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Observations: Caught by Venus & Neptune Undertow

© Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

I totally underestimated how powerful an undertow would be created by Venus in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces. Venus was so peppy in Aries, she keep my Libra indolence at bay but when she slipped into sweet, laid back Taurus and joined forces with an oh so dreamy Neptune in Pisces, I got slammed.

Both these transiting planets form less than helpful aspects to my natal first house Venus in Sagittarius – Venus in Taurus is inconjunct and Neptune in Pisces is square. Whilst Neptune will be squaring my Venus for a couple of years, the full brunt of that square will most likely be felt when another planet joins forces with it to put pressure on my Venus . . . as is the case this week. Because the first house is being targeted, it is my body being affected and why all I want to do is vegetate. Hopefully the worst of this will pass fairly quickly! I have too much to do to float around in la la land.

Speaking of Neptune, I loved this post, Neptune Puts A Spell On You by Christina of The Oxford Astrologer. She makes a great point about Neptune’s ability to make us fall wildly in love with unpredictable results. All I know is when I got married I was completely bonkers in love . . . and it was when Neptune was busy squaring my natal Moon-Neptune conjunction. All I can say is I was damn lucky everything worked out as well as it has. Maybe because it is also very, very difficult to completely delude a determined Mercury-Mars conjunction in Scorpio. I can be fooled in the short term but not for long.

Let’s hope this affect starts to wear off soonest! With a Mercury Retch just around the corner I need to have my wits about me!