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Kate & Wills – a Saturn in Libra Royal Couple

Even though I know hundreds of other astrologers are writing about Kate Middleton and Prince William, I just can’t resist throwing out my thoughts on the synastry of this oh so beautiful young couple. On the surface this appears to be an exceedingly romantic match up of the gorgeous commoner and the handsome prince, the kind of thing romance novelists have been making tons of money off of for years.

With Sagittarius rising and Neptune in Sagittarius conjoining his Ascendant, Prince William easily projects a dashing, devil-may-care image, however he does have his Sun and Moon conjoined in Cancer and deeply cares about home and family as well as the traditions associated with being a member of the royal family. The lovely Kate has her Sun in Capricorn squared by Saturn-Pluto in Libra and I’m sure she is very well aware of what it will mean to be a future queen. Power and social position is something she understands quite well.

At this time, there is no birth time available for Kate and that means no chart wheel or an exact degree for her Moon. Based on the available data, it is possible to say she has her Moon in Cancer in the middle degrees (from about 6-7° to 22-21°). Her Cappy Sun is the only planet in earth and she has a preponderance of planets in air and fire. This means she has a far more assertive nature than receptive and goes after what she wants – a very determined young woman. The ability to charm is shown by her Mercury-Venus conjunction in mental Aquarius. I’m sure she will polish her ability to speak with the press in short order . . .

There is little doubt Prince William is all too aware of his position and responsibilities with Saturn in Libra squaring his North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn. His Sun, Moon and North Node all fall in his seventh house accentuating the influence of Saturn in Libra. For him, it is always about working with others for the greater good and I would guess he has a keen understanding of the fine art of compromise.

It is also worth noting his Venus-Chiron conjunction in Taurus is the apex of a Yod (Finger of God) with Pluto in Libra sextile Neptune in Sagittarius as the base. Venus in aspect to Chiron tends to have doubts about being lovable and in William’s case, he may wonder if he is loved for himself (Venus in Taurus) or for his position (Pluto sextile Neptune – society at large). I suspect this Yod may have something to do with his decision to spend nine years getting to know Kate before popping the question.


Using my quick and dirty method of comparing charts, Kate and Wills have a lot going for them. His Sun conjoins her Moon in Cancer and her Sun in Capricorn complements his Moon in Cancer – all good and made better by both of them having Cancer Moons. Cancer is an emotionally sensitive sign and sharing similar ideas of what makes a comfortable home life is important to them.

Wills has Mercury in quick witted Gemini and Kate’s Mercury is in open minded Aquarius in an exact trine in air indicating an easy meeting of the minds.

Both of them have Mars in Libra within a degree even though Kate was born 9 January 1982 and Wills on 21 June 1982 because Mars was retrograde in the intervening months. The benefit of having Mars conjoined is sharing a sense of what it takes to get something done. Both of them have Mars-Mercury trines and I bet this is great for setting the mood as well as enjoying sharp debates on differences in opinion. Her Venus in Aquarius loves all the Mars in Libra action but his Venus in Taurus may prefer less talk and more sensual expressions of affection.

Another element in comparisons I like to look at is the intra-aspects. For those unfamiliar with this term it means the same two planets from both charts in aspect to each other. Kate and Wills have three sets with Mercury: Mercury-Mars, Mercury-Jupiter and Mercury-Uranus. This speaks to me of how important their ability to communicate is to the relationship. Their mental connection is quite strong and they both benefit a great deal from it. Mars keeps things lively, Jupiter offers a shared sense of humor and Uranus encourage both of them to think outside the box, coming up with innovative solutions to long standing problems.

They also have a Sun-Saturn intra-aspect with William’s Saturn squaring Kate’s Sun and her Saturn forming an out-of-sign trine to his Sun. The big deal here is this aspect reinforces Kate’s natal Sun square Saturn-Pluto suggesting she is reminded frequently of the responsibilities and obligations of being involved with a member of England’s royal family. Keep in mind these two have been an item for the better part of nine years . . . a long testing period as it were.

Both of them have Jupiter in Scorpio and both conjoin William’s Midheaven and are trine his Sun and Moon in Cancer. Talk about a high profile couple exemplifying what it means to be rich and famous, not to mention all the royal stuff.

