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Observations: Mars in Leo – Dignified, Proud & Enduring

Mars in Leo

Mars in Leo

© Erik Von Lehmann

Mars in now in fixed, fiery Leo and is ready to stand up and roar. Fire signs are good for Mars because he enjoys the heat and directness of fire. The only water sign Mars thrives in is subtle, powerful Scorpio, both Cancer and Pisces are way too indirect for the red planet.

Mars in Leo does have some obstacles to overcome before he can stride forward in style. First Neptune in Pisces will drain off some of his vitality via an inconjunct on September 2, after that Saturn in Scorpio puts a major road block up on September 9, then another inconjunct to Pluto in Cappy will tie him in knots on September 11 before Uranus in Aries comes along to encourage him to soar once more on September 14. In other words the worst will be over in about two weeks. Patience will be required to avoid nasty temper tantrums.

After Venus enters Scorpio on September 10, she will turn up the heat with a square to Mars in Leo on September 28. Pride, jealousy and lots of passion are all part of this fixed square. Leo’s love of attention often triggers Scorpio’s possessive side with unpleasant results. Please respect your lover’s sensitivities because if matters do go south the stubbornness fixed signs are noted for may delay reconciliation, perhaps permanently.

Mars in Leo natally usually blesses the individual with great endurance and physical strength. Being too proud to acknowledge the need to take regular breaks can be their downfall and their health may suffer as a result of pushing it too far. For those of you with Mars in Leo, you will be enjoying your Mars Return, something that occurs roughly every two years. Enjoy!


New Moon in Virgo, September 5, 2013

New Moon in Virgo

New Moon in Virgo

© Heidi

The face off on this New Moon at 13° 04′ Virgo on 5 September  2013, 04:37 AM PDT is between pragmatic earth with support from water and idealistic fire backed up by air. This time there are far more planets in earth and water and that suggests taking a practical approach to problem solving is our best bet. Better put our more idealistic notions on hold.

The New Moon its self is trine Pluto in Capricorn and sextile Jupiter in Cancer. Virgo excels at handling the small stuff our daily lives are made of whilst Capricorn specializes in organization and management. Since providing for our families, no matter how large or small, is often what gets us out the door and off to work, Cancer may be considered a source of motivation. It has always made more sense to me to celebrate all the little joys we experience each day rather than living from crisis to crisis, and this New Moon in the perfect time to reacquaint ourselves with those joys. After all we only experience life one day at a time so let’s not waste those small moments.

Venus in Libra, the only air in this chart, is exactly semi-sextile Mercury in Virgo. This may work out OK because both planets are in the signs they rule. Resolving our differences through intelligent dialogue is a good possibility. Mercury in Virgo’s logical style to problem solving appeals to fair minded Venus in airy Libra.

Poor Mars in fiery Leo looks besieged and very frustrated. It is weighed down by a square to Saturn in Scorpio. Scorpio’s relationship to Leo has strong parental overtones because it is the fourth house to Leo on the Ascendant. And because it is Saturn there is a likelihood of guilt being part of the package. Normally vibrant Mars in Leo may feel completely hemmed in. it doesn’t help to have Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces both inconjunct Mars either. Neptune aspects to Mars have a way of draining its vitality and this will not be helped by controlling Pluto. Those with many personal planets in fire are the most likely to feel their plans are being unfairly blocked.

Uranus in Aries continues to attempt to convince us living in crisis mode is the only way to go. To be blunt, that is horribly exhausting and unsustainable for any length of time. Uranus is inconjunct the New Moon whilst still widely square Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn, no doubt contributing the overall angst and unease. We need to choose our battles very wisely during these turbulent times and always remember to allow plenty of time to recover from those battles. Virgo has much to teach us about what is needed for that recovery.

The strongest appeal for being rational and pragmatic comes from the waxing sextile between Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn. These two are in mutual reception with each planet ruling the other’s sign. Once again these two powerful outer planets are in agreement about the best course of action. Neither have any patience with excess or unfunded mandates. Forget trying to promote projects without excellent funding resources already in place. Vague promises and pretty rhetoric will not cut it. Scorpio and Pluto are both noted for being utterly ruthless if necessary when it comes to cutting away the old to make way for new possibilities.

Is this Virgo New Moon a good time to start new projects and initiate a new phase in our lives? Yes, it is as long as we follow Virgo’s preferences for being of service to others and taking time to make sure we have everything we need on hand. A little humility would be in order too. Quiet confidence will succeed where a boisterous exuberance will not.

