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Observations: Saturn in Libra vs. Saturn in Scorpio

ravens against the snow © Diane Lang

One of the most important changes in the sky from 2012 to 2013 is Saturn finally leaving Libra and moving into Scorpio where it is in mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn. Libra and Capricorn have an adversarial relationship and even though Saturn is exalted in Libra, it didn’t seem to diminish the bickering.

It is easy to forget peace loving Libra is also noted for enjoying a good debate and for changing sides in mid-debate just to keep the ideas flowing. When my Libra Sun mom was growing up, she and her Capricorn sister bickered constantly. She referred to their interactions as part of their “all day argument”. This didn’t bother either of them and they always spoke of each other with respect and appreciation. My mom had much the same pattern with my Cancer sun father, and here again, it bothered me with my sensitive Libra Moon conjunct Neptune more than it did them. Apparently that was simply the way they communicated.

When Saturn entered Libra I thought we would see more compromise by far than we did. It turned out the stressful aspects with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn brought out the argumentative side of Libra rather than the peacemaker. By the time Saturn left Libra for Scorpio, the divisions and polarizations existing both personally and in the collective were deeper than ever, sad to say. Cardinal signs are far better at starting the arguments rather than ending them and I know plenty of people who suffered greatly due to all the acrimonious exchanges of the Saturn in Libra years.

Now Saturn has entered fixed, watery Scorpio and consequently is far less overtly contentious. It is in a harmonious sextile and mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn rather than an abrasive square. The move from an air sign to a water sign also meant going from the gut rather than the intellect. Probably one of the more frustrating aspects of the shift into Scorpio is the serious negotiating will probably take place out of the spotlight, behind closed doors. Scorpio does like to keep everyone in the dark until they have something definitive to offer.

Most astrologers seem to agree as long as Uranus is squaring Pluto (the last exact square is 15 March 2015), the intense sense of polarization will continue. However now that Saturn is working closely with Pluto instead of seeking to thwart him, there is a good possibility progress is in the works to help resolve the worst problems . . . whether the general public knows it or not. One thing I’m sure of is those solutions will be extremely pragmatic and likely to be unpalatable to the idealists among us.

Something else to consider is the need to get in touch with our feeling nature now Saturn is in a water sign. In July 2013 Jupiter will also enter watery Cancer, making this an even greater priority. We will need emotional intelligence then, and in case you are unfamiliar with the term here is a definition:

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself, of others, and of groups.”

Myself, I’m very, very glad to have Saturn in Scorpio rather than Libra! It will be interesting to observe the differences going forward.


Libra Weekly Horoscopes for October 1, 2012

© Diane Lang

Big changes in store this week! First Venus will leave bright, shiny Leo for the delicate tones of Virgo, then Jupiter stations retrograde on Thursday, Friday sees both Mercury and Saturn leaving Libra for Scorpio in tandem and finally on Sunday Mars shifts gears dramatically leaving the comfort of Scorpio for the wide open fields of Sagittarius. Those of us with planets and Angles at 29° to 0° degrees are bound to end the week feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Something else we dare not overlook is the first planet encountered by Venus, Mercury, Mars and Saturn is Neptune in Pisces. For the most part these meetings will be friendly and pleasant if a trifle spacey.

Venus in Virgo will oppose Neptune and this will soften her demeanor making her more open to romantic overtures than usual.

The one I nominate for a gold star is Mercury conjunct Saturn in Scorpio trine Neptune! Talk about a perfect combination of intuition, artistic inspiration and a solid work ethic! This bodes well for artists of kinds, writers, dancers and the rest of us who simply aspire to be creative. Very productive influence!!

Now Mars in Sagittarius butting heads with Neptune is something else. This one creates the potential to be seriously off base with estimates of all types as to the time and energy it takes to accomplish a task. Wait a few days before signing off on contracts locking you into a specific time frame . . . please!

Whenever Neptune tiptoes onto the scene with Venus, romance will bloom. If you have personal planets or an Ascendant at 0° Gemini or Sagittarius, you may get hit by this one . . . and it probably won’t work out in the long run unless you also benefit from that Mercury-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio. This is great for fantasying and watching romantic movies rather than jumping into a new relationship.

Kindly, nurturing Ceres in Cancer, already trine Neptune in Pisces, will form a Grand Trine with Saturn in Scorpio on the weekend. All you water sign folk who need some TLC may have opportunities to receive it. Cancers in particular could use some to recover from the stress of past few weeks.

As for Jupiter stationing on Thursday at 16° Gemini, obviously those who have personal planets or Angles at 16° will feel this the most. Stationing planets can stop at the same degree for some time and Jupiter will stay at 16° from 19 September to 19 October.

