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Libra Weekly Horoscopes for August 3, 2013


Celebrate Lammas

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A potent Leo New Moon, Jupiter in Cancer exactly opposing Pluto in Capricorn and Mercury finally leaving Cancer for Leo are the big events this week.

Where the Leo New Moon falls in your chart has something to say about what calls out for a fresh perspective and may hold the key to a potential new beginning. If we’re lucky, we’ll be able to recognize and take advantage of an opportunity to make positive change.

The next two weeks between the New Moon and the second Full Moon in Aquarius will be overshadowed by Jupiter in Cancer taking its turn completing a T-Square with Uranus and Pluto. In my opinion Jupiter and Pluto represent those forces dedicated to preserving their idea of what constitutes security, especially related to family. Cancer and Capricorn are both deeply committed to understanding our traditions and how those can be integrated into our lives. They value a solid foundation based on what has worked effectively over time. This is their week for making their case as to why they are right. We’ll get to Uranus’s side of the story in a couple of weeks.

Mercury FINALLY leaves Cancer on Thursday and bursts into fiery Leo. Mercury in Leo is brash, dramatic and loud. Fire signs are going to love this change as are air signs, though to a lesser degree. People in general may be more willing to speak up for themselves and be more social. Mercury makes a couple of less than happy aspects on the weekend. First is an inconjunct to Neptune in Pisces and then Saturn in Scorpio shuts Mercury down via a square. Not a good time to embellish the truth to make a point . . . it will almost certainly not end well.

Those with personal planets and Angles at 9° in the cardinal signs will feel the Jupiter-Pluto opposition the strongest. Not a restful time for Aries and Libra because they are most likely to feel out of step with the forces represented by the opposition. Libra is currently handicapped by the lack of air in the sky whilst Aries has more support with three planets in fire.

Tensions continue to run high so be careful out there.

So what are you going to listen to this week, Aries? Your inner child or your inner parent? The thing is your choice may set the tone for the next couple of weeks and you will live with the consequences. Up to you!

Others may be feeling beset but you, Taurus, are probably managing to stay cool, calm and collected. One thing you might be contemplating is making some changes to your home . . . very carefully considered of course! By the way, what you don’t know CAN hurt you.

If you are blessed with a surge of inspiration now, Gemini, please use it wisely in the weeks ahead, especially if you are in the processing of investigating your financial situation. Watch out for foggy thinking on the weekend, all right?!

At the moment you may be enjoying a very nice sense of support from your partner, Cancer, whether it is business or personal. Fracture lines might begin to appear in the near future where your career is concerned. Possible cash flow improvement ahead.

The Sun is shining on you now, Leo, and it feels good. Being the center of attention is almost always your favorite place to be, so make the most of it. Some of you may opt for a new and exciting look in the days ahead.

If some opportunities come your way to indulge your inner child, Virgo, please take the time to do so. You are often better at being the responsible party and probably don’t take enough play time. Part of you may wish to go on retreat to recharge..

As much as you would love to get together with your friends this week, Libra, you may be reminded in no uncertain terms of your responsibilities to your family and your employer. If you do want “me” time, figure out a work around where everyone wins.

There is plenty of potential out there for kick-starting your career, Scorpio, and some of the most innovative ideas may come from those you work with on a daily basis. Look into opportunities for advanced studies as those may prove helpful too.

The travel bug could bite you hard now, Sagittarius, but unless you are able to get your financial house in order, you might have to come up with some extremely creative ways to indulge your need to see new places. I wish you luck!

Even though things seem to be under control in your life and relationships, Capricorn, please resist the urge to micromanage. Giving your partner room to breathe and grow is very important to maintaining the status quo. Not the best weekend to socialize with friends.

Aquarius, this week may bring some very positive new developments in your one-on-one relationships. If you have been considering forming a business partnership, things may fall into place in short order. Tread carefully over the next week or so where coworkers are concerned.

Now is a great time for you to make take steps to improve your health and well-being, Pisces. You have momentum going for you now to help you break free of old bad habits. Don’t get discouraged if you back-slide over the weekend.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. :D

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Real Astrologer's Poll: How is it going with Neptune & Co?

