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Astro Blogger’s Meme

Lynn Hayes, Astrodynamics blog, tagged me with this meme.

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

And at the time I was reading about Lynn tagging me, contrary to my usual habit of moving my laptop to my kitchen table before booting, it was still on the desk near my astrology reference library. The closest book was Stephen Arroyo’s, “Astrology Karma & Transformation” by chance. When I followed the instructions I ended up in the section dealing with Venus-Uranus Aspects. Since I am frequently looking at charts for compatibility/synastry readings and most of the people who come to me have an interest in astrology, not too surprisingly Uranus is often a key planet in their charts. Just another wonderful little synchronicity in action . . .

Here are the three sentences:

“The partner may get the message: “I’m bored with you. I don’t have any need of your presence.” And hence, people with these aspects are in effect eliciting rejection or forcing the partner to go elsewhere for deep, personal affection. In some cases, a person whose chart has one of these aspects manifests extremely self-centered, insensitive behavior while simultaneously complaining that “Nobody loves me”.

This is a fun, simple meme to do, so I am going to tag Devil Mood, leslee, Chrispito and MM. (Yes, I know that’s only four people but being a good Uranian type myself I have to bend the occasional rule . . .) :-D


North Node in Taurus and a Tangible Venus

If the North Node is in Taurus, we are looking at the tangible expression of Venus. Taurus is not particularly interested in the beauty of ideas and concepts the other Venus ruled sign, Libra, finds so appealing. Taurus likes to be able to touch, taste and smell the good things in Life. I have just survived another spate of gift giving, and received too many sweets (Venus treat) and ended up feeding some to the compost pile! But I did receive a small box of Godiva chocolates – the ultimate Venusian treat and a very Taurus one because these are very high quality chocolates and are best savored intently one by one.

As someone who has Taurus on the cusp of the 6th and 7th Houses (Koch House System), beautiful, functional surroundings are very comforting and healing. Living in a rural area enables me to sink into the rhythms of the seasonal changes and feel renewed. For someone with a North Node in Taurus finding a way to connect to the Natural world and the seasonal cycles is very, very important. The stress of a fast-paced urban lifestyle will eventually open the door to various stress related illness in this individual. As someone whose Sun was progressed into Scorpio for the first 30~ years, I understand the pull of the intense experience and how destructive it can be. The longer I live the more I am resolved to savor each moment of beauty, instead of rushing past them. Taking time to watch the snow flakes fall, swirling and dancing . . .

In truth, I recommend getting in touch with the Taurus in our charts as a way to slow down and smell the roses . . . like Ferdinand the Bull. We’ll all be more likely to live longer and enjoy life more if we practice slow and steady instead of rush, rush, rush!


This is also posted on North Node Astrology as part of Elizabeth’s post on the North Node in Taurus. She’s doing a weekly series of posts on the Nodes and they are terrific! And I get to add my bit to them . . . lucky me!! :-)

This is a shot from Christmas Eve sunrise. It was about 15 degrees out which dawned on me after I’d been running around in the snow taking pictures that’s damn COLD!! ;-)


The Whole Neptune Thing . . . one more time!

With transiting Neptune forming a waxing square to my natal Mercury/ASC in Scorpio and doing that from the 3rd House, it’s not too surprising to find the elusive, illusive fellow on my mind. It’s always a challenge to articulate exactly how Neptune operates in the best of circumstances and with all this going on I really feel like I’m wandering around in a haze these days. However, being a hardcore Mercury type I plan on persisting to see if there is some sense to be found . . .

I found myself thinking about the dynamics of Moon conjunct Neptune on my morning commute. Over the years, the charge of being emotionally elusive has been laid on me more than once by both family members and guys I was seeing. If the Moon/Neptune connection works in a similar manner to Moon in Pisces, then it’s possible that even though I see myself as a kind, empathetic sort others will see me as distant emotionally. Pisces is about universal compassionate concern for the well-being of their fellow travelers as opposed to the nitty-gritty daily emotional stuff most of our lives are made of. It’s somehow easier to see ourselves as caring for the many rather that focusing on what’s right in front of us. Plus with Neptune involved, intimacy can mean pain as in feeling too much of other’s pain and unless there are hard-wiring problems most learn to avoid pain.

The worst problems come with seeing the unmanifested potential in others and acting as if it is the real thing . . . not a good idea. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of learning first and foremost who we are, what we want, what we can live with and what we can’t. Neptune influences can lend this lovely, romantic aura and are very good at disguising the nasty, sordid realities of being human. Personally, I think the person who came up the concept of Romantic Love should have been drawn and quartered! But that’s just one person’s perspective . . .

