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Observations: What’s Your Mercury Style?

© Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

It’s officially Gemini season with both the Sun and Mercury in the sign of the twins, so a discussion about Mercury is appropriate! The sign your Mercury is in plus how it is aspected offer insights into our personal Mercury style.

If you have Mercury in one of the air signs (Gemini, Libra or Aquarius) the odds are good you are intellectually inclined and enjoy discussing all kinds of things except perhaps emotional issues. Fire sign Mercurys (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) are more spontaneous and can fire off opinions before checking the facts . . . something you probably won’t find the earth sign Mercurys (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) doing. They do not like to look foolish. Water sign Mercurys (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) tend to be the most intuitive and the best at going with their “gut”.

If your Mercury conjoins your Sun, known as Combust, you are usually good at concentrating but tend to be on the subjective side. This is a frequent occurrence because Mercury is usually within 30 degrees of the Sun. When the Moon aspects Mercury, our emotions tend to influence our thinking and Venus blesses Mercury with sweetness and charm. Mars in aspect to Mercury can come across as aggressive and sharp tongued whilst Jupiter makes Mercury a better story teller (a polite way of saying this combo exaggerates).

Of the outer planets, Saturn can stifle Mercury, particularly during childhood, whilst as adults those with Saturn-Mercury aspects have excellent memories and a knack for explaining things clearly. Neptune-Mercury aspects are wonderfully creative, slightly daft or factually challenged . . . take your pick. There is little doubt Uranus gives Mercury brilliance but also reduces the ability to stay focused and on task. The mind can move faster than the tongue at times with Uranus aspects. The ability to focus is seldom a problem for those with Pluto aspecting their Mercury . . . it’s diverting the mind from its current obsession that can be the problem!

My Mercury is in Scorpio conjunct Mars and inconjunct Uranus in Mercury ruled Gemini. I have good concentration skills except when I don’t, if that makes sense. Generally my Pluto ruled Mercury prefers to be in control and carefully edits my communications but occasionally Uranus kicks in and I babble . . . one of the reasons I avoid intoxicants as a rule. Right now Venus Rx in Gemini is conjoining my natal Uranus and triggering that inconjunct and my concentration is all over the place!

What’s your Mercury style? What sign is it in and how is it aspected?


Full Moon in Scorpio, May 17, 2011

© Diane Lang

What a difference a month makes! On the Full Moon last month, the sky was dominantly cardinal and Aries, and now this Full Moon at 26° 13′ Scorpio on 17 May 2011 at 4:09 AM PDT, the fixed signs and earth are on top.

Those who were able to make the most of the inspiration and enthusiasm of the Aries sky and who are ready to get down to work in a practical and focused manner will prosper now. For those who ignored Saturn in Libra’s suggestions for taking the moderate approach and insisted on their way? Well, those folks are in for a rude awakening. Jupiter is still in Aries but without any support for his more outrageous ideas. What is more the Full Moon in Scorpio makes an exact inconjunct to Jupiter and could show up in the form of a forensic accountant to go over the books with an eagle eye. The Sun in practical Taurus sits semi-sextile to Jupiter and he can’t expect any help from there either. Let’s hope those who strayed too far from good sense are prepared to make sincere, abject apologies for their mistakes!

Saturn in Libra is a free agent on this lunation and while available for thoughtful advice, he will not insist anyone take it. However it is still a very good idea to be kind, patient and willing to compromise, not to mention honest!!

Mercury, Venus and Mars are widely conjoined in early degrees of Taurus with wonderful supporting aspects from Neptune and Chiron in Pisces plus a big kiss from Pluto in Capricorn. Earth and water signs are happy, happy people for a change because they are receiving a large dose of nurturance from this configuration. This goes for those of us with earth and water signs rising too. Venus rules Taurus and Neptune Pisces, so the sextile between them creates a marvelous gentle loving energy that opens the heart and allows love to enter. This influence will inspire tangible gestures of affection and caring like taking a few minutes to massage a loved one’s shoulders or offer to clean the house. Fresh flowers are the preferred gift.

Mercury and Mars in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn is perfectly splendid for coming up with solid, realistic tactics to improve one’s situation. If you launched new projects over the last month or so and want to take the next step, this is an excellent time to sit down and come up with an eminently workable plan. Taurus and Capricorn understand exactly how much time and energy it takes to produce real results. They also prefer to deal in facts, not flights of fancy or inspiring rhetoric . . . just concrete facts.