We had Mercury square Neptune & Co in April, May, and June; and today Venus is squaring the Aquarius stellium. Mars takes his turn next Monday.

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I know I have felt like my mind has been in a fog bank with occasional moments of clarity and inspiration because the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is sitting in my third house. What about the rest of you?

Libra loves balancetposted by Neith . . .


Saturday Archives: Assorted Pluto Observations

The Hades Moon by Judith HallWhen I was looking for something to post from my archives, I came across this one on Pluto and found it contained another example of a chart with the generational Yod we wrote about in yesterday’s Ask Our Readers post! By the way, I highly recommend “The Hades Moon” by Judy Hall for anyone with a natal Moon-Pluto aspect. 

With Pluto on the brain, it seems like I keep running across examples of how he operates both by transit and natally these days. I’m also reading “The Hades Moon” by Judith Hall. It’s scary how much I recognize from my own life from that book!

What I’ve read so far in “The Hades Moon” is helping me see how much subtle manipulation was going in my life coming from both my dad’s mom and my mother. They both were prone to praising the absent relative in front of the present one, creating rivalries among the other family members. According to Judith Hall, this is typical behavior of those with Pluto in aspect to the Moon. I’m fairly sure my mother had a Moon in Pisces trine to Pluto in Cancer.

Here is an example of Pluto at work: natal Moon conjunct Pluto and Jupiter in Virgo, both squared by transiting Pluto in Sagittarius. This is from the chart of a relative of mine and is one point on the base of a Yod (sextile Neptune in Scorpio, with Saturn in Aries as the apex). She has a serious case of tunnel vision. Whatever course she has determined for herself is all she will allow herself to see. An analogy that occurred to me is this:  she lives in a bubble with a reflective inner surface even though it’s clear from the outside looking in. All her hopes and fears are reflected back to her amplified by Jupiter. Transiting Pluto square to her Virgo stellium has intensified her fears and caused her to withdraw even more into her nuclear family unit (husband & two children). What’s going to happen when Saturn in Virgo starts moving over that point makes me quail as I’m sure it’s going to be painful. Could it be with Saturn as the focus of her natal Yod, a Saturn transit could help her start to gain some understanding of what has happened?

One of my personal challenges has been to accept that no matter how much I wish-will otherwise, people I love must find their own path, and if that path doesn’t include growth by my definition, so be it.

Here is another example of a natal Pluto aspect, in this case Pluto exactly conjunct Ascendant. This individual lost a close friend to suicide in high school, and a year or so later was the first person on the scene of a fatal motorcycle accident of another friend. The rider almost completely decapitated himself on a guy-wire and died within minutes. She told me she moved the head closer to a natural position to prevent others at the scene from seeing how devastating it was. I was seriously impressed by her courage under fire as she was 19 years old at the time. This young woman just finished a Masters degree in hospital administration and was hired by the State to evaluate how well state-funded health care is working. All I can say is watch out!!!

Astrology has been an excellent tool for myself and many others to sort out family dynamics and start healing old wounds.

Libra, relationship specialistposted by Neith . . .


Ask Real Astrologers: Pluto on Progressed Ascendant

This week’s question comes from Fumi in the UK:

My Progressed Ascendant is going to be conjunct the full moon in Sagittarius in June, and transiting Pluto is going to retrograde back to and station on my Progressed Ascendant. My Progressed AC will also trine my progressed Uranus. I would like to know your opinion of what this is all likely to mean.

I also have my progressed Jupiter conjunct my progressed 2nd house cusp, as well as transiting Pluto trining my natal and progressed Uranus. After Pluto’s intense 12-year period in Sagittarius, I am seriously meditating on bringing about a major positive breakthrough in my affairs in total.

Libra ponders . . .

Neith’s answer:

Fumi, the experience of Pluto conjunct the Ascendant, whether progressed or natal, often has to do with becoming aware of how we express power and control over our environment and the people in it. Pluto transited your natal Ascendant from 1994 to 1995, during which you went through the first phase of learning these lessons.

Now, as Pluto is finishing his stay in Sagittarius, I suspect that you are in the final stages of assimilating what he has to teach. As one who has been down this road (I also have Scorpio Rising), I found the key is staying neutral and not diving into the nearest power struggle, because it’s very easy to become lost in the obsessions that way.

