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Kate & Wills – a Saturn in Libra Royal Couple

Even though I know hundreds of other astrologers are writing about Kate Middleton and Prince William, I just can’t resist throwing out my thoughts on the synastry of this oh so beautiful young couple. On the surface this appears to be an exceedingly romantic match up of the gorgeous commoner and the handsome prince, the kind of thing romance novelists have been making tons of money off of for years.

With Sagittarius rising and Neptune in Sagittarius conjoining his Ascendant, Prince William easily projects a dashing, devil-may-care image, however he does have his Sun and Moon conjoined in Cancer and deeply cares about home and family as well as the traditions associated with being a member of the royal family. The lovely Kate has her Sun in Capricorn squared by Saturn-Pluto in Libra and I’m sure she is very well aware of what it will mean to be a future queen. Power and social position is something she understands quite well.

At this time, there is no birth time available for Kate and that means no chart wheel or an exact degree for her Moon. Based on the available data, it is possible to say she has her Moon in Cancer in the middle degrees (from about 6-7° to 22-21°). Her Cappy Sun is the only planet in earth and she has a preponderance of planets in air and fire. This means she has a far more assertive nature than receptive and goes after what she wants – a very determined young woman. The ability to charm is shown by her Mercury-Venus conjunction in mental Aquarius. I’m sure she will polish her ability to speak with the press in short order . . .

There is little doubt Prince William is all too aware of his position and responsibilities with Saturn in Libra squaring his North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn. His Sun, Moon and North Node all fall in his seventh house accentuating the influence of Saturn in Libra. For him, it is always about working with others for the greater good and I would guess he has a keen understanding of the fine art of compromise.

It is also worth noting his Venus-Chiron conjunction in Taurus is the apex of a Yod (Finger of God) with Pluto in Libra sextile Neptune in Sagittarius as the base. Venus in aspect to Chiron tends to have doubts about being lovable and in William’s case, he may wonder if he is loved for himself (Venus in Taurus) or for his position (Pluto sextile Neptune – society at large). I suspect this Yod may have something to do with his decision to spend nine years getting to know Kate before popping the question.


Using my quick and dirty method of comparing charts, Kate and Wills have a lot going for them. His Sun conjoins her Moon in Cancer and her Sun in Capricorn complements his Moon in Cancer – all good and made better by both of them having Cancer Moons. Cancer is an emotionally sensitive sign and sharing similar ideas of what makes a comfortable home life is important to them.

Wills has Mercury in quick witted Gemini and Kate’s Mercury is in open minded Aquarius in an exact trine in air indicating an easy meeting of the minds.

Both of them have Mars in Libra within a degree even though Kate was born 9 January 1982 and Wills on 21 June 1982 because Mars was retrograde in the intervening months. The benefit of having Mars conjoined is sharing a sense of what it takes to get something done. Both of them have Mars-Mercury trines and I bet this is great for setting the mood as well as enjoying sharp debates on differences in opinion. Her Venus in Aquarius loves all the Mars in Libra action but his Venus in Taurus may prefer less talk and more sensual expressions of affection.

Another element in comparisons I like to look at is the intra-aspects. For those unfamiliar with this term it means the same two planets from both charts in aspect to each other. Kate and Wills have three sets with Mercury: Mercury-Mars, Mercury-Jupiter and Mercury-Uranus. This speaks to me of how important their ability to communicate is to the relationship. Their mental connection is quite strong and they both benefit a great deal from it. Mars keeps things lively, Jupiter offers a shared sense of humor and Uranus encourage both of them to think outside the box, coming up with innovative solutions to long standing problems.

They also have a Sun-Saturn intra-aspect with William’s Saturn squaring Kate’s Sun and her Saturn forming an out-of-sign trine to his Sun. The big deal here is this aspect reinforces Kate’s natal Sun square Saturn-Pluto suggesting she is reminded frequently of the responsibilities and obligations of being involved with a member of England’s royal family. Keep in mind these two have been an item for the better part of nine years . . . a long testing period as it were.

Both of them have Jupiter in Scorpio and both conjoin William’s Midheaven and are trine his Sun and Moon in Cancer. Talk about a high profile couple exemplifying what it means to be rich and famous, not to mention all the royal stuff.

I have to mention they both have Neptune in Sagittarius at 25 degrees conjoining William’s Ascendant and introducing the glamour element. Looking at photos of them as a couple and watching them being interviewed, I was struck by their personal beauty and how lovely a couple they make. It is very likely they will have a lasting romantic aura about them and there won’t be a dry eye in the house at their wedding.