One other thing to remember is just before Venus and Mercury change signs they will aspect Saturn in Libra. Venus in Leo makes a lively sextile and Mercury will conjoin Saturn in Libra hours before both enter Scorpio. I see these aspects as giving Saturn in Libra a pleasant sendoff. Venus soothes Saturn and Mercury gives him a voice. We can use this to our advantage as we enter into relationship dialogues this week.

All in all we will still be dealing with a far gentler atmosphere than the last few weeks. Saturn  is leaving Libra on a good note before entering Scorpio, and the Uranus-Pluto square is gradually easing apart. More planets in mutable and fixed signs rather than cardinal balance the energy out too. Not bad at all . . . 😀

After feeling like you needed to push hard to get things done recently, Aries, this week will see the beginning of less resistance. It will be gradual but by next week your focus will shift to more practical matters including reviewing debts, etc.

Your preoccupation with sprucing up your home environment may last through the first part of this week, Taurus, and after that creative projects or perhaps taking time for fun may capture your attention. Brace for serious discussions with your significant other or business partner in the near future.

Even though you might be distracted midweek by conflicting demands from family and work, Gemini, you still ought to be able to come up with viable solutions through your ability to stay mentally focused. This weekend take an in depth look at your health habits and work routines.

Cancer, you will be happy to know the stress and angst of the past few months will begin to lighten this week. You might actually find a loyal friend is there for you even though your love life may be on the prosaic side for some time to come.

Enjoy your last few days in the limelight, Leo, before a whole new set of demands on your time and energy emerge. In your case these demands may come from family and ignoring them will not be an option. Be careful who you party with on the weekend.

Starting this week a new sweetness may soften your demeanor, Virgo, making you very attractive to your partner. A welcome development for you will be the feeling of mental acuity with increased ability to prioritize late in the week . . . great for decision making.

All the heavy lifting you’ve been doing over the past couple of years or so soon ends, Libra. This week will be great for tying up loose ends and seeking closure. Thankfully your ability to be fair and tactful will be in fine form.

Getting together with friends midweek may turn out to be very pleasant, Scorpio. Enjoy the break because come the end of the week, it is your turn to take on extra responsibilities . . . not a problem for your competent self.

If you have trusted your luck to squeak through some tight spots recently, Sagittarius, you may want to rethink that . . . especially when it comes to love and money. Ignore the temptation to behave recklessly on the weekend too. Yeah, no fun at all. :)

Have you achieved what you wanted in your professional life over the past couple of years, Capricorn? If you feel you have, then now is a good time to consider what’s next on your agenda. Networking with your peers will produce good sources of information.

You are about to move into a new phase, Aquarius, where you apply what you’ve learned over the past year or so. Combining the practical with a spiritual approach, oddly enough, may turn out to be very successful as well as financially rewarding.

Perspective is everything for you now, Pisces, and it is very important for you to surround yourself with high quality people. If you have an opportunity to meet a new spiritual teacher, please do so . . . it could change your life.

If you know your Rising sign, read the horoscope for it too. 😀


Observations: More Thoughts on Saturn in Scorpio

Now Saturn is about to enter Scorpio for two and half years and rather than feeling trepidation, it might be better to keep an open mind. Life has enough challenges without adding more needless worrying. I know what I’m talking about here because with a Moon-Neptune conjunction and a twelfth house Mercury, I can do needless worrying with the best of them!

Between Saturn’s reputation as a stern taskmaster and Scorpio’s for being ruthless, it does follow many of us will have to handle some tough issues. However, if we are honest with ourselves we may have to admit to screwing up in the first place. Saturn’s stay in Libra sure put relationship issues on the front burner plus many Libras (including me) got sharp reminders about how we’ve been our handling obligations and responsibilities.

Scorpio rules the eighth house and I highly recommend reading Dana Gerhardt’s excellent article on the eighth house to learn more about it. Death, taxes and sex are all topics many shy away from and we need to get over that because those are all part of the fabric of daily life. Most of us get an introduction to these realities when a loved dies and the estate must be dealt with, a very eighth house event. Something I do anticipate coming up more frequently with Saturn’s passage thru Scorpio is getting serious about outstanding debts . . . as in opening negotiations with your debtors and taking steps to begin paying those down. Talk about setting up family budgets and openly discussing money issues instead of pretending they don’t exist may also be occurring. Ignorance is NOT bliss when it comes to money problems.

Scorpio is also noted for loyalty and standing by their friends in times of trouble. Perhaps by the time Saturn leaves Scorpio we’ll all know who our true friends are because they’ll be the ones still there.

Maybe it would help to take inventory of the Scorps you know well, especially those over thirty (post first Saturn Return) and then see what you think. Of course, if you have lots of Leo or Aquarius (square to Scorpio) your experiences with this intense sign may be less than favorable. Scorpio does have a knack for making remarks designed to deflate large egos or point out overlooked details. Often your more altruistic Scorpio will avoid drawing attention to his/her good deeds, preferring to keep on doing the good work rather than stopping to step into the spotlight.