Since Jupiter rules your Sun, the progressed Ascendant, and Pluto in Sagittarius, I can see why you are paying attention to these transits! You are right in feeling that you are on the verge of a major breakthrough. The key may be doing your best to avoid placing specific expectations on what that will be. With Uranus forming trines, it will be easier to find the path of least resistance to your destination.

If I may make a suggestion on how to maintain a sense of centeredness, it would be to practice some type of moving meditation like Tai Chi. Sagittarius folk do better in motion than sitting still.

Aquarius expounds . . .

Pat’s Answer:

Fumi, I tend to look at transits to the natal chart first – just as I rely on the 10 planets (yes, Pluto is one) before exploring Chiron, the asteroids, lunar nodes, and other factors that I consider as supplemental information. If the basics don’t reveal what we need to know, then I start exploring beyond them. Put another way, I don’t use the progressed chart to explain things that are readily apparent in transits to the natal chart.

Since Pluto already has crossed your natal Ascendant, my take is that you’ve already been there, done that (as Neith suggests) and that you’re moving on to new lessons. These lessons have to do with what you value. Material assets are one component of your resources, so changing how you go about managing your resources is part of this transformation.

I also see that Pluto is squaring your natal Moon. He got close earlier this year but went retrograde before making a direct connection. That will happen early next year. All the power struggle issues that Neith describes will be evident in your life, and then some…

As for Jupiter, he has been in your natal second house since late November 2007, and Jupiter and Pluto conjoined in this important financial sector of your chart on December 11. Many people I know, myself included, experienced a breakthrough related to this transit, but it didn’t happen until months later, due to all the complicating planetary aspects that were happening at the time (Mars out of bounds and retrograde, for one).

With Jupiter in practical Capricorn, it makes all the more sense that you are building a strong material foundation. The Big Guy currently is retrograde but turns direct with Pluto on September 8. Major breakthroughs are possible after this date, so use this energy well. 

Thanks for writing, and best of luck to you!

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The Second House in Synastry: Follow the $$

going to the heart of the matter

With the Sun and Mercury now in Taurus with Venus joining them May 1, it’s a good time to consider how the second house works in synastry.

Taurus is the ruler of the second house and is noted for being fond of material things like good food, silky fabrics, and a healthy bank account. One of the most contentious areas in relationships is often money – or, rather, our attitudes about money, shown by the second house.

One of the reasons an accurate birth time is important in determining compatibility is that it establishes where the Ascendant falls, which in turn determines how the chart wheel is laid out, including what signs fall in each house.

If the Ascendants in both partners’ charts are harmonious, chances are very good the signs on the second house will be, too. For example, someone with Aries rising usually has Taurus on the second house cusp; if the partner’s chart has Leo rising, then Virgo will be on the second. Taurus and Virgo are both Earth signs and share similar ideas of how to handle money . . . thriftily!

Likewise, if the partner’s Ascendants are in conflict, the signs in their second house likely will clash, too. A Scorpio rising person with Sagittarius in the second house stands a good chance of running into disagreements with a Leo rising person with Virgo on the cusp of the second house. Sagittarius and Virgo have completely different styles for handling their finances. Sagittarius is inclined to trust luck a little too much for Virgo’s careful style. [What do you mean you bought a new SUV for a run to the mountains?!]

Planets in the second house strongly influence our values and attitudes about possessions, too. Saturn’s presence indicates extra caution with spending and handling material goods, even if the sign on the cusp is noted for being more free and easy. Likewise, Jupiter in the second house suggests generosity, even if he’s in one of the more parsimonious signs.

In synastry, if one person’s Saturn conjoins, squares, or opposes a planet in the second house, it can make the second house person feel like their spending habits are constantly being questioned – not good. Difficult Jupiter aspects often indicate that a couple will be excessive in their spending, even if they are able to maintain some discipline on their own.

Astrology is a great tool for identifying potential sore points in this sensitive area and helping discuss them, but it still is up to the individual to take the necessary steps toward resolution. Either Pat or I will be glad to offer our insights as we are both very experienced in the area of chart compatibility and do synastry reports.

Libra loves partnersposted by Neith . . .