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Observations: Neptune Stations Direct

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On November 13 Neptune will station direct at 2° Pisces and if we listen deeply enough, we might hear the universe exhale the breath it took in when Neptune stationed retrograde on June 7, 2013. By and large, Neptune stations are very subtle events for most of us unless there is an exact aspect to a personal planet or our Ascendant.

Like the drugs it rules, Neptune in small doses can cure but in large doses it can kill. The same goes for romance. Just as candlelight softens while it illuminates creating a lovely romantic atmosphere; strobe lights and loud music in a nightclub prevent us from seeing the harsher effects of inebriation. Both romance and substance abuse belong to Neptune.

From October 2012 thru June 2013, Saturn in Scorpio was trine Neptune and provided the necessary boundaries to rein in Neptune’s excesses. This is no longer the case and we only have the messenger, Mercury, trine Neptune as it stations direct. Remember the old saying, “don’t shoot the messenger?” It applies in this case because all Mercury does is pass on information, good, bad or indifferent.

My Mercury dwells in the Neptune ruled twelfth house and I have experience with Mercury acting as a messenger between my conscious and unconscious mind. Many, many times over the course of my life information I needed popped into my mind as I was hovering between sleeping and being awake. The biggest challenge is learning to recall that information upon awakening!


Full Moon in Aquarius, July 22, 2013

Full Moon in Aquarius

Full Moon in Aquarius

© Silvia Ganora | Dreamstime.com

The Full Moon at 0° 06′ Aquarius ushers the Sun into lordly Leo on 22 July 2013 at 11:16 AM PDT. Nonetheless the light from the luminaries is diffused by all the water in the sky. It is as if we are standing behind a water fall watching the Sun set and the Moon rise.

For air signs this Full Moon in ultra rational Aquarius is a treat after all the emphasis on touchy feely water. The cool, crisp logic Aquarius brings to bear on problem solving is a joy for those of us with our Sun, Moon or Rising in air signs. Even though this is a short lived event, it reminds us the waters will eventually recede.

Fire signs get a bigger break because this Full Moon marks the beginning of Leo season when the Sun returns to living large in its home sign. Now there will be two planets in fire with Uranus in Aries being the other and when the Moon swings through the fire signs, it will be enough to warm fire sign hearts everywhere.

Venus arrived in Virgo shortly before the Sun entered Leo and is exactly semi-sextile the Sun whilst inconjunct the Aquarius Moon. Venus is eager to pack up her party clothes and retire into the background in Virgo but I have the sense the luminaries aren’t going to let her go just yet. She has little in common with either Leo or Aquarius. She finds Leo’s outgoing enthusiasm wearing and Aquarius sadly lacking in common sense when it comes to aiding the less fortunate. Libras are probably the only ones who will even notice this exchange between Venus and the luminaries as it may make them feel less social than usual.

An opposition between Venus in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces may lead even this down-to-earth Venus astray. Anytime Venus falls under Neptune’s spell, the rose colored glasses come out and common sense falls away. It promises plenty of fun for die hard romantics though.

Mercury, now direct in Cancer, makes a waning square to Uranus in Aries and suggests the need to keep a firm hold on our tempers and our tongues. This square exacerbates the tendency to speak without thinking, especially under emotional duress. Due to Mercury is still moving slowly this aspect will be in effect longer than usual. Adding a powerful undercurrent is an opposition from Pluto in Capricorn to Mercury in Cancer. Control issues of all kinds may provide fuel to the Mercury-Uranus square. Be very careful about laying blame.

The most powerful pattern in this lunation chart is a Kite Pattern embracing the Grand Trine in water. Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces and Mars conjunct Jupiter in Cancer comprise the Grand Trine with Pluto in Capricorn making it a Kite. Whilst the Grand Trine is rather passive in nature, a Kite is often more proactive thanks to the inclusion of an opposition. In this case Pluto in Capricorn opposes Mars and Jupiter in Cancer. Practical, pragmatic Capricorn is happy to work with Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler, to lay out a clear plan of action and the Mars-Jupiter conjunction is the perfect energy source. Learning more about family traditions, studying the family tree and delving into family memories are ways to utilize this energy. Learning about our ancestors and where they came from can help ground us in the here and now.