Uranus in Aries is the apex of one of those awkward mini-triangles with semi-sextiles to Neptune in Pisces and Venus-Mercury in Taurus. Usually Venus-Uranus aspects promote love at first sight and Venus-Neptune aspects put us in the mood for romance. However Venus in Taurus is in no hurry ever – even under Neptune’s influence she will still want to see her lover’s bona fides. A more likely scenario is Venus smiling sweetly, enjoying all Uranus’s urgent attentions and then putting him off with a kind word and gentle promise.

For those people with planets and Angles in the early degrees of earth and water signs, this Full Moon looks pleasant indeed, offering opportunities to regroup and recover from the intensity of the past month or so. Scorpio’s edge is softened by the strong Taurus presence, accentuating the possibility of regeneration and rebirth. All of us can join in celebrating the natural world and the pleasures of the senses. It is time to relearn how to pace ourselves!

On a personal note: This Full Moon lines up with my Ascendant-Descendant. The Moon in Scorpio conjoins my Ascendant and encourages a deeper look into how I really feel about what is going on in my life. Saturn in Libra sits in between my Moon and Neptune, continuing to remind me to stay grounded and live in real time . . . no overindulging or flights of fancy allowed. Mercury, Venus and Mars in Taurus are clustered around the cusp of my sixth house trine Pluto in Cappy in my second house. Planets in the earth houses, yay! Maybe I’ll come up with more ideas on improving my work situation and cash flow! That would be good . . . :D


Observations: Speed Bump Ahead – Mars leaves Aries for Taurus

© Designpicssub | Dreamstime.com

We have one week left before Mars leaves Aries for Taurus on 11 May and those who have been enjoying moving at top speed need to prepare themselves for the slow down, while others can hardly WAIT for that to happen!

Mars remains within shouting distance of Jupiter in Aries this last week and is also being cheered on by Mercury and Venus traveling hand in hand in Aries. This is wonderful if you have a chart full of fire signs and/or cardinal signs, making it possible to enjoy this bold, forward thinking energy. If your chart leans towards water and earth or fixed signs, you can hardly wait for this to end.

Riding the Aries energy can be likened to riding a unicycle, staying in motion is what keeps you upright and the faster you go, the easier it is! We’ve been cruising along at a good clip ever since the vernal equinox and have become accustomed to this pace. That’s why it is important to realize when Mars leaves Aries for slow but steady Taurus on 11 May, many will have difficulty keeping their balance and their “unicycles” could fall over. Consider starting to slow down gradually between now and then . . . if you can. It won’t be easy with the other Aries planets urging us to keep up our speed.

I happen to know quite a few people with Mars in Taurus because my Mars in fixed Scorpio is very comfortable with their ideas about tempo and timing. No zipping around lighting fires and starting projects only to leave them lay for Mars in Taurus. They like to do one thing at a time before moving on to the next. Mars in Aries is the hare while Mars in Taurus in the tortoise.

The next step in the Taurus slowdown in when Mercury and Venus leave Aries together on 15 May, and this sweet combo in Taurus epitomizes laid-back and hedonistic. No worries for them!

Which group do you fall in? The one who has loved all this Aries or the one who just wants it all to stop so they can catch their breath.

Check out the Grand Trine in fire in this chart:  Mercury, Venus, Jupiter in Aries – North Node in Sagittarius – Moon in Leo  Those who have planets and Angles at 24° in fire signs get one last super charge! :D



Observations: Temper, Temper – Mercury, Mars, Pluto Conjoined

Wow! Mercury, Mars and Pluto are all hovering around 4° Capricorn! For those who have planets and Angles from two to five degrees in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) what comes out of your mouth now carries great weight.

When Mercury and Mars joined forces recently in Sagittarius, there was plenty of sound and fury but other than being extremely annoying, not much damage was done. Sagittarius is mutable fire and loves a good rhetorical argument just for the sake of argument, no harm no foul. Keep in mind only Mercury and Mars were involved too. Now Pluto is squarely in the middle of things and it’s Capricorn, not Sagittarius. The stakes have been raised considerably.

Capricorn is cardinal earth therefore very focused, practical and results oriented. Pluto adds intensity and ruthlessness to the mix. Mars is exalted in Capricorn and thusly very strong indeed while poor ole Mercury is retrograde and more interested in being introspective than picking a fight.

