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Aquarius Moon Brings Detachment & Perspective.

Aquarius by Susan Seddon-Boulet

Need some perspective on your life and times? Today’s Aquarius Moon supported by the Gemini planets is here to help. Mulling over old issues and completing unfinished projects will be more productive now with Mercury retrograde and the Moon void-of-course all day. Comfortably detached sort of energy today, something air and fire folk will probably enjoy more than earth and water people.

Word of caution when making plans now. We may not have a good handle on what is workable and what is not. Mercury in Gemini is stalled out now at 4°, preparing to station direct on Thursday and there is little pragmatic earth in the sky to keep us grounded. Small, attainable goals are preferable to grand schemes inspired by all the fire and air planets.

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Image: © Susan Seddon-Boulet


Scorpio Moon contrasts sharply with Gemini Sun


Everyone has an opinion today and isn’t afraid to share it. Busy brains and busy mouths everywhere with a Mercury-Sun conjunction in mental Gemini. A brooding Scorpio Moon says some people may find all this bibble-babble irritating while others might be willing to open up on emotional issues. Be aware though that a great deal of the information floating about this weekend may be extremely unreliable due to Neptune squaring the Sun and retrograde Mercury.

This weekend is one of the better times for transplanting, especially tomatoes, peppers and various flowering plants. The waxing Moon lights up the night, encouraging above ground growth. The Moon will be full in Sagittarius on Tuesday, June 2.

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Gemini Moon Day – Talk It Out

Gemini Fairy by Sandra Macdougall

All in all today is not so bad. We need to respect the limitations imposed by Mercury at a standstill of course – no distracted driving please or expecting communications to work perfectly. The Gemini Moon goes void-of-course midday following a sextile to Uranus in Aries, the perfect aspect for innovative solutions. Air and fire are in charge now and this will continue after the Sun leaves Taurus for Gemini. This means we will be less influenced by emotions and practicalities for awhile.

Yesterday when Mercury was stationing retrograde went very well for me. I successfully contacted an insurance representative, cleared up a billing issue, found important documents I need to send to said insurance company and generally was able to communicate effectively. Amazing. Mercury is the trickster after all. That being said, I’m still going to follow my personal rules for Mercury Retch. :)

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Image: © Sandra Macdougall


Gemini Moon + Mercury Rx = Frustration


Mercury in Gemini stationing retrograde today takes the shine of the usually cheerful Gemini Moon. Furthermore Saturn will oppose the Moon early, Mars conjoins it midday and Neptune squares the Moon this evening. Devices like smart phones could be especially frustrating to use. Take a deep breath or three, be prepared to wait and practice patience. It also doesn’t hurt to have Plan A, B and C . . . or more. Adaptability is the key.

Quicksilver Gemini loves to be in motion and multitasking which is why this Mercury Retrograde may be more frustrating than some. When Gemini’s mind is working at less than peak efficiency they suffer, and everyone around them suffers because they don’t do it quietly. The key to successfully dealing with Mercury Retch is to slow down, be patient and be willing to do many revisions. All of those things drive most Geminis nutty. Anyone who uses a smart phone knows how easy it is to send off completely garbled texts between hitting the wrong key and the phone changing the word. Well, that’s very likely to happen over and over this week. What can I say . . . it could be a whole week of Mondays! :)

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Image: © Gal Or


Sagittarius Moon is part of Grand Trine in fire today


As pleasant as today’s Grand Trine in fire is (Sagittarius Moon, Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries), it is far better for relaxing than working. It’s looking like the Sun-Pluto trine in Earth is being more supportive of works in progress than starting new ones. Restive feelings peak this afternoon when the Sagittarius Moon is trine Uranus in Aries. Staying open and flexible is a good idea when Mutable signs dominate as they do today.

I noticed my daily lunar post for yesterday on my facebook page disappeared. We just entered the shadow period (Mercury at 4° Gemini, degree it stations direct on June 11) for Mercury in Gemini going retrograde on May 18 and I suspect this may bring out Mercury’s trickster side. Wouldn’t hurt to take extra care with all Mercury related tasks for the next week or so. This weekend’s Mercury-Neptune square on Saturday could create a perfect storm of misdirection and little white lies . . . all to stir the pot. *sigh*

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Image: © Hans Peter Kolb