Despite the injection of fire and air from the luminaries, this Full Moon chart is dominantly cardinal water. The Sun may officially be in fiery Leo but it will still feel like Cancer rules the sky. Remain sensitive to what you feel and what other people are feeling. The waters are shallower now and that will help. Enjoy the moment and may the fortunate Kite Pattern bless us all! By the way, this is the first of two Full Moons in Aquarius. The second one, on 20 August, is 28° and has a nice balance in elements.

On a personal note: My Libra Moon does catch some flack from the Mercury-Uranus square though orbs are wide, probably making me moodier than usual. Thankfully Mars and Jupiter are exactly trine my natal Jupiter and just maybe there will be some good news coming round.


Observations: A Mixed Transit Experience

clematis June 2013© Diane Lang

I made a decision to go ahead with a dental appointment on Monday even knowing it was the Cancer New Moon, Saturn had just turned direct and Mercury was retrograde. In part because I was curious to see how everything would play out and in part because it would be the only day my dentist would be in the office all month.

Saturn in Scorpio is transiting my twelfth house and stationed within two degrees of my natal Jupiter. Neptune in Pisces is trine my Jupiter and transiting Jupiter in Cancer is waxing trine to it. I was fairly confident the ultimate outcome would be favorable though with Saturn in the picture, getting there easily was not guaranteed. That turned out to be the case. When the dentist lifted the old crown out he didn’t like what was reveled, often the case with twelfth house issues. There was practically nothing left of the old tooth except decaying roots. When he suggested I consider having the remains pulled, I told him I had already thought about it and told him to go ahead. My Scorpio side is darn good at running worst case scenarios and this turned to have been a good move.

Jupiter in Cancer is currently transiting my eighth house and I had been prepared to withdraw money from savings to cover the cost of the crown replacement ($1,200~). Having the tooth pulled only cost $202, a substantial reduction and one I could pay out of pocket rather than drawing on savings. I see the tJupiter trine nJupiter helping there.

Any wishful thinking about this whole process can be blamed on Neptune in Pisces transiting my third house. Here again the trine to natal Jupiter and transiting Saturn kept the aforementioned wishful thinking to a minimum. Transiting retrograde Mercury is trine my natal Mars in Scorpio and combined with this procedure being a re-placement, probably kept Mercury retrograde from being a problem.

Other interesting transits that day were Venus in Leo conjoined my natal Pluto, the New Moon Cancer stellium square my Libra Moon and Mars in Gemini trine my Chiron in Libra. Venus-Pluto and Mars-Chiron transits I see as indicating a favorable recovery though not without some pain. The square to my Moon is all about the emotional angst surrounding this experience. It was NOT easy for the dentist to excavate those two decaying tooth roots. It took much longer than a typical tooth extraction and was far more uncomfortable.

Other than having lost a couple of days to pain medication induced mental fog, my recovery looks pretty typical so far. My dentist explained the extraction site would heal from the inside out, something that seems very Scorpio/Pluto to me. We’ll see . . .



New Moon in Capricorn, January 11, 2013

Capricorn, the sea goat© Lynnette Shelley

No doubt about it, the New Moon at 21° 46′ Capricorn on 11 January 2013, 11:43 AM PST is Capricorn to the hilt. Not only are the Sun and Moon in Capricorn but so are Mercury, Venus and Pluto. Add Capricorn’s ruling planet, Saturn, as the leading planet in a Locomotive Pattern and a preponderance of cardinal earth. For those unfamiliar with Jones chart patterns, here is a description of the Locomotive:

Locomotive type, all planets within a 240° arc leaving an unoccupied 120° arc. This
shows a dynamic and practical capacity, especially characterized by the qualities of
the leading planet. Motivated, sometimes to the point of being overbearing

Saturn as the leading planet puts the necessity of taking a no-nonsense, pragmatic approach to life very seriously.

