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Libra Weekly Horoscopes for December 10, 2012

© Diane Lang

After a quiet week, the sky lights up with plenty of action again. The tone promises to be more upbeat due to Mercury and Venus entering cheerful Sagittarius this week. Neptune in Pisces will square first Mercury the first of the week and then Venus on the weekend . . . please read all the fine print before signing and be skeptical about all those delightful promises your lover is making because Neptune’s fog machine will be working overtime!

We have a New Moon in Sagittarius on Thursday adding some holiday cheer. Sagittarius does enjoy a good party and as long as we remember to respect other people’s boundaries and beliefs, a good time will be had by all. Given Jupiter in Gemini is being prodded by Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn, we can also expect plenty of wild rhetoric and hot air. Steer clear of controversial topics if you can.

Uranus in Aries stations direct on Thursday though it has been at 4° Aries since mid-November and will remain there until mid-January. Those of you with personal planets and/or Angles at 4° in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) may notice a very, very gradual sense of movement during the second half of December. Don’t expect miracles and continue to practice patience. Mercury in Sagittarius does trine Uranus on Friday and I see a possibility for breakthroughs and the beginning of Neptune’s fog clearing in our thinking.

Venus’s square to Neptune on the weekend may be wonderful for romance of the rose-colored glasses variety. It’s up to you whether or not you want to believe all those lavish promises . . . but if you do, I have this great piece of property for sale, never mind it’s under six feet of water. Is there an upside to this aspect? Yes, there is. If you want to project a glamorous image for those holiday parties, it’s perfect. Be sure to be home by midnight or like Cinderella your coach will turn back into a pumpkin.

Don’t be afraid to go out and have a great time laughing and playing with family and friends. Best plan may be to set limits ahead of time and respect those. If not, the hangover will not be pretty. Be kind, tolerant and patient during all the rushing about Sagittarius so loves.

Grand schemes and big ideas could be on your mind this week, Aries, and if you want these to eventually bear fruit discard all but the most practical. You still have to grit your teeth and be patient . . . not your best thing.

What you need to watch out now, Taurus, is someone who wants to sell you on a get rich quick scam. Usually you are pretty good at spotting those but not at this time. Hold off making any real commitments for a week or so.

This is an especially tricky week for you, Gemini, when sorting fact from fiction might be very challenging for you. You may also find you are more vulnerable to being sweet talked into something you ordinarily wouldn’t do by your significant other.

In your dealings with coworkers or business consultants of any stripe, Cancer, take care to make those are all on the up and up. If you are making travel arrangements for yourself or someone, double check all the pertinent details and allow plenty of time.

Oh boy, Leo, you are right at the top of the list for falling head over heels in love with a totally inappropriate person! If you do meet someone who fascinates you at least give yourself an out just in case of unpleasant surprises.

Virgo, I can hear you mumbling already about idiots who have no idea what they are talking about . . . and that’s probably your partner you are referring to. Dealing with family members could require extra patience this week. Take care of yourself.

This week, Libra, you might want to rein in your fantasies and carefully review what appear to be brilliant ideas before presenting them to others. If you need to sit down with a business consultant of some kind, it would be best to hold off.

As a rule, Scorpio, you are not all that trusting but at this time you may be caught off guard by an appeal from a lover or your child. As long as they aren’t asking for money, it’s OK. If they are, be sure you get ALL the facts.

Sagittarius, you may not know whether you are coming or going or what side is up right now. Lots of exciting possibilities are in the air and you not in a good position to evaluate how genuine they are. Take notes and wait until the fog lifts!

There might be some very important information, Capricorn, you don’t have access to at this time affecting your decision making process. Rather than push ahead with incomplete data, wait until you are sure you know what has been happening behind the scenes.

You could be up for some serious socializing this week, Aquarius, attending holiday parties for various groups you belong to. There is bound to be some heated discussions and you will probably be right in the middle of those! Please keep it light if you can.