On a personal note: The New Moon exactly conjoins my Virgo Midheaven and it would appear it is time to evaluate my career goals and decide what I want to emphasize going forward.

A number of squares are waxing at this time: Mars in Leo square my Jupiter in Scorpio, Jupiter in Cancer square my Libra Moon and the final pass of Saturn square Saturn. Put that all together and the message appears to be disciplined and practical while not squandering my resources. The nice thing about squares is they have a way of revealing the cracks clearly so those can be repaired.

Thankfully Venus in Libra will soon conjoin my Sun-Chiron conjunction and I’ll be able to appreciate my better qualities again. 😀


Libra Weekly Horoscopes for August 26, 2013

Smoky Sky

Smoky Sky

© Diane Lang

First full week with Sun and Mercury in Virgo is ahead and it promises to be a very good week for handling all those small but important practicalities that keep life running smoothly. Virgo is the expert when it comes making sure everything runs like a top!

Solid pragmatic support is on hand for the Sun and Mercury from Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn. As long as we don’t get fancy and stick with the basics, we should be able to make a serious dent in the backlog of tasks neglected or set aside over the past month due to the crazy distractions from Jupiter tweaking Uranus and Pluto. Neptune in Pisces will obscure the Virgo Sun’s view on Monday and Uranus in Aries will attempt to sidetrack communications midweek via an inconjunct to Mercury but if we stay focused and refuse to play Uranus’s games, we should be OK.

Monday and Tuesday, Venus in Libra will trigger the waning Jupiter-Uranus square and place loving relationships in jeopardy. Risky behaviors driven by the need to exercise our autonomy with little to no consideration for anyone’s feelings but our own may be why. Venus-Jupiter squares often mean too much of a good thing and if we overindulge in sweets (Libra), our stomachs will pay the price (Cancer).

Mercury in Virgo is sextile Jupiter in Cancer on Friday, a very sweet aspect. Positive thinking at its best! Maybe we will be able to come up with solutions where everyone wins for a change.

Mars leaves watery Cancer for Leo on Tuesday and will be much the better for the change. Mars is always more comfortable in the fire signs where it can take action in a direct, linear fashion. This shift may give those of us who need to get moving the necessary kick in the pants.

First part of the week looks the most stressful, after that life will smooth out some. With Mars in fiery Leo, there will be a better balance in elements though earth and water do dominate. The passive-aggressive tone of recent months is still in place, though having Mars in a fire sign encourages taking a more assertive stance. Focus on the practicalities and, as always, practice patience and tolerance!

Aries, you should notice a definite improvement this week in the atmosphere. It will be easier to be direct and assertive in your interactions with others, something you love! Taking time to set priorities for your daily routine tops your ‘to do’ list.

Make a point to exercise tact and diplomacy in your communications, Taurus, especially the first of the week. If you don’t, you may do damage to your love life just when it is beginning to look interesting. Be careful about overindulging too.

On the whole this is a good week for you to communicate with various family members, Gemini. For the most part being patient should come more easily though there might be moments when you could cheerfully strangle them. Please don’t . . .

Your thinking starts to come into focus this week, Cancer, and your ability to communicate effectively improves. This should come in handy for conversations with your partner and other family members. Are there fences that need mending? If so, start working on those.

An uptick in your energy levels and the desire to be more physically active may strike you now, Leo. If you have some serious thinking to do, do so while taking a brisk walk. Good time to review your personal resources and talents.

You have a lot going for you right now, Virgo, making it a good time set priorities for the next few months or longer. Friends and associates are a good resource to tap and they should be very willing to give you a hand.

What you have in abundance now, Libra, is warmth and charm. Use it wisely to soothe feelings hurt in recent squabbles with loved ones. You might find yourself conflicted by wanting time to yourself whilst wanting to accept invitations from your peers to socialize.

Constructive networking with peers and other associates looks to be one of your priorities this week, Scorpio. Your natural ability to concentrate is enhanced now, making it a great time to tackle complicated projects. This is good because extra work may be coming your way.

Something to consider, Sagittarius, if you are tempted to push your luck this week is not all luck is good, particularly if it involves other people’s money. You too will get a nice shot of energy now and the best place to apply this is your career.

This might be one of those times when you can combine some traveling with a learning opportunity, Capricorn, which suits you perfectly. It is also one of those times when you need your partner’s good will regarding a potential positive career move. Ask nicely!