It is within the realm of possibility Kate’s Capricorn Sun and Cancer Moon align with both ends of William’s nodal axis. We will know for sure when her birth time emerges, something bound to happen now the couple is officially engaged. Wouldn’t that be something?!


The feeling I got when studying their charts and the synastry was in Kate William was going with a known quantity, a cautious choice. Their planets from Mars on out are anywhere from exactly conjunct to within seven degrees (both Jupiter and Saturn). Taking into consideration they both have Cancer Moons, they have many parallels between their charts. After enduring the very public breakup of his parent’s marriage and then Diana’s death, I don’t blame Wills for his caution when looking for a partner.

It is also difficult to underestimate the importance of them both having Saturn in Libra encouraging them to take the idea of marriage very seriously. The fact they are getting married the year of their Saturn Return’s hasn’t escaped this astrologer either.

Along with many other astrologers, I will be waiting for the wedding date and hoping Kate’s birth time will show up SOON.

Image: A photo of the royal couple from the San Francisco Sentinel. link


Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer of True Blood – Life Imitates Art

Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer, engagedAnna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, who play lovers in the HBO Series True Blood, announced their engagement in early August, and I immediately had to look at their synastry chart. It appears that their real-life romance is every bit as passionate as their on-screen affair!

The series is based on Charlaine Harris’s wonderful novels about vampires, werewolves and things that go bump in the night, set in rural Louisiana. I am a huge fan of her writing and consider the Southern Vampire series among her best works. Anna plays heroine Sookie Stackhouse, while Stephen plays her vampire lover, Bill Compton.

Unfortunately, all I have to work with is their birth dates and places, but no times. Stephen is a Libra’s Libra with Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and Mercury in this fair-minded sign. Anna is a brilliant Leo Sun-Mercury person with her Moon in analytical Virgo. Anna’s Sun-Mercury conjunction is closely sextile Stephen’s Mercury and Uranus in Libra, creating the basis for good communication — always helpful.

But it is the role Pluto and Saturn play in their synastry that promises to keep them together as a couple. Taking into consideration Anna’s natal Mars-Pluto conjunction in Libra and Stephen’s Venus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo, you have two people who are intense and passionate as individuals. Then to find that both of their Moons are involved, it is easy to understand the deep emotional connection between them. Even without knowing the exact degrees of their Moons, I feel a case can be made for including them partly based on the nature of the roles they play as a vampire and his telepathic lover – a great representation of the dark undertow of Pluto flirting with intense emotions.

Her Saturn in Libra conjoins his Sun and Jupiter exactly, and his Saturn in Taurus closely squares her Leo Sun. In light of them publicly announcing their engagement, I see these Saturn aspects as a very good indicator the relationship will prove durable. As I have said before, Saturn is happiest when the legalities are met. It will be interesting to see when they choose to marry, because it is highly likely to happen during her Saturn return, when transiting Saturn in Libra hits one of his many planets in Libra. There is little doubt in my mind this will be a very equitable arrangement with willingness to compromise on both sides.

Another one of those little synchronicities astrology is so fond of revealing involves Neptune, which is frequently highlighted in the charts of artistic types, especially actors. Stephen has Neptune sextile his Venus and Pluto, and Anna’s Neptune is sextile her Mars and Pluto. I can’t imagine a better set of aspects for playing lovers on screen. The chemistry between them is almost visible.

In an interview in The New Zealand Herald, Stephen said they were immediately drawn to one another but kept the relationship off the set as much as possible to prevent problems with their cast mates. Their on-screen romance definitely benefited from their personal chemistry, and True Blood has become a huge hit. The show is in its second season with a third in the works.

So . . . which came first, the on-screen romance, or the private one? You guess!

Libra seeks balanceposted by Neith . . .

Verified Birth Data: Anna Paquin – 24 July 1982, Winnipeg, CAN, unknown time; Stephen Moyer – 11 Oct 1969, Brentwood, UK, unknown time.

Image: Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, who play Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton in True Blood.


Synastry of John and Cindy McCain

John & Cindy McCain With Sun signs in Virgo and Taurus, John and Cindy McCain are an earth duo. They share an appreciation for the here-and-now reality of the physical world and a generally conservative approach to life.

Although Sun signs are not necessarily that important in synastry, two people with Sun signs in the same element generally tend to understand one another. Moreover, John’s Moon is in Capricorn, the third earth sign, and Cindy’s Moon may be in Capricorn, too, depending on what time she was born. As with the other political couples I’ve written about, missing birth data makes it tough to achieve a 100-percent precise reading.