When you want to, Pisces, you can do glamorous with the best of them. Put on your favorite costume for those office parties and knock ‘em dead. Flirt a little, break a few hearts and leave them asking for more. Have fun! 😀

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀


New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, November 13, 2012

photo by Michael Myers from his website, The Moon

There is a New Moon Solar Eclipse on 13 November 2012, 02:09 PM PST at 21° 57′ Scorpio and the closest aspect in the lunation chart is a square between retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius and newly direct Neptune in Pisces. Something Scorpio usually excels at is digging up all the dirt and knowing exactly what the facts are, no matter how unpleasant. This time Scorpio discernment runs smack into a Neptune generated fog bank. Will all the nastiness now be reveled? I tend to believe it will be. So if you have been keeping important secrets or playing fast and loose with the truth, your moment of reckoning could be upon you.

Who amongst us will be most affected by the Mercury-Neptune square? Those folks with personal planets and/or Ascendant at 0° in the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces). In the interests of being fair, most did not set out to intentionally mislead others, more than likely they were given bad information in the first place. This is an excellent time to remind everyone to ALWAYS carefully check your sources and verify whether or not you’re working with good data. Is a heartfelt apology or two in order?

The next closest aspect is an inconjunct between stern Saturn in Scorpio and rebellious Uranus in Aries. Since both planets also aspect Pluto in Capricorn – Pluto is sextile Saturn and square Uranus. Here the powerful mutual reception between Saturn and Pluto tilts the scales in their favor, putting Uranus in a less than favorable place. It seems to me the sheer force of the Saturn-Pluto pragmatism is likely to force more idealistic Uranus in Aries to slow down and come a little further into reality. Maybe we’ll see some examples of productive idealism . . . you know, where what at first looks like a crack brained scheme turns out to work quite well.

Disrespecting the feminine with Ceres in Cancer supported by a Grand Trine with Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces is a very bad idea. Uranus in Aries exactly square Ceres may tempt some to throw a few smart remarks out. If so, those who do best remember what happened to those men who made nasty comments about rape in the US elections . . . they lost, big time. Ceres is always a force to be reckoned with as Pluto knows to his sorrow.

It is worth noting the first lunation with the Saturn-Pluto sextile within orb, activating their mutual reception (Saturn rules Capricorn and Pluto rules Scorpio), is also a powerful Solar Eclipse. Looks like we’ll be getting our first real taste of how this mutual reception will play out. As for those who will be most directly affected? Chances are if you have planets or Angles from 4° to 7° in the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) or the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn), it will be you. I may be naïve but I do feel when the dust settles . . . it is Saturn after all . . . and we realize we’ve survived, this sextile will prove very beneficial for most folks.

The third closest aspect is a semi-sextile between Venus in equitable Libra and the New Moon in Scorpio. Can’t say this looks like too much fun for Venus though she may be able to soften the Scorpio intensity some. Libra and Scorpio don’t have a lot in common. Scorpio is way too willing to air Venus in Libra’s dirty laundry . . . very embarrassing for this ultra civilized Venus. The best outcome is Libra tact will allow Scorpio to reveal long hidden agendas without totally devastating all involved. Maybe.

For creative folk we have an out-of-sign sextile between Mars in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. The case here is one of enough differences to spark ideas with enough harmony to grease the gears. Mars is also semi-sextile Mercury in Sagittarius by the numbers though both planets are in the same sign. Like Jazz, the dissonance eventually resolves into harmony then slides back into dissonance . . . challenging but never boring!

Jupiter in Gemini stands alone this time and his best option is to keep everyone’s spirits up and promote good will.

Best tactic for this powerful New Moon in Scorpio is to work hard at being as real and authentic as possible. Take the high road and treat everyone you meet with kindness and respect. This is so not the time to be mean and small minded because doing so may come back to haunt those who are for a very long time. Scorpio may forgive but they never forget!

On a personal note: With this New Moon and North Node straddling my Mercury-Ascendant in Scorpio, I’m taking the authentic thing very seriously because it would appear I’m going to be quite visible for a change. The thought makes me a little uncomfortable, as it should. Fortunately Jupiter is still widely trine my Moon, helping me maintain my sense of humor. *grin*

Mars in Sagittarius is exactly sextile my Chiron in Libra as well as sextile my Libra Sun. Looks favorable for seeing my energy levels begin to pick up post Saturn conjunct Sun. I didn’t realize how much having Saturn conjunct my Sun had worn me down until the effect started to fade. What a transit!