It is through your one-on-one relationships, Aquarius, where you may get a much needed boost . . . or lots of arguments! Either way it would appear you won’t be bored for awhile. Sudden changes of mind may hurt your love life. Be tactful please.

Need help these days, Pisces? Look to those who know you the best for support, like your partner or life-long friends. They can offer you sensible solutions to your problems, leading to win-win scenarios. Your ability to keep your feet on the ground improves as the week goes on.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀

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Libra Weekly Horoscopes for October 24, 2011

© Diane Lang

The first full week of Scorpio Season offers days with excellent aspects that always have a simultaneous Scorpio “sting”. For the most part it is Mars in Leo’s large ego being held in check by Venus and Mercury in Scorpio – probably pointing out he needs to show some genuine humility before they will let him stick around.

The week starts out with a lovely trine between the Sun in Scorpio and Chiron in gentle Pisces. I see this as providing us opportunities to identify our inner wounds and enabling us to start working on the healing process. If there is one thing I’ve learned recently in my own life is it IS possible to improve one’s state of health and well being . . . it just takes time and consistent effort. The ‘sting’ is the Sun in Scorpio irritated by a jittery, impatient Uranus in Aries. We might as well stand down and relax because no one will be going anywhere in a hurry.

A truly beneficial trine between Mars in Leo and Saturn in Libra arrives with the New Moon in Scorpio on 26 October. I love harmonious aspects between Mars and Saturn because they are great for making a sustained effort without overtaxing ourselves. Here the ‘sting’ is Venus in Scorpio squaring Mars in Leo. Lots of sexual tension generated by this one but unless Leo loses his arrogance, he will be sleeping alone. Scorpio will NOT put up with it!

Friday, 28 October, is a very dynamic day and looks very favorable for ending the work week on a high note. Jupiter in Taurus is trine Pluto in Capricorn and the Scorpio Sun plays nice with both of those biggies. The fixed sign catch? Mercury in Scorpio takes its turn squaring Mars in Leo and pushing our personal agendas with no consideration for the other side will get us exactly nowhere.

Best use of time and energy this week is to focus how to use the tremendous potential of the Scorpio New Moon. It is an excellent opportunity to clean up our own acts and a really lousy time to interfere in other people’s lives. No amount of arguing and grandstanding will work right now because folks are not in the mood to listen. Practice patience, tolerance, kindness and respect.

Aries, you will need to gather up every shred of patience you have in order to deal with people moving at what you consider a snail’s pace. Turning up the volume will get you more dirty looks than results. Slow down and practice patience!

You love the pace this week, Taurus, and welcome the opportunity to explore all your options in depth. The only fly in the ointment might be some fireworks at home. Better warn your nearest and dearest nothing will change your mind!

It wouldn’t hurt you, Gemini, to tone down the rhetoric and refrain from coming across as arrogant when conversing with coworkers because all that will do is get their back up. You can sweet talk with best of them now if necessary.

Other than the first couple of days this week, you will find it much easier to stay in your comfort zone, Cancer. Things are looking up in the romance department too. Single Cancers may meet someone interesting at a gathering of peers and like-minded individuals.

You are walking tall and feeling feisty, Leo. Take care not to let this go to your head though or you could start taking shots from all sides. Keep your eye peeled for new and exciting career opportunities and burnish that resumé.

Your ability to absorb and assimilate new information is excellent now, Virgo, especially if you let yourself go with your initial impressions. Ordinarily you aren’t prone to exaggeration but you may be tempted to do so this week. Best stick with the facts.

The first couple of days of this week will probably be the most hectic for you, Libra, between meeting personal obligations and dealing with your partner’s demands. After that, you may want to contemplate what’s REALLY important to you and discard the rest.

Ordinarily you can do ‘invisible’ with the best of them, Scorpio, but why waste a great time to draw everyone’s attention to you! This is particularly true regarding your career. Let yourself shine at work and set the stage for a big advance.

It’s what is going on behind the scenes in your life that holds the potential for improving your life, Sagittarius. Sit on things for now and continue to put your best foot forward at work. Friday and Saturday are your best play days.

Networking with peers and like-minded individuals are your best bets for making positive change happen in your life, Capricorn. Take care to put out fires in your professional life the first part of the week, so you can take some time off on the weekend..

Please do your best to keep your partner in the loop right now, Aquarius. You know how important it is to make the most of exciting possibilities regarding your long term goals but you’ll hear about it if you ignore your partner’s needs.