I have to mention they both have Neptune in Sagittarius at 25 degrees conjoining William’s Ascendant and introducing the glamour element. Looking at photos of them as a couple and watching them being interviewed, I was struck by their personal beauty and how lovely a couple they make. It is very likely they will have a lasting romantic aura about them and there won’t be a dry eye in the house at their wedding.

It is within the realm of possibility Kate’s Capricorn Sun and Cancer Moon align with both ends of William’s nodal axis. We will know for sure when her birth time emerges, something bound to happen now the couple is officially engaged. Wouldn’t that be something?!


The feeling I got when studying their charts and the synastry was in Kate William was going with a known quantity, a cautious choice. Their planets from Mars on out are anywhere from exactly conjunct to within seven degrees (both Jupiter and Saturn). Taking into consideration they both have Cancer Moons, they have many parallels between their charts. After enduring the very public breakup of his parent’s marriage and then Diana’s death, I don’t blame Wills for his caution when looking for a partner.

It is also difficult to underestimate the importance of them both having Saturn in Libra encouraging them to take the idea of marriage very seriously. The fact they are getting married the year of their Saturn Return’s hasn’t escaped this astrologer either.

Along with many other astrologers, I will be waiting for the wedding date and hoping Kate’s birth time will show up SOON.

Image: A photo of the royal couple from the San Francisco Sentinel. link


Synastry Basics: Trines and Sextiles in Synastry

Waking up this morning to Venus back in Libra and an email from a reader asking about sextiles and trines in synastry, it seems like an excellent time to take a look at the difference between these two harmonious aspects in synastry vs. in the natal chart.

We find trines between signs in the same element and sextiles between friendly elements, i.e., air signs Gemini and Libra are trine and air sign Gemini is sextile fire sign Leo. In essence this makes a dialogue between those signs pleasant and the ability to find common ground easy.

In a natal chart dominated by these two aspects, the native can tend towards complacency and have little need to be assertive because most of his/her needs are easily met. It is our squares, oppositions and quincunxes that irritate us into action. Of course, if one has plenty of cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) in their natal chart, those will help prod the native to get going too. Ideally we will have both tension producing and harmonious aspects . . . a balance, says Libra. *grin*

However, when looking at the synastry between charts, those same two aspects often make it possible for two individuals to enjoy each others company. I know one of the first things I look at when comparing charts is the relationship between the Sun in one chart and the Moon in the other. If the luminaries are conjunct, sextile or trine by sign, I feel those provide a solid foundation of common ground and mutual appreciation.

For example, a Leo Sun person will find a Sagittarius Moon person far more enjoyable to be around than a Scorpio Moon. The Moon in Sagittarius is happy to laugh at Leo’s jokes and both fire signs enjoy an active social life with the volume turned up high. A Scorpio Moon is far more reclusive and is very sensitive to boisterous behavior especially in their home.

It is a rare individual who thrives on a steady diet of challenge and strife. Most of us prefer to at least some down time and often seek that with our significant other. That is where the ease of harmonious aspects in synastry is very important. If we have a stressful day at work and come home to a very challenging relationship, sooner or later something will give . . . usually the relationship.

Saturn in Libra transits are “encouraging” all of us to review our relationships now. Are we compromising too much for the sake of peace? Or, conversely, are we not willing to compromise at all. Those trines and sextiles give us an avenue to approach our partners and discuss sensitive issues. The challenging aspects can make for excitement but are not much help for finding points of compromise.

In a VERY general sense, an individual with plenty of cardinal signs and a strong Mars are more tolerant of tension in their relationships while those with fixed signs and a prominent Venus go for more harmony. Lots of Neptune aspects to the personal planets increases sensitivity and Uranus aspects promote a “me first” attitude and a liking for excitement. The mutables can go either way . . . LOL.

Astrology is a very useful tool for determining whether or not we look for challenging relationships or harmonious ones. I know with a Sun and Moon in Libra, Venus in the first house and Neptune conjoining my Moon, I need those trines and sextiles in the synastry with my significant other.

How about you? Any idea of how you roll when it comes to relationships? Do you need peace or excitement?


Observations: Patterns & Inconsistencies in Relationships

This subject has been nagging at me seeking expression for several weeks now so I decided to write about it. As most of you know, I have Sun conjunct Chiron in Libra and have been puzzling out relationship issues most of my adult life, and in the process I have become rather good at spotting patterns in both my relationships and others.

