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Libra New Moon, October 7, 2010

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Saturn in Libra hovers next to the New Moon at 14°24″ Libra on October 7, 2010, 11:43 AM PDT, slowing forward momentum to a crawl and reminding us to mind our manners.

Sometimes the Sabian symbol is an excellent fit and the one for the New Moon of 15 Libra, “Circular paths” certainly is. Saturn is bound and determined we are going to repeat our particular lessons until we get them right. We can either waste a great deal of energy pitching a fit or we can swear a little then go back and do whatever we need to do ONE MORE TIME!

The New Moon usually provides renewed impetus to move forward, making Saturn’s road block more difficult to accept but believe me, the celestial taskmaster is very, very good at getting his point across.

Mercury is now in Libra after an extended stay in Virgo, reminding us to ask nicely, use our “indoor” voices and refrain from using explicative words. It will conjoin Saturn within about five hours after the New Moon . . . yeah, more Saturn. Rude, crude, uncouth behaviors and speech will go over with a thud. Public displays of such may lead to the perpetrator finding themselves all alone – permanently. Even if these behaviors have been overlooked and forgiven before, there is a strong possibility they won’t be under this influence. Libra types will put up with quite a lot for the sake of peace but when they are done, they are DONE!

Venus, Libra’s ruler, is in Scorpio and will station retrograde just twenty minutes after the New Moon, another factor contributing to the feeling of stasis. The close semi-sextile between Venus and the New Moon deepens the connection and intensifies the effect as does the conjunction with Mars, Scorpio’s co-ruler. Red hot romances and love affairs are likely to cool off very quickly.

A little known fact about sexy Scorpio is their willingness to choose celibacy for extended periods of time if conditions and partners aren’t right for one reason or another. Venus retrograde in Scorpio may trigger one of those times. Don’t freak out if this happens because after you or your Scorpio lover returns refreshed, your love life could be better than ever. [Venus will be retrograde from October 8 to November 18.]

Jupiter and Uranus are still conjoined in Pisces, still semi-sextile Neptune conjunct Chiron in Aquarius. They are sitting over in their own corner, not aspecting anyone else and only those of us with planets and Angles at 26-27 degrees will have to deal with them. There is a great deal of quiet innovation happening in the background, waiting to be revealed at a later date.

I posted more on Neptune-Chiron conjunction in my recent post, Assorted Flavors of Neptune Transits and found an excellent post by Mary Plumb from The Mountain Astrologer on Chiron and Neptune. Better yet is a comment she made in the comment section:

“Yes, I agree that Chiron signifies healing…in this case specifically opening the doors to Neptune’s grace and ability to perceive unity and interdependence…but perhaps some illusion or cherished belief (Neptune) is shattered for that to happen. Chiron also can suggest “the wound” that takes us through that gateway…Chiron is the bridge builder between Saturn (which we can see as ego defenses) and the outer planets…the guide, the teacher and mentor that shows us the way to the great beyond…”

Pluto in Capricorn is also sitting this lunation out and only pestering those people with planets and Angles at 2-3 degrees. That’s OK since he made his presence felt with a vengeance earlier this year. A little Pluto goes a looooong ways!

So muster up your patience, practice behaving in a mannerly fashion even if no one else does and apply liberal doses of kindness to all interactions whenever possible. This New Moon conjoins my natal Moon so I am planning on reminding myself frequently that Saturn rewards good behavior . . . eventually. :D

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