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Full Moon in Virgo, February 25, 2013

Full Moon in Virgo © Phiseksit | Dreamstime.com

Brace for a tidal wave of verbiage on the Full Moon at 07° 24′ Virgo on 25 February 2013, 12:26 PM PST. Jupiter in ever chatty Gemini square the lunar axis is the source. It looks to be one of those times when everyone has an opinion and no problem sharing it.

Another factor promoting endless dialogue is a Mercury-Mars conjunction in mutable Pisces. Mercury is a couple of days into one of its retrograde periods, pushing communications to the forefront for better or worse. Whenever Mars conjoins Mercury words can end up being turned into weapons and since mutable signs in general prefer to talk their way out of trouble? Yup, lots of talk, talk, talk. Just be thankful this conjunction is in amiable Pisces who is a generally peaceable sort. If it was in Scorpio for instance, heads would roll. The retrograde factor implies arguments could go revisit the same points many times before matters are resolved . . . a truly scary thought.

Given the Sun in Pisces conjoins Chiron and the Moon is in Virgo, one of the signs noted for a desire to heal, this Full Moon may bring opportunities to experience catharsis and healing of long standing wounds. Saturn in Scorpio, another sign of healers, and Pluto in Capricorn create harmonious, supportive aspects to the lunar axis. What this suggests to me is whilst delving into those old wounds is bound to have extremely painful moments the wounds once drained will heal up nicely. Be brave!

Uranus in Aries has something to add via the ongoing sextile to Jupiter in Gemini and tense aspects to the Sun and Moon. Aries is semi-sextile the Pisces Sun and inconjunct the Virgo Moon. Rash Uranus in Aries essentially irritates the luminaries because it wants action NOW and is in no mood to sit down and discuss things. As frustrating as this is, please don’t dismiss ideas generated out of hand because chances are those ideas hold a kernel of brilliance and can be applied to good effect at a later date. Those who have personal planets and the Ascendant at 6° to 7° Aries, Virgo or Pisces are the most likely to get the full effect.

Venus leaves Aquarius for Pisces within hours after the Full Moon and proceeds to conjoin Neptune in Pisces (the aspect is exact on 28 February). You know those romantic plans you made for Valentine’s Day? Now is a much more favorable time to put those into motion. Grab those rose-colored glasses and plan a candlelit dinner for two. It will worth it, potential hangover and all. *grin*

The beauty of this Full Moon in Virgo is its mutable quality . . . all those marvelous options to choose from. Cardinal signs initiate, fixed signs keep us on course but without the mutable sign ability to conceive of alternatives and think inclusively, the world would be a much poorer place. Relax and go with the flow . . . who knows what marvelous vistas will appear!

On a personal note: Thankfully this Full Moon the most intense aspects don’t affect my chart. Venus in Aquarius is trine my Sun and the Mercury-Mars conjunction in Pisces is making a waxing trine to my natal Mars in Scorpio from the fourth house. Might inspire me to do some spring housecleaning or work in the yard.


Libra Weekly Horoscopes for July 30, 2012

© Diane Lang

What we have this week is an unfolding of all aspects in the chart of the Full Moon in Aquarius . . . an exploded diagram as it were.

First is the awkward inconjunct between the Leo Sun and Pluto in Capricorn. Leo and Capricorn just do not “get” each other. When Leo is in charge doing the kingly thing, it loves being right in the middle of the action, dispensing rulings right and left. This makes Capricorn very uneasy because they prefer to operate almost in the background, letting their underlings deliver their directives. Capricorn is not comfortable with Leonine drama either. Leo wins people’s hearts first, then their minds whilst Capricorn does the reverse. Power struggles could get really strange the first of the week.

Later the same day the Leo Sun moves on and joins forces a favorite comrade in arms, Uranus in Aries. These two generate enormous excitement and energy and will happily carry us off for some fun and games.

As if to remind us why over-indulging is usually a bad idea, Chiron in Pisces pricks the Leo Sun via another inconjunct the following day. Pisces is more forgiving of Leo’s little ways though, so we may only suffer temporarily.

As the week winds up the Leo Sun will sextile bombastic Jupiter in Gemini a day before Mercury in Leo is inconjunct Neptune in Pisces. Between these two influences the bald truth stands little chance . . . great for spinning a marvelous tale to make our audience laugh. Extravagant compliments will be tossed around but please don’t take them seriously.

