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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini, June 1, 2011

© Ron Cameron

It is the closest aspect in a chart that sets the tone and for the New Moon at 11° 02′ Gemini on 1 June 2011 at 2:03 PM PDT, this is a trine between the New Moon and Saturn in Libra offering stability without rigidity. Nice!

Because this is the first of a pair of eclipses (the second is the lunar eclipse on the Full Moon in Sagittarius 15 June), the effects of this lunation will be further reaching than usual. Making well informed, conscious choices is by the far the preferred course of action and I see the New Moon-Saturn trine in air being very helpful in this regard. Gemini is supreme at gathering bits and pieces of information and Libra is far and away the best at sifting through all that data to support good choices. Saturn’s role is making sure the process is managed in a methodical, systematic manner. See? You can’t lose!

Moving away from the luminaries this chart gets a little edgier. Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, is still in stolid Taurus, semi-sextile volatile Jupiter at 29° Aries. This could translate into people taking a position and defending it loudly right, wrong or otherwise. You know . . . “My mind is made up, don’t confuse me with the facts!” Thankfully Mercury will slip into airy Gemini, its home sign, the day after this New Moon and lighten up considerably. Jupiter is very close to ending its stay in Aries, leaving for earthy Taurus on 4 June and marking the end of this spring’s Aries Avalanche.

Venus is slowly pulling away from Mars after the two were conjoined in Taurus 23 May, bringing an end to the stelliums of the past month or so in Aries and Taurus. Very fitting as we move deeper into Gemini, the sign noted for being a generalist. Don’t get in too big a hurry though because these two planets are still in Taurus and Taurus ambles rather than dashes. I recommend fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) make the most of the next week or so before Venus leaves for Gemini on 9 June to sit, sip and relax.

A deeper source of unease stems from the waxing square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. Even though the first exact square will not happen until next year on 24 June 2012, the tension between these two slow-moving outer planets is beginning to make its self felt. If you have planets and/or Angles in the early degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn), watch out for budding obsessions and a growing awareness of deep seated anger issues, followed by the urge to toss everything away to start anew. In a broader sense I anticipate seeing more and more instances such as we’ve seen this spring in the Middle East of people rebelling against entrenched authorities/governments.

In the two week period between the eclipses, Ceres in Pisces will square the Nodal axis with the North Node in Sagittarius and the South Node in Gemini. Ceres encourages us to look at our lives and identify our natural cycles and rhythms. What time of year do we generally feel strongest and when do we need to rest more? Are we morning people or night owls? The North Node in Sagittarius is the ultimate example of seeking the best perspective possible and the search for the Truth. It is by quieting the busy mind through meditation or by following the breath, we can become attuned to our own personal sense of what works best for us. I am a firm believer that each of us knows what’s best for ourselves even if we often ignore those messages from within. This is a good time to start listening.

Make the most of the clarity and purpose now to plan your next move or consolidate gains made during the past few months. Understanding where we’ve been is very important to deciding where to go next and this lunation has the feel of being a nexus point.

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I’d like to recommend reading what Karen of Ravenesque Tarot says about this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini and if you are curious and want to learn more, Jeff Jawer of StarIQ has a short but informative post on this solar eclipse also.

On a personal note: Jupiter at 29 Aries is exactly opposing my Libra Sun and Venus in Taurus is exactly opposing my Mars in Scorpio. Add in the New Moon in my seventh house trine the midpoint between my Moon and Neptune and it looks like my attention will be on my nearest and dearest but in a good way. This lunation is about what I can offer others and finding joy in doing so.

Between the New Moon and the Full Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars will all be in my seventh house. All I can say is it’s a good thing I’m a Libra and come wired to pay attention to others in my life. 😀


Full Moon in Scorpio, May 17, 2011

© Diane Lang

What a difference a month makes! On the Full Moon last month, the sky was dominantly cardinal and Aries, and now this Full Moon at 26° 13′ Scorpio on 17 May 2011 at 4:09 AM PDT, the fixed signs and earth are on top.

Those who were able to make the most of the inspiration and enthusiasm of the Aries sky and who are ready to get down to work in a practical and focused manner will prosper now. For those who ignored Saturn in Libra’s suggestions for taking the moderate approach and insisted on their way? Well, those folks are in for a rude awakening. Jupiter is still in Aries but without any support for his more outrageous ideas. What is more the Full Moon in Scorpio makes an exact inconjunct to Jupiter and could show up in the form of a forensic accountant to go over the books with an eagle eye. The Sun in practical Taurus sits semi-sextile to Jupiter and he can’t expect any help from there either. Let’s hope those who strayed too far from good sense are prepared to make sincere, abject apologies for their mistakes!

