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Week of January 4, 2016

Bracing For the New Moon in Capricorn

I sure hope everyone had an easy time of it last week and are feeling rested because this week looks like a bumpy ride. Two planets are stationing retrograde this week, Mercury in Aquarius and Jupiter in Virgo plus we have an exciting New Moon in Capricorn to look forward to on Saturday, January 9.

Mercury will be stationing retrograde on Tuesday at 1° Aquarius square to Mars in Scorpio which sounds like a whole lot of stubborn to me. Once people get an idea in their heads about something or someone, it will practically take an act of god to change it. The expression “learning things the hard way” applies to this situation and those lessons tend to be on the painful side. By Friday, Mercury will return to Capricorn and the tensions created by the square to Mars in Scorpio may begin to ease.

On Thursday Jupiter will be stationing retrograde at 23° Virgo trine Pallas in Capricorn. Pallas excels at seeing patterns and in Capricorn she is very good at spotting successful business models. Having Pallas on hand to ease Jupiter into reverse is a good sign we should be able to rectify mistakes made earlier and catch details we may have missed since mid-October 2015.

I almost hate to mention the fact the Capricorn Sun with be triggering the Uranus-Pluto square this week. The Sun-Pluto conjunction is Tuesday at 15° and the Sun-Uranus square is Thursday at 16°. We all know the drill by now and those of us with personal planets/Ascendant from 14° to 17° in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) could end up dealing with yet another facet of the same stressful situations we’ve been living with the past year . . . again. *sigh*

We may have lessons this week on the value of things and relationships when Venus in Sagittarius squares Neptune at 7° Pisces on Tuesday and conjoins Saturn at 12° Sagittarius on Friday. This will affect those who live on the extremes of Saturn (dourly pessimistic) and Neptune (living in an illusion). The rose colored glasses we are viewing life through early in week could get smashed towards the end. It might be a good idea to steer towards middle ground and do our best to avoid projecting expectations on people or problems. Strive for neutrality and moderation.

When I started contemplating what the Moon was doing this week, I realized how important it is to keep the other luminary in mind. When the Sun is in Capricorn as it is now, the times the Moon is in earth and water signs are more favorable than when she is in fire and air signs.

Monday is a good example of how the Capricorn Sun acts in support of the Scorpio Moon. The Moon is sextile to the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn during the afternoon, and gets the business week off to a good start because this combination is very effective at getting things done.

We can be grateful the last aspect the Scorpio Moon makes Tuesday midday is an upbeat sextile to Jupiter in Virgo after which she goes void-of-course. That’s the day Mercury stations retrograde, Venus squares Neptune and the Sun conjoins Pluto!

Wednesday we wake up a fiery Sagittarius Moon. This is a Moon that always strives to see the bright side and when she taps into the Venus-Neptune square in the afternoon, we may be tempted to join her in la la land. An overnight conjunction to Saturn will sober her right up temporarily but on Thursday the desire to overreach strengthens again. Sagittarius’s ruler, Jupiter in Virgo, stations retrograde on Thursday while squaring the Moon.

On Friday, the Moon enters Capricorn in the morning shortly before Mercury slides back into Capricorn. The Moon is favorably sextile to Mars in Scorpio that afternoon and Neptune in Pisces during the night. All of this is very good for evaluating what we’ve accomplished over the past lunar month before the New Moon on Saturday.

Saturday is taken up with the Capricorn New Moon which balances the stress of the cardinal crunch with a great trine to Jupiter in Virgo. What all of this stirs up may lead to some interesting discussions on Sunday when the Moon conjoins Mercury in the morning. By midday the Moon transitions into detached, airy Aquarius where she will square off with Mars in Scorpio that evening. Bear in mind fixed sign quarrels tend to go nowhere and choose peace.

What occurred to me when I was contemplating this week was how important it is not to get ahead of ourselves. Capricorn excels at knowing what step to take next and the overall slowdown caused by both Mercury and Jupiter stationing requires patience to navigate successfully. Be kind, practice patience and plan for the occasional delay. Expect plenty of lessons in delayed gratification!

Note: Timing is averaged for EDT to PDT.

Image: © Diane Lang


Libra Weekly Horoscopes for December 30, 2013

Capricorn's wild side - The Green Man

Capricorn’s wild side – The Green Man

© vil-painter

Cranky people alert this week! Mars in Libra is at the center of the action on Monday and Tuesday when it squares a Mercury-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn and then squares the Capricorn Sun on Wednesday. Tempers will flare and unless we do our best to remain civil, we could end up saying some pretty unforgiveable things which is not a good option in my opinion.

Having Pluto right in the middle does not help at all. Pluto is ruthless and extreme as well as excellent at promoting obsessions and expectations. What we can work with is ourselves (the Sun), how we communicate (Mercury) and what actions we choose to take (Mars). Just saying . . .

