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New Moon in Taurus, April 21, 2012

© Ruth Sanderson

A small oasis of calm will descend on the New Moon at 01° 35′ Taurus on 21 April 2012, 12:18 AM PDT. This will be a very welcome change for anyone left feeling bashed about by Mars and Mercury stationing direct recently.

Enhancing Taurus New Moon’s naturally fertile, earthy nature is a conjunction with Ceres in Taurus, making this coming weekend the perfect time to schedule a visit to your favorite spa. Get a lovely massage, take nature walks or just hang out by the pool sipping soothing drinks. In touchy feely Taurus, Ceres loves to express nurturance through touch. I mean who doesn’t love getting a nice foot massage! The trine from Mars in Virgo stimulates the healing energy of Ceres and the New Moon because Virgo is noted for caring for the health and well being of others.

A sextile to the New Moon from Neptune in Pisces will help smooth any rough edges and allow us to gently slip sideways away from harsh realities, if only briefly. Music is a wonderful way to set the mood for relaxation of the mind and body along with a well chosen fragrance.

Saturn in Libra widely opposes the New Moon and helps reinforce the need to play well with others. Venus ruled Taurus generally appreciates Libra’s tact and both share a deep love of beauty. Saturn’s fondness for structure meets with Taurus’s approval because Taurus does like to keep surprises to a minimum.

Even though Venus in Gemini is a little too changeable for Taurus’s taste, it is semi-sextile to genial Jupiter in Taurus. This combination favors both having fun and making a little money, something we can all get behind.

Neptune blurs the edges of Mars in Virgo via an opposition and softens the aggressive tone of Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries. We may have more than one reason to be thankful to Neptune because Mars is inconjunct Mercury, making tempers short because it insists on going over ALL the details.

Thankfully we aren’t quite to the point when Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries will start actively taking pot shots at one another . . . that will begin in earnest in late May and June. *sigh* For now, Pluto’s sextile to Chiron in Pisces continues aiding us in figuring out the reasons behind the unreasonable expectations we have for ourselves and others in our lives. I came across this wonderful quote from astrologer Liz Greene on Chiron apropos to the Pluto-Chiron sextile:

“The healing process can only begin when we disengage from our belief that life ought to fit a certain model. It is our worldview that is being challenged by Chiron, so that the place to begin is with the holes and fissures in our belief system”.

For those of us who feel stretched thin from the Mercury-Mars retrograde overlap and just want some rest and relaxation, this New Moon in Taurus has the potential to deliver it. It’s simple . . . tune out and ignore all the hyper-inflated Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries rhetoric and tune in on your bliss. Politely but firmly stir the conversation away from inflammatory subjects or quietly walk away. As always, chose to practice kindness and tolerance!

On a personal note: The New Moon conjoins the cusp of my sixth house and is the reason why I feel a strong desire for peaceful routines in my daily life. When one’s Aries husband’s Sun has Uranus in Aries crossing it, last minute changes have been the rule rather than the exception.

Neptune continues to square my Venus as does Mars, not the most energizing combination. It takes more conscious effort to get going under this influence. Maybe it’s a good thing I have an Aries bouncing around keeping me motivated!

Venus in Gemini conjoins my seventh house North Node and sweetens my relationships via improved communications on her way past for the first time. She’ll be spending the better part of her retrograde period in my seventh house eighth houses and it will be interesting to see how that goes.


New Moon in Taurus, May 2-3, 2011

© Diane Lang

Despite the fact there are five planets in Aries, the overriding feel of the New Moon at 12° 31′ Taurus on May 2, 2011 11:50 PM PDT is deeply, powerfully feminine  – as in the ancient fertility goddesses one crossed at their own peril. This is a stately New Moon encouraging everyone to move through life with grace and dignity, a nice change from all the pushing and shoving to be first in line.

Ceres, goddess of agriculture and fertility, is in Pisces and forms a sextile to the Sun and Moon in fruitful Taurus, making this New Moon an excellent time to tend to one’s garden. Here in the northern latitudes Taurus is usually planting season when the soil has warmed enough for seeds to sprout, and with the added blessings from Ceres, this is a very promising time for seeding all types of new projects.

Something to always keep in mind about Ceres is how powerful she is, especially now when she is celebrating her daughter’s return from the underworld. Pisces suits Ceres and brings out her nurturing, loving side rather than the angry, determined mother who successfully backed Pluto/Hades into a corner and forced him to share her daughter, Persephone/Proserpina equally. She is blessing those with planets and Angles in the water and earth signs (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces) in need a nice motherly kiss or two after being run over by the Aries train.

The Yod formed with Saturn in Libra at the apex and Ceres sextile the New Moon as the base is an important configuration in this chart. As Yods go this one is not so bad if we keep in mind Saturn is exalted in Libra and is comfortable with the slow, steady pace being set by Ceres sextile the New Moon in stately Taurus. Those feeling the impatience of the Aries planets the strongest will strain against this slowdown while those of us who are feeling wrung out and exhausted will LOVE it!

Poor Venus in Aries is heavily chaperoned now between the waning opposition from Saturn in Libra and the exact semi-sextile to Ceres in Pisces. Could be suffering the repercussions of listening to that wild man, Uranus in Aries, or perhaps due to pitching a jealous fit after obsessive Pluto whispered in her ear. In any case, she is behaving much more circumspectly for now but she has one more mad cap fling in her when she conjoins Jupiter at 24° Aries on May 11.

Mercury is direct and part of a waxing conjunction to Venus in Aries, exact on May 9. This is a great aspect for finding the right words to charm and amuse an audience, particularly one’s lover. Venus is a far better partner for Mercury than Mars or Jupiter who don’t necessarily bring out Mercury’s better qualities, at least in this Libra’s opinion. *grin*

We do have plenty of heat provided by a conjunction of Mars and Jupiter in Aries . . . maybe a bit too much in some cases. However, if you feel the need to make your case and push through some difficult issues, being able to draw on this exuberant, enthusiastic combination may just do the trick!

I’m just as happy Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn are out of orb this lunation. Don’t worry; they’ll be back meddling in our lives again.

Take time to get outdoors and commune with the natural world if possible on this New Moon. Go for a walk in the closest park or visit a plant nursery and enjoy the diversity of beautiful plants to be found there. If you can take a drive through the countryside, then keep an eye out for four-footed babies – lambs, calves and foals bouncing about. Relax already!

On a personal note: Ceres in Pisces is conjoining my IC and the New Moon in Taurus is making its self at home in my sixth house, with the Mercury-Venus conjunction in Aries opposing my Libra Moon. Not bad at all! I’m busy these days carting my tomato and pepper plants inside at night and outside during the day to harden them off for transplanting after it finally stops freezing at night. Our chicks are growing quickly and they too need tending to twice a day, cleaning their temporary home in a stock tank and making sure they have food and fresh water. We can’t rush any of these processes either . . . very much in keeping with this New Moon’s theme.

As of this writing, the Taurus grandson is still holding out and driving his very pregnant Gemini mom to the brink waiting for him to make his entrance. Any day now! 😀