Another way of looking at this combination is Mercury is being forced to act as a mouthpiece for Mars and Pluto. The thing is Mars and Pluto in Capricorn are a very powerful combination and when they throw a punch it will go through the wall, not bounce off of it. Keep that in mind when you start throwing words around right now because they will be weapons capable of penetrating deep into another person’s psyche.

In our household we have my Mars-Mercury conjunction in Scorpio with Pluto widely square Mars, and my husband has Mercury in Aries trine Pluto, Mars in Scorpio square Pluto and Mars inconjunct his Mercury. Yup! Plenty of very similar energy to the current stellium in Capricorn! In twenty years of marriage, we have almost always steered clear of outright confrontation – both of us, which is saying something for my Aries spouse because Aries does love to jump in with both feet. In his first marriage to another Aries, it was almost constant warfare and he did not want to live that way anymore. What I am getting at is it IS possible to live in peace despite (or maybe because of) having plenty of heavy duty artillery on both sides.

Fortunately this stellium will be dissipating over the next few days with Mercury gradually picking up speed in reverse and Mars moving deeper into Capricorn, away from Pluto. If you are in a belligerent mood, then choose your opponent with care and brace yourself!

Me, I’m going to stick with being as polite as possible and choose my words to heal rather than harm. How about you? :D


Chiron/Neptune square natal Mercury – Poor Communications

Yesterday one of the mares belonging to the people we lease pasture to had to be put down because of complications foaling. It is always difficult to see this sort of thing happen no matter who the animal belongs too. I had to walk through feeling guilty because I noticed something off in her behavior but without a key piece of information – her due date – I didn’t immediately call the owner or the vet. Horses have a very narrow window of time to take action if they are having problems giving birth. If the foal isn’t on the ground in about half an hour/forty-five minutes, it’s not good.

Chiron was at a virtual standstill late yesterday when this all happened as are Neptune and Mercury, all three squaring my natal Mercury in Scorpio. The way I see it is between Neptune’s lack of clarity combined with Chiron’s ability to clarify through pain, my Mercury in Scorpio was lead astray and this was another wake-up call to pay attention to my instincts and intuitive hits. When we did call no one was in the house to answer the phone either, classic Mercury stationing. My SO finally drove over and found someone.

Working through guilt is one of those Scorpio things because we often feel we’re somehow responsible for lots and lots of problems we’re not. In this case, it’s likely the mare would have died in any case because she was carrying twins and they were all “jumbled up” in her womb to quote the vet. Between those conditions and the owners not informing me of the due date, I am digging myself out of the “guilt” pit. Even if I had tracked down the horse’s owner when I first twinged to a possible problem she may have opted not to have a C-section done anyway. It’s a very expensive procedure and they don’t have much extra money right now. It’s sad but these things happen . . . and life goes on as it always does.

Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius both bring messages of compassion and caring but tempered with the reminder to keep the broader picture in mind. Aquarius is best at considering the good of whole and guiding us to the ways and means to achieve it. These are the concepts I am choosing to take with me from this experience.
Postscript [5-27-08]: After processing this experience for a couple of days I realized how insulated most of us who live in the industrialized countries around the world are from the realities of death and the natural cycles of life. Our first reaction is often “of course this can be fixed”! We are so used to being able to throw money and technology at problems with successful results, we forget that may not be the best response.
In this instance, if the owners had paid for the vet to do an ultrasound on the mare within the first trimester and discovered she was carrying twins, they likely would have opted to have them aborted. Live twin foals births are rare – too many things can easily go wrong. As it is, nature took it’s course and the kindness here was the vet putting the horse down before she suffered more attempting to give birth. The foals were already dead, her rectum had prolapsed and essentially she was already a goner.
This is Nature’s way of weeding out the poor quality genes from the pool. My Scorpio/Pluto side has wondered if the Western world has gone too far in saving damaged humans just because they can. It has crossed my mind Pluto’s journey through Capricorn may rectify this situation . . . but that’s another post!
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I just posted on Chiron in Miley Cyrus’s chart on Real Astrologers – really makes me think there is a lot going on behind the scenes with her.
This photo was taken the day before all this took place. The horses are gleaming with health in the sun and it’s the bay mare on the left who died.