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Gemini Moon arrives with plenty to share . . .


Spend the morning doing routine tasks while the Moon is still in Taurus because when it shifts into Gemini midday, the chatter begins. Now that Mercury in Gemini is direct, people are going to start remembering some little detail they need to pass on and so forth. Some of those conversations may be more argumentative than usual due the lingering effects of Mars conjoining the Gemini Sun during the night. Phone calls, texts or people arriving to visit are all possible activities. Make sure your phones are charged now!!

Today is also the day Saturn moves back into Scorpio and those with personal planets from 28° to 29° in the fixed signs will notice this move the most. Saturn moving back into Scorpio will give those folks with personal planets or ASC from 0° to 4° Sagittarius a bit of a breather. It will be mid-September before Saturn returns to Sagittarius and begins to make his final pass over the first four degrees. Saturn is currently transiting my first house and I’ve been loaded down with extra responsibilities for quite some time now. When it moved into Sagittarius late last year, my favorite hairdresser was forced to take a long leave due to back problems. She didn’t return to work until about the time Saturn left off conjoining my Venus. I was thrilled to have her back. Sometimes it is the small things that bother us the most . . . maybe because we feel more comfortable complaining about those. 😀

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Taurus Moon + Sun-Mars Conjunction = Dissonance

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Two different agendas happening today . . . on one hand the Taurus Moon, with Pluto in Cappy’s backing, says slow down and deal with practicalities until late this afternoon when it squares Jupiter and goes void-of-course, announcing play time. On the other, an impatient waxing Gemini Sun-Mars conjunction demands action, both physical and mental, preferably surrounded by friends. Good day to stick with like-minded people. :-)

If we another reason to pace ourselves today, remember both Mercury and Neptune are still on the sluggish side having just completed their changes in direction. Taurus Moons are good for staying present and firmly in the physical world. Simple and straightforward works best. Don’t forget tomorrow is the day when Saturn moves back into Scorpio for a couple of months, asking us to get serious about cleaning up any old business in our Scorpio houses.

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Week of June 8, 2015


Easy going week ahead as long as we don’t forget Mercury in Gemini is crawling along towards the moment it stations direct and Neptune in Pisces is stationing retrograde shortly thereafter. Oh yeah . . . Saturn returns to Scorpio on Sunday. But other than those three events, it’s a great week. :)

Fire and air signs completely rule the skies this week now that Venus has entered Leo, giving us four planets in fire until Saturn moves back into Scorpio on Sunday. Jupiter in Leo, Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries are the other three. The Sun, Mercury and Mars are all in airy Gemini leaving only Neptune in Pisces representing water and Pluto in Capricorn, earth. What this means is we will be long on enthusiasm and theories but short on empathy and pragmatism. Did I mention Mercury was still retrograde until Thursday? All too often plans made when Mercury is retrograde or at a standstill end up being revised considerably.

The litany of aspects between those fire and air planets is long and begins on Monday with a sextile between the Gemini Sun and Jupiter in Leo, followed by Mars in Gemini sextile Uranus in Aries in the wee hours Tuesday morning. Then we have Mercury in Gemini sextile Venus in Leo and the Gemini Sun sextile Uranus in Aries on Wednesday. That’s a LOT of wildly creative, vibrant energy swirling around! Very exciting!

I really hate to rain on people’s parade but it may be wise to resist the temptation to immediately implement those brilliant ideas filling our heads the first part of the week. If you think of them as rough drafts instead it would be good. We have some speed bumps the latter half of the week plus potential verbal explosions when the Gemini Sun conjoins Mars on Sunday. Write those ideas down and prepare to make some serious revisions in the coming weeks.

I don’t see Mercury and Neptune stations as negative events but they do require us to slow down and pay attention. Running head long through dense fog isn’t too bright and we may have some dense mental fog to navigate Thursday and Friday. In this extremely fast paced world where we can communicate almost instantly around the globe via the internet, when something occurs to prevent that from happening people freak out. Take it from an old lady who remembers what it was like before email, texts and all the delights of smart phones, etc, it won’t be the end of the world.

Saturn creeps back into Scorpio on Sunday where it will remain until mid-September. This is the last visit for another twenty nine years. Whew! It only moves back to 28° before going direct August 1, 2015. Saturn moving back and forth over 28° and 29° speaks clearly of the need for closure of some kind. I bet most of us already know exactly what needs to be concluded for once and for all, don’t we?

Mutable Pisces Moon Monday and Tuesday will help us remain flexible and open to adapting to whatever occurs. When the Moon moves into Aries on Wednesday it can increase the tension and generally pushiness. Thursday is cardinal crunch day when the Aries Moon squares Pluto early and conjoins Uranus in the afternoon. Impatience may make people very short tempered and feelings could get stomped on. After the Moon enters earthy Taurus on Friday morning it will help us pace ourselves and take stock of what has happened over the course of the week. We still have a Taurus Moon Saturday which is good for working in the garden and around the house. On Sunday the Moon arrives in Gemini during the morning and entices us to call some friends and play.