Wednesday brings the first New Moon of the year in Capricorn and it is a real powerhouse. The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Pluto form the apex of a cardinal T-Square with Mars in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries as the base. Here again we have a choice in how we direct this energy. It can be constructive or destructive and both options have their place in the larger scheme of things. After all it is often necessary to clear away the old to make way for something new. The tricky part is figuring out what is worth keeping. There may be so much angst and anger floating around, we could easily obliterate too much . . . including ourselves. Thankfully there is plenty of earth in the sky to help maintain a modicum of common sense.

Both Mercury and the Capricorn Sun will join forces with Jupiter in Cancer late in the week via an opposition. Cancer brings out Jupiter’s spirit of generosity, particularly where family is concerned. Hopefully some fences will be mended as long as we are willing to forgive and forget. Some folk might be feeling so battered by that point in time, they’ll be willing to step back from the brink and play nice.

An important factor to consider this week is the manner cardinal earth and Mars in Libra expresses anger and discontent. Innuendo and nastiness disguised as humor, all veiled by a façade of manners, are likely to be on display in social situations such as New Year’s Eve parties. Unlike fire signs who march right up and tell you they are mad as hell, cardinal earth is subtle in its viciousness – direct but subtle.

Those most vulnerable to this week’s translation of the cardinal T-Square are those with personal planets and Ascendant from 8° to 11° in the cardinal signs. Be careful out there and pay attention to the undercurrents. It is an excellent time to practice tact, patience and kindness.

This may be a tough week for you, Aries, due to a feisty partner and potential head-butting with those in authority. Having to back down is not something you are noted for doing gracefully either. Think about career goals for the coming year too.

It is possible you might be able to dodge some of the worst storms this week, Taurus, though it wouldn’t hurt to keep your head down on the first of the week. A disagreement with co-workers over scheduling issues is another possible glitch.

Getting into heated discussions about joint finances especially involving debts are possible now, Gemini. If you have children and are in the process of setting up funds for their education or attempting to find monies for creative projects, it could be challenging.

You might end up feeling like everyone is out to get you now, Cancer, even if it isn’t the case. Striving to make peace between your significant other and your family might turn out to be a lost cause for now. The weekend looks somewhat more favorable.

I know you love a good party, Leo, and New Year’s Eve is one of your favorites. However, if you overindulge yourself this year, your digestion could really suffer. Eat lightly and be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the evening. Mind what you say too.

Be extra careful at this time, Virgo, when it comes to taking risks or gambling with your hard earned money. Do your homework and talk over the possibilities with your associates and peers. The coming weekend looks good for spending quality time with your partner.

Another dicey week for you, Libra, though with any luck the worst will be over soon. This time around you could end up feeling caught between family demands and your career. The urge to give someone a sharp set down could be hard to resist.

Whether you realize it or not, Scorpio, others may perceive you as beating them over the head with your words. If you consciously dial back the intensity you might be able to do some real good on the behalf of others now.

What you may run into this week, Sagittarius, is some intense discussions about your earning ability, personal finances and self worth. Is your self image tied up with how you make your living? Most balanced advice could come from your peers.

Be very, very clear about what you set into motion now, Capricorn, because this ball may keep rolling for a long, long time. If you end up alienating someone close to you that will probably be the last time you see them.

If you feel like your subconscious is bubbling and brewing, Aquarius, it is! You have plenty to process now. Input from people who inspire you – spiritual teachers, professors, gurus, etc – may be the source of this inner turmoil. Give it some gestation time.

Pisces, there is a pretty good chance you will be more of an observer than an active participant in this week’s main show. Doubt if that breaks your heart. Taking part in group activities dedicated to serving the greater good works for you now.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀

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New Moon in Capricorn, January 1, 2014

New Moon in Capricorn

New Moon in Capricorn

© Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Considering the punch the New Moon at 10° 57′ Capricorn on 1 January 2014, 03:15 AM PST will be delivering, we might want to forgo ringing in the New Year with a wild party. It will be challenging enough to deal with this New Moon sober, much less with a raging hangover. The cardinal T-Square is fully activated, locked and loaded for bear.

The heart of the matter is a tight stellium composed of the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn squaring a Mars in Libra-Uranus in Aries opposition. There are EIGHT planets in cardinal signs and that guarantees plenty of driving energy. As I see it, the need to enforce the status quo (the Capricorn stellium) will be in conflict with a powerful need for taking direct, independent action. We might end up learning more than we want to know about our obsessions with security. Squares have a way of highlighting the less attractive side of the signs involved and Pluto’s presence assures us control issues are going to be in the spotlight. Confrontations are likely and relationships could be tested. No matter how justified a break up might be it will still hurt. Learning to forgive ourselves and others is a part of this process.

