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Mutable Midheaven Reinvention Time

I know I have gone on record saying I like change about as much as most fixed sign types but when it comes to my public face represented by my Midheaven, it seems like I’m always in a state of flux. Over the years, I’ve done many different types of work and most of it part time, sometimes holding down a couple of part times jobs at once.

My Midheaven is in the Mercury ruled sign of Virgo and some of the closest aspects in my chart deal with the Midheaven and Mercury. My nodal axis with the North Node in the other Mercury ruled sign, Gemini is square the Midheaven – the closest aspect in my entire chart! That is followed by a semi-sextile from Pluto to the Midheaven and Mercury in Scorpio inconjunct Uranus in Gemini. Oh yes, Mercury is also conjunct my Ascendant – a little Mercury theme going on here?

Why it take me so long to spot something so obvious in my own chart I’m not sure but this pattern pretty clearly describes the need for lots of stimulation and mental challenges; otherwise boredom raises its ugly head. It does make clear why working for Taurus bosses is not good for them or for me even though Taurus is the sign on both the cusp of my sixth and seventh houses. They love me because I’m a reliable, competent worker who shows up on time, every day. They are baffled and hurt because I usually walk after a couple of years when terminal boredom sets in.

Now that I’m my own boss, there are these schizoid discussions with myself about how I can make changes in what I’m doing and how I’m presenting myself to keep things fresh and interesting. Probably what is inspiring me to drop the nom de plume of Neith and start using my actual name of Diane as well as developing another website with a new title and new look – Libra Seeking Balance. Next will come some radical changes to the type of services offered because doing long, detailed reports is not only detrimental to my wrists but too time consuming. There are some ideas floating around in the back of my brain about quick and dirty synastry evaluations – inexpensive and very tight.

These changes swirling around are largely superficial because I’m one of those who believe the core person doesn’t change over time so much as become more clearly themselves. Some people like to rearrange their furniture in their homes; I like to rearrange my public persona and working online makes that soooo easy.

Are there others with mutable signs on their Midheavens who have had similar experiences? What about those with cardinal and fixed Midheavens – does the idea of constantly fiddling with this feel very disturbing to you?

Image: This was taken on New Year’s Day and I just loved the lighting effect on the horizon, hinting the fog was getting ready to lift.


Happy Capricorn Season!

If you haven’t already noticed, Sagittarius season is over for this year and we’re moving into full on Capricorn with bells on. We have two eclipses in Cancer-Capricorn coming up, a Mercury retrograde in Capricorn and Venus moving into Capricorn first thing Christmas morning. Yes, it is time to focus on why papa knows best and all the rest of the delights of family.

My plan is to settle in and take each day as it comes and do my best not to get in a hurry. This will be an excellent time to catch up on unfinished projects and write all those thank you cards. This too shall pass!

Saunter through the snow like these wild turkeys and make the most of life in the slow lane for a change, and please don’t shoot the messenger.


“Bite Me” or Mars transiting the 8th

When Mars is in Cancer it passes through my eighth house and squares all my Libra planets making me more temperamental than usual – especially when it squares my Sun! Plus I end up thinking about typically Scorpio/eighth house stuff like death, inheritances, etc. Not at all my usual upbeat Libra Sun conjunct Jupiter state of mind.

This morning I woke up far too early and couldn’t get back to sleep because I got to thinking about how terrible it would be to have to choose between dying and bankrupting my family, an all too common scenario in this country. Frankly I would choose dying, somewhat to my surprise. I didn’t think I was all that self-sacrificing a person even though I have a bunch of planets in the twelfth house and Moon conjunct Neptune. HAH!

Set out to balance our checkbook this morning (also eighth house – joint finances) and after spending three hours over a task that usually takes me about fifteen minutes, I realized it will take a visit to the bank to figure out what’s going on. I did discover where they had entered the same check number twice. Went online to see if I could access a list of older transactions but what’s available online doesn’t go back far enough. :::::mumble, mumble, mumble:::::

Think I will go eat something before I start working on a client’s report. Don’t want them to suffer because I’m being an old grouch!! LOL

Image: This is the result of a sprinkler going all night when it gets down to 13 degrees F. Kinda pretty . . . :-) Click on the image and you will be able to see it much larger!


