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Observations: Cyndi Lauper – a unique voice

In the midst of her second Saturn Return and looking wonderful!

When I was pondering this week’s Yod featuring Venus in Leo, Cyndi Lauper’s song about girls just wanting to have fun came to mind and of course, I checked out her chart. Turns out she is a Cancer Sun person with a deep Scorpio Moon camouflaged by an individualistic Aquarius Rising! Not what I would have guessed (for an astrologer, I’m really lousy at guessing people’s Sun and Rising signs . . . see too deeply I guess.)

Though there is some question as to the accuracy of her birth time, I very much like Aquarius Rising for her. I have an Aries niece who has an Aries Sun with Aquarius Rising and she went for the cutting edge look in her teens. Cyndi started experimenting with wild hair colors long before she helped make them a fashion statement in the eighties. The deep appreciation for being true to yourself and expressing your uniqueness shines forth in many of her songs too.

Cyndi’s chart is dominated by cardinal mode with six planets in cardinal signs. She has Mars conjoined her Sun in Cancer, Uranus in Cancer and Mercury in Cancer. Her Moon in Scorpio adds more water giving her a great deal of sensitivity to nuance and awareness of emotional atmosphere. There is little doubt this woman is ambitious and a self-starter . . . Sun conjunct Mars will do that, especially backed up by more cardinal energy.

Uranus, ruler of her Ascendant, plays a strong role in her chart. It is sextile her Venus in Taurus and trine her Moon. Since Venus is the leading planet of a Bowl Pattern, it has an important role to play, probably contributing to her wonderful four octave spanning voice and why it is her singing Cyndi is most noted for. Uranus is located in her fifth house along with her Sun, Mars and Mercury (though Mercury hovers on the cusp of the sixth house). Her creative gifts and ability to bring a childlike joy to her performances, both as a singer and actress, show the fifth house influence. Uranus adds the need to keep seeking new and different ways to express those gifts.

Cyndi also has her Saturn in Libra closely conjunct Neptune in Libra and underwent her second Saturn Return last year. Because her natal Venus is inconjunct the Saturn-Neptune conjunction, my guess is she has been seriously reevaluating her public image. The downside to being a celebrity is every gaffe you make tends to be revealed in a very public way. There were photos of her with an inflamed face due to a bad reaction to some type of facial treatment.

She also has her Mercury in Cancer square Saturn-Neptune in Libra. Almost everyone who has a successful career in the dramatic arts has a major aspect between a personal planet and Neptune. Those I know with Saturn conjoined Neptune natally have been very good at working hard for their success as an artist, musician or acting on stage or screen.

That harsh Uranus-Pluto square is taking one last shot at Cyndi’s Sun-Mars in Cancer now. She got hit hard by this one in August 2010 when her Sun completed a Grand Cross with Saturn in Libra, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. In the fall of that year, she once again demonstrated her true colors by strongly supporting the gay and lesbian community plus producing a blues album called “Memphis Blues”. On her, 57 years looks pretty darn good!

Cyndi’s chart is an excellent example of why it’s important to look beyond the surface shown by the Ascendant. Like many of us, the lighthearted glitter of her public persona is backed up by a deep, complex personality with a big heart and a dedication to helping others learn to reveal their true colors. What a gal!


Observations: Pluto and the Grand Trine in Earth

© Diane Lang

I was going to write a lighthearted article about Taurus and gardening but instead I find myself writing about Pluto once more probably due to Mercury squaring Pluto this morning and this week’s Grand Trine with Pluto in Capricorn, Mars in Virgo and the Sun in Taurus.

That is one sweet Grand Trine in earth! It demonstrates all the wonderful possibilities of the three earth signs working together. Taurus is naturally good at being productive; Virgo acts as both quality control and the middle man with Capricorn overseeing the whole operation. Whilst this may not be the speediest team, it can be extremely efficient and dependable.

The trickiest element of the three is Pluto in Capricorn because one thing Pluto forces us to do eventually is face reality whether we want to or not and Pluto in Capricorn is going to continue to reveal those instances of extremely bad management practices. If you have been very lucky, you’ve worked for at least one really good boss who was effective without being offensive and overbearing. Good leadership leads to win-win scenarios with everyone from the top down feeling like they are a valued member of the company . . . thus increasing productivity.