Best aspect of this week is the final trine between Venus in Gemini and Saturn in Libra (Venus will be entering Cancer next week). Venus trine Saturn is the perfect influence for making an accurate assessment of our assets of any type. Great time for Libra and Taurus to go shopping!

A high-flying, high energy week definitely favoring the fire and air signs whilst earth and water sign folk will feel parched. Please respect other people’s sensitivities and remember to treat them with kindness . . . always.

You are feeling the love now, Aries, and up for anything as long as you’re moving. Sitting around the house is the last thing you want to do, so grab some friends and head out the door to either do something useful or just party.

Working around the house does sound good to you, Taurus! Now is an excellent time to choose exactly the right colors and decide how much you can afford to do. The weekend looks good for having your friends over for a quiet gathering.

It will very hard for you to slow down this week, Gemini, and you may be even more chatty than usual. Please do your best to channel all the energy and enthusiasm into doing something productive if you can, like raising money for your favorite charity!

The best thing you can do for yourself at this time, Cancer, is find some place quiet and peaceful to recharge your internal batteries. You are a sensitive soul and need to withdraw into your “shell” once in awhile. Please don’t hesitate to do so.

Leo, you are in your element these days when everyone you meet is your friend. Now is an excellent time for you to promote your favorite cause and enlist support from others. The only caution I might add is don’t commit money you don’t have.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself rolling your eyes over other people’s antics now, Virgo. Just go about your business and mind the store. Your thinking may get a bit drifty late in week so double check your information before acting on it.

You are feeling very clear about who you are and what you can do, Libra. You know what works for you and what doesn’t. This is a brief window of opportunity so make the most of it and take lots of mental notes.

What you may wish to focus on now, Scorpio, is improving your public image. There may be some interesting investment opportunities opening up for you but please investigate those carefully. If it sounds too good to be true, it is . . . be careful.

Sagittarius, you are one of those flying high and up for anything as long as it promises some adventure. You probably have a bag packed, ready to go at a moment’s notice as does your significant other. Don’t forget to find someone to keep an eye on your home.

This is a great time for you to resolve any scheduling problems you been having with coworkers, Capricorn. They will be much more flexible and willing to work with you than usual. You do need to watch out for wishful thinking when it comes to investment possibilities though.

If you aren’t finding time to enjoy life, Aquarius, make some! Hang out with one of your favorite people and laugh together. Your creative juices are flowing too, so grab those brilliant ideas as they fly by! Just stay within your budget.

I know it can be tough to stick with a healthy regime, Pisces, but you can do it! Best approach for you is a flexible one where you give yourself permission to indulge yourself at least once a week. This weekend maybe??

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. :D


Observations: Revisiting Chiron

© Algol | Dreamstime.com

If you have a significant Chiron aspect natally as I do, the small centaur planetoid will occasionally speak up and remind you he is there and is not to be ignored. Consequently I am always on the lookout for information leading to a better understanding of Chiron and came across something astrologer Steve Judd wrote on the subject.

He has been looking for new ways to relate to the outer planets and Chiron:

“I find myself looking more and more at the ways in which we both sabotage and transform ourselves (Pluto), the ways in which we delude and spiritualise ourselves (Neptune), the ways we let chaos and stimulation into our lives (Uranus), and the ways in which we both empower and disempower ourselves (Chiron).”

I immediately felt “empower” and “dis-empower” were quite accurate when referring to Chiron and his impact in the natal chart. My natal Chiron is in Libra and not only conjoins my Libra Sun but is the Oriental or Scout Planet for the Sun – the first planet past the Sun in a clockwise direction. For me one-on-one relationships have taught many lessons about what both empowerment and dis-empowerment feel like in those relationships.

My need to give all in support of the man in my life in my twenties drastically interfered with my education and learning marketable skills. I dropped out of nursing school after one year to be closer to my boyfriend at the time who turned to be a real loser. Rather than using what I had learned to at least get a good position working in a doctor’s office, I went running off to work for peanuts in Yellowstone Nat’l Park for a summer in order to get back together with another lover. This was my pattern for many years with occasional periods of relative sanity. In other words, I regularly dis-empowered myself in my relationships. Stupid I know but that’s Chiron, he will keep after us until awareness seeps in and then the real work begins.

