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Libra Weekly Horoscopes for February 17, 2014

Aquarius season wraps up this week when the Sun slides gently into Pisces on February 18 and life takes on a softer focus. Those days when the Moon is in the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) we’ll have at least six planets in water. And until the Sun clears Neptune in Pisces on Sunday, February 23, the feeling of walking through the mist and fog will dominate with only occasional glimpses of blue sky.

Mercury is getting back up to speed in reverse and may be mulling over old data at this point. Saturn in Scorpio steps up early in the week to remind Mercury in Aquarius to keep it real via a square, particularly when it comes to our feelings. Aquarius, with its need for taking the long view, tends to overlook the role emotions play in decision making . . . which is usually a huge factor.

Even though the square between Jupiter in Cancer and Uranus in Aries won’t be partile until February 26, they are square by degree starting this week. The ease with which mole hills can be turned into mountains under this influence is pretty amazing. Quarreling amongst family members is a strong possibility. Watch out for a tendency to go to extremes to make a point because whenever Uranus in Aries is on the field, he pushes an all or nothing attitude. Breaks that occur now are potentially permanent.

Saturn in Scorpio has already reached 23° where it will station retrograde and Mars will reach 27° Libra, its station degree, this week. Both planets turn retrograde the first weekend in March, bringing forward momentum to a crawl. This is a head’s up for those of you with personal planets or Angles at those degrees. Activities of the house where this degree falls will be highlighted.

The best way to avoid totally frustrating ourselves this week and over the next couple of weeks is to slow down and pace ourselves. Between Mars and Saturn at a virtual standstill plus retrograde Mercury, pushing and shoving to get ahead is not going to work out well. Do your best to ignore the Jupiter-Uranus square gibbering away in the background saying, “go, go, go!” Stay calm, practice kindness and tolerance, play nice with others and choose moderation!

If anyone needs a firm reminder to slow down and stop rushing headlong through life these days, it is you, Aries. Listen to your partner when they suggest you moderate your pace. You may find it easier to do as the week progresses.

Now you, Taurus, will probably thoroughly enjoy watching others attempt to travel at your natural pace! Please be nice about it and perhaps offer some helpful suggestions about living life in the slow lane. You still have to tend to your public image, so be careful how you talk to your boss.

While your mental agility has returned to some degree this week, Gemini, please don’t take it for granted because you could still stumble over your tongue early in the week. Don’t be afraid to draw on your creative imagination at work towards the weekend.

Recently you may have fallen into a pattern of seriously overestimating your ability to produce miracles at work, Cancer, and if you feel worn down to nothing that is why. Learn to say “no” in a quiet but firm manner and head home a little early for a change.

Your one-on-one relationships may begin to demand less of your attention this week, Leo, though if you are married you might not be able to avoid a serious discussion about who does what around the house. By the way, this is not a good time to make decisions about your investments, OK?!

Hopefully this week will bring you a slight reprieve from the challenges you have had recently is keeping your day decently organized, Virgo. This sort of thing nags at you and can even cause enough stress to affect your health. Allow your significant other to soothe you now.

Between your partner and work related demands, Libra, you may be muttering under your breath far more than usual. The challenge may be deciding just how forceful your response to all this is going to be. You might still be feeling the pinch financially too.

Once again you could find yourself cast in the role of the big, bad wolf, Scorpio, because of something you said to another family member. It may be wiser to allow other more pleasant distractions to soothe your feelings rather than snarling back at them.

Feeling frustrated when looking for the right words could be your lot early this week, Sagittarius. This could turn out to be a bigger problem than usual because you might not be able to talk your way out of a tricky situation resulting from taking too many risks.

Minor cash flow problems might be plaguing you again the first part of the week, Capricorn, as well as another round of challenges keeping the peace between your partner and your more outrageous family members. You may find your communication style more intuitive than usual now.

Your time in the seasonal spotlight is coming to an end, Aquarius. You may still have to handle issues at work the first of the week. From now until February 26, please do your best to rein in a tendency to exaggerate when making statements to others.

Sweet Pisces, it is your turn to enjoy feeling the love! Your knack for knowing how to put your best foot forward in social situations is alive and well now. In fact you might want to dial the old glamor back some over the weekend.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. :D

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Observations: Venus, Mars & Mercury are Dancing

Venus in Capricorn

Venus in Capricorn

© Kat Da Silva

We have a dance happening with Mercury, Venus and Mars the first half of 2014. On January 31, Venus in Capricorn stations direct and Mercury leaves Aquarius for the fluid waters of Pisces. A few days later Mercury will station retrograde on February 6 and begin to dancing backwards into Aquarius. Mars in Libra is currently waiting patiently in the sidelines before he takes his turn stationing retrograde on March 1 . . . the day after Mercury stations direct. Whew!