The one air element in their synastry, appropriately, is a trine between John’s Mercury in Libra and Cindy’s Mercury in Gemini – invaluable for communications. Since they have a Saturn-Mercury intra-aspect, with John’s Saturn squaring Cindy’s Mercury and her Saturn semi-sextile his Mercury, he can come across as rather authoritarian on occasion, causing her to step back and close down. Without the benefit of the harmonious trine between their Mercury signs, it would be more difficult to open the door to understanding.

They do have good chemistry, with his Leo Mars sextile her Gemini Venus and her Mars in Capricorn trine his Venus in Virgo. John’s natal Mars is square Uranus and trine Jupiter, giving him impulse control issues, so Cindy’s ability to respond to his needs with understanding has no doubt been very good for their relationship.

Because of their 18-year age difference, they both have the North Node in Capricorn, South Node in Cancer. The synastry aspects to the lunar nodes show a deep connection, with her Venus-Jupiter in Gemini forming an out-of-sign conjunction with his South Node in Cancer. This aspect may show how her wealth allows them to live comfortably with several homes around the country. Her Mars conjoins his North Node in Capricorn, providing active support for his need to serve his country and its traditions.

Chiron is another active element in their synastry, with her Venus conjunct his Chiron in Gemini and his Moon conjunct her Chiron in Capricorn. The question here is whether these two sympathetic personal planets have provided a comfort level allowing for the healing of old wounds. Chiron often shows us where we feel most insecure, and John has a square between natal Chiron and Venus, reflecting doubts about being loveable. Cindy’s Chiron is closely trine her Sun, suggesting that she experienced positive reinforcement of her self-esteem growing up, thus making it likely she has been able to help John sort through his issues in this area.

They both have Juno in Leo, with Cindy’s Pluto in Leo closely conjoining them. Their idea of an ideal marriage and household is thus very similar, and this particular aspect has no doubt stood them in good stead with all the entertaining in support of John’s political career over the years. With Pluto adding his two cents, discussions about jealously and possessive behaviors had to have played a role behind the scenes.

With the strong Capricorn element in both charts and their favorable synastry aspects in general, it is easy to understand how they are both drawn to politics and serving their country in very traditional ways. They both share a desire to live within a conventional framework, and it has obviously worked for them as a couple, because John and Cindy were married for 29 years as of April.

Libra, an Air signposted by Neith . . .

Verified Birth Data: John McCain 29 August 1936, Cocosolo, Panama; Cindy McCain 20 May 1954, Chicago, IL


Todd and Sarah Palin, Latest Power Couple

Todd and Sarah PalinIf there ever was a couple whose synastry was defined by the inconjunct (150°) aspect, this is it. These are two strong-minded individuals, he with the Sun, Moon, Pluto, and Uranus in Virgo, and she with the Sun, Mars, and Saturn tightly conjunct in Aquarius.

In this instance where we have no good birth times to work with, we can only speculate about their chart wheels and the possibility that Sarah’s Moon may be in late Capricorn rather than early Aquarius. A late Capricorn Moon would be much happier with Todd’s Virgo Moon and Venus-Mars in Cancer, but we may never know. And it’s doubtful we will ever have a good birth time for Todd. He was born in Dillingham, Alaska, in 1964, the year a 9.2 earthquake devastated the Anchorage area.

Since both of them likely have their Sun, Moon, and Mercury in the same sign, it is the essential differences between Aquarius and Virgo that are highlighted. Aquarius is fixed air and is noted for being quite stubborn about their quirks, while Virgo is mutable earth, a more subtle, service-oriented sign. The key to understanding how these very different people have sustained a marriage lasting 20 years with five children may be in the known conjunctions in their synastry chart.

The nitty-gritty of any compatibility chart comparison is to be found in conjunctions, a major indication of shared experience. Todd’s Virgo stellium is conjunct Sarah’s Uranus and Pluto. Her Sun, Mars, and Saturn in Aquarius form an out-of-sign conjunction with his Saturn in Pisces. Over the course of the next few weeks, Saturn in Virgo will continue transiting their shared planets in Virgo, an indication of the stress of being in the public eye.

Because of the role Neptune has in both their individual charts and in their synastry, their Neptune in Scorpio conjunction moves beyond a generational aspect in importance. Neptune squares Sarah’s Sun and is sextile Todd’s Sun. This means they have a Sun-Neptune intra-aspect. An intra-aspect in synastry is one with the same planets from both charts in aspect by degree, e.g., her Sun is square his Neptune and her Neptune is sextile his Sun. Their shared religious beliefs are one of the important factors in their marriage. This intra-aspect can create a sympathetic bond and soften the edges of the harsher differences.