Whenever Mercury conjoins Pluto, words have far more weight than usual making it even more important to think before speaking. Listen carefully to what the other person is saying before formulating your response. With Mars and Uranus pressing for immediate action, the likelihood of wild assumptions and rash decisions is increased. Negotiate for more time if at all possible before making a final decision. We are darn lucky Neptune in Pisces is sitting this lunation out because matters would be far more complicated if the Neptune fog machine was confusing everything.

Venus in Capricorn is also outside of the main show. It is now retrograde and probably only affecting those who have personal planets in the cardinal signs at 25° to 27°. Venus ruled Libra and Taurus may find themselves being more reflective and introspective these days.

The waning trine between Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio does gently ease some of the effects of the cardinal T-Square via Jupiter’s opposition to Mercury in Capricorn. Choosing patience and forbearance over aggressive verbal attacks is what Saturn and Jupiter counsel. Restraint and kindness are equally valid.

With earth and water dominating the elements and cardinal the modes, it is cardinal earth (Capricorn) that speaks the loudest. Traditions are important whether following old ones or developing new ones. Respect, consistency and dependability are all necessary ingredients to launching new projects on this Capricorn New Moon. There are vast amounts of energy being generated, so take special care to direct it carefully.

On a personal note: The New Moon Capricorn stellium is exactly sextile my twelfth house Part of Fortune in Scorpio whilst Saturn in Scorpio exactly conjoins my Mars. Venus in Capricorn is sextile my Ascendant and all these Capricorn planets are in my second house. Maybe I’ll finally be able to come up with some better ideas about increasing my income. Sure hope so!


New Moon in Capricorn, January 11, 2013

Capricorn, the sea goat© Lynnette Shelley

No doubt about it, the New Moon at 21° 46′ Capricorn on 11 January 2013, 11:43 AM PST is Capricorn to the hilt. Not only are the Sun and Moon in Capricorn but so are Mercury, Venus and Pluto. Add Capricorn’s ruling planet, Saturn, as the leading planet in a Locomotive Pattern and a preponderance of cardinal earth. For those unfamiliar with Jones chart patterns, here is a description of the Locomotive:

Locomotive type, all planets within a 240° arc leaving an unoccupied 120° arc. This
shows a dynamic and practical capacity, especially characterized by the qualities of
the leading planet. Motivated, sometimes to the point of being overbearing

Saturn as the leading planet puts the necessity of taking a no-nonsense, pragmatic approach to life very seriously.

Mercury conjoins the Sun and Moon creating a stand-alone stellium in Capricorn, and this emphasis suggests the need to review this very important and often misunderstood sign. For one thing, it is an earth sign, therefore feminine and receptive in nature. Like its opposing sign, Cancer, Capricorn is a cardinal sign and very good at getting the ball rolling. However, despite Capricorn’s interest in achievement it is rather shy and retiring, preferring to work quietly and tirelessly with little fanfare. Whilst Capricorn is traditionally associated with the father, it fits less well with today’s gender roles and families where both parents have careers. The Capricorn parent, regardless of sex, is the one who sets firm rules and teaches children the value of delayed gratification in pursuit of their goals. Nobody is better than Capricorn for knowing how to set achievable goals and then keep going until those are reached. Success reached by following Saturn’s rules has a solid foundation because no steps were neglected getting there.

Venus has just arrived in Capricorn and forms a lovely waning sextile to Neptune in Pisces (it was exact on 9 January). She also makes a waxing sextile to Chiron in Pisces, exact on 14 January. There is nothing frivolous about either of these aspects and expressions of love are likely to be tangible and practical . . . like giving your sweetheart a pair of rubber boots to keep his/her feet dry instead of flowers. Like the Mercury-Neptune sextile, these are both wonderful for creative endeavors of all flavors, a perfect blend of imagination and practicality. The Venus-Chiron sextile favors gentle handling of vulnerabilities.

A square from Venus to Uranus in Aries has the potential to create considerable discord and is definitely going to stir the relationship pot. Erratic, self-involved behaviors and the insistence on being free to do whatever, whenever could bring budding romances to an abrupt end. Even though she may hide her sensitivities better in Capricorn, Venus is still not about to forgive having her feelings walked on. Capricorn, like Libra, is also very aware of the need for behaving well in social settings. Standing her up for an important social engagement would be a very, VERY bad move.

The last planet in Capricorn is powerful Pluto and the sextile with Saturn in Scorpio is in full play on this New Moon. Whilst this is the perfect New Moon to launch new projects and enterprises, it is extremely important to make sure you are fully prepared. No flying by the seat of the pants allowed. Excuses of any kind are likely to fall on deaf ears . . . whether it’s in the classroom or the boardroom. If you have personal planets and/or Ascendant from 9° to 10° in earth and water signs, the Saturn-Pluto sextile will prove beneficial . . . in fixed Leo and Aquarius, not so much.

