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Observations: Aftereffects of Pluto in Sagittarius

I got into a discussion with astrologer CJ Wright of Auntie Moon on facebook about the latest information emerging regarding the growing group of people who do not identify with an organized religious group of some kind. She had linked this article:  Study finds that the number of protestant Americans is declining. And I had just read the results of a poll on Gallup indicating more people in the USA now say the government should not favor a particular set of values. We were conjecturing whether or not these changes were a result of Pluto’s stay in Sagittarius. I’m inclined to believe they are.

There was a great deal in the news during those years reflecting badly on various religious groups such as Catholic Church and their problems with priests abusing the vulnerable. Now Pluto is in Capricorn and focusing attention on various corporate and government hierarchies, we can begin to assess what Pluto wrought in Sagittarius. Pluto works in subtle, far reaching ways bringing about changes that take time to appear and become part of our daily experience.

When Pluto was in Sagittarius, it did not have Uranus squaring it as Pluto in Capricorn does now. That may be why we may see an acceleration of the changes Pluto in Cappy will bring. Uranus and Pluto in cardinal signs supports this because cardinal demands action rather than the endless discussions of mutable Sagittarius. Sagittarius does love an unending philosophical discussion. *grin*

CJ also felt Neptune in Pisces may be part of the emergence of the evidence of changes in the collective. I agree and wish to add Saturn in Scorpio trine Neptune is adding some weight. The damage done by Jerry Sandusky during the Pluto in Sadge years when sport was almost a religion has been rewarded this week by a sentence of 30 to 60 years in prison. Virtually a death sentence for the 68 year old Sandusky has his Aquarius Sun opposing Pluto in Leo. Lynn Hayes wrote an excellent post on The Astrology of the Penn State Scandal.

It’s always fun to indulge in astrological speculation of this nature . . . anyone else have some observations on the repercussions of Pluto in Sagittarius to add?


Uranus in Pisces and My Basement

First I wish to thank all my cyber-friends for their kind birthday wishes for me! You all make me feel very special and believe me right now I’m very, very grateful for every bit of the “good” stuff I can get!!

The day after my birthday the combination of Pluto exactly sextile my Sun and Uranus transiting my fourth house created a dozy of a situation in my home. An inexperienced heating oil delivery man didn’t stop pumping when he heard a burp and we ended up with approx 140 gallons on our basement floor! I can’t help but wonder how much longer he would have kept pumping if I hadn’t smelled diesel, looked into the basement, saw oil everywhere and went running out yelling at him to STOP PUMPING!!!

Fortunately both my husband and I have Mars in Scorpio aspected by Uranus natally so we both are good in emergency situations and got on this ASAP. We dumped 20 30+ lb bags of Sorbol (diatomaceous earth product for absorbing oil) on the spill and worked it in, then swept and shoveled it up. The following morning my husband hooked up a hose to a hot water faucet, and then he washed down the whole area with a combination of detergent and a citrus based cleanser.

It’s been two days and the house is starting to smell better but because we had to have as many windows open as possible for ventilation, the house was down to 55 degrees. We have a small wood stove but that is basically a butt-warmer. It was and still is long underwear and sweater time. I’m hopeful the fumes will leave and we will be able to start the oil furnace up again. And life will return to a semblance of normalcy around here in the not too distant future.

Saturn is transiting my 10th house and my husband’s 6th house and both of us were forced to take time from work related matters like earning a living to tend to this. I still have to talk some more to insurance adjusters but the fuel oil company is bending over backwards to make it right with us. Could it be they don’t want us to declare the house unlivable and demand their insurance and ours pay for a new home?!

So the reason why I didn’t immediately respond to all those nice birthday greetings because I was frantically dealing with another emergency in my basement [we had a plumbing leak the week before]. Sounds like Scorpio, Pluto and Uranus teaming up to see if my adrenals still work and they do!

I decided rather than use of photo of the oil in the basement I’d rather use this shot of some aspens catching the early sun’s rays.

Pluto and Self-defeating Behaviors

Let’s face it, as Pluto winds down his journey through Sagittarius and prepares to enter Capricorn at the end of November, like a lot of other astrologers Pluto and what messages he has for us are very much in my thoughts.

As I was waking up this morning it came to me Pluto either natally or by transit challenges us to face our self-defeating behaviors, the “cut off your nose to spite your face” ones. Those of us with a strong Pluto presence natally start out right out of the gate dealing with these while others have these behaviors brought to their attention by Pluto transits to their personal planets and Ascendant.

Each Pluto generation through the signs have their signature failing. For the Pluto in Cancer folks it was taking their sacrifices for home and hearth to an extreme, for the Pluto in Leo group that I belong to it’s pride in being “right”, Pluto in Virgo people have the possibility of elevating criticism to a fine art (for the other person’s own good of course). The Pluto in Libra generation can go one of two ways . . . taking their idea of justice over the top or being unable to make a decision due to indecisiveness. From what I’ve seen of the Pluto in Scorpio people first you have to get their attention because they can get lost in their current obsession and as for the Pluto in Sagittarius group they may fall prey to righteousness.