Generally speaking, most people don’t start questioning what is going on with their relationships until around their first Saturn return in their late twenties-early thirties. Saturn is very good at reminding us time is passing and asking for performance reviews . . . bless his pointed little head.

Astrologically speaking, we can start sorting by outer planet influences (ruler of the seventh house, aspects to the Sun, Moon and Venus in particular). If Saturn dominates, then you were too busy getting your career off the ground or you are married with children and are not going to waste your time reading this. Uranus pushes for total autonomy and the need to feel unconfined by rules of any kind. Neptune? Neptune would have us all out “rescuing” sad sorts with just TONS of potential, manifested or not – either that or pulling the wool over our eyes for our own good, of course. And if it’s Pluto, it’s all about control and not losing it.

Next we need to sit down and honestly review our own patterns in relating to others. Are we faithful, willing to compromise and truly listen to our partners? How long do our relationships last? If there a consistent “type” we fall for? Do we even want to be part of a committed relationship at all, or are we happier living alone where no one else is messing about with our belongings?

Then we need to take a close look at what we know about our sweethearts, especially if you are looking for something more lasting. What is their dating history? Is there a pattern of cheating or being cheated on? How do they handle money? Rejection? Treat their family members or people who cannot directly benefit them?

Another red flag for me is glaring inconsistencies. For instance, what would you think if your beautiful partner who treats you so well tells you about a pattern of previous partners cheating on them? There has to be a reason for that. One of which would be choosing really self-centered, narcissistic types, or another possibility is this person was cheating too. Either way, it’s not a good sign.

While Saturn is in Libra, we have an excellent window of opportunity to learn more about our patterns of relating. If after giving these questions due consideration and you realize some adjustments are needed, I recommend seeking out good professional help. Though I am not one of them, there are astrologers out there with degrees in counseling who are dedicated to helping people understand why they do what they do.

Where are you on this journey? Making progress or stuck in neutral?


Observations: Moon in Synastry Musings

I have been musing about the importance of the Moon in synastry and have concluded it is important indeed if the relationship is to last any length of time. In fact, I would place having the Moon in a harmonious aspect to another’s Moon right up there with good Mercury aspects, necessary for good communication.

The Moon represents how we handle our feelings and emotions, our little routine habit patterns, the way we feel about home and family and is often largely unconscious in expression. It is next to impossible to make adjustments to behavior patterns if we cannot identify them, isn’t it? If the natal Moon is in aspect to the outer planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto), we can face even greater challenges is figuring out why we do what we do under emotional stress.

Over the years I have looked at both the charts and the relationships in real life of many people and that is why I stress the importance of compatible Moons, at the very least by sign, if not degree. The conjunction, sextile, trine and opposition are all helpful while the square and inconjunct are very troublesome.

For instance, my husband and I have our Moons in exact opposition – his in Aries and mine in Libra, fire and air. His ex-wife had her Moon in Cancer and they fought bitterly the entire time they were married. This was very, very hard on their two Gemini daughters who have both told me how much happier everyone is and has been since their dad and I have been married.

The easiest way to determine why one Moon sign is compatible with another is to look at the element of the signs. Earth sign Moons (Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn) are comfortable with other earth signs and the quiet understanding of water signs (Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces). Fire signs (Aries, Leo & Sagittarius) love the sparkle and energy of other fire signs and are feed by air signs (Gemini, Libra & Aquarius).

However, air and fire struggle attempting to connect with earth and water. I know from personal experience how difficult it is for my Libra Moon self to live with a Cancer Moon person – usually because I inadvertently step on their sensitive feelings. Just think of what it must be like for a water sign Moon living with a boisterous fiery Moon. Yikes! Earthy Moons just think fire and air Moons are frivolous . . .

So if you are playing around looking at the “what if’s” for someone who caught your eye and you have the good fortune to lay your hands on their birth date, check the sign and element of their Moon as well as the Mars-Venus stuff. Dealing with a constant string of hurt feelings due to emotional miscues can dampen the hottest chemistry.

As for Mercury in synastry – how the heck can you effectively fight with someone you can’t talk to???? Remind me to take this up another day. :)