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Observations: Aftereffects of Pluto in Sagittarius

I got into a discussion with astrologer CJ Wright of Auntie Moon on facebook about the latest information emerging regarding the growing group of people who do not identify with an organized religious group of some kind. She had linked this article:  Study finds that the number of protestant Americans is declining. And I had just read the results of a poll on Gallup indicating more people in the USA now say the government should not favor a particular set of values. We were conjecturing whether or not these changes were a result of Pluto’s stay in Sagittarius. I’m inclined to believe they are.

There was a great deal in the news during those years reflecting badly on various religious groups such as Catholic Church and their problems with priests abusing the vulnerable. Now Pluto is in Capricorn and focusing attention on various corporate and government hierarchies, we can begin to assess what Pluto wrought in Sagittarius. Pluto works in subtle, far reaching ways bringing about changes that take time to appear and become part of our daily experience.

When Pluto was in Sagittarius, it did not have Uranus squaring it as Pluto in Capricorn does now. That may be why we may see an acceleration of the changes Pluto in Cappy will bring. Uranus and Pluto in cardinal signs supports this because cardinal demands action rather than the endless discussions of mutable Sagittarius. Sagittarius does love an unending philosophical discussion. *grin*

CJ also felt Neptune in Pisces may be part of the emergence of the evidence of changes in the collective. I agree and wish to add Saturn in Scorpio trine Neptune is adding some weight. The damage done by Jerry Sandusky during the Pluto in Sadge years when sport was almost a religion has been rewarded this week by a sentence of 30 to 60 years in prison. Virtually a death sentence for the 68 year old Sandusky has his Aquarius Sun opposing Pluto in Leo. Lynn Hayes wrote an excellent post on The Astrology of the Penn State Scandal.

It’s always fun to indulge in astrological speculation of this nature . . . anyone else have some observations on the repercussions of Pluto in Sagittarius to add?