Keep in mind the square between Saturn in Scorpio and Mars in Aquarius is still in effect though now waning. The support Mars in Aquarius had recently from Jupiter in Gemini and Uranus in Aries is no longer there. I believe I may have mentioned consequences regarding Mars and those will arrive in full force by the New Moon.
Better luck next time!

The only support out there for fire and air signs is the sextile between retrograde Jupiter in Gemini and Uranus in Aries. This sextile will be gradually gaining strength over the next few weeks though it never does become exact. Still this is an upbeat pairing of inspiration and a willingness to look beyond the obvious solutions. Those who benefit the most are people with personal planets from 4° to 6° in fire and air signs.

As long as we behave with a modicum of maturity and treat others with respect, this could be the best New Moon all year for getting the basics in place for a successful 2013. Remember Saturn is also the Lord of Karma and ignore his strictures at your peril. Instant karma can be exquisitely painful.

On a personal note: Interestingly, this New Moon is exactly sextile the midpoint between my natal Mercury-Mars in Scorpio . . . and Saturn in Scorpio exactly conjoins my twelfth house Part of Fortune. One of the time to mind my P’s & Q’s I guess. Venus and Pluto are still in my second house though the New Moon conjoins the cusp of my third, using Koch Houses. Does appear to favor being able to communicate effectively . . . good news for this blogger!


New Moon in Capricorn December 24, 2011

© Alessia Giangrande | Dreamstime.com

The flavor of the New Moon at 2° 34′ Capricorn on 24 December 2011, 10:07 AM PST is decidedly cardinal earth – controlled, traditional and determined. The fire and flourish of Sagittarius is put firmly behind us under this lunation with only Mercury remaining in the previous sign.

This is a good time to take another look at Capricorn and remember it is a receptive/feminine earth sign whose natural inclination is to be responsive. In the northern hemisphere this is the time of year when nature is resting and the landscape appears serene. However there is plenty going on beneath the snow and ice in the fertile soil where nutrients are being broken down to prepare for the spring growth spurt. The god Pan is associated with Capricorn and he rules the deep forests and mountains where we can easily lose our way if we don’t stay calm and focused. Traditions can be useful guides as we forge ahead.

The Capricorn New Moon is an excellent time to sit down and look inward to lay the groundwork for the coming year. The trine from Jupiter in fertile Taurus is still in effect and will get a boost on Christmas Day when it stations direct. Taurus strongly favors putting together a solid, consistent plan before taking the first step – something Capricorn favors too. I realize not everyone will be able to ignore that electrifying square to the New Moon from Uranus in Aries, so just do your best to incorporate the driving energy without going overboard. Please keep in mind jumping into a new situation too quickly is not a good idea at this time because you could end up jumping back out just as fast . . . a huge waste of time and resources, something Capricorn frowns on.

There are a couple of semi-sextiles of interest: Sun-Moon in Capricorn semi-sextile Venus in Aquarius and Mercury in Sagittarius semi-sextile Pluto in Capricorn. When it comes to love and romance, Capricorn prefers to take it slow and, at least in public, behave with decorum. Aquarius likes open relationships with plenty of opportunities to experiment. I recommend following Capricorn’s rules in public and Aquarius’s urges in private. 😀

Anytime Mercury brushes up against Pluto it can mean obsession time. Sagittarius is fond of being right and Pluto in Capricorn is willing to take this waaaay too far. If you want to still be on speaking terms with your friends and family after the holidays, squelch the need to be right for now. Good time to practice your active listening skills?

Read my take on the Solstice to learn about the wonderful Saturn in Libra trine to Neptune in Aquarius!

Even though Mars in Virgo is unaspected, it is still the “handle” planet of a Bucket Pattern and consequently gains a great deal of influence. Thankfully Virgo’s willingness to handle all the important details without much fanfare feeds nicely into the planning mode of this New Moon in earthy Capricorn.

Slow down, relax and breathe in the possibilities, always present on the New Moon. Take time to enjoy celebrating with friends and family and hold off on making big changes for now. This is a perfect time to feed your unconscious and let it do its work. Have a fantastic Christmas!

On a personal note: The New Moon falls in my second house semi-sextile my natal Venus in Sagittarius, making it even more important to reflect on what I truly value. Jupiter is poised once more on the cusp of my sixth house, so the trine between the New Moon and Jupiter links two of my earth houses. With a little luck and some careful planning I may start to see improving income in the months ahead.

Chiron in Pisces in my third house of communications is sextile both the New Moon and Jupiter . . . reminding me to take care in my writing to uplift rather than tear down.