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Pisces New Moon, March 4, 2011

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Pisces dominates this New Moon at 13° 56″ Pisces on March 4, 2011 12:47 PM PST. There are five planets in the twelfth sign of the zodiac, immersing us in this subtle water sign – the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Uranus along with the asteroid, Chiron.

Where ever Pisces falls in your chart deserves your full attention on this lunation because if you have unfinished business there, now is the time to address it. If there ever was an ideal time to quietly sort through the matters of the house Pisces rules in your chart, this is it. Once the Aries volume starts cranking up, that’s it, folks! Remember Jupiter led the way into Aries with Mercury following him on March 9 and the biggie, Uranus, on March 11.

Speaking of Jupiter in Aries, he is part of a small triangular formation with Mars in Pisces at the apex and the waning square to Pluto in Capricorn as the base. This gives Mars in Pisces far more edge than he usually has and normally mild mannered types could surprise their friends and co-workers by standing up for themselves and speaking out in defense of their cherished compassionate values. Pisces is often the champion of the underdog and those who cannot defend themselves. Besides most Pisces folks often have a Scorp or three for back up, not to mention friends in high places (Pluto in Capricorn).

Pisces, in my opinion, is often underestimated because they are chameleons, happy to show others the face they want to see while keeping far more to themselves. It has been said Pisces has a bit of all the signs within them and that’s why they are so good at blending in. Whimsical, amusing, generally kind and as tough as nails is a fair description of your average Pisces.

Saturn in Libra is inconjunct the New Moon, providing support with reservations. Libra and Pisces are generally pretty friendly but they do have different priorities. Saturn in Libra is committed to fairness and equity from an intellectual perspective while the New Moon in Pisces illuminates the need for compassion first and foremost. Both parties can be satisfied though because compromise is in both Libra and Pisces vocabularies.

Venus is newly arrived in cool, detached Aquarius and forms no major aspects at this time. Venus in Aquarius can be described as faithful but not rigid and not given to jealousy. Love is more of an intellectual exercise than expression of passion under this influence. Besides, most of us will be too busy taking care of old business to make time for romance right now anyway.

This is a very focused New Moon chart with Saturn in Libra as the leading planet of a Bowl Pattern, making it easier than usual for normally languid Pisces to step up and get things done. Just remember to be kind and forgiving of others as you bustle around wrapping up all those loose ends!

On a personal note: The New Moon exactly conjoins the cusp of my fourth house with Mars on the third house side and Uranus closing on the cusp of my fifth. Saturn in Libra conjoins my Moon, ruler of the natural fourth house, so taking care of home and family matters will top my “to do” list. Not sure if this means I will be cleaning my closets and washing woodwork but those are possibilities with spring house-cleaning on my mind these days! :D


Scorpio New Moon, November 5-6, 2010

Scorpio is a sign unusually effective at working behind the scenes and setting the stage for presenting the fait accompli. This New Moon at 13° 40″ Scorpio on November 5, 2010, 9:52 PM PDT (November 6, 2010, 12:52 AM EDT) is a very good time to get to work in this manner.

Between this lunation and the Full Moon in Taurus on November 21, three planets will station direct starting with Neptune on November 6 immediately after the New Moon. Venus and Jupiter both go direct on November 18 (a date to circle on your calendar) and as they get up to speed, we will start to see some serious forward momentum. Yay!

The Sabian symbol for 14 Scorpio offers us a good suggestion on where to focus our efforts at this time. It is “Telephone linemen at work installing new connections”. All forms of communication are highlighted and making sure those communications are reaching their intended audience in a clear, effective manner is very important. However, it is also necessary to listen for the real truth in those messages which leads us to a discussion about Mercury.

Mercury in Scorpio is noted for the ability to penetrate to the heart of the matter but in this chart it is exactly square to Neptune in Aquarius. Will this square make it easier to confuse and delude or will the edginess bring clarity? We will find out one way or another after Neptune starts picking up speed going forward. I have a vested interest in this aspect because Mercury is conjoining my Ascendant with Neptune in my third house . . .

Another aspect to Mercury is a trine from Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces, very exciting and potentially creative. How well we can take this energy and use it to good purpose depends on our willingness to be open-minded and think outside the box, otherwise with Neptune whispering in our ear, we could fall prey to our pet delusions. All I can say is double and triple check the facts and make sure your information is coming from as unbiased a source as is humanly possible. The snake oil salesmen are going to be out in force and some of what they have to say will appeal to our most cherished hopes and dreams but have little to no basis in reality.

Another planet making a significant shift is retrograde Venus in Scorpio. She will return to her home sign of Libra on November 7 with a huge sigh of relief, and remain there until she goes direct. When Venus does return to Scorpio on November 29 at least she will be direct, making her somewhat more comfortable.