All we need to gain the most benefit from this week is be smart and move slowly. Inspiration can be refined and hammered into something truly helpful for ourselves and others. You can always run your best ideas past a solid, pragmatic earth sign friend before making them public. Please don’t forget to practice patience!

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Crazy Busy Times . . .

Frazzled Cat

It has been one of those weeks when life swooped in and took over my writing time. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries turned out to be a regular pot stirrer for me since it aligned with both my Libra Moon and my Aries husband’s Aries Moon. Had to drop everything to give him a hand on his job! He is also in the process of scheduling an elective surgery for his feet (shades of last April when he was hospitalized).

My Cancer dad is in the process of transitioning from Medicare coverage to his Long Term Care insurance and since I am handling that, it has also consumed a chunk of time. My Scorpio sister and I have spent far too many hours in banks too. We finally managed to collect the correct documents to get into his bank box and discovered our parent’s birth certificates! Turns out my dad has a late Libra Moon-Mars, both of which conjunct my Sun. He also has a late Taurus Ascendant which falls on my Descendant . . . no wonder I have ended up on his short list for those he trusts to handle his affairs!

Saturn is currently sitting on the midpoint between my Scorpio Mars and Mercury in the twelfth house, reflecting all the hours I’ve spent dealing with institutions of one kind or another since last Spring. Banks, nursing homes, hospitals and insurance companies all make that list. Wonder what will happen when Saturn emerges from my twelfth in November? More responsibilities to come? Yikes!


Full Moon in Pisces, September 8, 2014


Pisces’s ability to emphasize and feel compassion will be on display on this Full Moon at 16° 19′ Pisces, September 8, 2014 06:39 PM PDT due to the Moon conjoining Chiron and a sweet Venus-Neptune opposition. When Virgo know-how combines with Pisces compassion, healing occurs.

With mutable water (Pisces) dominating the lunation chart, people may be more willing to find a way to avoid outright confrontation, a change from recent lunations when fixed water (Scorpio) created the desire to stand and fight. Another factor is Mercury in agreeable Libra who is sensitive and socially aware. This doesn’t mean folks have changed their minds but rather that they may be tired of getting involved in endless disagreements with no resolution. The end result is more peace and quiet which some of us will happily take!

The luminaries are caught up in a subtle power struggle with Saturn in Scorpio supporting them and Uranus in Aries challenging them. Brash, forthright Aries has little use for what it sees as Virgo nit picking and Pisces waffling. It is only interested to getting the show on the road as expediently as possible. In my opinion, Saturn in Scorpio insisting on a slow, steady pace is a definite plus. Accidents happen when we get in too big a hurry and Saturn knows it. Yes, there will be frustration and people stomping around being extremely impatient but that’s OK. Pacing and priorities are what counts. By the way, a waxing trine between Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo could make increase this tendency to want to jump ahead too quickly. All of this activity swirls around 15° to 18° degrees and if you have personal planets at those degrees, you may get caught up in this whirlpool.

Mercury in Libra is another in an unenviable position. It has the backing of Jupiter in Leo but is square to Pluto in Capricorn. My feeling is Mercury will go all Libra and ask for more time rather than make a decision on the spot. Pluto in Capricorn is likely to spout rules and regulations in order to maintain control while Jupiter in Leo is doing its high-powered salesman bit. Poor Mercury in Libra will probably end up looking like a deer caught in the headlights. The workaround here is to do your homework as far as the practicalities go before attempting to promote your ideas, and go with a soft sell rather than a hard sell approach. Thankfully the inconjunct between Jupiter and Pluto is gradually waning in intensity . . . having those two battling it out can get noisy.

Venus is now in Virgo and the opposition to Neptune in Pisces brings out the romantic side of this rather conventional Venus. Demonstrate your love and affection by making dinner or offering to clean the house. Nothing like a sparkling clean home to put this Venus in the mood for love!

For those of you who are not fans of Mars in Scorpio, it is almost to the end of its journey through the powerful water sign. It enters fiery Sagittarius on September 13 and heads out the door without a backward glance. Mars is unaspected on the Full Moon and remains unencumbered for the rest of its stay in Scorpio. Those who have planets from 25° to 29° Scorpio will benefit the most from a nice rush of energy.

Something to contemplate on this lovely Pisces Full Moon is the quiet persistence of water. Water can carve out deep canyons and wash away tons of sand all while remaining completely fluid and adaptable. It seeps in through the tiniest cracks and quenches our thirst on hot days. Love is much the same . . . it can heal the most profound wounds if our hearts are open. Embrace your loved ones and go out of your way to treat everyone with kindness and respect. That isn’t too much to ask, is it?

On a personal note: This time the lunar axis aligns with my Virgo Midheaven and Pisces Imum Coli. Mercury in Libra conjoins my natal Neptune and Mars in Scorpio is triumphantly stomping through my first house. Looks like I have an opportunity to be on the side of the angels . . . better brush off my halo and smile real purty! It is “pay it forward” time!

Not all is sweetness and light since Uranus in Aries is sitting exactly opposite my Libra Moon for most of this month. Each day is an adventure and I can hardly wait for it to be over. Exhausting at times and it has been this way since April. 

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