Please reread last week’s ‘scopes as well because I had the Grand Cross in mind when I was writing those which is why they were longer than usual.

If you know your Rising sign, please read the horoscope for it too. 😀

Even though you still probably have a very full plate this week, Aries, you might find your thoughts taking a more practical turn, especially when it comes to your income. Rather than feeling frustrated by the slower pace, use it to complete unfinished business.

In many ways, Taurus, you are the “go to” person right now because of your sensible advice and practical point of view. If you can take the time, this weekend is perfect for getting away to your favorite vacation spot for some rest and relaxation.

By the end of this week, Gemini, you may find yourself calming down and willing to consider spending time by yourself. If you are thinking of taking a few days off, talk this over with coworkers and your boss late in the week. They may be more receptive to your ideas at that time.

Spending time with your friends and peers might be very good for you now, Cancer. There are still plenty of demands from various sources on your time and energy but you deserve some fun for a change. This weekend looks very favorable for getting together with those folks.

It’s that time of year, Leo, when taking a long look at your career and long-term goals becomes a priority. Thoughtful conversations with your boss are possible and may be very helpful later this week. Include ideas about how you may better serve others in those discussions.

You should find the more measured pace this week more to your liking, Virgo. As the dust settles you might even realize the idea of taking some vacation time has appeal. Talk it over with your significant other this weekend or head to the countryside to enjoy the greening of the landscape.

Once you get past the demands and distractions of the first half of the week, Libra, please feel free to embrace the slower pace earthy Taurus recommends. It may bring some much needed healing to your overstressed nervous system. Surround yourself with natural beauty over the weekend.

What may help you the most now, Scorpio, is listening to what your significant other and your inner child have to say about letting your hair down and relaxing for a change. As you know, you have been demanding a great deal of yourself over the past year and you deserve a break.

If burning the candle at both ends for one reason or another has about flattened you, Sagittarius, now is the time to start getting back into a healthier routine. Get back to nature and a steady, consistent waking and sleeping pattern. This weekend is perfect to spend quietly at home with family.

The best and kindest thing you can do for yourself this week, Capricorn, is take time out to recreate, play with your children (or someone else’s) or dive into an intensive, consuming creative project. Getting together with like-minded friends may also help divert your attention in a positive way. Let the need to battle it out over every detail go.

Has it felt like practically no one has been willing to at least listen to what you have to say, Aquarius, and almost every simple exchange has turned into a verbal battle? Rather than continue and risk more bruises, how about putting your energy into your home and immediate family. Call a “time out”.

No matter how poorly you may think it fits, Pisces, the role of peacemaker is one you are well suited for at this time. Starting this week your words have more substance than usual and by taking a calm, deliberate tone you may be able to spread a circle of calm around you.

Image:  © Jena Dellagrottaglia