There are plenty of us around who have lived through at least three passages of Saturn in Scorpio and are still alive and well. Please ignore the hype and listen to your heart instead. I realize the general turbulence in the atmosphere caused by the upcoming Aries Full Moon isn’t helping either. I’ll be writing more about Saturn in Scorp in the days ahead and if you have questions about this, feel free to ask them. 😀


Observations: Musings as Saturn prepares to leave Libra

© Ron Cameron

Tomorrow Saturn arrives at 29° Libra and begins the final countdown to Scorpio on 5 October. As it does I’m preparing for the final pass over my Libra Sun and as usual, it feels like it has been a very long haul. Saturn has a way of stretching time out rather than compressing it like Uranus does. *grin*

At this time in my country we are in the midst of election season and the electorate is almost evenly split. This phenomenon has been growing ever since Saturn entered Libra in October 2009 and in the summer of 2010 when we saw the first major cardinal T-Square with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, this effect intensified. Optimist that I am I believed people would be able to enter into a spirit of compromise but instead the divisiveness increased until we reached the almost complete stalemate of the past year. I am very, very curious to see what will unfold once Saturn enters ruthless, pragmatic Scorpio who is noted for not tolerating foolishness. Given Scorpio rules the eighth house of other people’s money (read “taxes”) and transformation, measures will be taken to break the stalemate. One thing I’m reasonably sure of is there will lots of unhappy people . . . on both sides. Libra often strives to please everyone whilst Scorpio is capable of choosing to protect the most vulnerable at all costs. We’ll see!

Living with an Aries who’s Sun has transiting Uranus hovering within a degree or so has been interesting lately. Yesterday he gave his current employer a piece of his mind in front of me! Justified to some extent as the guy has not shown up or communicated in a timely fashion plus he has serious prioritization issues. However, I winced when my Aries referred to the man’s wife as “that”. Yes, she totally dominates her husband and screws with what my Aries sees as needing
to get done before snow flies but geez. Control issues surfacing all over the place . . . Pluto in Cappy is currently transiting my husband’s tenth house. We’ll see what the fallout is from this over the next week or so.

Now I need to get back to work before the next interruption strikes. There have been so many I’m almost used to them. Saturn feels heavier now and I’m feeling my responsibilities keenly. We still have a great deal of smoke here due to the local wildfires, causing a sensation of weight on my chest. Why would it not surprise me to see this clear out for once and for all when Saturn enters Scorpio! We’re due for a shift in weather patterns starting sometime next week.

How is everyone doing out there? OK? Or is there some part of your life demanding attention?


Observations: Celebrating the Equinox

Tomorrow is the autumnal equinox when the Sun enters Libra. It is appropriate to usher in the sign represented by the scales with night and day being equal in length. Libra does like to keep things in balance . . . hee.

However if we look at the chart for the equinox as a house party this is what we might see. An anxious Libra Sun playing hostess and attempting to keep everyone happy with varying degrees of success. The inconjunct to the Sun from Neptune in Pisces does not help because she is plagued by the sense she is forgetting something critical, not to mention increasing her sensitivity to slights and put downs.

Helping our hostess maintain her cool is a jovial Sagittarius Moon toned down by dependable Saturn in Libra. Injecting humor into the situation is far and away the best approach to maintaining civility. Saturn also suggests the importance of using our company manners with lots of “please” and “thank yous”.

The grouchy hard to please types are represented by the Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn . . . not helped by Mercury in Libra. Uranus is Aries does not handle feeling restricted which is what controlling Pluto in Capricorn keeps attempting to do. These two biggies have been fighting it out for some time and both are likely to resent any helpful comments from Mercury in Libra about fairness and equity. As for compromise . . . forget about it!!!

No house party is complete without a romantic interlude or two and Venus in Leo squaring Mars in Scorpio will be happy to help out there. Passion simmering just below the surface may break out at any moment. Be aware jealousy can be a real issue with Venus in Leo’s love of admiration. Jupiter in chatty Gemini will be only too happy to shower her with compliments. Given Mars in Scorpio’s possessive streak things may get interesting. Venus might need a ride home since this Mars is capable of walking away and not looking back!

The equinox chart sets the tone from now until the Winter Solstice in December and my take is we need to be aware of underlying tensions in our relationships. Ignoring those can lead to people taking extreme measures to make themselves heard. Take care to address issues of possessiveness and jealousy right off, especially in new and tender love affairs. Fulfilling our responsibilities and obligations with positive energy and dispatch will bring emotional satisfaction. Above all be kind, patient and practice tolerance each and every day.