If you are undergoing one of Pluto’s gentle transits to your personal planets or Angles, you know he doesn’t let up until you’ve finally acknowledged the futility of ignoring what he wants you to learn about yourself. Pluto is always about power no matter what sign he is in and he always demands nothing less than total honesty. Misuse of power and authority are what he will be going after in Capricorn. He is in the process of teaching lessons in humility to those individuals who have done exactly that. Remember how high Capricorn Tiger Woods was flying not all that long ago or those Secret Service men whose arrogance and pride contributed to their downfall. Yeah . . . go Pluto!

Whilst most of us have horror stories about the boss from Hell, I would love to hear about the really good ones and what you felt they did/do right. Now more than ever, we need to focus on the positive side of Pluto in Capricorn. After all, the first exact square from Uranus in Aries is right around the corner.


Full Moon in Aries, October 11, 2011

© Tamara Bauer | Dreamstime.com

During Libra season we are more aware of the need for balance and this Full Moon at 18° 24′ Aries on October 11, 2011 07:05 PM PDT brings more fire into the sky. The New Moon had a pot load of Libra planets and a preponderance of air, so this fiery Full Moon introduces a sense of proportion . . . something Libra loves!

The sober conjunction of Saturn in Libra and the Sun is not going to let anyone forget the importance of reciprocity and compromise, even though the Moon in Aries trine Mars in Leo urges us to consider our own wants and needs as well. This opposition has much to teach us about respecting our need to act as individuals whilst not neglecting the ‘others’ in our lives. Any self respecting Libra will be happy to tell you maintaining this balance is a work in progress and part of the human condition. Jeff Jawer wrote a brilliant post on The Libra Side of Relationship that I encourage everyone to read.

Mars in Leo is also sextile to the Sun-Saturn conjunction and I love this aspect because the outgoing enthusiasm of this Mars helps keep Saturn from being quite such a stick in the mud. It also encourages us to take action rather than sit around rehashing all the pros and cons regarding a certain decision. Mars is always happy in the fire signs and loves to share this joy.

Mercury is crossing the last few degrees of Libra, preparing to enter reserved Scorpio on 13 October. Meanwhile it will trine Neptune in Aquarius inspiring us to dream of a collective where people come before profits among other things. Novel idea that. Mercury-Neptune trines are excellent for creative thinking and wonderful influences on artistic types of all kinds.

Moving on to Libra’s ruling planet Venus, now in Scorpio, where she is considered in detriment. Pluto in Capricorn offers her support via a sextile that is offset by an inconjunct to Uranus in Aries making Venus irritable and restless. [I have noticed Uranus is very potent in hard hitting Aries and consequently seems to have a powerful impact on other planets, at least compared to the period when Uranus was in subtle Pisces.] Aries can be very jarring to Scorpio because Aries sees nothing wrong in sharing what Scorpio deems private information – not a happy scenario. Pluto on the other hand is all too willing to aid and abet Venus in its home sign by putting up ‘keep out’ signs. The upshot is we need to be very clear with our intimates and lovers what information can be shared and what cannot. As a rule of thumb fire and air signs tend to be less concerned about privacy than earth and water.

We see the resurgence of the wonderful trine between Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn in the sky which will be exact on 28 October. This will probably be of more help on an individual level though we may see renewed confidence in economic conditions around the globe over the next few weeks. One can only hope. By the way, the last trine between these two heavy weights takes place in March 2012.

Relationships and associations of all kind continue to be the main focus on this Full Moon. All the issues stirred up by the New Moon are up for review but now we need to make our decisions and move on one way or another. The Full Moon lights up the whole picture and we will be given the information we need for making the best choices. Won’t hurt to be kind and thoughtful during the process, just don’t procrastinate any longer. Best thing to remember is if we clear away what isn’t working (and probably hasn’t in a long time) we make room for something far better in our lives!

Not a bad Full Moon at all! The Uranus-Pluto square’s influence is on the way out for awhile, replaced by the more pleasant Jupiter-Pluto trine. We have some upbeat fire sign energy to counter Saturn’s sobriety and life looks a little brighter once more. Not bad at all . . . 😀

On a personal note: This is a mixed bag for me. I have Mercury conjoining my Sun, great for improving my ability to communicate. Saturn is past my Moon and still far enough away from my Sun to keep out of mischief and Venus in Scorpio will shortly conjoin my natal Jupiter. However, Mars in Leo is exactly conjunct my natal Pluto, triggering all my natal Pluto aspects, potentially bringing on bouts of irrational rage. Jupiter is opposing my natal Jupiter and squaring my natal Saturn – ALL about shaking out all the old stuff holding me back to clear the way for something new. Plenty to keep me busy!