My own experience in good Pluto in Leo style lead to me frequently taking a stand for some reason or another and ending up losing out on a treat of some kind because of it. As Pluto gradually moved over my Midheaven and personal planets the awareness began to sink in I was the one causing myself unnecessary grief because of idealistic stances and pride. As a result I have gradually become more and more pragmatic in my general approach to life and it’s challenges. Yes, often I AM in the right but to pursue that course to the end would serve no one’s best interests least of all my own.

As a Libra-Scorpio person it seems the challenge is to find the best compromise available and to realize taking a stand based on pride instead of Scorpio pragmatism won’t allow for a solution benefiting all parties. Almost everyday we see examples of how pride in being right eats up resources when a better alternative would be to let it go and compromise. Politicians of all stripes are extremely good at it!

I know there are a lot of good Plutonians out there and I’m wondering if any of you have had similar experiences or observed others dealing with these issues. Or maybe this is the sort of thing you are learning/have learned through a Pluto transit.

The last of the David Austin yellow roses as fall settles in here.

Pluto and the Politics of Reproduction

Pluto in Sagittarius is now direct and I find myself contemplating how much I dislike the combination of politics and reproductive issues because the underlying theme is control, control, control.

I am very much for women having the final say over what is happening with their bodies. When the first state laws were being passed to legalize abortion it was the issue that sent me to register to vote. As a strongly Plutonian person my own life experiences taught me the importance of deciding for oneself about bringing children into this world. Women, in the western world at least, have far more say about becoming pregnant and whether to have the baby than ever.

However when reproductive issues enter the political realm it is all about power and control, period! End of story. Politicians who use what I view as entirely private concerns to sway voters are no more interested in the health and well being of woman than rape is about sex. Speaking from the perspective of a Scorpio person with a deep reverence for the power and beauty of the cycle of life and death, sexuality and the mysteries of the feminine in all beings, I feel all of these things are being deeply disrespected.

When Pluto was in Capricorn for the first time earlier this year I noticed the beginnings of a shift away from the previous Pluto in Sagittarius years when religious beliefs seemed to hold so much sway in politics and governing. And it was very refreshing. It is my hope that when Pluto moves back into Capricorn in late November we will be moving back to a true separation of church and state which is where the US started in 1776.

For the record, I choose not to vote for any candidate, no matter how qualified or lauded, who does not support a woman’s right to choose for herself with access to good information on birth control and human sexuality in it’s full range of expression. And that’s that! This is Neith’s Scorpio side speaking in case you hadn’t notice. ::::grin::::

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This beautiful image of Scorpio is by digital artist, Kayaga. It captures the subtlety of this complex sign.


Musings on Values and Balance, a Libra Thing

Yesterday I was picking blueberries and musing on the Olympics and how they are a clear example of Pluto’s final hurrah in Sagittarius. China spent billions creating the various beautiful venues and the views are still obscured in smog. What I’m wondering about is the apparent emphasis on appearances over the health of the people in many countries around the world.

In this country the migration from rural America to the cities over the past 100 years or so is reflected by a population who on the whole has no real understanding of where their food comes from or what it takes to grow it, harvest it and get it to the grocery store. Hopefully now that Ceres has gained dwarf planet status, her influence will be encourage more awareness of this problem. We need more people growing their own food and fewer like my very bright stepson-in-law who can speak several languages, makes big bucks working for Microsoft and didn’t know that blueberries start out green.

Honestly I anticipate it will take some major catastrophic event to start the path to restoring balance both here and in China because humans as a group are very fond of their “things”. It has always puzzled me why so many people tend to place more importance on having a fancy car over having clean air, water and a healthy environment to raise their children in.

Restoring balance by renewing our bond with nature and her cycles and developing appreciation for simplicity voluntarily beats the heck out of having Pluto in Capricorn being agitated by the upcoming square from Uranus in Aries do it for us. The voices of the elders and the grandmothers have been drowned out by the excesses encouraged by Pluto’s trip through Sagittarius further supported by the sextile from Uranus in Aquarius during the mid 1990′s to early 2000′s.

So I’m nagging again . . . :-)


On a personal note, the eclipse on August 16 brought us a spike in temperatures with 4 days over 100° F (37° C). The Moon-Neptune was in my 3rd house, the Sun my 9th, and forming a grand cross with my ASC-DES . . . totally messed with my head and left me in an exhausted fog. We usually have summer temps around 80-85°F (26° C) so we don’t have AC installed. Plus this is our biggest month for harvesting fruits and vegetables. Fortunately the weather has cooled down considerably, the onions and garlic are cleaned and drying and I’m starting to feel like a human being again! Life down on the farm is OK but boy am I looking forward to the first hard frost!!

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Here’s a photo of some of those onions I mentioned. These happen to be a variety called “Candy” – they are mild but store reasonably well.