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Fast Paced Gemini Moon Day


The Gemini Moon jumps from topic to topic in the blink of an eye today, fun if you enjoy that sort of thing, very frustrating if you don’t. Exacting, controlling types could get bent of shape midday, leading to hurt feelings. Relax, let go of expectations and cultivate your sense of the absurd. Nice evening to spend time with friends.

Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, is zipping along in reverse now. This helps with the overall flow of information but it will be easier to look back rather than forward. After the Moon moves into Cancer late Saturday, we could be hit with bouts of nostalgia and want to reminisce about the “good old days”. Be aware Mercury will be slowing down again next week as it prepares to station direct on October 9.

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Week of September 14, 2015

black eyed susans 522

All the action this week happens in the middle and there is plenty of it then. The biggest event is Saturn finally leaving the dark waters of Scorpio to break out into fiery Sagittarius’s wide open spaces on Thursday, September 17.

Both my own experiences and the feedback I’ve gotten on Saturn’s stay in Scorpio from others suggest it was a long, hard slog with bitter lessons for many. These last couples of months have been intense with Saturn spending the entire time on the final two degrees of Scorpio. Anyone who has personal planets in the fixed signs at 28° – 29° knows this very well. Saturn in Sagittarius will probably feel like an improvement initially, so enjoy the momentary sense of relief. As the Saturn in Sagittarius years unfold I will be writing more about him.

The other event occurring on Thursday is Mercury stationing retrograde at 15° Libra. When Mercury is retrograde in the air signs it is prone to confusion. In Libra this means it could take FOREVER to make a firm decision . . . which is why we seriously need to allow more time and not let ourselves be rushed.

Please don’t be intimidated by Mercury retrogrades. One of the most annoying experiences I had this year took place entirely during a period when Mercury was direct. It took two months, several letters and a couple of big faxes to collect an insurance policy surrender check and manage to find a bank we could deposit it in. Now that was frustrating!

This week Jupiter in Virgo will exactly oppose Neptune in Pisces at 7° on Wednesday, and those who have personal planets in the mutable signs from 6° to 8° will be most affected. When it comes to Jupiter-Neptune aspects we need to expect to deal with variations of the truth. These two are superb story tellers and are more interested to pleasing their audience than sticking with boring facts. This is the only time during Jupiter’s stay in Virgo it will exactly oppose Neptune.

We start the week with the Moon in Libra where she will remain until early Wednesday morning. Her monthly standoff with Pluto in Capricorn happens Monday night and she won’t oppose Uranus in Aries until midday Tuesday. Monday and Tuesday are good days to come up with decent compromises and the overall tone appears pleasant.

The Scorpio Moon has smooth sailing on Wednesday and really doesn’t encounter much resistance until it squares Venus in Leo Thursday evening. Since Saturn will enter Sagittarius before the Scorpio Moon catches up to him, the only other hard aspect is when the Scorpio Moon squares Mars in Leo on Friday afternoon before going void-of-course. Late Friday evening a Sagittarius Moon-Saturn conjunction takes some of the fun out of things.

Saturday we have an unreliable mutable T-Square with the Sagittarius Moon squaring both Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. Be very careful who you party with on Saturday. Sunday looks upbeat and excellent for hanging out with friends . . . lots of good fire energy to inspire fun times and give us a nice note to end the week on.

We are entering a period when time may get slippery. The next two weeks fall between eclipses and that can do odd things to our sense of time. Mercury stationing retrograde only adds to this plus we have a major outer planet changing signs. It is important to give each other the benefit of the doubt and be extra patient with the inevitable delays. Stay present and please be kind.

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Image: Black-eyed Susans © Diane Lang


Aquarius Moon Brings Detachment & Perspective.

Aquarius by Susan Seddon-Boulet

Need some perspective on your life and times? Today’s Aquarius Moon supported by the Gemini planets is here to help. Mulling over old issues and completing unfinished projects will be more productive now with Mercury retrograde and the Moon void-of-course all day. Comfortably detached sort of energy today, something air and fire folk will probably enjoy more than earth and water people.

Word of caution when making plans now. We may not have a good handle on what is workable and what is not. Mercury in Gemini is stalled out now at 4°, preparing to station direct on Thursday and there is little pragmatic earth in the sky to keep us grounded. Small, attainable goals are preferable to grand schemes inspired by all the fire and air planets.

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Image: © Susan Seddon-Boulet


Scorpio Moon contrasts sharply with Gemini Sun


Everyone has an opinion today and isn’t afraid to share it. Busy brains and busy mouths everywhere with a Mercury-Sun conjunction in mental Gemini. A brooding Scorpio Moon says some people may find all this bibble-babble irritating while others might be willing to open up on emotional issues. Be aware though that a great deal of the information floating about this weekend may be extremely unreliable due to Neptune squaring the Sun and retrograde Mercury.

This weekend is one of the better times for transplanting, especially tomatoes, peppers and various flowering plants. The waxing Moon lights up the night, encouraging above ground growth. The Moon will be full in Sagittarius on Tuesday, June 2.

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Gemini Moon Day – Talk It Out

Gemini Fairy by Sandra Macdougall

All in all today is not so bad. We need to respect the limitations imposed by Mercury at a standstill of course – no distracted driving please or expecting communications to work perfectly. The Gemini Moon goes void-of-course midday following a sextile to Uranus in Aries, the perfect aspect for innovative solutions. Air and fire are in charge now and this will continue after the Sun leaves Taurus for Gemini. This means we will be less influenced by emotions and practicalities for awhile.

Yesterday when Mercury was stationing retrograde went very well for me. I successfully contacted an insurance representative, cleared up a billing issue, found important documents I need to send to said insurance company and generally was able to communicate effectively. Amazing. Mercury is the trickster after all. That being said, I’m still going to follow my personal rules for Mercury Retch. :)

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Image: © Sandra Macdougall