Do keep in mind Venus is capable of making quite ruthless decisions, especially in Scorpio, about what’s of value and what isn’t. Don’t be too surprised if you look back and realize you have surgically incised some people from your life during this retrograde that REALLY needed to go. A sextile from Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler, to Venus in Scorpio forcibly underlines this.

Scorpio’s co-rulers, Mars and Pluto, are in Sagittarius and Capricorn respectively and consequently make an awkward semi-sextile. Mars in Sagittarius is focused on moving and moving fast, living in the moment after escaping from controlled Scorpio. Pluto in Capricorn’s cool, calm, no nonsense approach frustrates this Mars no end. The message here is to accept your limitations with grace and work within them.

It is worth noting the only close aspect to the New Moon itself is a semi-sextile from Saturn in Libra. If you are contemplating taking a new direction then Saturn is there to remind you of the importance of careful planning and preparation.

All in all, I recommend holding off on going public with your new projects until after November 18 when Jupiter and Venus go direct. Nourish those tender ideas in private and establish your connections so you can take full advantage of the positive rush of the two beneficents moving forward once more. Remember the Sun will be entering enthusiastic Sagittarius on November 22! :D

Image: Great shot of the New Moon behind leafless trees but I am embarrassed to say I haven’t the foggiest idea whose it is and where it came from . . .


Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse, July 11, 2010

I keep looking at the chart for the New Moon in Cancer on July 11, 2010 12:40 PM PDT and what pops out at me is there are two very different messages to be found: One from the New Moon tightly sextile Mars in Virgo and the other dealing with aspects to the cardinal T-square.

The New Moon at 19° 24” Cancer is a solar eclipse, always good for drawing attention to any and all issues of the sign involved. This time around we will be getting a refresher course on all things related to the fourth house and Cancer. Home, family, our mothers, our “roots”, those who share our homes, our ancestors and the dwelling we live in.

Mars in Virgo sextile to this powerhouse suggests it is a good time to tend to the many small tasks most of us have been putting off regarding our homes. You know . . . fix the leaky faucet, mow the lawn, take time for our children (if you have them), decide what color to paint the living room, etc. Both Cancer and Virgo are low key, private signs and much better at working quietly by themselves.

Then there is the cardinal T-square. Welcome to the fast lane! Uranus in Aries, newly retrograde, is conjoined Jupiter in Aries, both squaring Pluto in Capricorn and opposing Saturn at 29° Virgo. All are aspected by Mercury in Leo, Venus in Virgo, Neptune in Aquarius and last but not least, Chiron at 0° Pisces.

An interesting pattern is created with Mercury in Leo semi-sextile Venus in Virgo with Mercury trine Jupiter-Uranus in Aries and Venus trine Pluto in Capricorn (Jupiter-Uranus sq Pluto). The potential here is for the earth signs (Virgo and Capricorn) to battle it out with the fire signs (Aries and Leo). The fire sign contingent is leaping to conclusions as fast as it can while the earth signs are demanding accountability and more attention to details. This could get very ugly very quickly.

There has never been a time when it is more important to make sure everyone clearly understands one another. Are we saying “apple” but what we mean is “orange”? Mercury in Leo is noted more for grand presentation and less for precision. With Jupiter-Uranus yelling ‘go for it’ in the background, we could end shouting at each other only to find out after the fact, we were of the same opinion in the first place. A good rule of thumb is to double check your facts BEFORE throwing yourself into the fray.

Venus in Virgo is also opposing Chiron in Pisces and both are favorably aspecting Pluto in Capricorn. On the surface this is pleasant but with Pluto on board it is best not assume anything. Pluto has a knack for hauling dirty laundry to the surface and Chiron will help with this. Acceptance and forgiveness are the tools needed here because ignoring our less desirable traits and pretending they don’t exist is so not an option.

It is also important to note Venus is inconjunct Jupiter and Uranus in Aries. Aries just flat drives Virgo ‘round the bend with their need to dash on to the next project without finishing the last one. Frustration levels everywhere are being pushed to their limits.

We are a couple of weeks from Saturn moving into Libra on July 21 and my intuitive sense is those who rush to judgment under the current influences will be very unhappy campers when it does. As Saturn pulls away from the inconjunct with Neptune in Aquarius and the fog lifts, reality returns.

The Sabian symbol for 20 Cancer is “Venetian gondoliers in a serenade”. While a romantic interlude is wonderful for relaxation and feeling pampered, keep in mind it is an interlude and thus has little to do with daily life. I see a connection to the semi-sextile between Mercury in fun loving Leo and Venus in more abstemious practical Virgo. When the Sun moves from Leo into Virgo, we often find ourselves cleaning up after the party . . . the natural transition from the pleasures of the fifth house to the workaday routines of the sixth.

All in all a tricky lunation to navigate and patience will be required to emerge with as little damage as is humanly possible. Lately I have felt more and more like I’m standing still in the center of a hurricane, with friends and family swirling around, dashing in and out of my life. These must be the “interesting times” referred to in the Chinese curse!