This is a lovely time for you to contemplate the mysteries of Life, Pisces. You may also enjoy sitting down with friends from distant lands, spiritual teachers and others who inspire you to see beyond your immediate environment. Travel if you can.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀


New Moon in Scorpio, October 26, 2011

© Timhesterphotography |

We will have opportunities on this New Moon at 3° 39′ Scorpio on 26 October 2011, 12:56 PM PDT to remember why Scorpio deals with rebirth and regeneration rather the darker side of life often associated with the eighth sign of the zodiac. Please recall the many wonderful healers and caregivers born with Scorpio prominent in their charts also.

Jupiter in fecund Taurus sits opposite the New Moon and Pluto (Scorpio’s ruler) in Capricorn adds richness and diversity via a supportive sextile. This is a very fruitful time to develop new ideas and set plans into motion though it might be awhile before these new seeds start to sprout. The more care you take setting your priorities and making sure you have everything you need to see your project through to fruition the better. We’re talking Capricorn and Taurus who both keep a VERY close eye on the bottom line and Scorpio is no slouch in that department either.

How do we determine what we value – the tangible or intangible? If tangible, does it have to do with monetary value? We may have the perfect opportunity to explore this area on this New Moon with its combination of a preponderance of fixed signs and planets in earth and water signs. In general, the trine between Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn comes down firmly on the tangible side and this is no bad thing. We need to make sure basic needs are met before haring off to save the world or retreat from it altogether in a search for inner peace and harmony. A little healthy pragmatism is very much in keeping with the Scorpio New Moon and Mercury conjoined Venus in Scorpio. Scorpio tends to be very clear about only fighting battles it can win . . . unlike Aries, the Don Quixote of the zodiac. 😀

Something else to keep in mind is the futility of persuading others to change their opinions right now though with Mars in flamboyant Leo squaring the Mercury-Venus conjunction in Scorpio, we’ll probably make the attempt anyway. I’m just saying it will likely be a complete waste of time, energy and money because minds are made up and that’s that! Furthermore Saturn in Libra is exactly semi-sextile Mercury-Venus causing people to see their position as the most fair and equitable one. Like I said . . . waste of time.

Speaking of Mercury conjunct Venus in Scorpio, this pairing will withdraw rather than confront. If it was aggressive Mars conjunct Mercury, you would probably have a fight on your hands but that’s not Venus’s style, she is receptive rather assertive. Scorpio is noted for pulling their energy back when irritated with someone so be prepared for plenty of “no comments” or people flat disappearing when confronted. Strive to be kind, thoughtful and non-judgmental in your communications for best results.

Mars in Leo does have support from a sextile to Saturn in Libra. What this suggests to me is people will respond favorably to those who trot out their best manners and play by the rules. No pushing, shoving or swearing to get your way allowed. The most effective plan of action will take into account what each individual has to offer and utilize that as fairly as possible.

Uranus in Aries does have a say in what happens on this New Moon, mostly by being an irritant. Whether that will be productive or simply annoying is up to the individuals involved. Neptune in Aquarius is sitting this one out, all to the good in my opinion because there will be less confusion.

As long as we allow others to have their opinions, this New Moon is one of the most pleasant we’ve had in quite awhile. It is perfect for generating ideas and putting together plans for long term projects as well as learning about patience and delayed gratification. The art of non-verbal communication is another skill this is a wonderful time to practice and very much needed when so many use texting instead of meeting face to face.

Celebrate the rebirth of possibilities and Life!

On a personal note: I get the full effect of the Mars in Leo square Mercury-Venus in Scorpio because the latter conjoins my natal Mercury-Mars conjunction in Scorpio. I have a choice between going with Mars and using the knife or withdrawing my energy and input altogether. Or perhaps using a combination . . . meh.

The New Moon is within a few degrees of my twelfth house Jupiter in Scorpio with Jupiter in Taurus opposing natal Jupiter from the sixth house. Looks like I will be reviewing my best options of how I may best serve others whilst simultaneously making sure my needs are met. Finding a healthy balance here is essential for accomplishing what I need to do in the months ahead. With Pluto in Capricorn in my second house continuing to pare away the non-essentials, hopefully there will a breakthrough regarding income and financial concerns in general. One of the key components for serving others is to be able to free up the resources to do so. If every scrap of time and energy is going to keep food on the table and a roof over one’s head, it is very hard to help others isn’t it? Anyway, that’s what I’m thinking about these days.