Venus will station direct at 12° Capricorn within a degree of Pluto in Capricorn whilst Mercury will be cozying up to Neptune in Pisces when it stations retrograde at 3° Pisces. This means both faster moving planets will spend several days in the vicinity of Pluto and Neptune, much longer than usual.

The Venus-Pluto conjunction could seriously curtail spending, especially on what Pluto deems unessential items. This may have been a theme for many during the past month or so of the Venus retrograde and we are getting one last firm reminder of the importance of sensible spending habits.

The feeling I have about the Mercury-Neptune conjunction in Pisces is it will temporarily suspend our preoccupation with all the bad things happening around the world. Aquarius is big on letting everyone know what will happen if we continue on our present course of action, for better or worse. Annoying enough, they are often right. Pisces comes along and reminds us to have faith because someone out there loves us, so relax already.

Now Mars will station retrograde at 27° Libra square Venus in Capricorn . . . putting stress on our relationships with loved ones. In this instance Venus is moving at her usual speed so this will likely be a mere speed bump on the road to True Love. Though it kind of depends on whether or not Saturn stationing retrograde at 23° Scorpio on March 2 is affecting your natal personal planets. Interesting times!!

These back to back retrogrades could be the Universe reminding everyone to slow down and think about what we’re doing instead of dashing from one emergency to the next. Venus retrogrades usually remind us there are more important things in life than money, Mercury retrogrades teach us why we need listen carefully whilst Mars retrogrades offer lessons in pacing as in slow down and live longer! The headlong pace so many embrace is not always healthy, OK?


Observations: Mercury in Aquarius, a Breath of Fresh Air

Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury in Aquarius

© Jena Della Grottaglia

This weekend Mercury leaps into Aquarius and air signs everywhere will begin to feel like they can breathe again. Mercury in Aquarius celebrates all things intellectual and loves to explore new ways of thinking. When Mercury joins Mars in an air sign, there will be two planets in air along the days the Moon swings through Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. It is a small step towards having the elements in a better balance again.

I almost hate to mention the “R” word but I must . . . Mercury is headed towards the first retrograde of 2014. It will station retrograde on February 6 at 3° Pisces and because that is within a degree of Neptune in Pisces I suspect the fog is going to roll in big time around this station. This retrograde will last from February 6 to February 27 when Mercury will station direct at 18° Aquarius. Except for the week or so in Pisces, Mercury will be in Aquarius from January 11 to March 18.

Saturn in Scorpio is going to be the only serious roadblock Mercury in Aquarius runs into and those two will be square three times: January 25, February 19 and March 11. This ought to rein in some of this Mercury’s more outrageous ideas. The best and brightest aspect will only occur once when Mercury is sextile Aquarius’s ruler, Uranus, on January 16 and it will be perfect for coming up fantastic solutions to tricky problems.

We have three trines from Mars in Libra to Mercury in Aquarius coming up. Those should be good for clearing the mental cobwebs out and helping us communicate our needs in a clear, direct yet tactful manner. I’m looking forward to these!

The shift from earth to air will expand our internal horizons and encourage exploring “what ifs” once more. Whilst Mercury in Capricorn has been great for handling mundane matters, it is not much for theorizing and playing with ideas just for the fun of it. Time to contemplate the big picture again!


Observations: Mercury Rx Musings

glowing oak leaves© Diane Lang

As usual what I notice most during Mercury retrogrades is the time dilation. Either my days go rushing by or move at a crawl, seriously messing with my ability to judge how much time has passed. This morning when I woke and realized it was Wednesday, I was surprised . . . it felt more like Thursday! I’m either sleeping heavily or tossing and turning. All of the above relate to Mercury retrograde in my twelfth house and conjoining Saturn, who rules time, in Scorpio.

What I hope to do today is catch up on responding to comments and write a post on Venus in Capricorn. This year Venus’s stay in Capricorn is complicated because she will spend about six weeks retrograde over the turn of the year.

Also want to take a moment and reassure people about this weekend’s sky. Think about this . . . at any given time there are bad things happening to a few people whilst the majority goes about their lives as usual. Most news is of the “if it bleeds, it leads” variety whilst many of us live very ordinary lives and there is NOTHING wrong with that! With all the emphasis on Scorpio, the likelihood is if you are strongly affected by either the Uranus-Pluto square or the Solar Eclipse the initial impact should be largely internal. Yes, I imagine there will be plenty of obsessing over stuff others would consider minor. *grin*

Here are some links to other astrologer’s thoughts on either the Solar Eclipse, Mercury retrograde or both:

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A timely post from Christina – Astrology of Now: Journey Into The Heart Of The Night

Take care, do your best to stay and Happy Halloween!


