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Observations: Eighth House – Not so Scary

Zodiac___Scorpio_by_puimun©Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

I’m not sure why the eighth house gives people pause. It might be because it is associated with Scorpio, a sign with an undeserved reputation for being dark and troublesome. There is nothing better or worse about the eighth house than any of the other houses.

Scorpio, and the eighth house it rules, often put us in a position of having to deal with the basic underpinnings of life – birth, death and transformation. It makes sense the financial matters related to the eighth house include taxes and money we inherit from people who have died. Death and taxes are usually included in the list of what is inevitable.

Those who have planets in the eighth house, particularly personal planets like the Sun and Moon, may end up facing more than a few hard truths over the course of their lives. They often learn early wanting something desperately doesn’t mean you are going to get it. Pluto, ruler of Scorpio and the eighth house, makes sure we learn the pitfalls of unfounded expectations and assumptions. How those personal planets in the eighth house are aspected determines how we learn those lessons. Hard aspects such the square and opposition from an outer planet usually mean the lessons will be unavoidable. Trines and sextiles give one a somewhat easier time of it. It is rather like aspects to Pluto . . . it doesn’t matter what they are, the sting is still there.

A strong eighth house has some real benefits including the ability to heal one’s self, an interest in good financial management, a willingness to tackle making a will and other paperwork associated with the end of life as well as being willing to dig deep to find the truth. Being able to acknowledge our dark side and learn to accept it without judgment is another valuable aspect of an active eighth house.

Most eighth house types spend a great deal of time thinking about security, both emotional and financial which are often inextricably intertwined. At some point in their lives, they discover how fragile that security can be if it is based outside themselves. It is our relationship with ourselves where the foundation for what passes for security is found.

Something else those with strong eighth houses share with Scorpio types is undergoing at least one, if not more, major transformative experience in their lives. Typically we figure this out using hind sight because we’re too busy surviving when those events are occurring.

If you have a loaded eighth house, be thankful rather than worried. After all, it gives you an edge when handling all those tough issues that make others wince! Take it from someone who has Scorpio Rising and a strong Pluto presence in her chart.


Full Moon in Taurus, October 29, 2012

© Sasa Maricic | Dreamstime.com

Celebrate the power and beauty of the feminine on the Full Moon at 6° 48′ Taurus on 29 October 2012 12:49 PM PDT. It is also the perfect time to express our appreciation for our Mother, the Earth . . . after all, where would we be without Her?

The lunation axis is part of a Kite Pattern with Chiron in Pisces and Ceres in Cancer emphasizing the need to care and nurture all beings in the collective . . . not just those we feel a personal connection with. When earth and water elements are aligned harmoniously they simply head out and take care of business with little fanfare and drama. People are fed, wounds are treated and wrongs righted in a calm, no nonsense manner and we all benefit.

I see this Full Moon as the perfect time to explore the feminine within and cherish that side of ourselves. Take a walk on the beach or any place where the land meets the water, spend time in silence meditating on the power of yielding or hang out with your favorite member of the fair sex. In this fast paced world we live in we can overlook the quiet beauties of simplicity and gentleness as well as the profound power found in the quiet places within us all.

Pluto in Capricorn plays a powerful supportive role through a trine to the Taurus Moon and a sextile to the Sun in Scorpio. As Saturn in Scorpio is widely conjunct the Sun and in mutual reception to Pluto, it adds more depth and strength to this Wedge Pattern. It is time to get serious about any outstanding debt we’re carrying and setting up a solid, workable to plan to pay those down. Take a common sense approach to budgeting to make sure all the basics are covered and allow just enough “fluff” to keep everyone from feeling too deprived. You know . . . eat out once a month instead of every week? Don’t try to fudge either since the Scorpio-Pluto lie detectors will be operating at peak efficiency.