Saturn in Libra is a free agent on this lunation and while available for thoughtful advice, he will not insist anyone take it. However it is still a very good idea to be kind, patient and willing to compromise, not to mention honest!!

Mercury, Venus and Mars are widely conjoined in early degrees of Taurus with wonderful supporting aspects from Neptune and Chiron in Pisces plus a big kiss from Pluto in Capricorn. Earth and water signs are happy, happy people for a change because they are receiving a large dose of nurturance from this configuration. This goes for those of us with earth and water signs rising too. Venus rules Taurus and Neptune Pisces, so the sextile between them creates a marvelous gentle loving energy that opens the heart and allows love to enter. This influence will inspire tangible gestures of affection and caring like taking a few minutes to massage a loved one’s shoulders or offer to clean the house. Fresh flowers are the preferred gift.

Mercury and Mars in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn is perfectly splendid for coming up with solid, realistic tactics to improve one’s situation. If you launched new projects over the last month or so and want to take the next step, this is an excellent time to sit down and come up with an eminently workable plan. Taurus and Capricorn understand exactly how much time and energy it takes to produce real results. They also prefer to deal in facts, not flights of fancy or inspiring rhetoric . . . just concrete facts.

Uranus in Aries is the apex of one of those awkward mini-triangles with semi-sextiles to Neptune in Pisces and Venus-Mercury in Taurus. Usually Venus-Uranus aspects promote love at first sight and Venus-Neptune aspects put us in the mood for romance. However Venus in Taurus is in no hurry ever – even under Neptune’s influence she will still want to see her lover’s bona fides. A more likely scenario is Venus smiling sweetly, enjoying all Uranus’s urgent attentions and then putting him off with a kind word and gentle promise.

For those people with planets and Angles in the early degrees of earth and water signs, this Full Moon looks pleasant indeed, offering opportunities to regroup and recover from the intensity of the past month or so. Scorpio’s edge is softened by the strong Taurus presence, accentuating the possibility of regeneration and rebirth. All of us can join in celebrating the natural world and the pleasures of the senses. It is time to relearn how to pace ourselves!

On a personal note: This Full Moon lines up with my Ascendant-Descendant. The Moon in Scorpio conjoins my Ascendant and encourages a deeper look into how I really feel about what is going on in my life. Saturn in Libra sits in between my Moon and Neptune, continuing to remind me to stay grounded and live in real time . . . no overindulging or flights of fancy allowed. Mercury, Venus and Mars in Taurus are clustered around the cusp of my sixth house trine Pluto in Cappy in my second house. Planets in the earth houses, yay! Maybe I’ll come up with more ideas on improving my work situation and cash flow! That would be good . . . 😀


New Moon in Taurus, May 2-3, 2011

© Diane Lang

Despite the fact there are five planets in Aries, the overriding feel of the New Moon at 12° 31′ Taurus on May 2, 2011 11:50 PM PDT is deeply, powerfully feminine  – as in the ancient fertility goddesses one crossed at their own peril. This is a stately New Moon encouraging everyone to move through life with grace and dignity, a nice change from all the pushing and shoving to be first in line.

Ceres, goddess of agriculture and fertility, is in Pisces and forms a sextile to the Sun and Moon in fruitful Taurus, making this New Moon an excellent time to tend to one’s garden. Here in the northern latitudes Taurus is usually planting season when the soil has warmed enough for seeds to sprout, and with the added blessings from Ceres, this is a very promising time for seeding all types of new projects.

Something to always keep in mind about Ceres is how powerful she is, especially now when she is celebrating her daughter’s return from the underworld. Pisces suits Ceres and brings out her nurturing, loving side rather than the angry, determined mother who successfully backed Pluto/Hades into a corner and forced him to share her daughter, Persephone/Proserpina equally. She is blessing those with planets and Angles in the water and earth signs (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces) in need a nice motherly kiss or two after being run over by the Aries train.

The Yod formed with Saturn in Libra at the apex and Ceres sextile the New Moon as the base is an important configuration in this chart. As Yods go this one is not so bad if we keep in mind Saturn is exalted in Libra and is comfortable with the slow, steady pace being set by Ceres sextile the New Moon in stately Taurus. Those feeling the impatience of the Aries planets the strongest will strain against this slowdown while those of us who are feeling wrung out and exhausted will LOVE it!

Poor Venus in Aries is heavily chaperoned now between the waning opposition from Saturn in Libra and the exact semi-sextile to Ceres in Pisces. Could be suffering the repercussions of listening to that wild man, Uranus in Aries, or perhaps due to pitching a jealous fit after obsessive Pluto whispered in her ear. In any case, she is behaving much more circumspectly for now but she has one more mad cap fling in her when she conjoins Jupiter at 24° Aries on May 11.