Mercury conjoins the Sun and Moon creating a stand-alone stellium in Capricorn, and this emphasis suggests the need to review this very important and often misunderstood sign. For one thing, it is an earth sign, therefore feminine and receptive in nature. Like its opposing sign, Cancer, Capricorn is a cardinal sign and very good at getting the ball rolling. However, despite Capricorn’s interest in achievement it is rather shy and retiring, preferring to work quietly and tirelessly with little fanfare. Whilst Capricorn is traditionally associated with the father, it fits less well with today’s gender roles and families where both parents have careers. The Capricorn parent, regardless of sex, is the one who sets firm rules and teaches children the value of delayed gratification in pursuit of their goals. Nobody is better than Capricorn for knowing how to set achievable goals and then keep going until those are reached. Success reached by following Saturn’s rules has a solid foundation because no steps were neglected getting there.

Venus has just arrived in Capricorn and forms a lovely waning sextile to Neptune in Pisces (it was exact on 9 January). She also makes a waxing sextile to Chiron in Pisces, exact on 14 January. There is nothing frivolous about either of these aspects and expressions of love are likely to be tangible and practical . . . like giving your sweetheart a pair of rubber boots to keep his/her feet dry instead of flowers. Like the Mercury-Neptune sextile, these are both wonderful for creative endeavors of all flavors, a perfect blend of imagination and practicality. The Venus-Chiron sextile favors gentle handling of vulnerabilities.

A square from Venus to Uranus in Aries has the potential to create considerable discord and is definitely going to stir the relationship pot. Erratic, self-involved behaviors and the insistence on being free to do whatever, whenever could bring budding romances to an abrupt end. Even though she may hide her sensitivities better in Capricorn, Venus is still not about to forgive having her feelings walked on. Capricorn, like Libra, is also very aware of the need for behaving well in social settings. Standing her up for an important social engagement would be a very, VERY bad move.

The last planet in Capricorn is powerful Pluto and the sextile with Saturn in Scorpio is in full play on this New Moon. Whilst this is the perfect New Moon to launch new projects and enterprises, it is extremely important to make sure you are fully prepared. No flying by the seat of the pants allowed. Excuses of any kind are likely to fall on deaf ears . . . whether it’s in the classroom or the boardroom. If you have personal planets and/or Ascendant from 9° to 10° in earth and water signs, the Saturn-Pluto sextile will prove beneficial . . . in fixed Leo and Aquarius, not so much.

Keep in mind the square between Saturn in Scorpio and Mars in Aquarius is still in effect though now waning. The support Mars in Aquarius had recently from Jupiter in Gemini and Uranus in Aries is no longer there. I believe I may have mentioned consequences regarding Mars and those will arrive in full force by the New Moon.
Better luck next time!

The only support out there for fire and air signs is the sextile between retrograde Jupiter in Gemini and Uranus in Aries. This sextile will be gradually gaining strength over the next few weeks though it never does become exact. Still this is an upbeat pairing of inspiration and a willingness to look beyond the obvious solutions. Those who benefit the most are people with personal planets from 4° to 6° in fire and air signs.

As long as we behave with a modicum of maturity and treat others with respect, this could be the best New Moon all year for getting the basics in place for a successful 2013. Remember Saturn is also the Lord of Karma and ignore his strictures at your peril. Instant karma can be exquisitely painful.

On a personal note: Interestingly, this New Moon is exactly sextile the midpoint between my natal Mercury-Mars in Scorpio . . . and Saturn in Scorpio exactly conjoins my twelfth house Part of Fortune. One of the time to mind my P’s & Q’s I guess. Venus and Pluto are still in my second house though the New Moon conjoins the cusp of my third, using Koch Houses. Does appear to favor being able to communicate effectively . . . good news for this blogger!


Libra Weekly Horoscopes for December 31, 2013

Happy 2013 © Drizzd | Dreamstime.com

Whether you are staying home or heading out to party with friends on New Year’s Eve, it will probably be a relaxing, convivial evening thanks to the warm, expansive Leo Moon, an exciting sextile between Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Aries and a soothing sextile between Mercury new arrived in Capricorn and Neptune in sublime Pisces. Enjoy this moment in time because when 2013 rolls in, it will bring cold, hard reality with it.