Because it is my Sun Chiron impacts, it was core identity stuff I needed to empower and it was through another very important relationship I began to do that. Around the time I turned forty, my father finally let me know he felt I was a capable adult and approved of the person I had become. It was only then I really buckled down and began to set boundaries and rules in my relationships to prevent giving too much of myself away. It took a few more tries to get it right before I was able to be a solid partner in an equitable relationship.

If you have Chiron conjunct, square or opposing personal planets natally, carefully consider if the part of you represented by those planets is where you feel empowered or dis-empowered. If it’s Mercury you may feel like you seldom express yourself well, Venus might mean feeling unable to show affection easily or if it’s Mars you may have difficulty asserting yourself in a clear, straightforward manner. The most important thing is recognizing and accepting those feelings in order to start the process of empowerment . . . and it IS a process because Chiron’s wounds are annoyingly slow to heal.

Sometimes we are able to make a real breakthrough around age fifty when we experience our Chiron Return but that doesn’t mean you can’t get started earlier. I do know a couple of astrologers who specialize in working with Chiron – Lynn Hayes of Astrological Musings and Joyce Mason of The Radical Virgo. Both are excellent astrologers and all around good people.


Ask Real Astrologers: Did I Miss the Career On-Ramp?

This week’s question comes from Stan in California:

My finances are shot, I’m collecting unemployment, and I have no interest in getting my license to start my own private practice in clinical psychology, as I have “burned out” on being a clinician. I want to make a shift to academia for the intellectual stimulation and challenge and be in a place where I can teach. I know I have the ability and experience and that I need to refresh my knowledge base. Yet, in the last six months, I don’t feel like I’ve done enough, read enough, or retained enough to feel to feel as knowledgeable and as confident in an interview as I felt when in grad school. All I know is that I don’t feel like I’m making progress. Have I missed a sign post and thus headed in the wrong direction? I feel that there are some positive energies in play, yet I don’t feel that I have been able work with them. What am I missing?

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s response:

Stan, first let me say hello to a fellow Aquarius/Rising Aquarius! Second, I can tell you that your natal chart indicates an innate talent for psychology, and you can have a powerfully transformational effect on your clients. In fact, you might even be a little scary for some people, as you can see deeply into their psyche.

This also means, however, that you can burn out easily, as you may have difficulty keeping your own psychic boundaries intact. I would say, off the top of my head, that your best solution is daily physical exercise. This will help you blow off the psychic clutter than you pick up from confused and wounded people.

If you’ve seen your chart, you may know that the rare conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune is taking place right on your Ascendant. This alignment is opening doors on deep healing. As you probably know from your work, this can be a painful process, and in your case, it is going to continue for the rest of the year. I don’t think you will be able to see your way clearly until this process is over. By next January, you will have a much better idea of your direction, and you’ll also have Jupiter in your first house to help you find great opportunities for advancement.

Aquarius is the sign of the future, and many of us are ahead of our time. I believe that your unique role will be in finding new perspectives on human psychology that will help heal humanity, starting with yourself. One of the topics I’ve written about extensively is the wound between male and female energies on the planet. You have a close conjunction of Venus and Mars in your first house, and Uranus (your ruler) currently is transiting these planets. Uranus is the Awakener, so I believe that you will be awakened to the dual nature of this energy in everyone, and this new information somehow will be of great use to you in your practice.

The very best of luck to you, and thanks for writing!

Libra ponders . . .

Neith’s response:

Stan, as Pat noted Jupiter-Chiron and Neptune have just crossed your Ascendant and are now in your first house. The other transiting planet in your first house is Uranus in Pisces, currently stationing at 26? Pisces preparing to come back over your natal Mars-Venus conjunction. This is a great deal of activity in your first house stressing the possibility of doing a major overhaul of your image among other things.

Your natal Mars-Venus conjunction is also the tip of a Yod, or Finger of God, with Pluto in Leo in your sixth house sextile the Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Libra in your eighth. This pattern pulls together the elements that make you an excellent psychologist from compassionate Pisces to transformative Pluto and to have Uranus about to make its second pass over the tip, it makes complete sense to me you feel the need for change. The third and final pass will come during the first three months of 2010.