Today’s the day to write New Moon Abundance checks! Just in case, here’s the link to the “how to” page. :)

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New Moon in Aries, April 14, 2010

Typically the New Moon in Aries is about launching new plans and preparing for liftoff and this one at 24° 27’ Aries on April 14, 2010 PDT is no exception but I do recommend double checking all the facts first.

The reason I’m suggesting caution is an inconjunct between Mars in Leo and Pluto in Capricorn (Mars rules Aries) as well as an inconjunct between Saturn newly returned to Virgo and Chiron conjoined Neptune in Aquarius. Inconjuncts can easily lead to misunderstandings because the energies involved have so little in common.

First, a look at Mars in Leo inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn: Leo is fixed fire and Capricorn is cardinal earth. Leo loves living large, always an expensive proposition, while Capricorn not only pays very close attention to the bottom line but prefers understated to ostentatious as a rule. It is also worth noting any aspect between Mars and Pluto will have a noticeable impact because Mars is the active principle. Pluto is the great leveler, clearing out the old to make way for the new. Between these two planets, something is going to give and the clearer we are about what needs to go, the better. Pluto is not noted for giving a damn about excuses either.

Second, a look at Saturn in careful Virgo inconjunct Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius: Virgo is mutable earth and Aquarius is fixed air. Aquarius is typically interested in issues that concern the collective as a whole and often has very definite ideas about how to solve those, while workhorse Virgo deals with the nuts and bolts of keeping the whole shebang up and running. Saturn IS boundaries and Neptune has none. Chiron reveals our deepest wounds but leaves healing those up to us. In our own lives, these forces usually play in very messy ways – at least they do in mine – but if we can slowly begin to employ Saturn in Virgo’s diligence and attention to detail to start working on developing the necessary boundaries needed to utilize Neptune’s compassion to heal our wounds, we’re good. The secret may be setting the smallest of goals and celebrating each and every one as we achieve them.

I suppose I have to mention the Saturn-Uranus opposition because it’s there and does connect to the aforementioned inconjunct between Saturn, Chiron and Neptune. Uranus is capable of gifting us with the ability to see an old conflict through new eyes but only if we consciously set aside our doubts and fears (Saturn). Truthfully I’ve become so overloaded with the polarization and conflict, I’m getting numb – too much is too much.

The sweet spot in this chart is a loose conjunction of Mercury and Venus in Taurus. If you say “pretty please” they might invite you over for a pleasant visit and ply you with delicious desserts and your favorite beverage. As Taurus and Libra will tell you, fitting in some time to enjoy life once in awhile is highly recommended.

The Sabian symbol for 25 Aries is “A double promise reveals its inner and outer meanings”. The wide sextile between the New Moon in Aries and Neptune in Aquarius promises so much but can it deliver? All the high-minded words, explanations and promises MUST be backed up by performance. Aries=actions and if a person’s actions are not consistent with their words, it follows they will not likely keep their promises as I know to my sorrow.

One other note is Mercury is slowing to station retrograde on Sunday, April 17 PDT. Since Mercury is not exactly zippy in Taurus, we may not notice this one easing up on us. If people take their own sweet time returning your messages and calls that may be why.

This New Moon lands in my fifth house of fun and creativity conjoining my natal Arachne, and it may finally be the best time to do a special wool dying project. Where is it in yours?


Observations: Mixed Bag Monday

Yesterday Jupiter conjoined my IC (cusp of the fourth house) and it was one of the best days around here I have had in a long time. I felt great, my Cancer dad gave me and my siblings some money, my puppy was a good girl for a change and my husband is happily making plans to replace the leaky roof on our front porch. I take back all the snarky things I said about you, Jupiter. Well, most of them . . .

The New Moon today is in my fourth house and trine my Ascendant and while this is very pleasant it does make focusing on the world outside of my home more challenging. Having my husband working on the house this next week or so is not going to help with that either. So if I seem less present on my blog that is probably why.

I wish to add my two cents about how important it is to take care of old business this week because when the Sun moves into Aries this Saturday, I’m guessing it will be much more difficult to stay focused on anything but looking forward. Aries is going to come in with a bang because the Sun will be opposing Saturn in Libra and squaring Pluto in Capricorn, triggering the cardinal T-square.

The temptation to dump anything not new and shiny is going to be tough to resist hence the importance of reviewing old business now. Those people with a strong cardinal emphasis in their charts will be especially inclined to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Libras may have less difficulty because Saturn is firmly in their camp, Capricorns have Pluto riding their backsides but Aries and Cancers are advised to pay strict attention to controlling their impulses.

Another reason to pay attention to what’s happening over the next week is this is a preview into what Uranus and Jupiter moving into Aries in late May – early June will bring. I don’t know whether I’m more curious or apprehensive about that – a little of both for sure.

Today is the New Moon and that means it is time to think about writing abundance checks, go here for more information.

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