Monday Morning Potpourri

Taking a few moments to let everyone know I’m alive and well if somewhat overwhelmed at the moment. We have started into serious harvest time and from now until mid-September [yes, when Saturn and Uranus make their next exact opposition] I will be one busy lady. We are enjoying all the fresh vegetables and berries immensely but getting the produce from the garden to the freezer or shelf is time consuming. There is a very good reason most people prefer to go to the local grocers or farmer’s market . . .

One thing I did get done was my post over on Real Astrologers on the July 7 lunar eclipse. That eclipse and the solar eclipse on July 21 are going to break some of us out of our “stuck” places, especially cardinal sign types. It will also help to have Jupiter pulling away from Neptune after July 10. Don’t know about anyone else but Neptune & Co have thrown up such an effective fog bank, it just dawned on me I have been marching in place for months! Duh!

I was reading through the latest ebook I got from Donna Cunningham, “Astrological Analysis,” and came to the chapter on the hazards of predicting for yourself. All those incredible insights we as astrologers have on the behalf of others just does not happen for ourselves. By the way, this also applies to doing chart comparisons for ourselves . . . it is NOT possible to be objective, period! End of story. And even if our friendly astrologer tells us that relationship is going to suck, there is a far greater likelihood we will completely ignore them if we are “in Love”. However, I am also a firm believer in my own inability to make judgment calls for someone else because that experience may just what the individual needs for an important breakthrough in awareness.

One of the joys of blogging is meeting new people out here in cyberspace. Deb Steinberg, another Libra with Mercury in Scorpio, has a great blog. She is funny with a decided edge, hiding a kind heart. A definite plus is her husband’s contribution – the Financial Loft. Check them out!

One of my favorite fellow astrologers, Lynn Hayes, is doing her usual excellent job of providing great stuff for all of us who visit her blog, Astrodynamics. She is now doing a radio broadcast on astrological subjects. I’m impressed, as always, with Lynn’s energy and enthusiasm.

Finally found the best description of the Jupiter, Neptune & Chiron in Aquarius again! It was on Lucy Looking Upward blog. She has a biting sense of humor and makes me laugh . . . a gift for sure!

And don’t forget to stop by and see what Elsa P is up to on ElsaElsa. Her dedication to helping all of us astro-bloggers to keep our boats afloat with AstroDispatch is much appreciated.

Now I need to get back to whittling down my to do list!

Image: This photo of the half moon is slightly out of focus . . . just like me these days. But I like the affect anyway.

Musings on The Soul Mate Phenomena

The term “Soul Mate” or “Twin Flame” is something that has been promoted in a big way over the last several years. As an astrologer, I am often asked if a person is someone’s soul mate or not and to be honest, I really believe this to be a subjective call.

What an honest relationship astrologer can tell from the charts is whether or not a couple has enough connections between their charts to sustain a relationship. We can put together a list of synastry aspects and note which outer planet dominates and if good birth times are available for both parties, we can add the composite chart of the relationship it’s self. But we cannot get inside the heads and hearts of the people . . . unless the astrologer happens to be telepathic or empathic which I know I’m not!

I do belong to the school of thought that says having a relationship with someone you feel to be your soul mate is no guarantee of harmony and happiness. In fact the opposite is often true because this is often the relationship that forces us to face ourselves and learn who we really are. In my opinion, there is no getting around the fact humans change through the application of large amounts of pain as a rule. The old adage of “be careful what you wish for because you might get it” applies here.

That being said, I will venture to say synastry aspects to the Nodes and the Vertex along with Neptune intra-aspects may be a clue to a transformative relationship. In my experience, synastry aspects with the Nodes in particular are often accompanied by a sense of having known the person before. Of course, that is also true when we meet someone whose Saturn is conjunct our personal planets – at least initially. Those who have met someone where the Vertex is active are also very drawn to that individual. Neptune brings compassion, empathy and lots of projections, expectations and illusions. Whatever we can imagine will probably show up and more. Yes, I’m really very wary of Neptune!

I know there are lots of people out there who claim to be able to tell you if someone is your soul mate but there is a greater chance what they are after is your money. If someone comes to me with the soul mate question, I will tell them up front that while I will be happy to look at their synastry and give them the best answers I can, I have no idea whether they are soul mates or not. A better question may be whether or not this person encourages you to be your authentic self and supports you in a non-judgmental way.

It was very hazy last week and that made for interesting sunsets.