It is likely Neptune crossing your Ascendant has obscured matters because Neptune is extremely good at that. My recommendation would be to see if you can sort through the mish mash of expectations, both yours and those of others, over the next few months and see if you can work with those that put you, the nurturer, first. This is all part of an ongoing theme in your chart where Neptune and Uranus are pulling you in different directions. I’m sure you are familiar with the concept of nurturing the nurturer but this is my sense of what’s needed now.

Perhaps when Jupiter moves back into your twelfth house at the end of July and reduces the cacophony in your first house, it will be easier to find your sign post. Jupiter is pretty darn loud at times.

Best of luck in finding your way into academia!

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Ask Real Astrologers: A Direct Hit from Neptune-Jupiter

This week’s question comes from Jan in Brisbane, Australia:

The triple conjunction of Chiron, Jupiter, and Neptune is happening on my Ascendant at 25 degrees Aquarius. What do I need to do?

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s response:

This is a great question, Jan, as it allows us to talk a little bit about this year’s Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. The Saturn-Uranus opposition has been getting all the press, but this very important conjunction — which, as you note, also includes Chiron — has some serious implications, and with your Ascendant at the hub of the activity, you are going to witness the effects firsthand.

Like most outer transits, this one will have three parts. The first pass occurs on May 27 at 26 degrees Aquarius. The second falls on July 10 at 25 degrees, and the third and final pass is on December 21, the Winter Solstice, at 24 degrees. The first conjunction occurs just as Neptune and Chiron are turning retrograde, making this conjunction all the more powerful and far-reaching. The second two passes occur with the Moon also in conjunction, so their energies will be further amplified as well.

How this conjunction will affect individuals depends on where it falls in their charts and whether it forms aspects with key natal planets. In your case, I see no cause for concern and every reason to be hopeful. I’ve written a lot about the conjunction of Neptune and Chiron being a powerful healing agent, both for individuals and the collective. Jupiter’s energy promotes expansion and growth, so we can expect that deep healing will lead to personal growth. In your case, there even may be opportunities to help others heal and grow.

I see two ways that you can take advantage of the positive side of this conjunction. First, if you have any unresolved issues from childhood or from your family’s past (we do carry these in our energy field), you can work on them during this time with a minimum of disruption. Those of you who have undertaken deep healing work know that it can interfere with your normal day-to-day activities. I see less chance of this happening with Jupiter in the mix.

Second, this is an ideal time to help others. If you are in a healing profession, you could have an extraordinary influence on your patients or clients. If you aren’t in a healing profession, find some way to do community service work. This could be anything from donating food or time to organizations that help the poor, to tutoring students who are behind in their studies. Or, find some other way to use your skills and talents to help others along.

This also is a great time to study astrology and other metaphysical subjects. Just take care that you don’t get involved with any groups that promise results such as money and love without having to do anything to earn it. Sitting on the couch visualizing money won’t cause any great harm to anyone in the long run, but it would be an unfortunate waste of the good you can do with this powerful energy that will be channeled directly into you.

Stay in touch and keep us posted!

Libra ponders . . .

Neith’s response:

Hi Jan, what I see as the greatest challenge with this transit is keeping some perspective because Jupiter is likely to inflate Neptune’s wonderful ideas for the betterment of all, and your Taurus Sun likes consistency with solid, well thought out plans.

Neptune transits to the Ascendant can be tricky to navigate due to a lack of clarity about how others see us, and how we see others. Projections and expectations can crop up unexpectedly and leave all parties shaking their heads and wondering what the heck just happened. Frankly I don’t believe Jupiter will be of much help with these issues and may even add to them. I’m of a mind Jupiter acts more as an amplifier than as a beneficent.

Chiron’s role here may have to do with bringing to the forefront the uncomfortable differences between who you are at home (your Taurus Sun in the fourth house) and the way others see you out in the world (Aquarius rising). Once those issues are highlighted, then healing is possible. You have already experienced your Chiron return, and during July 2009 when Chiron is conjunct your Ascendant, Venus will be conjunct your Chiron by transit – sounds favorable to me!

As someone with a preponderance of earth and water, Jan, staying calm and focused in the moment may be the ticket. The rulers of your Ascendant and your fourth house, Uranus and the Moon, are trine in earth signs giving you a natural sense of how to handle the unexpected.

Hey, please let us know how this transit goes for you! We always love feedback on the real world events in people’s lives because that is how we all learn more about the inner workings of astrology.

Good luck!

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