Another intra-aspect with Neptune involves Mars. Since Todd has a Venus-Mars conjunction in Cancer, and Sarah’s Mars is in Aquarius and her Venus is in Aries, they can use a little help from Neptune’s rose-colored glasses to keep the romance alive.  Cancer and Aquarius are also inconjunct and have about as much in common as apples and oranges. Neptune may create illusions, but also may represent strong religious beliefs that have kept them from straying.

Of course, one can never underestimate Saturn’s role in supporting a lasting relationship.  She has a natal Sun-Saturn conjunction, and he has a Mercury-Saturn opposition and his Saturn conjoins her Aquarius stellium. They have a Mars-Saturn intra-aspect, underlining their need to honor their vows and behave according to the “rules.”

The transpersonal planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) have a fascinating role in this chart comparison. In Sarah’s chart, Uranus and Pluto do not form aspects to her personal planets, but Todd’s Sun is conjunct both of those planets as well as being square to Neptune. As often happens, when we have unaspected transpersonal planets, we meet those archetypes in the form of another person. It is very possible Todd has a powerful impact on Sarah, although neither may be consciously aware of it. He is her means to tap into the darker side of her nature.

The picture of this relationship I see emerging is of Saturn and Neptune playing key roles – Neptune in the form of their common faith, and Saturn with his insistence on following the rules and respecting legalized bonds. Otherwise, these two would have gone their separate ways long ago, because practical earthy Virgo has little patience with airy Aquarius visions for humanity. It is easy to see Todd as the ultimate self-sufficient Alaskan happily spending hours in the solitude of the back country, a natural for Virgo. And it is also easy to understand Aquarius Sarah wanting to be deeply involved in her community, working with like-minded people for what she sees as the greater good.

Libra, an Air signposted by Neith . . .

Verified Birth Data:  Todd Palin   6 Sept 1964, Dillingham, AK; Sarah Palin 11 Feb 1964, Sandpoint, ID


Saturday Archives: Second Thoughts on Pluto in Synastry

New Extra-solar Planet by David HardyHere is another post on Pluto in synastry from the Archives. One of the reasons I feel people find Pluto so daunting in both the natal chart and in synastry is because of the Pluto paradox of wanting to control and being unable to.

That is a deliberate play on words because if you see Pluto playing a major role in a chart comparison, i.e., conjunct the other person’s Moon or Ascendant, second thoughts about pursuing the relationship are in order. My reasoning here has to do with the reality that for most people, Pluto acts through them in an unconscious manner. For someone deep in a Plutonian obsession, it takes a pretty big smack on the head to get their attention, and you can’t be sure you’ve got it for very long either.

Pluto in aspect to the personal planets either natally or in synastry can show us the type of obsession. The Sun/Pluto contact is about “finding” our selves, usually by jumping in the deep end. The Moon/Pluto is obviously about exploring emotional entanglements and taking them to extremes. Mercury/Pluto can find us taking a particular line of thought to the bitter end. Venus/Pluto contacts can lead us to sacrifice our selves for what we are calling ‘Love’ and Mars/Pluto . . . well, that’s where we find out about rage. These are my personal key phrases – Mars/Mercury conjunct in Scorpio at work, going for the essence.

Pluto too wants to plumb of depths of experience . . . and he’s not fussy about whether that experience is positive or negative. When transiting Pluto was conjuncting my Moon in Libra, the relationships drawn into my life were with very different types than I had been involved with either before or after. I am a pretty typical well-educated middle class woman who happened to grow up on a farm and Pluto pulled alcoholic, drug addicted cons and ex-cons into my life for a period of about two years. These were all obsessive relationships where I behaved in a manner quite different from my usual calm and cheerful self.

That I survived the experience without too much damage is most likely due to a very hardworking guardian angel, and a natal Moon sextile Pluto/Saturn. The way out was in the form of drug & alcohol counselor, who asked the right questions, educated me as to what was going on and pointed out the direction to my usual habitat. I was very lucky and there are many people out there right now who are not . . .

Saturn placements can play a big role in how we handle Pluto – either in our own charts or in synastry. He can represent the solid bottom we can hit spiraling down in the grip of a Pluto inspired obsession. Sometimes we need Saturn’s willingness to deal with a problem one step at a time to find our way back. Perhaps it’s because I have the Saturn/Pluto conjunction (in the 9th House) natally sextile my Moon/Neptune conjunction (in the 11th House) that I understand how those two working together can support, protect and teach so much.

Libra, Venus ruledposted by Neith . . .