Mercury’s entrance into thoughtful Capricorn first thing Monday is the biggest shift this week and Mercury will be in the forefront all week. We couldn’t ask for a better aspect for supporting creative work than the Mercury-Neptune sextile. Combining Mercury in Capricorn’s ability to plan and set the perfect short term goals with Neptune in Pisces’ vision, means artists of all kinds can benefit. Creativity thrives when supported by knowledge and planning. For example, those who work with molten glass to create exquisite works of art know without a through grounding in technique they can be badly burned. All the talent in the world cannot compensate for an unwillingness to work hard. 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration . . . that’s the ticket.

Midweek Mercury will square Uranus in Aries, increasing impatience, frustration and generally making people snappish. Stay calm if you can and please don’t leave yourself short of time or sleep. When Mercury forms an inconjunct to Jupiter in Gemini early Saturday, we may get ourselves into more trouble. Promising more than one can deliver or going too far out on a conversation limb without the necessary facts are a couple of possibilities.

Thankfully Sunday brings some serious grounding in reality via a Mercury-Pluto conjunction and Mercury-Saturn sextile. Saturn in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn continues to operate at peak efficiency demanding accountability and taking no prisoners . . . as those inspired to take things a bit too fast by this week’s Mars in Aquarius sextile to Uranus in Aries and trine to Jupiter in Gemini will find out.

Whenever Mars teams up with Jupiter and Uranus, life takes on increasing urgency. Unfortunately Saturn in Scorpio is just about to square Mars, slamming the brakes on big time. My suggestion is to use this energy to focus on putting together a dynamic plan with plenty of flexibility as to launch date. Frustrating for sure.

In my opinion, the biggest favor we can do for ourselves going into 2013 is take this week’s message to heart and always place an emphasis on careful planning featuring attainable goals. Please don’t take anything for granted . . . especially on the financial side because those in charge of funding will be reviewing everything with clear eyes and a no nonsense attitude.

I want to wish all my readers a successful, productive and pleasant 2013. May it be a far happier year for all of us than 2012.

Aries, if you don’t want to drive yourself crazy this week with frustration then tone down your expectations of a speedy outcome. Just because it might appear like all your plans are coming together doesn’t mean there aren’t delays ahead. Patience is the key!!

You stand the best chance of navigating this week effectively, Taurus. Your natural methodical style is a good match for the current need for careful planning before executing. If you feel pressure from higher ups to move faster resist if you can.

What may trip you up, Gemini, is getting too caught up in all the excitement to remember why you need to pace yourself. You love doing things with a group of friends and if this includes traveling together, so much the better.

Enticing new career possibilities could be in store for you, Cancer, though be aware those aren’t likely to happen all that quickly . . . something that should come as no surprise. You may benefit through your one-on-one relationships now. Listen to your inner child too.

It is your partner, either personal or business, who may make life interesting for you, Leo! They are energized and ready for anything. Please do go out with friends to celebrate New Year’s Eve too. A little fun and games might be just what you need.

You are right in tune with this week’s changes, Virgo, because you also excel at good planning and setting sound priorities. Apply those skills to any work related plans to determine whether or not it’s time for you to push ahead or hold back.

Your big challenge now, Libra, is getting your partner to accept their limitations and slow the heck down! Speeding through life at warp speed could cause them to run into insurmountable obstacles. Your ability to charm with words is still operating for now.

Scorpio, this could be a very important week for coming up with new solutions to existing challenges and you will probably live in your head most of the week. Setting goals for the coming year will come easy, so take lots of notes!

Enjoy yourself on New Year’s Eve, Sagittarius, and then plan on getting serious about reviewing your money management issues. Sit down and put together a real budget for 2013 and set easy to reach, short-term savings goals . . . with an emphasis on attainable.

About the only thing that might distract you from taking a long look in the mirror, Capricorn, is family matters midweek. Otherwise this is the perfect time to make improvements, if necessary, to your public persona. You know the importance of projecting the right image.

Aquarius, your ability to think outside the box is in fine form early in the week . . . you may even surprise yourself! Use this to your advantage but please keep in mind you still need to toe the line at work. Take time on the weekend to play.

Ring in the New Year with your peers and associates, Pisces. Staying connected with those people and others who share your sense of what’s importance to the collective could play a big role in the coming year. Follow your intuition for best results.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