Libra Weekly Horoscopes for November 5, 2012

© Diane Lang

What have we got this week? Well, one Mercury Station retrograde on Tuesday and one Neptune Station direct on Saturday/Sunday for starters . . . plenty of opportunities to step in it! The greatest challenge for this week may be figuring out who is telling the truth or who is feeding us a line of bull. Better double check the facts before leaping to conclusions!

Tuesday’s Mercury Station is accompanied by an awkward inconjunct between the Scorpio Sun and Jupiter in Gemini . . . goes right along with the line of bull comment I made. Scorpio can range from skeptical to deeply cynical and Jupiter in Gemini’s tendency to enlarge on the truth to make a better story sets off Scorpio’s BS meter big time. Mercury is currently in the Jupiter ruled sign of Sagittarius adding to the need to be the best storyteller around. Mercury at a virtual standstill will do little to help out in our search for reality.

Please keep in mind Mercury is still widely square to Neptune in Pisces and once the little rascal turns retrograde it heads back for a second exact square on 13 November, a week after its station. Looks like a whole lot of pretty little white lies to outright whoppers being told to me!

My vote for most pleasant aspect of the week is Venus in Libra’s trine to Jupiter in Gemini late Thursday or early Friday, depending on your location. In air signs, these two friendly planets will be happy to offer an upbeat conversation full of laughter to brighten our days. One of the biggest benefits is being able to defuse potentially explosive situations with a joke or lighthearted comment . . . much needed in these intense times.

Neptune stations direct on the weekend when the Moon is passing through sociable Libra, casting a haze over our interactions with others. On Saturday, the Libra Moon trips over Uranus and Pluto . . . not so fun. However on Sunday, the Moon conjoins lovely Venus and is sextile to Mars in Sagittarius, creating a great atmosphere for enjoying a romantic liaison. Might as well enjoy the moment. *grin*

We’ll all be facing the usual Mercury Retch issues though it will be the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & Pisces) who will feel this one the most. Be patient, allow for plenty of delays and above all, practice tolerance and forgiveness!!

Aries, those of you who are traveling abroad during this time are the ones most likely to end up extremely frustrated by delays. Do your best to prepare for all contingencies. Otherwise enjoy spending quality time with your sweetie later in the week.

If you have contracts pending and important financial matters to close on this week, Taurus, please take extra care to make sure all the paperwork is in order. Still feel you will be OK in the end if you’re careful and patient.

Yup, you are one of those who could step in it big time, Gemini. Now is not a good time to play the trickster as much as you’d enjoy it. Stick with the facts and nothing but the facts to avoid problems.

As I see it, Cancer, you are probably so relieved to have last week behind you, the odd miscommunication in the workplace won’t bother you all that much. The coming weekend is excellent for relaxing in the comfort of your home.

Before you make plans to go out on the town, Leo, please confirm your reservations are all in place. Nothing like getting all dressed up only to find out the place is closed for renovations! No matter what you’ll still have fun.

The area of your life where you may run into the worst holdups, Virgo, has to do with your home and family. There might be communication problems with your significant other too. Make time for your favorite stress busters and wait this one out.

Last week had its share of difficulties for you, Libra, so the occasional verbal stumble and minor disagreement with your siblings will be easy to navigate. Just remember nobody is perfect and we’re all human. Oh and go easy on the chocolate!

Be wary of having money dealings with your lover, Scorpio, because there is critical information you may not have. This might be a case of better safe than sorry. A mini retreat next weekend can do wonders to improve your state of mind.

I know and you know you don’t mislead others on purpose, Sagittarius. It’s just the story is so much funnier if you tweak it here and there. Right now though you better stick to the facts and not embellish the storyline . . . not even for laughs.

Last week’s issues involving your career and family are now history, Capricorn, and you get back on track. Where you need to practice caution is in your dealings with people who have too many secrets. Over-sharing is not a good idea. Careful!

Aquarius, I suggest you closely review any and all agreements you have pending with various organizations you belong to. If someone proposes changes to those, read them over carefully to make sure all is above board. These might have an effect on your income.

