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New Moon in Virgo, September 5, 2013

New Moon in Virgo

New Moon in Virgo

© Heidi

The face off on this New Moon at 13° 04′ Virgo on 5 September  2013, 04:37 AM PDT is between pragmatic earth with support from water and idealistic fire backed up by air. This time there are far more planets in earth and water and that suggests taking a practical approach to problem solving is our best bet. Better put our more idealistic notions on hold.

The New Moon its self is trine Pluto in Capricorn and sextile Jupiter in Cancer. Virgo excels at handling the small stuff our daily lives are made of whilst Capricorn specializes in organization and management. Since providing for our families, no matter how large or small, is often what gets us out the door and off to work, Cancer may be considered a source of motivation. It has always made more sense to me to celebrate all the little joys we experience each day rather than living from crisis to crisis, and this New Moon in the perfect time to reacquaint ourselves with those joys. After all we only experience life one day at a time so let’s not waste those small moments.

Venus in Libra, the only air in this chart, is exactly semi-sextile Mercury in Virgo. This may work out OK because both planets are in the signs they rule. Resolving our differences through intelligent dialogue is a good possibility. Mercury in Virgo’s logical style to problem solving appeals to fair minded Venus in airy Libra.

Poor Mars in fiery Leo looks besieged and very frustrated. It is weighed down by a square to Saturn in Scorpio. Scorpio’s relationship to Leo has strong parental overtones because it is the fourth house to Leo on the Ascendant. And because it is Saturn there is a likelihood of guilt being part of the package. Normally vibrant Mars in Leo may feel completely hemmed in. it doesn’t help to have Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces both inconjunct Mars either. Neptune aspects to Mars have a way of draining its vitality and this will not be helped by controlling Pluto. Those with many personal planets in fire are the most likely to feel their plans are being unfairly blocked.

Uranus in Aries continues to attempt to convince us living in crisis mode is the only way to go. To be blunt, that is horribly exhausting and unsustainable for any length of time. Uranus is inconjunct the New Moon whilst still widely square Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn, no doubt contributing the overall angst and unease. We need to choose our battles very wisely during these turbulent times and always remember to allow plenty of time to recover from those battles. Virgo has much to teach us about what is needed for that recovery.

The strongest appeal for being rational and pragmatic comes from the waxing sextile between Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn. These two are in mutual reception with each planet ruling the other’s sign. Once again these two powerful outer planets are in agreement about the best course of action. Neither have any patience with excess or unfunded mandates. Forget trying to promote projects without excellent funding resources already in place. Vague promises and pretty rhetoric will not cut it. Scorpio and Pluto are both noted for being utterly ruthless if necessary when it comes to cutting away the old to make way for new possibilities.

Is this Virgo New Moon a good time to start new projects and initiate a new phase in our lives? Yes, it is as long as we follow Virgo’s preferences for being of service to others and taking time to make sure we have everything we need on hand. A little humility would be in order too. Quiet confidence will succeed where a boisterous exuberance will not.

On a personal note: The New Moon exactly conjoins my Virgo Midheaven and it would appear it is time to evaluate my career goals and decide what I want to emphasize going forward.

A number of squares are waxing at this time: Mars in Leo square my Jupiter in Scorpio, Jupiter in Cancer square my Libra Moon and the final pass of Saturn square Saturn. Put that all together and the message appears to be disciplined and practical while not squandering my resources. The nice thing about squares is they have a way of revealing the cracks clearly so those can be repaired.

Thankfully Venus in Libra will soon conjoin my Sun-Chiron conjunction and I’ll be able to appreciate my better qualities again. :D


Full Moon in Pisces, September 12, 2011

© Patryk Kosmider | Dreamstime.com

There is an ethereal quality to this Full Moon at 19° 17′ Pisces on 12 September 2011, 2:27 AM PDT though I suspect it is due more to my overactive imagination than having any basis in reality. Pisces has this carefully cultivated image of being a fading flower while in truth most Pisces folk are incredibly tough, able to handle almost anything life throws at them.

It is Neptune in Aquarius, Pisces’s ruler, inconjunct Venus in Virgo providing the otherworldly atmosphere, making this a great time to watch a movie about star crossed lovers, full of high drama and oceans of tears. Also feeding the urge to find love and romance is a friendly sextile between Venus in Virgo and Mars in Cancer. When these two planets are in harmonious signs relationships between the sexes generally improves. I would also like to point out Neptune in Aquarius is the apex of a Yod with the Venus-Mars sextile as the base. In a very real sense, making over-the-top romantic gestures may not work out very well because between Venus in Virgo’s common sense and Mars in Cancer’s shyness, those will fall flat. Settle for quiet and sincere ways of expressing your love and affection, OK?

We usually don’t associate Virgo and romance because this earth sign is down to earth and quite practical, so much of Neptune’s need for promoting romantic fantasies will run into serious resistance. That’s not to say Virgo isn’t passionate and loving in their relationships, they are . . . just not in a public way. They leave that to Leo! Instead of a candlelight dinner for two with all the trimmings (and expense), Virgo may bring simple, beautifully prepared healthy foods for two on a picnic in the park. Cost effective and health conscious, what more could you want?

Mercury, Virgo’s ruler, is very happy. It has the full support of powerful Pluto in Capricorn via a close trine and a slightly wider trine to expansive Jupiter in Taurus. This is a great time for reviewing your investments and deciding what to keep and what to drop. I do have to add one caveat – Mercury is also inconjunct Uranus in Aries, creating the potential to rush to judgment and make snap decisions without all the facts. That being said, the supportive trines from the other two heavy-weights will probably offset Uranus’s influence. Besides, there is no other sign more helpful for reading the fine print than Virgo.

We also need to keep in mind that extremely annoying Uranus-Pluto square is still active and is continuing to fuel acrimony in the collective. We will see a drop in intensity by the Full Moon in Aries on 11 October 2011 . . . something to be grateful for. Until then remember to bring as much patience as possible to the table when discussing politics and other inflammatory subjects. *grin*

The Sun and Moon have a rather strained interaction with Saturn in Libra and form a Grand Square with the Moon’s Nodes. What a set up for instant karma! Thoughtless and inconsiderate behaviors are almost guaranteed to rebound immediately reminding everyone why good manners and treating others with kindness consistently (Saturn in Libra) is by far the best way to go. Self-righteous, loud-mouthed bullies will not be tolerated! It is time to develop a good moral code of conduct (North Node in Sagittarius) about when to air one’s opinions (South Node in Gemini).

Celebrate this lovely Full Moon with reverence for the natural world and a sincere appreciation for diversity. Practice tolerance, kindness and patience as if your life depended on it. Who knows? It might.

On a personal note: The biggest reason I have to celebrate on this Full Moon is the Saturn transit to my Moon will finally be history. The last pass brought the full weight of Saturn down on me via my partner, who kept my nose to the grindstone the whole time Saturn was exactly conjoined my Moon. Whew!

Otherwise, it is the Yod having the greatest impact on my natal chart. Neptune in Aquarius is in my third house and exactly trine my Libra Sun. Venus (who rules both my Libra Sun and Moon) is semi-sextile my Sun and Mars in Cancer is closing in on exactly squaring it. All those things I said about patience, tolerance and generally playing well with others applies to moi. :D