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Astro Blogger’s Meme

Lynn Hayes, Astrodynamics blog, tagged me with this meme.

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

And at the time I was reading about Lynn tagging me, contrary to my usual habit of moving my laptop to my kitchen table before booting, it was still on the desk near my astrology reference library. The closest book was Stephen Arroyo’s, “Astrology Karma & Transformation” by chance. When I followed the instructions I ended up in the section dealing with Venus-Uranus Aspects. Since I am frequently looking at charts for compatibility/synastry readings and most of the people who come to me have an interest in astrology, not too surprisingly Uranus is often a key planet in their charts. Just another wonderful little synchronicity in action . . .

Here are the three sentences:

“The partner may get the message: “I’m bored with you. I don’t have any need of your presence.” And hence, people with these aspects are in effect eliciting rejection or forcing the partner to go elsewhere for deep, personal affection. In some cases, a person whose chart has one of these aspects manifests extremely self-centered, insensitive behavior while simultaneously complaining that “Nobody loves me”.

This is a fun, simple meme to do, so I am going to tag Devil Mood, leslee, Chrispito and MM. (Yes, I know that’s only four people but being a good Uranian type myself I have to bend the occasional rule . . .) :-D


North Node in Taurus and a Tangible Venus

If the North Node is in Taurus, we are looking at the tangible expression of Venus. Taurus is not particularly interested in the beauty of ideas and concepts the other Venus ruled sign, Libra, finds so appealing. Taurus likes to be able to touch, taste and smell the good things in Life. I have just survived another spate of gift giving, and received too many sweets (Venus treat) and ended up feeding some to the compost pile! But I did receive a small box of Godiva chocolates – the ultimate Venusian treat and a very Taurus one because these are very high quality chocolates and are best savored intently one by one.

As someone who has Taurus on the cusp of the 6th and 7th Houses (Koch House System), beautiful, functional surroundings are very comforting and healing. Living in a rural area enables me to sink into the rhythms of the seasonal changes and feel renewed. For someone with a North Node in Taurus finding a way to connect to the Natural world and the seasonal cycles is very, very important. The stress of a fast-paced urban lifestyle will eventually open the door to various stress related illness in this individual. As someone whose Sun was progressed into Scorpio for the first 30~ years, I understand the pull of the intense experience and how destructive it can be. The longer I live the more I am resolved to savor each moment of beauty, instead of rushing past them. Taking time to watch the snow flakes fall, swirling and dancing . . .

In truth, I recommend getting in touch with the Taurus in our charts as a way to slow down and smell the roses . . . like Ferdinand the Bull. We’ll all be more likely to live longer and enjoy life more if we practice slow and steady instead of rush, rush, rush!


This is also posted on North Node Astrology as part of Elizabeth’s post on the North Node in Taurus. She’s doing a weekly series of posts on the Nodes and they are terrific! And I get to add my bit to them . . . lucky me!! :-)

This is a shot from Christmas Eve sunrise. It was about 15 degrees out which dawned on me after I’d been running around in the snow taking pictures that’s damn COLD!! ;-)


Happy Holidays!!

The Winter Solstice is past and now it’s time to enjoy the holidays . . . even if you are like me and see them as a mixed blessing. :-) I wish to send all my friends out here in the astro-blogosphere the warmest of wishes for a wonderful year to come. The cycle is turning and the changes hinted at will be profound and wide-spread as Earth signs take center stage for the next year. We’re all in for a reality check so it’s time to make sure all those “i’s” are dotted and the “t’s” are crossed just as Saturn in Virgo is asking! So good fortune and many blessings to everyone!!

One of the joys of fresh snow is finding the tracks of our animal friends. These are raccoon tracks of our local bandidos heading over to see what’s new in the compost pile . . . :-D


Happy Thanks Giving! And Hello Sagittarius!

This year both Thanksgiving and the Sun’s entry into Sagittarius fall on the same day – November 22nd. This is a wonderful synchronicity and bodes well for enjoying the day. T-Day is my favorite holiday and I love to prepare a traditional style dinner for my family. We can always benefit from remembering to express our appreciation for our loved ones and Life’s blessings (that makes it easier for them to forget the times we repeatedly put our feet in our mouths . . . something Sagittarius has been noted to do on occasion)

Now I happen to have a LOT of Sagittarius Sun, Moon and Rising friends . . . probably has something to do with my Venus in Sagittarius in the 1st. They are a varied group in age, gender and local, as is only to be expected where Sagittarius is concerned. And I just wish to thank them for enriching my life with their thoughts and observations, and most of all for making me laugh my head off! You are all treasures of friends, each and every one of you!!

Let’s all take a moment to tell our loved ones that we love them and express our gratitude and appreciation for the warmth and affection in our lives. Since Mars Rx is making us slow down, we might as well make the most of it and stop and smell the roses . . . or that turkey and pumpkin pie!! YUM!!


New Moon in Scorpio and Mars Rx

© Diane Lang

Tomorrow is the New Moon in Scorpio at 17 degrees. I have been reading various articles on this New Moon and one thing keeps cropping up and that is the upcoming Mars Rx on November 15th. Mars is the co-ruler of Scorpio and his movements have a strong influence on Scorpio as well as Aries. Since both signs are well represented in my household, I also pay attention to what Mars is up to!

Having this lunation in my 12th House seems to be drawing my focus inward at this time. With Ceres in Taurus opposing the New Moon falling in my 6th House, it feels like a cycle is gestating. Of course, we are heading into winter where I live and I am feeling the natural inclination to slow down some and turn inward. The beauty of fall is starting to fade from the brilliance so in evidence just a week or so past. My birth day falling at the very end of Libra, beginning of Scorpio often marks the end of fall and the beginning of the transition into winter.

Usually New Moons are considered a good time to begin new projects but with Mars moving very slowly now as he prepares to turn Retrograde, I am inclined to say even though we may come up with concepts and ideas at this time, wait before pushing forward. This is particularly true for this New Moon in Mars ruled Scorpio. We have the Holiday season to get through with all the hoo-hah that entails. (Yes, I have very mixed feelings about Holidays . . .) If you already have a new project in the pipeline, then prepare yourself for delays and general obstructions to forward momentum.

Over on Moon Circles (see my sidebar for link), Lynn Koiner has an article on this lunation and Mars Rx, and here is a snip on the effect of Mars Rx that I can relate to:

Snip . . . “Those who have Aries or Scorpio strong in their horoscopes are dramatically affected by this shift in direction of their natural ruler. For Arians, they find themselves being less aggressive, less pushy and less impatient to have THEIR WAY in a situation. Both Mars-ruled types find themselves more inclined to sit back and review matters in a more detached or impersonal way. . . .”
Snip . . . “For those who are NOT ruled by Mars, it may feel quite differently. They may feel more impatient to force matters to a conclusion, to get a project going or to take immediate action. This would be an unwise course of action! Remember, initiating or impulsively taking action will not work to your favor. . . “

Both my Aries SO and I seem to be slowing down along with Mars, oddly enough. However, I’m thinking those last decant Sagittarius folks and early degree Capricorns who will be having Jupiter transits yelling at them to do something, may need to keep Lynn Koiner’s advice in mind . . . to keep their sanity intact at the very least!