Now is so not the time to be daydreaming on the job, Pisces! I know there are times when you get so bored you could scream but please don’t let that show, OK? Put on your responsible face and be present and accountable.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀


Libra Weekly Horoscopes for October 29, 2012

© Pamelahitchon | Dreamstime.com

Right off the bat we have a different tone this week with Venus now in Libra sextile Mercury newly arrived in Sagittarius. Of course, both planets have challenging aspects from Neptune in Pisces (Venus is inconjunct and Mercury square) and denial will be the popular option followed by utter confusion. Fun!

Given Mercury is also slowing as it prepares to station retrograde on 6 November we may end up in a world of hurt if we insist we’re right at all costs. Don’t bet the farm just because some politician says something is a sure thing either. Remember Mars in Sagittarius is currently opposing Jupiter in Gemini and exaggerated, overblown rhetoric may be seen everywhere. Please do your best to verify any and all information before making decisions, OK?

The Venus-Neptune inconjunct is more likely to cause problems on the romance front. Missteps will be easy to make and difficult to recover from. It might not be a bad idea to reserve judgment about new love interests and don’t hesitate to do a background check with those who know them. All that aside, if you are only looking for a little lighthearted flirtation and a few laughs then this version of the ongoing Venus-Mercury sextile will provide opportunities for those.

Remember the Full Moon in earthy Taurus happens on Monday and sets a more serious, down to earth agenda for those who have business to take care of. We continue to have Saturn in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces supporting efforts to bring our ideals in line with reality. Earth and water sign folk stand to benefit the most from this Full Moon.

The latter part of the week finds Venus in Libra triggering the Uranus-Pluto square with Venus opposing Uranus in Aries on Thursday and squaring Pluto in Capricorn on Saturday. This strikes me as potentially causing problems in relationships due to jealousy issues. Venus-Uranus aspects promote erratic behaviors driven by the need to do what we want when we want disregarding other people’s feelings. Venus-Pluto brings out controlling, possessive behaviors . . . yeah, explosive. Watch out for this one, especially if you have personal planets and/or the ASC from 5° to 7° in the cardinal signs.

So . . . if like my peace loving Libra self you’d rather avoid stress and all, make a vow not to discuss politics or religion, be pleasant, non-committal and don’t flirt with intent if you’re already committed elsewhere. And if you are among those who find Mercury Retrogrades challenging, be sure to double check data, back up your computers and verify travel arrangements etc. Those who live on the Eastern Seaboard, please take extra care with the huge storm headed your way. Better safe than sorry!

You might start off your week feeling like you are on a roll, Aries, with lots of big ideas, energy and enthusiasm. However steamrolling over your partner later in the week may be a bad idea as that might backfire on you.

Do what you do best, Taurus . . . keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and ignore those who attempt to meddle with you. You can also count on your partner, either business or personal, to have your back this week.

Even though you are all fired up right now, Gemini, you really, truly need to verify any and all information coming your way, especially if it’s related to your career. Spur of the moment decisions are particularly risky this week. Be careful!

The week starts off on a comfortable note for you, Cancer. You may feel supported and appreciated by your peers with the merest hint of romance floating around. Watch out for disturbances involving family money issues later on though these may quickly pass.

Leo, you have a lot going on this week with both home and career matters competing for your attention along the need to have some fun. Mostly you need to think long and hard about your priorities now. Putting business before pleasure may not hurt.

The positive support you’ve had recently may dissipate this week, Virgo, and you need to take extra care to validate any iffy information you receive. Handle your long term relationships with kid gloves and listen closely to avoid misunderstandings. Also avoid assumptions.

So what if you are looking at life through rose-colored glasses at the beginning of the week, Libra? A brief vacation from reality might be just what you need because by the latter part of the week, you could be up to your eyeballs in family hassles again. *sigh*

That saying about “when times get tough, the tough get going” might be your motto, Scorpio. What others view as catastrophic you see as opportunities to be useful. Feeling compassion for others is easier than usual now. Be realistic about money though.

My advice for you at this time, Sagittarius, is if someone starts showering you with all kinds of wonderful compliments; make sure you know what their agenda is. It might not align with yours at all. Backing the wrong cause could end up very badly.

Have you started to notice changes in your peer group, Capricorn? Are there some people you thought were your friends who are showing signs of being anything but? Rested assured by the time all is said and done, those who are left will be the real deal.