Libra Weekly Horoscopes for October 28, 2013

delicate red 500© Diane Lang

The entire week is a build up to two major events – the fourth exact Uranus-Pluto square at 9° on November 1 and an exciting New Moon Solar Eclipse at 11° Scorpio on November 3. The fact is the two are inextricably entwined and the best way to handle this is to focus on building reliable and authentic structures in your life. Earth and water continue to be the dominant elements after all.

Our internal dialogues are far more important to our health and well-being than external ones with retrograde Mercury conjoining the Scorpio Sun on Tuesday, October 29. This situation will continue through the rest of this week and probably until Mercury stations direct on November 10. Consider this . . . if we aren’t intimately familiar with our own inner landscape it is much tougher to navigate interactions with others. Learning to know and at least like ourselves has been shown to be a critical factor in attracting positive relationships in our lives. If we don’t like ourselves deep down, it is much more challenging to develop good relationships first with ourselves and then with others.

Mercury continues to feel the love from Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn on Friday whilst taking a hit from Uranus in Aries. Even if it hurts, take your time to think things through. Be as honest as possible and true to yourself. Rushing to reckless judgment calls now is a very bad idea, no matter how tempting it might be.

The Cradle Pattern in earth and water begins to develop on Wednesday when Mars in Virgo exactly opposes Chiron in Pisces. The next day Mars will be trine Pluto in Capricorn and by Friday the Scorpio Sun will be trine Chiron and sextile both Mars and Pluto. I see this pattern as a helpful and useful antidote to the fourth exact Uranus-Pluto square. It seems like the best thing we can do for ourselves is make sure we are basing our opinions on fact as well as building those reliable and authentic structures in our lives as I mentioned above.

Thursday and Friday, when the Moon is in Libra creating a T-Square with Uranus and Pluto, hold the greatest potential for people to lose it. Please take care to treat others as fairly as possible and ALWAYS listen carefully to the other side of the story.

An excellent week to mind our own business, and be kind and forgiving of ourselves as well as those we interact with.

The best way to prevent yourself from coming completely unglued this week, Aries, is to work. Hopefully you will have a complicated, demanding task to tackle that will require intense concentration. Otherwise things could be really dicey late in the week. OK?!

Taurus, you may not be all that bothered by what is driving other people batty at this time. Choosing the right person to team up with though is critical but even there if you follow your gut instincts you will do quite well.

Wondering why your usual approach to problem solving is not working as well as usual, Gemini? That’s because a strictly intellectual approach is not going to give you all the necessary information. Try running it by some of your more intuitive coworkers.

This happens to be one of those times when you have much needed backup who have your best interests at heart, Cancer. Reach out to them and they will be there for you. Be aware your work environment may be tense this week.

The most demands on your time and energy, Leo, look to be coming from your home and family. You might also be in the process of considering moving or doing home maintenance projects. Don’t get in too big a hurry and be very pragmatic.

You are actually in a good place going into this eventful week, Virgo. Your energy levels are decent and your natural organizational abilities will stand you in good stead. Let your creative ideas brew for awhile before running them by anyone else.

You might want to steer clear of confrontations late in the week, Libra, or risk getting into a bigger fight than you’d planned for. Give very careful consideration to what is most important to you now by doing an inventory of available resources.

Clearly there is far more going on with you, Scorpio, than you are willing to share. Keep it that way for awhile yet because sharing too much information before you have your priorities lined out to your satisfaction will hinder rather than help.

These days your work is probably keeping you occupied, Sagittarius, but nonetheless you still have plenty going on behind that smiling face. Whether it is personal frustrations, problems at home or simply contemplating the nature of the universe, the rumblings are almost audible.

At this time you are in a very decent position to meet some long term goals, Capricorn, but I still feel the wisest course is to keep those plans under wraps. You should have a better of idea about the timing of your next move soon.

Dealing with the powers that be in order to further your career, Aquarius, is going to take some serious maneuvering and if you are not completely prepared, it may not end well. Hold off confronting them for awhile to get all your ducks in a row.

Not to put you on the spot or anything, Pisces, but you may be able to make a difference this week by exercising your compassionate side. Don’t worry; you will have plenty of help, especially from an old friend or your partner.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. :D

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