Neptune moves very slowly and by transit seems to have the most effect when it forms exact aspects to natal personal planets. We can go months without being aware of his work in our lives. In fact, if I didn’t have this Mars/Mercury/ASC collection from 20 Scorpio to 25 Scorpio, I probably wouldn’t be so aware of the Neptune effect now. Gotta get used to it because Neptune will be moving over those degrees for about another 3-5 years . . . Conjunctions, squares and oppositions by transiting Neptune are the most keenly felt and with Neptune currently residing in Aquarius that means late degree Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio and Leo are getting the “ouch” transits.

This is from our first trip out looking for the elusive morel . . . . very Neptunian, the mushroom.


Second Saturn Return Sea Change Emerging (or I want my Life back!)

Even though my Second Saturn Return was completed last June the effect seems sustained because Saturn has gone on to square my Mars, Mercury and ASC. The seven year Saturn cycle is coming up for completion this August when Saturn will form the final T-square with the ASC/DES. Even though Saturn won’t actually conjunct my MC until September 2008, having it forming that T-square sure feels much the same to me since I am in the contemplation phase of deciding when to retire from my day job!

It is always interesting to follow our Saturn cycles and watch how they impact our charts, especially the angles. For me when Saturn was crossing my Descendant seven years ago I started working out in public again after spending the previous seven years or so working at home. Now it looks like I will go back to working at home but with a slightly different emphasis in the not too distant future. The reason I said “sea change” is because I’m feeling a deep internal flux going on. One of those changes that started with the Saturn Return and is so subtle and deep it takes awhile to sense much less articulate. I’m beginning to understand why many people choose to do something entirely different with their lives after turning 60 or so. What used to command my attention no longer does and I’m finding a strong desire to focus on doing what I wish to do rather than meeting the expectations of others. This feels quite different from the Uranian effect that asks us to focus on our authentic selves and take action. This feels more like being pretty much indifferent to external clamoring and much more attuned to internal desires.

Because I am at my core a creative being (as most of us are if we pay attention . . .), what I wish to do is put energy into the writing I’m doing and finding time to start work on my next handspun vest commissions. Plus I’m just tired of always being waaaay behind in working in my yard and gardens. They have been getting a lick and a promise for longer than I care to think about and working in my flowerbeds is deeply rewarding for someone with Taurus on the cusp of the 6th House. It’s time to focus on engaging that Taurus on the 6th and Virgo on the MC as Earth is in very short supply in my chart and this is where I can find balance. Given my druthers I prefer to work in a methodical, thorough fashion with attention to detail – probably why spinning, knitting and weaving are so appealing.
An aside on Mars transiting my 4th house . . . my Aries decided it was time to wash ALL the windows in our 2 story house. He washed the outsides and I the insides – which meant both sides of the removable inner pane. Hey, it’s amazing how great the windows look now!
The top photo is a selection of some of my fancy daffodils including the Salome (the pink trumpet). Then there’s my Mouse dog supervising . . . :-)

What brings me Joy . . . Full Moon in Libra

Watching Spring unfold over the course of several weeks in this area is a source of deep joy for me. There are subtle beauties in this semi-arid landscape, the willow catkins, tiny wild flowers, trees and shrubs just beginning to leaf out – lovely. It seems appropriate that the Full Moon of Spring is in Libra, a sign that always has a deep appreciation of and need for beauty in their lives. In other areas Spring is much more dramatic with intense flowering shrubs like the azaleas and rhododendrons now in full bloom in Western Washington. Or the cherry trees in full bloom in the other Washington . . .

Spring for Casey in south Texas is a completely different animal . . . she said the daffodils bloomed during my Winter. And our dear friend, tseka, who lives in the high desert, has a very brief but beautiful Spring before what she accurately calls the “Long Hot” settles. When I lived in Southern California on the coast, Winter was the green season. My Libra self is much, much happier with four distinct seasons, each to be appreciated in turn and each giving us greater appreciation of the other. Each Full Moon brings us an opportunity to renew our awareness how each sign is balanced/complemented by another.

The daffodils in the photo are my favorite mini-daffodils, Jetfires. They bloom early, are very hardy and do this color change thing I really like! The trumpets start out light orange and deepen in color plus the other petals tip back towards the stem. The lazy no good hound is my dog . . . rolling in something nasty I’m sure. She is much loved even when she smells bad!

Please stop over to visit Neith’s Photos. I’ve added more the Spring album and a picture of the second baby blanket to Crafts . . . “-)