Distractions abound for you now, Aquarius. You may have made important commitments to your career and letting those slide to have fun may not end well. Reward your diligence with some Halloween fun but get right back to work the next day.

The first part of the week is by far the most favorable for you, Pisces. Your mind will feel nicely grounded in the facts enabling you to process information clearly and easily. Avoid the urge to exaggerate to make your case if possible.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀


Full Moon in Taurus, October 29, 2012

© Sasa Maricic | Dreamstime.com

Celebrate the power and beauty of the feminine on the Full Moon at 6° 48′ Taurus on 29 October 2012 12:49 PM PDT. It is also the perfect time to express our appreciation for our Mother, the Earth . . . after all, where would we be without Her?

The lunation axis is part of a Kite Pattern with Chiron in Pisces and Ceres in Cancer emphasizing the need to care and nurture all beings in the collective . . . not just those we feel a personal connection with. When earth and water elements are aligned harmoniously they simply head out and take care of business with little fanfare and drama. People are fed, wounds are treated and wrongs righted in a calm, no nonsense manner and we all benefit.

I see this Full Moon as the perfect time to explore the feminine within and cherish that side of ourselves. Take a walk on the beach or any place where the land meets the water, spend time in silence meditating on the power of yielding or hang out with your favorite member of the fair sex. In this fast paced world we live in we can overlook the quiet beauties of simplicity and gentleness as well as the profound power found in the quiet places within us all.

Pluto in Capricorn plays a powerful supportive role through a trine to the Taurus Moon and a sextile to the Sun in Scorpio. As Saturn in Scorpio is widely conjunct the Sun and in mutual reception to Pluto, it adds more depth and strength to this Wedge Pattern. It is time to get serious about any outstanding debt we’re carrying and setting up a solid, workable to plan to pay those down. Take a common sense approach to budgeting to make sure all the basics are covered and allow just enough “fluff” to keep everyone from feeling too deprived. You know . . . eat out once a month instead of every week? Don’t try to fudge either since the Scorpio-Pluto lie detectors will be operating at peak efficiency.

Venus is now in her home sign of Libra sextile to fast talking Mercury in Sagittarius. The catch is Neptune in Pisces is squaring Mercury and is inconjunct Venus, effectively blurring the truth and creating a perfect setup for smooth talking con artists. Believe less than half of what that hot guy or gal is telling you, and take yourself home . . . alone. A Mars in Sagittarius opposition to Jupiter in witty Gemini so does not help either . . . a perfect storm of romantic misinformation. If you are out having fun at a pre-Halloween party, flirt and enjoy yourself but don’t take anything or anyone too seriously including yourself. Please avoid over indulging in food and drink or you might suffer the hangover from hell the next day for more than one reason!

It wouldn’t do to ignore Uranus in Aries either because it is semi-sextile the Taurus Moon and inconjunct the Sun in Scorpio. Edgy, irritable and quick to take offense may all describe Uranus in this situation. Anyone who has personal planets from 5° to 7° in either cardinal or fixed signs might feel the pinch. Rude, demanding behaviors could earn the Scorpio “Look”. LOL

Where I live in the northern latitudes the days are growing noticeably shorter and it is dark outside at night, especially away from bright city lights. The winter snows have not yet arrived to brighten the landscape and I appreciate the way the Full Moon illuminates the night even more. Contemplating the natural cycles of death and rebirth comes naturally looking over a landscape preparing for winter down time. Celebrate this awareness and how deeply it enriches our lives on this Full Moon in Taurus.

On a personal note: This time around the Sun in Scorpio exactly conjoins my natal twelfth house Jupiter in Scorpio placing the Taurus Moon in my sixth house. Small wonder I’m going on about life, death and transformation! Hey, be sure to read Jeff Jawer’s article on Sun in Scorpio: Fall Cleaning. He does a masterful job of explaining how to work with the Sun and Saturn in Scorpio.

Can I say knowing Mercury moves right along and pulls away from the square to Neptune is great? That’s because tNeptune’s in my third and this square is not going to help with clear thinking. Move on, little Mercury, move on.

Venus in Libra is OK since it will be sextile my natal Venus and the Mars-Jupiter opposition harmoniously aspects my Libra Moon. All to the good! Probably means I’m going to be in a good mood . . . just a trifle spacey. 😀