Mercury is direct and part of a waxing conjunction to Venus in Aries, exact on May 9. This is a great aspect for finding the right words to charm and amuse an audience, particularly one’s lover. Venus is a far better partner for Mercury than Mars or Jupiter who don’t necessarily bring out Mercury’s better qualities, at least in this Libra’s opinion. *grin*

We do have plenty of heat provided by a conjunction of Mars and Jupiter in Aries . . . maybe a bit too much in some cases. However, if you feel the need to make your case and push through some difficult issues, being able to draw on this exuberant, enthusiastic combination may just do the trick!

I’m just as happy Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn are out of orb this lunation. Don’t worry; they’ll be back meddling in our lives again.

Take time to get outdoors and commune with the natural world if possible on this New Moon. Go for a walk in the closest park or visit a plant nursery and enjoy the diversity of beautiful plants to be found there. If you can take a drive through the countryside, then keep an eye out for four-footed babies – lambs, calves and foals bouncing about. Relax already!

On a personal note: Ceres in Pisces is conjoining my IC and the New Moon in Taurus is making its self at home in my sixth house, with the Mercury-Venus conjunction in Aries opposing my Libra Moon. Not bad at all! I’m busy these days carting my tomato and pepper plants inside at night and outside during the day to harden them off for transplanting after it finally stops freezing at night. Our chicks are growing quickly and they too need tending to twice a day, cleaning their temporary home in a stock tank and making sure they have food and fresh water. We can’t rush any of these processes either . . . very much in keeping with this New Moon’s theme.

As of this writing, the Taurus grandson is still holding out and driving his very pregnant Gemini mom to the brink waiting for him to make his entrance. Any day now! 😀


New Moon in Aries, April 3-4, 2011

© Vladimir Ivanov | Dreamstime.com

Every once in awhile we get these six planet pileups in one sign during a New Moon and the New Moon at 13° 30″ Aries on April 3, 2011, 7:33 AM PDT is one of them. There is the Sun and Moon plus Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus in the first sign of the zodiac. Please start to turn down the volume now. Thank you.

Personally I believe the real focus needs to be on Saturn in Libra exactly opposing the New Moon because Saturn is going to be doing the heavy lifting for this celestial event. Like a harassed mother getting six kids ready for school and making sure they all remember to take everything they will need for the day, Saturn in Libra has his work cut out for him. Mars is newly arrived in Aries and is conjoined Uranus the rebel, ready to defy anyone and everyone before they even open their mouths to speak. Mercury is retrograde and pouting in the corner while Jupiter is so full of himself it hurts! Thankfully, Saturn has plenty of patience and is determined to make sure this gang plays fair.

If we go by the numbers, Saturn only opposes the Sun, Moon and Jupiter, leaving Mercury to its own devices on this lunation. The natural directness of Mercury in Aries is blunted somewhat by being retrograde and that may be a blessing because this is Mercury who often speaks without thinking things through.

The Mars-Uranus conjunction is intense but not complicated. This is a direct, no nonsense Mars who goes after what he wants. As I see it the biggest drawback to the conjunction with Uranus is the incredibly short attention span . . . five minutes and he’s off to something new. Ignore him even briefly at your peril.

A very interesting pairing is Ceres conjoining Chiron in Pisces. For those who can tap into the potential to heal and nurture others in a selfless way, these two hold the possibility for deep healing. The semi-sextile between these two bodies and Mars-Uranus fascinates me. If a wound needs draining then Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries is the perfect knife to open it quickly and cleanly but NOT painlessly. What I’m saying is just be careful if you decide to investigate old wounds under this influence.

Venus in sympathetic Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn is an amazing combination of compassion and intensity. This is a very complex yet subtle pairing and if you are looking for a new lover under this influence, be prepared for an unusual experience. By the way, this combo favors those with plenty of planets in water and earth. The fire and air signs have already zipped out the door anyway.

If you have something new you wish to launch, this is the New Moon for it. Make sure you check and double check all the details first and if someone older and wiser offers thoughtful advice, it sure won’t hurt to listen. Remember to be kind and use your indoor voice! 😀

On a personal note: The Sun, Moon and Jupiter in Aries all oppose my Libra Moon from the fifth house. Saturn has moved past exactly conjoining my Moon but I bet I get a jolt because of that opposition. Mars-Uranus in Aries are trine my natal Venus in Sagittarius too. Overall sounds the ingredients for a pleasant surprise. Perhaps my grandson will decide it is time to make his arrival? His mom sure is ready for him to do so and I know she is up to the task of rearing a son with six planets in Aries!! *grin*

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