Venus is now in her home sign of Libra sextile to fast talking Mercury in Sagittarius. The catch is Neptune in Pisces is squaring Mercury and is inconjunct Venus, effectively blurring the truth and creating a perfect setup for smooth talking con artists. Believe less than half of what that hot guy or gal is telling you, and take yourself home . . . alone. A Mars in Sagittarius opposition to Jupiter in witty Gemini so does not help either . . . a perfect storm of romantic misinformation. If you are out having fun at a pre-Halloween party, flirt and enjoy yourself but don’t take anything or anyone too seriously including yourself. Please avoid over indulging in food and drink or you might suffer the hangover from hell the next day for more than one reason!

It wouldn’t do to ignore Uranus in Aries either because it is semi-sextile the Taurus Moon and inconjunct the Sun in Scorpio. Edgy, irritable and quick to take offense may all describe Uranus in this situation. Anyone who has personal planets from 5° to 7° in either cardinal or fixed signs might feel the pinch. Rude, demanding behaviors could earn the Scorpio “Look”. LOL

Where I live in the northern latitudes the days are growing noticeably shorter and it is dark outside at night, especially away from bright city lights. The winter snows have not yet arrived to brighten the landscape and I appreciate the way the Full Moon illuminates the night even more. Contemplating the natural cycles of death and rebirth comes naturally looking over a landscape preparing for winter down time. Celebrate this awareness and how deeply it enriches our lives on this Full Moon in Taurus.

On a personal note: This time around the Sun in Scorpio exactly conjoins my natal twelfth house Jupiter in Scorpio placing the Taurus Moon in my sixth house. Small wonder I’m going on about life, death and transformation! Hey, be sure to read Jeff Jawer’s article on Sun in Scorpio: Fall Cleaning. He does a masterful job of explaining how to work with the Sun and Saturn in Scorpio.

Can I say knowing Mercury moves right along and pulls away from the square to Neptune is great? That’s because tNeptune’s in my third and this square is not going to help with clear thinking. Move on, little Mercury, move on.

Venus in Libra is OK since it will be sextile my natal Venus and the Mars-Jupiter opposition harmoniously aspects my Libra Moon. All to the good! Probably means I’m going to be in a good mood . . . just a trifle spacey. 😀


Observations: Scorpio & Interconnectedness

© Susan Seddon-Boulet

Jeff Jawer wrote an outstanding piece on Scoping out Scorpio this week that set off light bulbs in my head. He talked about Scorpio as living in a world of inter-dependency which dovetails nicely with Scorpio’s concern with death, rebirth and regeneration of life. I have always felt the usual descriptions of this intense sign gets sidetracked onto sex and power  (true but only the surface).

Many years ago I was studying the endocrine system and was fascinated by the complexity and beauty of it. Minuscule amounts of hormones are produced to keep our bodies functioning, all coordinated by the pineal gland deep in the brain. Scorpio not only rules the reproductive organs and excretory system but the endocrine system as a whole . . . all interconnected and when a person is healthy, beautifully aligned.

Perhaps we can take this one step further and see Scorpio as ruling the ecosystems of our planet, the wonderful biosphere we live on and are a part of. Is it possible therefore we will begin to see some nasty results of the abuses heaped upon this delicate system by such practices as fracking over the next two and half years when Saturn visits Scorpio? Pulling water away from growing food and for drinking to extract oil in an era when potable water is a shrinking resource is very foolish in my opinion and I have plenty of Scorpio in my chart to prompt those feelings.

A less pleasant side of Scorpio’s ability to gauge inter-dependency in a given system is knowing exactly where the weak points are and how to exploit them. A pissed off Scorp can lay waste to a nicely functioning relationship in very short order . . . often by simply pulling their energy and support away at a critical point.

Conversely Scorpio can also support and uplift those around them because they are very good at sensing what to do or say at the right moment. This is why many excellent healers of all kinds often have a strong Scorpio element in their natal charts.

So listen to your Scorpio friends when they tell you something is really “off” with a person or situation . . . often as not, they will be right.